List Of 11 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins In 2024


If you own a business with multiple stores located in different areas or regions, WordPress store plugins can be of great benefits to you. You can take advantage of the plugins and Google maps to direct customers on finding a store that is close to their region. This will, in return, help you maximize customers and sales.

However, there are lots of store locator plugins in the market and getting one that you can entirely rely on can prove to be a daunting task. In this guide, we will be giving you the top WordPress store locator selection to make your search easier.

This plugin comes with a range of benefits that makes it one of most people’s favorite as follows. In this post, we have listed the best 11 WordPress Store Locator Plugins In 2024. Let’s get started here. 

List Of 11 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins In 2024

PluginsOfficial Links
1. WP Google MapsGet It Now
2. WP Store LocatorGet It Now
3. MapSVG Store LocatorGet It Now
4. Map List ProGet It Now
5. Super Store FinderGet It Now
6. Store Locator WordPressGet It Now
7. Google Maps PluginGet It Now
8. Leaflet Maps MarkerGet It Now
9. 10Web Google MapsGet It Now
10. Locatoraid Store LocatorGet It Now
11. WP Multi-Store LocatorGet It Now

#1. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is one of the best-rated WP store locator plugin and all for good reasons. For starters, it is considered one of the easiest to use store locator plugin. With this plugin, you can easily add a customized map to any WordPress website using given shortcode without the need for using additional settings.

 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins- WP Google Maps

The best part about these maps is that they are compatible with both caching plugins and Cloudflare. The more advanced version of this plugin entails more features such as the ability to add directions and list Google map makers and search for stores based on categories.

Features of WP Google Maps

  • It allows users to create markers on the map by simply entering the address.
  • The maps are super responsive even on mobile devices and based on the fact that mobile phones are the most used gadgets nowadays, this gives it a plus.
  • You get a variety of map themes to choose from (up to 9).
  • Allows you to locate stores based on categories.
  • You can add animations to the map markers.
  • It entails different Google map types, including satellite, road, terrain, and hybrid.

#2. WP Store Locator

This is also a highly recommended WordPress locator plugin and has had an excellent rating. For starters, it has a very easy-to-use management system which allows users to manage an unlimited number of stores. It is also compatible with most plugins like WPML and qTranslate X. This plugin code is developer-friendly, and thus, users can use custom posts and over 30 filters if they want to change the appearance of the locator. Customers can easily filter their search results and can quickly locate that store that is closest to them.

Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins- WP Store Locator

With this plugin, you can choose from a variety of premium add-ons such as search widget, which helps customers to search for closest stores from a list of areas on the website. It also features a CSV manager which lets users import, export and update your locations directly through a CSV file.

This WP store locator comes with a range of features and benefits that make it top rated which include;

Features of WP Store locator

  • It allows you to add extra details on the markers, which include your store’s description, phone number, your opening and closing hours, and your email address.
  • It gives customers a range of language choices when using Google maps.
  • It allows customers to view a variety of stores in a given area so they can choose the nearest.

#3. MapSVG Store Locator WordPress plugin

With this plugin, you get a chance to create a customizable store locator map to help customers get to you. This store locator WordPress plugin is loved for offering users with a variety of map styles and customizable containers. You can easily filter details based on distance and destinations. It is also easy to use and gives you a range of options that you can add to the map to lead visitors directly to your store.

11 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins- MapSVG Plugin

The filters allow you to add details and sort the results based on the store type, city, address, and other custom fields that could be helpful to the visitors. You can also add options to allow them to search for stores per the distance, and this way, they can see stores that are nearest to them.

What’s more? This plugin allows developers to customize or extend it further with the use of built-in templates and editors. Other lovable features of the plugin include clickable shapes, automatic map markers, vector maps, and cross-browser compatibility.

Features of MapSVG

There is both the premium and lite versions available for you, which both come with a range of benefits to enjoy and they are;

  • It allows you to add details and filters based on the destination and distance of the store.
  • You can upload SVG images, customize them, and turn them into a map.
  • You can change the color and theme of the data, thus letting you show different statistics with a different shade for each.
  • It allows you to customize the vector overlay on the map.
  • Lets you add objects such as real-estates and cars to the map.

