15+ Best Shopify Themes For Small Inventory 2024 (Updated)

Searching for the most suitable Shopify Themes for Small Inventory? Well, I have got you covered as I have hand-picked these amazing themes that will be best suited for small inventory stores.

Shopify is one of the most outstanding eCommerce platforms across the globe. However, having a Shopify store is not always enough.

Sometimes you need more than just a store to promote your products or brands. Why do we say so? Because nowadays, many customers like to shop in a store that has a professional touch.

The design of a store plays a very important role in product promotion. You don’t want customers to look in the other direction looking for a better shopping experience, right?

That said, a store with a great design can attract many customers and probably make them stay in the store longer. That’s good for business, right?

Therefore, if you are searching for your best Shopify theme for a small inventory, then you are heading in the right direction. But before I get there, have you asked yourself, what makes the best theme?

If not, then here is what you should be looking for;

  • A clean and modern design that is easily customizable.
  • Compatible with many or all browsers.
  • Responsive or mobile-friendly design.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Good customer support and customer reviews.
  • Built-in custom settings panel that allows you to tweak the template to your taste.

You can also look for features that can ensure a better user experience, such as;

  • Quick buy option
  • Product filtering
  • Predictive search
  • And many more.

List of 15+ Best Shopify Themes for Small Inventory 2024

1) Booster Theme

Booster Theme is one of the most used Shopify themes for small inventory. This theme comes in a versatile design to accommodate a wide range of business needs.

The layout is also responsive to accommodate a wide range of devices. Whether your buyers will be shopping using laptops or smartphone devices, they will never face any issues as the site will adapt to their devices.

Furthermore, it incorporates a large number of features that only make your store stand out in the crowd.

For instance, this theme has an image hotspot linking feature. Here, you can create links and tag images so that your shoppers can easily discover what you are selling.

Booster Theme

Apart from that, you can promote your products by creating custom promotion tiles. Booster allows you to add promotional content, such as promotional discounts, on a special homepage.

In addition to that, you can engage your customers using the main menu to feature or highlight offers, promoted products, and other collections as well.

Another lovely feature available in Booster is the predictive search. Booster allows you to make it easy for customers to access whatever they are searching for.

With Booster, your shoppers can display live search results and links that will help them access your products, pages, and articles as well.

Furthermore, you can create custom color swatches and display them on your collection and product pages as per your store’s needs. Last but not least, with this theme, you can showcase several featured products on blogs and article pages.

2) Emerge

Second on our list of best Shopify themes for small inventory is a theme known as Emerge. Emerge is a theme that defines style and simplicity at a go.

Emerge is a very suitable theme for people who have physical stores. Why say so, right? Emerge allows you to bring your customers through the door with the use of Google Maps.

In other words, you can use this Shopify theme to share information regarding its physical location.

Apart from that, you can also share events using this app and direct your customers to your store.

This theme can display live search results as it predicts where a shopper needs to visit as they key in information. This is such a great way to find links for easy product and page finding.

This theme comes in three different styles to equip you with enough options to play with. With Emerge, you will find built-in styles and colors that will only help you give your store an appealing look.


Furthermore, you can add videos on your homepage and product page to promote your products.

Emerge also makes shopping easy, as it has a quick buy feature that allows shoppers to add items quickly to their carts. Interestingly, shoppers don’t need to leave their current page when adding items to their carts.

Emerge also allows you to increase your email subscriber list as well as keeping tabs with your shoppers with the latest information. Moreover, it features drop-down menus for efficiency during navigation.

3) Maker

Just like the previous theme, this theme also comes in three different styles. The theme is specifically made for people who have big or small ideas. Maker allows you to add videos on the homepage to promote your business.

You can feature videos from YouTube and Vimeo videos on your homepage to tell your story.

The theme also comes with an editorial-style layout so that you can showcase your products as you want. You can customize it to feature images in a large yet with a unique style.


Maker is also perfect for publishers as it allows you to showcase your articles or artwork. Maker is mainly built for small catalogs; however, it can adjust to fit your growing needs.

In short, Maker is meant to do a smaller number of products but in a big way, as it adds an elegant and professional touch to them.

Maker allows you to customize content sections on the home page so that they match your taste. With three styles with color palettes, you can always switch from one style to another when your taste changes.

