Bigcommerce Website Builder Review 2024 : Is it right for you?

Bigcommerce Website Builder

Overall Verdict

BigCommerce Website Builder is a powerful and user-friendly platform that can help you create a beautiful and successful online store. It is scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, and it offers a wide range of features to help you boost your sales.

Out of 10


  • User-friendly interface
  • Powerful features
  • Scalable & Secure
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Limited design flexibility
  • Less extensive app store


Price: $

Bigcommerce is an e-Commerce store builder that you should consider trying if you want to create your own online store, they have the right tools to leverage on so that you can automate a lot of day-to-day repeated tasks which will substantially reduce anxiety and free up time so that you can focus on other important aspects of our business.

It currently powers over 95,000 online stores which have processed over $5 billion in transactions which shows their experience. They are serving business owners in over 65 countries, who are operating online stores that range from hundreds of dollars in revenue to tens of millions of dollars and with Bigcommerce your store gets great SEO features and seamless integrations with MailChimp, Facebook, EBay, PayPal and Google.

Bigcommerce Website Builder Review

Bottom Line Upfront 🥇

BigCommerce Website Builder is a powerful e-commerce platform that can help you create a successful online store. It offers high conversion rates, fast load times, and mobile responsiveness. With just one click, you can get started with all the tools you need to succeed.

Bigcommerce Website Builder Review 2024

Bigcommerce’s website builder offers a wide range of features beyond what we’ve covered here, and you can explore these directly with their customer support team. They provide multiple communication channels, including a toll-free number, live chat, email, and your profile on their website. Bigcommerce operates globally, ensuring 24/7 availability, even during holidays.

Their customer service is known for being friendly and responsive, ready to address any inquiries you might have. They also assist with the website creation process and connect you with the appropriate experts. Notably, the service prioritizes your privacy, guaranteeing 100% anonymity, with no sharing of your information with third parties. Your use of their services remains entirely confidential.

Bigcommerce review conclusion

Features Of Bigcommerce

1. Tools
Bigcommerce review Tools

They offer a very comprehensive set of e-commerce tools which pack a punch because they provide only the most helpful and practical tools that you will actually use which are all included as part of their monthly package.

With their tools you can do integration with email newsletter tools (auto responders), creating coupons / promotion campaigns, unlimited product variations (e.g. different t-shirt colours and sizes), shipping and tax configurations, secure payment gateway integrations, handling returns, store statistics reporting, social sharing, product wish list, product reviews, etc.

Bigcommerce Ecommerce Platform Shopping Cart Software

2. Social Media
Bigcommerce review social media

Bigcommerce helps you to grow your sales with minimal effort by leveraging on different social channels. You can set up your store on Facebook and sell there, and the store is fully integrated and synchronized with Bigcommerce.

You can also integrate your Bigcommerce store with eBay, Google Shopping, and a whole range of product comparison sites such as Shopzilla, Bizrate, Beso, Nextag, PriceGrabber, and MySimon basically Bigcommerce is basically giving you massive leverage to get your products out in front of prospective customers so that you can increase your chances of generating more sales.

3. App Store
Bigcommerce review app store

They also have an App store where you can get more advanced tools to take your store to the next level all these Apps are created by third party developers, and include more advanced tools for accounting, shipping, promotion / marketing, order management, live chat, email marketing, analytics, etc. You don’t necessarily need these apps as Bigcommerce’s basic tools are already sufficient, but these Apps are definitely handy when you are ready to scale your business to the next level.

These tools help you promote your products more effectively, automate your daily mundane tasks even further basically they strengthen your online store without taking up more of your time. While some of these Apps are free, and some are paid.

Start your free, no-risk, 15 day trial

4. Ease of use
Bigcommerce review ease of use

Since Bigcommerce gives you a comprehensive set of tools to build your online store all you need to do is invest a few hours to learn the basics and once you do that, you will find that it’s not too difficult to get your store up and running.

5. Templates
Bigcommerce review templates

Bigcommerce offers over 100 free premium templates for you to design your e-commerce store and even though templates are slightly outdated, they are still relevant and visitors will still have a decent experience when they visit your store and they have started to revamp their designs.

