15 Best Sales Funnel Software & Tools 2024:🥇 My #1 Pick

Looking for the best sales funnel software? I will share my favorite sales funnel builders. 

Wondering what a sales funnel is? Before going deep into the details of varied sales funnel builders, let me first make you understand what a sales funnel builder is.

If you are from sales or marketing, you must know that leads go through numerous stages before converting into customers.

Moreover, the complexity of a product or service plays a major role, and based on that, a lead may take longer to get nurtured and convert successfully.

When you set a sales funnel right, the journey of a buyer is streamlined, and the user gets a better all-rounder experience as a buyer. The sales team effectively guides them through the funnel and helps them with what they are looking for.

When someone is interested in your business, they make a purchase. Sometimes, pleased by the services or offerings, your potential will turn into loyal customers. Hence, all you need to do is set up a great sales funnel and attract customers to it.

What is a Sales Funnel Builder?

A sales funnel comprises a series of steps comprising several marketing aspects. They define the stages through which a buyer shifts from the first time he visits a website until when he makes a final purchase.

Different marketing aspects included in the sales funnel are landing pages, social media campaigns, email, etc.

Sales funnel software provides a more holistic view of the marketing and sales efforts at a glance. However, not every sale funnel has a funnel view feature, but most of the software I will discuss has.

The Best Software to Build a Sales Funnel

A lot of considerations are made before choosing the best sales-to-funnel software. Reliability, value for money, economical, all-in-one platform, ease of use, integration, pre-built marketing pages, etc.

These are some of the features that you will need. However, there are others as well.

A decent sales funnel software allows a user to design webpages rapidly without requiring any coding experience. It also allows users to build memberships, send emails to follow up, host online courses, process payments, and more.

Let us go through the promising sales funnel software and builder that the users must try this year. Create a sales funnel rapidly.

Find the list of best sales funnel software below and know about them to pick the best one for you.

Sales Funnel Examples

Some of you may be wondering, “What does an average sales funnel look like?” and ‘How can I create an efficient sales funnel?’

Even while each company’s sales funnel will have its own unique appearance, the vast majority of them will contain common components, such as a sign-up form and email communication with customers.

If an entrepreneur were to offer online training courses in marketing, their sales funnel might look something like this:

  • A user views an advertisement on Facebook that offers SEO suggestions and includes a call-to-action that states: Download the comprehensive version of my tutorial to SEO.
  • The user is taken to a landing page where she can download the guide and choose to sign up to get the entrepreneur’s email updates if she so chooses.
  • The following day, she is sent a newsletter with a link to all the available courses.
  • The users enroll themselves in one of the classes.
  • She continues to get newsletters that offer discounts on course fees, and she decides to re-enroll in the course.

The entrepreneur will be able to see clearly at which point consumers are leaving off and where they are converting because all of these actions in the buyer’s journey will be tracked in the sales funnel software utilized by the entrepreneur.

Because sales funnel builders typically include features such as landing page editors, email marketing services, and even a platform that can be used to host webinars and courses, she has everything she needs in one place, which is undoubtedly much more cost-effective than setting all of this up on a variety of different platforms.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to see some genuine benefits to having all of your marketing efforts in a single location, particularly if the sales funnel software has its own CRM.

But should you really cancel all of your existing subscriptions to make room for sales funnel software? My detailed list of the best sales funnel builders will give you an answer.

What Are My Criteria For Choosing the Best Sales Funnel Builder?

What Are My Criteria For Choosing the Best Sales Funnel Builder?

Years in business: How long has the software been around? The longer it is, the more stable it becomes.

Benefits and Unique Selling Proposition: We also want to ensure that it’s been updated with changes in technology and websites. It should have features and benefits that will help you build a website. What does this software do that other sales funnel software doesn’t?

All in one better solution – a software that does one thing or one that does many things?  Does the software you are looking at solve your problems?

Ease of use: Is it too hard for a beginner to use? No, Not at all.

Affordability and Cost-effectiveness: What do other people think about the cost of this software compared to others?

15 Best Sales Funnel Builders and Software (Free & Paid)

1. Get Response 

If you have a marketing background and have been involved in the process for quite some time, then you must already have an idea of the platform.

Get Response is a great tool for email marketing, and it also has autoresponder capability.


Another reason for choosing this platform is that it provides exciting features and is one of the cheapest options available. Besides using it for email marketing, marketers can also use this tool for other purposes.


Dive into the features of this platform to learn about its capabilities.

GetResponse - Features

  • Email Marketing—Other similar platforms available either have an inbuilt email marketing service feature or require the integration of one. However, the case is different for getting responses. This platform allows advanced email-related activities and offers much more than any other option. Several email templates and other things make every deliverable of high quality.
  • Page Templates—The platform claims to provide templates for sales pages that are attractive and focus mainly on conversions. You can also customize them to your needs.
  • Autofunnel provided—One of the platform’s best features is the ability to create auto funnels, host webinars, create lead funnels, and more. Sales funnel generators with automated systems are provided to build sales funnels quickly.
  • E-Commerce Store—Yes, this is true. The platform also lets you sell your products online through the mechanism of the online store provided. Follow a few steps, and your store is ready to go live in minutes.
  • Team Management—This is a collaboration feature that lets you manage your entire team. It is helpful when you work for numerous clients. The CRM, on the other hand, gives detailed insights into the leads so that you will know about them, such as where they are, where they are working, and which stage they are at.