Maker includes a mobile-friendly design to ensure that your customers have an easy time shopping using their smartphones.

Furthermore, this theme also supports drop-down menus so that your customers find it easy to navigate between pages.

4) Startup

Just like the name suggests, this is a theme that is most suitable for startups, small-scale businesses. If you are starting, you will not go wrong when you go in this direction as Startup provides you with a platform full of features to get your store ready for business.

And if you already have a business, you don’t need to worry since this theme also has your back. This is a flexible theme that will work on your command.

The homepage is available for customization just to match your taste. Additionally, it provides you with SEO optimization hence improving your site’s ranking.

Startup - Shopify

Besides that, it is compatible with all browsers. Therefore, your customers can shop with any browser without difficulties. This theme allows you to customize slideshows at full width as well as adjust the homepage to serve a one-page store.

Furthermore, it allows you to link your homepage with live feeds from your Instagram account.

In a nutshell, this theme focuses on providing your shoppers with a great user experience.

5) Palo Alto

Palo Alto is among the best Shopify themes for small inventory. Palo Alto offers three different styles of hat you can choose from when setting up your store. You can add a video background display on the homepage regardless of the style you choose.

The video background section allows you to add videos and automatically play footages to advertise your products hence making a name in the midst of many.

Palo Alto provides minimal design in terms of page design. Therefore, you can use this theme to create lots of space and room on the page to capture your visitors’ attention.

Palo Alto

Besides that, this theme allows you to add background images on any section of the homepage. This is simply a lovely way to keep things simple yet catchy.

When many things are considered, Palo Alto is the best choice for someone who is launching a product, has fewer products, or has a store with one featured product.

With Palo Alto, you can easily promote one main product while providing different variations of the same product. So, if you are starting, you will never go wrong with this Shopify theme.

6) Label

Label is another Shopify theme specifically meant for small-scale businesses. In fact, Label is one of the best Shopify themes for a small inventory.

The theme is ideal for people who have a small number of products to sell. The theme features a date and events section to successfully manage tour dates and event details on the home page.

This can help you interact with the customers through events and tours as they can get real-time information on new products. This theme is also great for publishers as it can incorporate their artwork while selling their products and showcasing their events.


The label comes in a mobile-friendly design to make it easy for visitors to access it from different devices.

Additionally, it features a slide-out menu that helps shoppers to easily slide out throughout the store using a sidebar. Just like the previous themes, it also comes with three different styles.

Furthermore, it incorporates color palettes that you can use to create pages with different colors as per your taste. And if you are worried about the quality of images, Label has got your back since it allows you to fine-tune your home page with large, high-resolution images.

To sum it up, Label is a theme that offers you a way to promote a single product in front of your homepage by placing it in the middle to easily capture your shoppers’ attention.

7) Parallax

Parallax is a Shopify theme that offers a large and bold design for stores of a different kind. Whether you are starting out or already in the game, you can use this theme to promote your brands. Parallax has different sections that you can set to have different yet unique background images.

What a better way to tell your brand’s story, right? Did you know that humans interact well with visuals? This is one way to promote your products, as the displays tell more than a story.

Moreover, this theme uses a parallax scrolling effect; therefore, the images move beautifully when a visitor scrolls up or down the page. What a nice way to catch your visitor’s attention.


Besides that, you can use pre-built sections, an image slider, and your recent blog excerpts in your homepage section. Furthermore, you can use this Shopify theme to display featured products as well as add your custom texts.

Additionally, if you associate yourself with other companies, you can display their logos to boost your brand’s credibility. You can also use the theme to add video footage of your products and image layouts to promote your brand.

Another great option in this theme that you cannot afford to ignore is the promotional banner. You can enable the professional banner to display links that visitors can use to access the latest products, discount codes, and other brand-building information.

Moreover, with Parallax, you can make filtering products a breeze. When you enable the sticky navigation bar, your store visitors will never need to search for a link to get them elsewhere in your store.

Last but not least, this popular Shopify theme is now available in three extra styles, providing you with more options for your store.

8) Venue

First and foremost, this Shopify theme includes three additional styles just meant for your store. If you need a Shopify theme that you can use to give your store a new look or appearance within a short period then Venue is a name that you cannot afford to ignore.

