11+ Best Ways To Gain More Instagram Followers in 2024

Before starting with the best ways to attract more followers let me give an overview of how this simple photo-sharing app has evolved over time and how important it is now. It is not that easy and fast process to get more Instagram followers compared to previous years.

Grow Your Instagram Followers- Instagram

It’s a competitive place with more than 700 million to 1 billion users per month, an ultra-smart algorithm, and plenty of innovative, imaginative brands on Instagram.

If you want to expand your page, keep improving it and boosting your reach by following the steps discussed below. Fortunately, we know just how to distinguish your business or your personal brand, show your brand in the most precise and beautiful manner to get more followers on Instagram.

Top 11 Ways To Gain More Followers On Instagram [year]

Here are the 11 best ways to gain more followers on Instagram:

1) Optimize your Instagram bio

Your Instagram bio is the first thing that your audience will see, so your first impression should be clear and concise about who are you, what do you do and how can you help other people.

Mention your skills, if you are a brand state your service, use emojis to better tell you’re why and keep updating it occasionally to add new information, service or to add links of your website, email campaign or, direct people to an offer page, etc.

2) Play with hashtags but use it judiciously

Use relevant hashtags to describe the post, picture, any event, or, product. Have a list of hashtags handy that you can use according to your niche and create a mix of hashtags that contains long ones, medium ones, and small ones, these should also be in accordance with most popular, less popular as well as medium rangers.

This step will ensure greater reach because if you use all the popular ones it will get buried in the sea of Instagram tags and, nobody will be able to see it, similarly less popular one will have a lesser reach and your followers won’t grow.

Therefore, use a mixture of different sizes of hashtags and ranges of hashtags so to have a balance between bigger reach and smaller reach audiences.

3) Use all Instagram features

Instagram has a lot of features such as photo, video, IGTV, stories, carousel, and now reel. If you can you all these features in some form or other to showcase your posts, the Instagram algorithm keeps a watch on it and hence will show up your profile a lot more times in the search section. Stories and IGTV videos increase your profile’s engagement time thereby help increase your reach.

Grow Instagram Followers- Manage Your Instagram Followers

4) Participate in real conversation and engage with people

Search for people who have a massive following in your niche and related niche and follow genuine people from their followers’ list preferably who have a human identity in their profile picture, just to stay away from scammers or fake accounts. Kicksta is a reliable tool to help you grow your Instagram followers organically. 

And unfollow people who are not following you back by checking it on the various apps available to check followers and unfollowers. Also actively participate to comment and like on other people’s profiles, genuinely appreciate good content, and also ask them to visit your profile.

5) Go all in and write a meaningful caption

A visual descriptor is worth a thousand words but you can’t totally forget the words. When you’re trying to get more Instagram followers, it’s time to let your followers in. Instagram used to be all about the aesthetics — it was a must to have a seamless style, high-quality imagery, and brand images.

The biggest trend for 2020 is authenticity, it can be established with writing long-form captions that describe an event, a story of a place oy your current experience along with the post that will allow your audience to learn more about you, your brand and your mission.

6) Use keywords in your bio

In reality, the words you use in your name field are searchable on Instagram! This means other Instagram marketing influencers and brands can appear in the range in the Suggested for your fields! So do a quick analysis of what words in your Instagram bio you have decided to use in your name area, as it may be a real determinant on where and when you appear in the Suggested list.

7) Put your story highlights to use

The highlights on your Instagram page give you the chance to sell your best content to new followers and give them a sense of what your business is all about, if you are service-based account, on any other account that you want to scale keep your updates saved in the story highlights, add testimonials so that your new followers can have an idea about what your brand stands from. 

8) Plan out your Instagram feed

To engage followers and build an audience that will convert you need a top-notch looking Instagram feed. Whenever someone visits your profile, they can understand what’s going on and what it is about and have a sense of calmness while reading through it.

To achieve this you need to do some research, choose a color pallet, fonts you are going to use, what will be your theme, how you are going to arrange your post, how you want it to look, and be consistent with all of these.

This step helps people identify you or your brand with the specific theme you have after constantly viewing your profile in the Instagram search option or the people who already follow you.

9) Clearly state your call to action

As with other social networks, Instagram is a conversation rather than a broadcasting site. What action would you like people to take on your post? If this is not understood, start over and find it out.

By directing people and letting them know exactly what you want them to do with your posts after reading and watching the content. This call to action also encourages people to share or distribute your content as viral content or media.

10) Be more personal in your approach

People want to know the personalities behind the company in 2020, almost as much as the organization and the goods. There’s no doubt that Instagram is still a really social environment. And people want to follow accounts in which they can connect, regardless of whether this is a company, influencer, or an individual. 

Personal Approach

So it is important to make your Instagram account as real and connected as possible, and readily show what your company and brand stands for, what is it about, engage in real conversation, if you want to get more Instagram followers.

Photos with faces on Instagram tend to get more like and attract followers. One of the best ways to bring new viewers to your brand is through video. You can set the tone straight away, share some behind the scenes as well.


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Summary of How to increase/ gain real Instagram followers

  1. Promote your dedicated hashtag and cross-reference it on your website and your other media accounts and even on the flyer if your company does so.  
  2. Let your hashtags get creative, be funny, ironic, or bold – but never come as boring.
  3. Follow hashtags that are topically relevant and fairly popular. Join those conversations to have more people join your Instagram handle.  
  4. Use your bio connection to push traffic towards your most popular or newest content.
  5. Write the captions as descriptive as you can and use storytelling that will help to bring about communication and sharing.
  6. Interact in your space with the top influencers and seek to become one of their favorites or brands.
  7. Change your settings so you won’t reveal any potentially compromising tagged images without your permission.
  8. Build your own unique visual style which is recognizable. Find the way you want to stand out, and make it that way!
  9. Using a call to action to tell people what they want your posts to do. Find smart ways of getting people to share your content.
  10. Through scheduling content in advance, you can more easily monitor campaigns and timetables. It is also wise to create content in advance and post at the same time with an Instagram scheduling tool and maintain a constant flow of content.

 Best Ways To Gain More Followers On Instagram & Testimonials

Social-viral- Testimonials

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Post a couple of times a week but make the posts totally amazing. Using high-quality images/videos and composing longer captions, which are entertaining and helpful! In order to make the process of producing content less stressful during an already busy week, plan out at least once a week for a few hours to prepare a lot of planned Instagram content beforehand.

There are many freely available apps and software are present which can be used to get creative in your stories, make beautiful and eye-catching posts that are also engaging so that people will come back to see what it is while casual scrolling and let them spend some time on it leading to engagement hence, increased chance of following.  

When your Instagram followers are satisfied with your Instagram content, you’ll see audience growth payoffs. Build up great audiences and get more attention to your content using a powerful platform SocialViral, because social media can be a strong marketing engine and will help to make conversions.

It will make you’re starting off the journey on Instagram less stressful and you will have time to explore the features, experiment them with your content, and enjoy it at the same time. If you feel satisfied you can even use this application later in your Instagram journey to keep increasing follower base thereby increasing your business growth exponentially.

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