2. ClickFunnels

It is one of the best sales funnel-building tools and one of the most famous platforms used by tons of marketers. Business owners and marketers can do a lot more than they imagine.

It allows for building landing pages, creating webinars and sales pages, writing sales scripts, developing online courses, and managing affiliates. It also trains its users to use everything.


ClickFunnels is always compared equally to Kartra, but the fact is undeniable that Kartra has more features. But ClickFunnels has also helped several entrepreneurs become millionaires in almost every niche.


  • Pre-built templates – Several templates are built in the software ready to help marketers build sales funnel even the complex ones for their business. The best part is that you can do so even if you don’t have any knowledge of how to build a sales funnel.
  • Affiliate Management Software – Business owners can easily assign varied affiliate links to numerous marketers. This helps to run affiliate programs for several products.
  • Drag and drop feature – ClickFunnels allows its users to easily drag and drop elements into their funnel and build it in seconds. You are not required to have any coding knowledge. You can also split-test the two variations of sales funnels to observe which one delivers better results.
  • Funnel Sharing – This feature allows you to share your marketing or sales funnel with your partners or client. They can choose to either download it or keep it in their account and observe it quite often.
  • Membership Site – Clickfunnels allows the creation and marketing of an online course. An external course platform is not needed in the process.
  • Funnel Flix – ClickFunnels is popularly known as NetFlix of internet marketing. Funnel Flix has a dozen videos of courses and training programs from Industry experts. If you are a ClickFunnels user then you can access the videos for free.

3. Kartra 

Kartra is one of the best available sales funnels with an easy-to-use interface. Integrated with almost every feature that a business will need.


Varied and numerous online marketing solutions are available which makes it a one-stop solution for every business.


  • Funnel templates – The platform offers templates or funnel campaigns that are ready to use. You can just edit a few things for every product, and your sales funnel is ready to launch. Marketing automation, sales copy, etc., are pre-written and quite helpful as well.
  • Helpdesk – It is a customer management tool with built-in ticket support. It adequately helps you to manage your customers at all levels.
  • Hosts Videos – Video hosting solution is provided by the platform. This solution is marketing-oriented and helps businesses to host videos that are used in online courses and funnels. This simply means you will not need Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
  • Kartra Calendar – With this feature, you can manage your appointments and booking events with either your team or clients.
  • Automated sales-driven campaigns and Membership sites – Kartra has an automated sequence builder and it puts marketing and sales machines of businesses on automation. It enables you to launch your list building and has an inbuilt autoresponder.

4. Convertri 

Considered as stand-alone software and a funnel builder. It allows you to connect webpages to your sales funnel and has every feature that you will need.

With the help of this software, you will get everything that is needed to take new potential from the first stage and convert them.


It offers dynamic text replacement, and its features make it a superior platform, and you can compare it to ClickFunnels and Kartra.


Convertri - Features

  • Drag and Drop editor – Leave all the worries of content blocks behind with this editor since it offers a feature that allows you to drag a page and then edit it. Pick the elements on the page and drop it anywhere.
  • AMP features – Converti allows you to conveniently convert your website pages into Accelerated Mobile Pages. This cool feature is very helpful in today’s digital world.

5. ThriveCart 

ThriveCart is a popular checkout software and a sales funnel-building platform as well. Businesses and Online marketers swear by this tool, an all-in-one solution.

It is one of the best tools for shopping cart development. Check our detailed ThriveCart review to get detailed insights into this platform.


However, the platform doesn’t help build an elegant sales funnel, but it has some cool features that make its funnels competitive with others. It adds some cool features to your sales funnel and web pages.


Know the features provided by ThriveCart that make it stand out.

ThriveCart - Features

  • Lifetime Deal – If you are not aware, then you should know that ThriveCart is currently offering a one-time payment option. Subscribe to the hottest deal offered by the software and use it for a lifetime. It is one of the most profitable deals in the marketing sphere at the moment.
  • Order bumps upsell and downsells – ThriveCart allows you to offer one-click downsells and upsells. Moreover, you can also choose to sell out your bump offers to earn maximum profits. You can easily integrate such options in your sales funnel with the help of ThriveCart.
  • Pre-built templates – This checkout app offers some templates that are already built and you can alter them as per needs and use.
  • ThriveCart – The platform offers a cool affiliate management solution for the users. With the feature, you can easily recruit, pay and manage your affiliates.
  • A/B Split Testing – Setting up an A/B is convenient and fast with this software.

6. Landingi 

Landingi is a famous software that allows editing of sales and landing pages. Its primary function is to create landing pages that convert.