A venue is a great option for anyone who is starting or needs to launch a new store. This theme comes with three styles that you can play with when your taste changes.

These three styles come with designs that focus on accommodating from small to large inventories as well as audiences. Moreover, they feature full-width layouts and different styles to meet each aspect of perfection.


You can find several colors and fonts that will make your store appealing when you choose the Weekend demo.

However, you will also find the other two styles fascinating. The venue is a theme that allows you to easily add video pop-ups and opt-in forms to your Shopify store.

Furthermore, you can integrate your store with Google Maps if you need to share the location of your store. However, if you don’t own a physical store, you can also use the Google Maps Integration feature to share information regarding locations that your store serves.

9) Kingdom

The kingdom is another popular Shopify theme meant to take your store’s styling to greater heights. Kingdom provides you with an easy way to set up since you can use the drag and drop option.

This theme is built with a mega menu that incorporates large versatile designs in the header section so that your shoppers have an easy time navigating.

You can also use this theme to share your Instagram posts or feeds. Apart from that, it comes with a grid-style layout that allows you to use a grid style to feature multiple posts, promotions, and products in your store. Besides that, you can also use a modular style to give your homepage a stunning look.

These styles help you showcase your brands and products in different ways. Additionally, this professional theme allows you to add video footage on your homepage so that you can tell your story.


Furthermore, it allows you to add large yet high-resolution images throughout the store. In addition to that, it lets your customers zoom product images for a closer look on the product details.

Also noticeable is a quick buy feature, this feature makes it easy for customers to add items of their choice in the cart without the need of leaving their current page.

This theme also allows you to display video slides as well as product slides throughout the homepage to showcase your brand.

Last but not least, this theme also allows you to get your customers’ Feedbacks as it integrates with a review module.

10) Motion

This theme provides you with a visual storytelling style. It also offers you two different styles to choose from so that you can give your site a premium finish.

With Motion, you can animate your store’s content. You can use multiple texts and images to promote your brand.

In addition to that, you can also animate your pages to give them a classic style. Moreover, you can feature video footage from Vimeo and YouTube throughout the store to boost your brand’s image.


Motion lets you add images of large lengths without compromising on the quality. When a customer is shopping using a site integrated with this theme, he/she can quickly filter products without the need to reload the product page.

Motion allows you to create a product quick view, which is very useful when adding products to the cart. Therefore, customers find it easy to view a product quickly without having to leave their current page.

Besides that, Motion provides you with a platform that is useful when you want to promote a single featured product. The product displays in front of the home page as you can position it in the center of the page.

And for more functionality, Motion supports a drop-down menu to provide your customers with an easy time when shopping. Lastly, the theme is mobile-friendly, therefore customers can shop using a wide range of devices.

11) Flow

Flow is another Shopify theme that will not only add a beautiful touch to your store but also showcase your business in style.

Flow comes with three different styles to provide your store with a variety of options. The styles come in a clean and minimal design hence making it one of the best Shopify themes for a small inventory.

One fascinating and impressive aspect of this theme is that it responds well to smartphones and desktop devices. This theme also features a wide range of layouts and templates you can use to perfect the internal pages in your store.

You can customize the product grid until you find one that matches your preference or vision. Apart from that, you can use this theme to display feeds from other social media platforms, such as Instagram.


Furthermore, the video player modules allow you to share or market content in the form of footage. Moreover, if you have any promotions for your products, you can run or advertise them thanks to the optional fixed header bar available in this theme.

Also, you can use the pop-up feature in this theme for marketing purposes. In short, you can use the feature to grow your list of email subscribers as well as share information regarding your recent products.

Lastly, you can use the full-width layouts in Flow to showcase your products in style.


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Conclusion: Best Shopify Themes for Small Inventory 2024

Finally, I say that finding the best Shopify theme for a small inventory is not an easy job because there are so many options in the market. Above, I have mentioned the best options that you can explore even if you are just starting out.

However, if you already have a Shopify store, then you may want to redesign your store with these Shopify themes. These are simply the best Shopify themes for small inventory in the market.

Therefore, you can download and start using them as per your convenience. The list above contains both free and premium themes so that you can weigh your options depending on the depth of your pockets.

Regardless of the theme, you will end up choosing, you will never go wrong. However, always make sure you use the viewport switcher to get a view of how it will look like on a smartphone.

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