#4. Map List Pro

The first thing to love about this plugin is how easy to use it is. It is a fully featured WordPress store locator plugin that entails a Google map and location listing. With this plugin, you can easily display your store’s location on a searchable and sortable list. It allows you to sort the results depending on the location of your store or the distance from the customer’s current location. It features over 35 styles, which are all fully customizable.

11 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins - Map List Pro

The plugin is the best for creating store locators, contact lists, and office addresses. It features a flexible width design which works perfectly and responsively in most themes. You can use this store locator to create categorized locations with ease, using the location editor.

It also allows you to add locations and markers for all categories rather than choosing each location. You will love the plugin’s auto zoom feature which lets customers view locations automatically.

Features of Map list pro

This store locator plugin comes with a range of unique benefits which include;

  • It allows you to create sortable and searchable lists in no time.
  • It offers you flexible designs that work with a variety of themes.
  • It lets you add your icons or markers, or select from the given icons.
  • You can easily add location and directions on the map.
  • It helps you filter and sort results based on the geolocation and distance from the customer.
  • You can add images for each site.
  • Customers can search for stores by location and text.

#5. Super Store Finder for WordPress

This plugin features an intuitive and responsive design, and that is why it has received over 4.5 out of 5 ratings from most users. It has a great admin section, which allows you to manage your map categories, settings, colors, labels, notifications, tags, and will enable you to customize the styles and labels of your map. This store locator WordPress plugin supports a range of languages, which is a good thing if you have customers from all over.

11 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins- Super Store Finder

Super Store Finder plugin features a flat theme store locator and store filter which helps you in sorting and customizing results. The geolocation element is meant to help customers find the exact location of your store with ease and show them the shortest route to get there. It also has a zoomable feature that shows users the streets to follow and how to get to your store’s doorstep.

The plugin allows you to upload images and videos and help your customers have a glance at your store’s interior.

Features of Super Store Finder

Based on the given features, it is evident that this plugin will offer you a range of benefits which include;

  • It allows you to filter the store results based on the location of the customer and the store’s destination.
  • You can easily upload photos and videos to show your customers.
  • It is user-friendly and responds to a variety of themes.
  • Customizers can find the exact location of your store with the in-built geolocation feature.
  • It features add-ons that extend the features you can enjoy from this plugin.

#6. Store Locator WordPress

This plugin is the most powerful that provides customers with a comprehensive list of all stores in their local area. Regardless of whether you have just two or a hundred stores, store locator WordPress helps you create a location finder on your WordPress site without a lot of work and setup involved. It allows you to create a page, add the shortcode and your locations. The plugin has been used by multiple international stores to help them guide their customers to find their stores.

Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins - Store Locator WordPress

You can take advantage of the plugin’s add-ons and powerful admin panel to add extra features and customize the user experience. For example, you can categorize the location of the stores or create SEO friendly pages for each. You can also link your stores to social media.

Features of Store locator WordPress

The plugin comes with a range of benefits which are;

  • It is super responsive to UI designs.
  • You can categorize locations with markers.
  • You can enable or disable a store.
  • You can show each store’s opening and closing time.
  • It allows you to customize templates using the editor feature.
  • It will enable you to confirm the location of hundreds of stores.

#7. Google Maps Plugin by Intergeo

This store locator is mainly designed for use by Google Maps. It comes with a range of exciting features that make it unique and better than most store locator plugins. For example, this store locator provides users with a UI map builder which offers them with the necessary tools to help in the creation of custom-made maps.

 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins- Google Maps Plugin

You can save these on your site and edit them with just a few clicks. Even better; the plugin includes a library where you can store all your custom maps. This allows you to easily access and browse your maps, edit and delete those that you find to be unnecessary.

The advanced version of this store locator plugin allows you to add extra functionalities to help your customers to navigate through different addresses with ease.