The software, although not a detailed sales funnel builder, it can build a landing page for the front end and collect leads.


Landingi is not recommended for someone who is looking for an all-in-one solution to build a sales funnel.


Landingi - Features

  • Free Templates – The software has more than 200 templates and you can conveniently develop landing pages. You don’t need to create landing pages from scratch.
  • Rich Data from Analytics – Key analytic Indicators help to get helpful insights and business owners can stay updated. Conversion pixels are also added and you can easily optimize your conversion rates. The software helps to make the most of landing pages.
  • Tool integration – You can integrate several other platforms with landingi. Some of them include Hubspot, Drip, Salesforce, Shopify, Kissmetrics, etc. You can move your leads easily to any emailing platform.

7. Thrive Themes 

Thrive Themes has several plugins and tools that are used in the WordPress site. One of the best funnel creating tools on WordPress. The tool is used to build pages, host courses, split tests, generate leads, and a lot more other stuff on WordPress.

Thrive Themes 

Exploit any membership with Thrive Theme to build varied types of a sales funnel and web pages for your website.


Thrive Themes -Features

  • WordPress – Use this tool only on WordPress and several other plugins and integrations are used to operate well.
  • Pre-built templates – Thrive Themes contain several templates for creating sales and marketing funnels. Easily get started to build one. It also has a feature known as Thrive Leads, with which you can build forms that are a lot more engaging or can also choose to create your own form right from the beginning.
  • Convenient to use builder – Thrive Architect is a functionality used by Thrive Themes. No coding skills are needed; this tool will easily build landing pages and websites. Build a sales page and get it running online.
  • A/B Testing – Split-test your sales funnel or landing pages and squeeze them to enhance your built-in pages. Get the most of your sales to funnel with this tool.

8. PayKickstart 

PayKickStart is another dedicated software for shopping carts just like ThriveCart. ThriveCart is a superior option though.

With PayKickStart, you can control your checkout experience in every way. Sell either physical or digital products online with a lot of conveniences.


No hardcore technical knowledge is necessary to set up things.


PayKickstart - Features

  • Order Bumps, Downsells, and Upsells Features – Maximize your profits and boost sales with upsells and your order offers with the help of PayKickStart. Other features are also available on PayKickStart that include coupons, discounts and other reliability features. This feature of the tool is quite impressive.
  • Prebuilt Templates – Several checkout templates are included in PayKickStart. You can also customize the templates as per your needs.
  • Affiliate Manager – You can create an army of affiliate managers and easily recruit, manage, and pay them with the help of this affiliate manager tool. With this, you can easily sell and market your products. The entire process is smooth and conveniently carried out.

9. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a famous tool and website builder that is used for quite a long time now. It helps to build landing pages that are highly converting and businesses can easily promote their offers to their prospects.


Various templates are also included that are fully customizable and have the ability to be integrated with payment gateways and email autoresponders. Use this Optimize Builder with your WordPress websites and this software is also used to build advanced landing pages.


  • Membership Sites – This feature is found in very few landing page builder tools. This feature of OptimizeBuilder is responsible to protect the content of businesses and you can easily sell your products.
  • Page Templates – This tool has pre-built template pages that are divided into different categories for the convenience of users. Some of the examples include Thank You pages, Optin Pages, Sales Pages, Membership Site pages, Webinar Pages.
  • Free Photos – With this plan the user will have access to 1million+ free photos and Unsplash integration.
  • Several other features include – Optimization of the funnel builder, WordPress themes, Scarcity Add-on, Optimize Check-outs, etc.

10. LeadPages

An easy-to-use and with a drag-and-drop feature, this software is popular for its convenience. However, it is not a sales funnel builder. Several amazing customizable templates are pre-built with which you can design landing pages and capture leads.


You can also create your own funnel easily by dragging and dropping elements.


Leadpages - Features

  • Free templates – A plethora of customizable free to use templates are provided in the software that the marketers can use. You don’t have to know the creation process beforehand. The templates include a few features, such as opt-in forms, pop-ups, etc.
  • Design pop-up boxes – Build web pages easily with pop-up boxes. This feature enhances the way of collecting leads.
  • Ads creator for Facebook – You can build a landing page with Facebook Ads integrated. Your visitors will land on this landing page if they click on your Facebook Ads.

11. GrooveFunnels


GrooveFunnels is a new company that makes software for sales funnels. They have many different features and can compete with ClickFunnels and Kartra.

GrooveFunnels is a software that lets you create complex sales funnels. It also lets you do many other things, such as marketing. This software is great for people who want to do all their marketing in one place and not need different programs.

It can be used by solopreneurs or small businesses and those who sell digital products or courses.

Key Features of GrooveFunnels Sales Funnel Builder

  • Drag-and-Drop Page Editor- Allows you to easily create and edit web pages with a user-friendly interface, requiring no coding skills.
  • Extensive Suite of ‘Add-On’ Products- Offers a variety of additional tools and applications that integrate seamlessly to extend functionality and performance.
  • Pop-Ups- Enables the addition of various types of pop-ups on your pages to capture leads or provide important announcements.
  • Expertly Designed Templates- Provides a wide selection of pre-designed templates that can be used to quickly launch professional-looking websites and funnels.
  • Free Bandwidth and Hosting- Includes hosting for your digital assets on their servers, which reduces the cost and complexity of online operations.