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6. Themes

Bigcommerce Free Ecommerce Templates Online Store Themes

7. Apps
Bigcommerce review apps

Apps have a monthly fee, which are well worth if you need advanced functions to save time. With them you can add live chat function to your site to improve customer service and answer pre-sale questions, add customer review / rating widgets so your visitors can see what people are saying about your products, or automate inventory / fulfilment process so you don’t have to manually process orders and print packing slips all day long.

8. Mobile E Commerce
Bigcommerce review mobile e-commerce

Bigcommerce allows you to switch on the mobile theme so your visitors can purchase from your store directly on their mobile phones or tablets. When you are in Bigcommerce’s dashboard, you can see a preview of what your mobile store looks like and just by clicking in the preview you can navigate around your mobile store and if you know a bit of codes.

Here are 5 things that will boost your online sales by Bigcommerce

You can even customize certain parts of your mobile store and you can also manage your store on your smart phone on the go through an app that you can install on your phone so you can track sales, get sales notifications, process orders, update our products, stay connected with our customers which allows you to be away from our computer and run your store on the go. Follow Bigcommerce on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ & Youtube.

Start your free, no-risk, 15 day trial

Hosting Options

Bigcommerce review hosting options

As part of their monthly plan, Bigcommerce will host your online shop for you and give you unlimited bandwidth. They will also manage the entire hosting process for you so that you can focus on other important parts of your business. They will also take care of security upgrades for their servers and perform all the technical details to ensure your website is always up and running and, most importantly, doesn’t get hacked through top-notch security to ensure your customer data is always secure.

Thereby, Your online shop will be Level 1 PCI compliant, and the shopping cart also includes an SSL certificate to keep your and your customer’s information secure. They also back up your data automatically, so you don’t have to worry about losing your store if something crashes.

You can get great discounts on the SSL certificate if you use our GoDaddy SSL Coupon on your order. Check out our article to get the latest and best promo codes for SSL.


bigcommrece pricing


For $ 39 per month, you get unlimited products, unlimited storage, and bandwidth, and your customers can pay through credit card and PayPal.


For $ 105 per month, you get unlimited products, unlimited storage, and bandwidth, and your customers can pay through credit card and PayPal; no transaction fee, real-time carrier shipping, and the checkout is based on your domain.


For $ 399 per month, you get unlimited products, unlimited storage, and bandwidth, and your customers can pay through credit card and PayPal; no transaction fee, real-time carrier shipping, and the checkout is based on your domain.

Become a Bigcommerce Affiliate today

If you’re a website owner or online marketer, the Bigcommerce Affiliate program is an incredibly easy way to earn money from your site content. Bigcommerce Affiliates help connect merchants with our powerful e-commerce platform, which some of the world’s leading brands use. Join today to grow your revenue while helping your referrals sell more.

Why partner with Bigcommerce?

Higher payouts with no commission caps.

A top-100 affiliate program

No obligations or minimum commitments

What you get as a Bigcommerce Affiliate

A referral linkTo use in ads, tweets, or Facebook and blog posts

High-converting marketingBanners, emails, and text ads to maximize your referrals

Industry-leading commissionsOf up to $4,000 per referral

A powerful dashboardTo track your clicks, trials, sales and commissions

Monthly newslettersTo keep you in the loop on product and industry news

A dedicated account managerWho understands your business and your goals.

FAQs Related To Bigcommerce Website Builder

✔ What is BigCommerce Website Builder?

BigCommerce Website Builder is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that allows you to create a custom online store without any coding knowledge. It offers a wide range of features, including product management, inventory management, SEO tools, payment processing, and shipping integration.

👌What are the benefits of using BigCommerce Website Builder?

BigCommerce Website Builder offers many benefits, including:

Ease of use: BigCommerce Website Builder is designed to be easy to use, even for beginners.
Powerful features: BigCommerce Website Builder offers many powerful features, including product management, inventory management, SEO tools, and more.
Scalability: BigCommerce Website Builder is a scalable platform that can grow with your business.
Security: BigCommerce Website Builder takes security seriously and offers a number of features to protect your data and your customer's information.
Support: BigCommerce Website Builder offers 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, and email.

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