The store locator WordPress plugin has incredibly amazing features that make it a must-try store locator which are;

Features of Google Maps Plugin by Intergeo

  • It allows you to add markers and includes different locations of your store.
  • It entails custom color settings and schemes, which help you, add and change the colors of your map.
  • It has zooming set up a feature that you can add to your map, thus allowing customers to adjust when looking for your store.

#8. Leaflet Maps Marker

This unique store locator for WordPress websites has received 4.7 out of 5 ratings, and based on this; it is evident that it is doing a great job in store locations. With this plugin, you can use any base map on your site. This gives you the flexibility to go with your most favorite base map from a range of them, including Google Map, Bing maps, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, you name them. It lets you access over 100 free icons, which you can customize and use on your maps.

Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins- MapsMarker

The plugin has over 40,000 installations already and is among the most popular plugins among WordPress website users. The best part is that it can actually be used by any website, but it will be best if your store has numerous locations in different regions of a state. With the pro version, you can use the plugin with more than 25 domains.

Features of Leaflet Maps Marker

It has fantastic features and benefits which include;

  • It lets you add your favorite destinations and places with markers on the map.
  • You can choose your most favorite base map and also customize the size and zoom level for each marker on the map.
  • You can add popup descriptions and images with the markers.
  • It allows you to add the location of your store as per the geolocation data of your customers.
  • It supports over 46 languages.

#9. 10Web Google Maps – Google Maps builder Plugin

For a feel of both professionalism and simplicity, this is the plugin for you. The plugin entails a lot of great features to make it easy for you to add a bulk of stores location to your site. It also features add-ons which let you extend the benefits. You can add the location, website link, and the direction of your store within no time.

Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins- 10Web Google Maps

Features of 10Web Google Maps

There are two versions; the free and premium. Premium version is more advanced, and you have to pay for it. They all come with irresistible benefits including;

  • They are super reliable.
  • It allows for customization.
  • The features and icons are very informative to the customers.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It gives both the admin and the fantastic customers support.
  • Allows customers to find you quickly.

#10. Locatoraid Store Locator

This plugin is mainly a zip code and store locator that helps your customers to search for businesses or stores that are at the nearest location. This WordPress map locator plugin is crafted for all business types, be it a hotel, restaurant, dealerships, just to mention a few. The plugin is user-friendly and guides customers on the location and zip code that they are looking for by giving them a number that matches what they typed.

Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins- Locatoraid

The results will be based on the destination or distance of the store from the customer’s location. The best part about this WordPress store locator plugin is that it is mobile-friendly and can be used from anywhere around the world. This helps you to have a wider customer–a base from all over.

Features of Locatoraid Store Locator

This WP store locator plugin comes in two versions, the pro, and the lite version.

With the lite version, you can;

  • Filter the results based on the state or city.
  • You can add driving directions on the map.
  • It features automatic geocoding, for fast location of your stores

With the pro version, the benefits are;

  • It allows you to customize fields, thus displaying more than the detailed information.
  • It lets you access custom map icons so you can differentiate the locations.
  • It features a CVS export and import that lets you add locations in bulk.

#11. WP Multi-Store Locator

This plugin comes both in free and pro versions. The pro version is an advanced kind of the store locator plugin. They are both powerful plugins that you can use to offer information and promote your different stores and their locations. With this plugin, you can easily add location information, which includes the website link, store directions, and address. Visitors will be able to locate the nearest store. You can filter the results as per the category and tag.

Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins- WP MultiStore Locator

WP Multi-Store locator comes with a range of useful features like adding store statistics, import, and export options. The best part is that with the pro version, you can integrate it with page builders.

Features of WP Multi-Store Locator

The unique and amazing features of this plugin allow it to offer you a range of benefits including;

  • It lets you filter stores as per tag and category.
  • It will enable you to upload images of your store.
  • You can show customers the direction and address of your store.
  • It is easy to use, and customers can choose a store that is closest to them.

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Final Verdict: Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins In 2024

These are the top 11 WordPress store locator WordPress plugins. They have all had high ratings and reviews. With this list, you can easily select the plugin best for your store based on your needs. You need to consider one that will fit your number of store, location of customers, and one that allows you to customize your preferred features.

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