12. SamCart


SamCart has been the best software for shopping carts for a long time. It has many features, like being able to do A/B testing and an affiliate management platform.

But there are other things that SamCart cannot do as well as ClickFunnels does, like make funnels. You can make funnels in SamCart, but they will not be as good because this is what SamCart is mainly for-shopping carts.

SamCart is a good tool for most businesses. It is an established company, so it will work for e-commerce stores and other types of companies.

However, all one-stop platforms like ClickFunnels do their jobs better when making funnels. The best idea might be to combine the two to get the best of both worlds.

Key Features of SamCart

  • Advanced Reporting- Provides detailed insights with its advanced reporting tools that help track various aspects of your sales and conversions, aiding in better decision-making.
  • Integrations- Easily integrates with other tools like email marketing services, membership tools, and shipping applications to extend functionality and streamline operations.
  • Affiliate Center- Includes an integrated affiliate management system that helps you recruit, manage, and pay affiliates directly from SamCart, encouraging more sales through referral marketing.
  • Cart Abandonment- Helps combat cart abandonment by capturing the contact details of users and sending follow-up messages to encourage them to complete their purchases.
  • Secure Checkout- Ensures transactions are secure with SSL certification and PCI compliance, providing customers with peace of mind when making purchases.

13. Instapage

Instapage is a landing page builder that helps you have good conversions. Compared to LeadPages, it is more focused on conversions. Instapage also has a sophisticated A/B testing tool that helps you create highly targeted landing pages after someone clicks on an ad.

Instapage is for people who need to create a landing page for their business. It’s really good at converting visitors into customers.

It can increase the performance of your funnel pages, but it doesn’t do everything like other tools might.

There are limitations to what you can do with it, but it is worth using for your landing page pages because it helps people who want conversions, and the new AdMap feature can improve the performance of your other pages in your sales funnel.


Key Features of Instapage

  • Widgets- Instapage offers a variety of widgets, such as Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons, countdown timers, and other interactive elements that can be easily added to your pages to drive conversions.
  • Conversion-Focused Templates- Provides over 200 professionally designed templates that are specifically optimized for conversion. These templates cater to a wide range of industries and campaign types, giving you a strong starting point for creating effective landing pages.
  • Free Access to Royalty-Free Images- Users have free access to a vast library of royalty-free images that can be used to enhance the visual appeal of their landing pages, making it easier to create attractive, engaging content without additional costs.
  • Form Builder- Includes a form builder that lets you create custom forms to capture leads, gather customer information, or take orders directly from your landing page.
  • Advanced Analytics- Offers advanced analytics tools that provide detailed insights into how your landing pages perform. This includes tracking conversions, visitor behavior, and overall campaign effectiveness to help refine your strategies.

14. Unbounce

Unbounce company is one of the first landing page builders on the market. It has improved a lot over the years and many marketers think it’s the best option.

Unbounce overview

The templates look really good, and there is a marketplace where you can buy pre-made pages. Unbounce is very conversion-focused and has excellent features like A/B testing, in-depth analytics, funnels… Your customers won’t be disappointed by how it looks from a design point of view.

Unbounce is great for people who want to design a page that looks professional. It has a higher learning curve but the end results are worth it.

You should not use it if you need something with more features, like a sales funnel, because Unbounce does not have those features.

Key Features of Unbounce

  • Conversion-Focused Templates- Unbounce provides a wide array of templates that are specifically designed to enhance conversions. These templates are tailored for various marketing goals and industries, making it easy to start creating effective landing pages quickly.
  • WYSIWYG Editor- Unbounce features a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, allowing users to design their landing pages visually.
  • Landing Page Analyzer- This tool evaluates your landing pages and provides recommendations on how to improve them for better performance.
  • “Sticky” Bars- Unbounce allows you to add “sticky” bars to your landing pages. These are persistent, non-intrusive bars that stay visible at the top or bottom of the screen as a user scrolls.

When Should You Use Sales Funnel Software? 

Sales funnel builder software is best for beginners since it helps keep costs at a minimum. As a beginner, you are not required to hire a developer or subscribe to different tools to develop your funnel.

However, it is integral to choose software that caters to your specific needs and can integrate everything you need in your sales funnel.

For instance, you will observe that some deliver webinar hosting, instead some don’t; moreover, if hosting a webinar is integral for your business, then you will surely find one that caters to all your needs.

GrooveFunnels is a reliable Funnel Builder that makes it super easy to create converting funnels. Check our detailed GrooveFunnels review here.

Example of a Sales Funnel

Let me take you through the sales funnel of an entrepreneur who offers online classes. How will his sales funnel look like and what are the steps included in his funnel.

  • A user, while scrolling through the Facebook feed, comes across an ad of a company that is offering SEO tips. The ad has a call to action button, “Download my Complete Guide to SEO”.
  • After clicking on the CTA, the user is directed to a landing page with a download link of the guide. It also has an option from where the user can choose to be a part of the email subscribers. Hence, the user will receive an entrepreneur’s email.
  • The next day an email of a newsletter is received by the user with a link to the varied courses offered by the company.
  • The user is interested and signs up for one of the courses.
  • The customer receives a newsletter quite often offering discounts for signing up for the next courses and the user signs up again.

Every action taken by the user is tracked in the sales funnel software used by the entrepreneur. Every detail is clearly observed in the sales funnel like the point where users are dropping off or who stayed and converted.

Sales funnel builder comes with everything you will need right from the landing page editors, a platform to host webinars and courses, email marketing services, etc. Everything under one roof, hence, sales funnel builder software is economical and you get everything on a single platform.

Why Do You Need a Sales Funnel?

According to stats, you will be amazed to know that almost 96% of visitors to your website are not there to purchase anything.

They may be looking for something else such as valuable content or contact information. You have almost 5-10 seconds to convince your website visitors to stick around.

You can optimize your website or landing page by minimizing bounce rates. One of the major reasons why the sales funnel is crucial. It helps to accomplish these things in less time.

You are only a few steps away from discovering the best sales funnel builder for your business to sell products and make profits. It is a platform where you can develop a complete sales funnel that fulfills all your needs.

What Makes a Great Sales Funnel?

Are you aware of the criteria that must be considered before choosing the perfect funnel builder tool? If so, please let us know some of them.

  • Pre-built, customizable Templates – Several tools and software have some pre-built funnel builder templates that you will love. Users can either choose to use them as they are or can customize them as per needs. With pre-built templates, launching a template is very easy. Customizable templates are available for every industry.
  • Ease of Use – The funnel builder shouldn’t only have drag-and-drop features. Rather the best tools have understandable and easy-to-use editors. With the help of such editors, you can place a variety of elements without any coding knowledge. Launching a new campaign is very easy and integration of several parts is also susceptible.
  • Membership Site – A complete software that has the ability to build a sales funnel and have a separate that allows hosting of training material. Hence, third-party management software for learning is not required.
  • Inbuilt Automation – The automation feature in the sales funnel builder software is necessary since, without it you cannot monitor and follow up with your captured leads. This function lets you do more than just create a list, segment them, or send emails. The software helps businesses to build a special connection with their leads.
  • Affiliate Center – Affiliate Management Solution is a great feature with which you are able to add or create varied affiliate programs. You can easily manage several marketers who are responsible for bringing leads and then converting them.
  • Other Criteria – Inbuilt Shopping Cart, Ability to host webinars, Training courses for team members, the software can fit in your existing marketing stack, customer support is responsive and helpful.


🛠️ Which features are important in sales funnel software?

Key features to look for include drag-and-drop page builders, email marketing integration, A/B testing, conversion tracking, and CRM integrations. These features help in effectively managing and optimizing the sales process.

💸 How much does sales funnel software cost?

The cost can vary widely depending on the complexity and scale of the software. Some platforms offer free versions with basic functionalities, while more advanced systems can cost hundreds of dollars per month.

⚙️ Can sales funnel software integrate with other tools?

Yes, most sales funnel software can integrate with various third-party tools such as CRMs, email marketing platforms, webinar tools, and more. Integration helps streamline processes and ensures a seamless flow of data across tools.

📊 How do sales funnel tools improve conversion rates?

These tools improve conversion rates by providing insights into customer behaviors and preferences, enabling personalized interactions, and allowing businesses to fine-tune their marketing strategies based on real data.

🚀 Are there specific sales funnel tools for small businesses?

Absolutely! Many sales funnel tools are designed with small businesses in mind, offering affordable plans and user-friendly interfaces that do not require extensive technical knowledge.

📈 Can sales funnel software help with lead generation?

Yes, sales funnel software often includes tools for lead capture, such as forms and landing pages, as well as features for nurturing leads through email marketing and targeted content, helping to convert leads into paying customers.

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Final Thoughts: Which Is the Best Sales Funnel Builder Tool?

Creating and optimizing a sales funnel is crucial for online marketing. Use a Sales Funnel Builder to make a strong funnel. Research and build a sales funnel that meets your needs and those of your audience. Your target audience is unique to you. Convert them into customers.

GetResponse is a great deal for small businesses, but their emails may end up in spam folders. Try their free trial first. ClickFunnels and Kartra have user-friendly software, but ClickFunnels limits sales funnels and traffic, while Kartra limits contacts.

ClickFunnels shows how your actions fit together, while Kartra allows more contacts and sales funnels. Choose what’s important to you.

So our top picks will be GetResponse, Kartra & ClickFunnels, which helps you build sales funnel software. Choose according to your needs and requirements.

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  1. I’ve been a long time user of GetResponse, and they haven’t let me down once. Their responsive design is fantastic for any work I do where people only see the content on my website on their cellphone or tablet. And the A/B testing feature has saved my butt so many times before when I couldn’t decide what one product to focus all my efforts on with so many great products.

  2. Kartra is the smorgasbord-of-sales-funnels. With an intuitive interface and so many features, it’s hard to resist this toolkit. Plus, with its integrated membership sites (called portals), you can deliver content that you post there exclusively to your authorized members. Kartra’s feature sets are wide ranging and flexible enough for most businesses, from ecommerce shops to lead magnets or self improvement blogs – basically any business seeking a fluid way to make money online on autopilot without having any technical knowledge whatsoever of building sites themselves. That’s why 42% of respondents ranked Kartra at either 4 or 5 stars on TrustRadius!

  3. “So I was running a website and had all the regular sales pages, but my conversions were just terrible. Sometimes people would click on an ad and then they’d bounce back to google in less than 5 seconds! That’s when one of my buddies told me about Clickfunnels. They said it was the best thing since sliced bread so I clicked their link and downloaded the software right away. Once the installation was done, I found myself with some amazing templates for things like landing pages and blanks as well that make building super easy! A few clicks later and I had built myself a really awesome webinar registration which led to sign ups for my course at over 3 times what any other page did ever do before. I owe to Clickfunnels alot.

  4. So I’ve been using Kartra, and it really helps me to do a lot of great things. First, the software is super easy to use— you don’t have to be an expert in sales funnels or website building because they’ve made this very accessible for all levels. Second, what I love about it is that if you upload content from your computer or from another device like a mobile phone then Kartra can send them out through email! That way you get instant gratification and people will keep checking back on their own which turns into repeat visits and potential customers.

  5. Kartra is the smorgasbord-of-sales-funnels. With an intuitive interface and so many features, it’s hard to resist this toolkit. Plus, with its integrated membership sites (called portals), you can deliver content that you post there exclusively to your authorized members. Kartra’s feature sets are wide ranging and flexible enough for most businesses, from ecommerce shops to lead magnets or self improvement blogs – basically any business seeking a fluid way to make money online on autopilot without having any technical knowledge whatsoever of building sites themselves. That’s why 42% of respondents ranked Kartra at either 4 or 5 stars on TrustRadius!

  6. Kartra has been my favorite way to make sales funnels for a long time. I really loved how easy the interface was, and I always knew that what I needed was easily accessible from there. Integrated with membership sites is one of these things! This software is perfect because you can deliver content through uploading it or sending it through email. Kartra has also helped me to build website which have their own unique memberships, so now when people see your site, they will be immediately interested!

  7. Compelling features that will boost your company’s conversion rates.
    GetResponse is a nice alternative to more expensive options on the market. I love how easy it is to create landing pages and funnels with this product, as well as the customer service they offer. The customer service was a big selling point for me because I’m not very tech savvy and it made everything simple. Plus if you ever get stuck there’s someone who can help you out!

  8. I really like ClickFunnels product. It’s sleek and looks great on any computer screen. My favorite feature is the ability to easily access your messages, set up automation, I love how it offers templates that are simple and already come with structures in place. You can also see when people have read their message or not. If you’re a beginner in marketing then this is for you because it helps you write emails that convert better!

  9. I’ve been using Clickfunnels for 2 years. If you’re not sure which funnel to use, the support community is always ready with answers. They helped me figure out what would work best for my business and they gave me a few good ideas too. The landing page builder was really easy to learn, but if I got stuck someone was there to help me out quickly thanks to the chat function!

  10. If you haven’t switched over to a responsive email platform, now is the time before it becomes too late. GetResponse has been at the forefront of solving this problem for marketers, and one of our favorite features they have come up with is A/B testing. This lets you split test multiple versions of your promotional material so that you can go back and work on what resonates most with your audience before sending out any campaign.

  11. I hate ClickFunnels alot, they are expensive of software, I would recommend Unbounce over Clickfunnels.

  12. Kartra is the perfect piece of social media marketing software to have. You can integrate it into your other marketing endeavors and then improve them as a result. Kartra will help you organize everything from email campaigns, blog posts, membership sites and more! The membership features are also a great addition because now other site visitors may be immediately interested in becoming a member themselves! Get this for yourself or for those who need to be rocking those sales conversions. Best sales funnel software ever build.

  13. The one of its kind sales funnel builder. Clickfunnels truly is the untapped niche for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. After just a few weeks of using clickfunnels I’ve already been making more sales than ever before! There are too many features to list, but trust me when I say you need this in your life right now – it simplifies digital marketing so much! Worth every penny – after all we live in an age where time is everything, so why not invest?

  14. Kartra is really easy to use, so you can focus on your customers rather than the software. Plus you save time because it’s all integrated together automatically! Have you ever considered adding a website with memberships? If so, Kartra has got that covered too. Try out this software for yourself and see how much better your customers become through smart tools. I called this best sales funnel software for my business. Kartra is YayEEE

  15. “I’m really enjoying using GetResponse to power my email marketing. I love their service for giving it a truly personal feel with the automated emails, autoresponders.” Oh Gosh my favorite and best sales funnel software.

    “I can’t say enough about these guys at GetResponse. They’ve taken all the time and effort out of managing my e-mail list subscriptions, unsubscribe requests, daily campaign management – you name it! I just set up an auto-responder series that went out last week and survived one of the busiest weekends ever without breaking a sweat!”

  16. If you’re thinking about buying Clickfunnels, stop what you’re doing right now and buy it. Naturally, this is biased because I use it. But don’t take my word for it; see what other people are saying! A typical 5-star review says “It has saved me so much time, is easy to use and has given me the most leads of any tool that I’ve used.” –

  17. This software gives you the power to create, edit, and send beautiful emails. Doing what other autoresponders won’t do such as tracking your campaigns for you. Save time by automating your email tasks with GetResponse’s lead building wizard and make customer retention easy with their survey builder!

  18. The best and most comprehensive software for building sales funnels is ClickFunnel. It provides all the tools you need to build pages, train your audience, manage affiliates, run webinars, create compelling offers…It’s essentially the Swiss Army Knife of marketing. You have limited time but want to do as much as possible? Well, ClickFunnels does it all!

  19. I love GetResponse product because I can see that it’s already helped my business grow with me in the growth of my business. You definitely have to work on improving your skills for this product though- so if you’ve been puzzling over how to build great sales funnel, then grab Get Response before you get left behind!

  20. Need a website with additional features that will increase your revenues? Convertri is an all-inclusive solution for every aspect of marketing and sales. With this software, you will get everything that is needed to take new potential from the first stage to convert them! Drag and Drop editor – Leave all the worries of content blocks behind with this editor, since it offers a feature of dragging a page and then editing it. Pick the elements on the page and drop them anywhere. AMP Features – Conveniently convert your website pages into Accelerated Mobile Pages.

  21. ClickFunnels is an awesome software that helps manage and create sales funnels.

    Clickfunnels is the foundation of your digital marketing. It helps you create landing pages, offers, webinars, blogs and other content to get your prospects engaged with your offer. Even better it can make you high converting sales funnels for easy management of lead generation efforts. Clickfunnels has all the functions for crafting his own funnel there are no limits on what to do or how much you can do because everything is possible inside this user-friendly platform packed beautiful templates that really aligns with what you’re trying to sell making it an excellent choice when deciding on a single building block in launching any online business.

  22. ClickFunnels is an awesome software that helps manage and create sales funnels.

    A lot of websites offer the best features, such as landing pages or webinars, but Clickfunnel also offers a wide variety of additional services to help really customize your business model or online course. For example, you have affiliate management tools to work with contractors which often saves a ton of time for marketers trying to grow their customer base! It’s also easy technology to learn, so you won’t be wasting time researching how the user interface works. With Clickfunnels it takes just minutes from clicking one button on an app to have a whole funnel up and running!

  23. I’ve always loved playing with Kartra, it’s the easiest way to streamline your sales funnel. You can create high-converting websites that come complete with memberships which you can sell on just about any product! So now, when people visit your site, they’ll be drawn in by how amazing it is and clicking around for hours before finally buying something. I would definitely say Kartra is worth giving a try.

  24. It’s been a while since I’ve come across a marketing software that does it all for me. Sure, there are things that I still want to buy from other vendors, but GetResponse makes my job so much easier – and saves me time! Whether you’re looking for an email sender or analytics tools, they have it all in one place. And talk about easy to use! It’s really a one stop shop that leaves no stone unturned. Not bad considering the price tag is less than $50/mo., which would easily cost 3x-4x more elsewhere.

  25. “I’m not good at creating fancy looking landing pages with all the lines, colors and images. But luckily I’ve found Clickfunnels! It’s easy enough to create templates for my needs, letting me put (or not) what I need.” “It’s all helped me with increaesing conversions-even with an email list that was languishing. Now it opens like hotcakes!”

  26. There are some tools that just work – and Clickfunnels is one of them. “No nonsense” and effective, it’s built for entrepreneurs who want to earn more with their business by leveraging the power of the internet. It provides a landing page builder and offers things like Lead Magnet Pages and Sales Funnels to increase conversion rates and traffic – essential strategies for building your online reputation as an expert in your industry. No wonder this tool’s such a growth engine!

  27. Kartra is a great way for people to make their own sales funnels, which is why it’s been my favorite to use lately. Kartra has a really easy interface and I always know that what I need is right within reach. It integrates with membership sites too!

  28. Kartra is a sales funnel builder with so many features, you can hardly justify it. Plugins and templates are featured in a one-stop-shop for whatever needs you might have, but if they don’t already have the plugin or template I’d need at that moment, they’re always more than happy to help you work it out themselves – even going as far as writing my marketing copy for me! Designed to be used by both large businesses and startups alike, Kartra will do everything from editing content for designs all the way down to updating stock prices. All this functionality comes at a price of course… But when you want your money’s worth from software designed specifically for online business management & marketing campaigns, look no further than Kartra.

  29. “Kinda like a phone and fax and email and website all in one. It’s like the Netflix of marketing: if you watch that Stranger Things, say, I can tell them to send me promotional emails.”
    Flexible enough for any kind of business; they’ve got startups covered with an easy-to-use CRM for budding entrepreneurs who want to take their business mobile (without having to hire anyone). Additionally, it looks like GetResponse knows their customers at both ends: they’ll even integrate with your customer relationship management system, which is either A) really smart or B) deeply troubling.
    I will choose GetResponse as my sales funnel builder for life. They are the best sales funnel software on the internet.

  30. This is one of the easiest email marketing platforms and sales funnel software on the market. Their autoresponder will make it easy to start building your list right away, and send all of those emails that you have been meaning to send but haven’t had time for yet. Get response even has an affiliate program so this could be a great way to earn some extra money being an affiliate online as well! The only thing about this program is that if you are already using another Mailchimp or something similar then you’ll need web developers in order for things to work smoothly with your current account- and although not very expensive, I think most people prefer just having somebody else take care of everything- which is what Getresponse offers!

  31. GrooveFunnels is a new company that makes software for sales funnels. It has many great features and can compete with top companies in this field such as Clickfunnels and Kartra. This gives you the ability to do all your marketing in one place, using only one website/domain instead of having to use different programs like social media or email. GrooveFunnels offers unlimited Funnel styles, custom domains, and websites- making it perfect for solopreneurs and small businesses who want something easy to work with without any extra costs attached. I can’t say much about their customer service but I did not have an issue when setting up my account so we’ll just go ahead and hope for the best there!

  32. Funnel Builder has made my life so much easier. It helps me be more productive in increasing sales and marketing to different audience segments. It also helped me create funnels for clients which are quick, easy, and affordable. I don’t think I’ll ever switch away from Funnel Builder!

  33. Clickfunnels is a reliable platform for marketers. There are various tasks that the user can do, from micro-building to operating on a large scale. With Funnel Sharing, users can share their funnels with partners and clients. The company helps its user make webinars, landing pages, create videos or information courses online – there’s always been something new to learn over here!

  34. It can be hard to get started and stay organized with all the marketing that you need to do. So if you’re looking for a way to boost things up, then GetResponse might just be what you’re missing.Their responsive design means your message will look good on desktop and mobile, while their A/B testing provides insights for an even better campaign. You’ll also never have waning list growth or dropped coupons again thanks to its integrations. It’s so easy to use–you really couldn’t ask for more!

  35. Clickfunnels has been a lifesaver for my small business. I’ve learned so much about building sales funnels since using their platform and now feel confident in the content being presented to potential leads. The quality of software seemed overwhelming before, but it made it easy with excellent instructions and customer support personnel who are always willing to help you get started or solve any problem you might be facing with your account. If we had more than five thumbs up, that would probably be where they are!

  36. “Kartra has been my favorite way to make sales funnels for a long time. I really loved how easy the interface was, and I always knew that what I needed was easily accessible from there. Integrated with membership sites is one of these things! Kartra has also helped me build website which have their own unique memberships, so now when people see your site, they will be immediately interested!”

  37. This thing is the best invention ever! I am a sales agency owner and building a funnel was way easier than hiring an experienced graphic designer. It’s like in marketing school because it teaches you how to write copy, pick your software, choose templates… basically everything. I recommend Kartra it to anyone who really wants their business to grow but doesn’t want to hire people for all these tiny things… or start coding themselves.

  38. I’ve looked around for a while for email marketing software that I can use to grow my list and improve sales, but almost everything is just too expensive. Getresponse has so many features yet it’s still priced affordably! The variety of templates they offer is great because you get the design element right away without having to create your own. It was so easy to set up too – it doesn’t take much time at all. Great customer service, even better product – this makes sense for anyone running any business looking for an affordable solution to their burdensome problem with interacting with customers.’

  39. I love how easy Clickfunnels setup is. I will say that the process of setting up a landing page could be daunting to someone who hasn’t done this before because you have to choose from an extensive range of templates and spin offs, but once you set one up and fidget with it for a while, things get so much easier than what they used to be.

  40. Kartra is the only platform I’ve seen that has this many features. Kartra let’s you create a landing pages, list-building funnels, and more without any problem what so ever. The design is very user friendly for people of all skill levels no matter your age or background!
    Probably the most ambitious tool in marketing on the planet today; Kartra combines AI with old fashioned human effort giving anyone who uses it access to every new marketing strategy out there!
    My favorite Sales funnel software Kartra 🙂

  41. For someone who is only just starting out, I was surprised at how easy GetResponse was to send traffic my way. It’s amazing that this could all be done with just a few clicks. My best sales funnle builder software is GetResponse.

  42. The amount of great features in Kartra is astounding. You can work on funnels and membership sites with this software, and it’s so much easier than any other company I’ve used in the past! It does such an amazing job encouraging people to subscribe that even if you don’t have anything mind-blowing to offer your members then they will be forced into signing up just because they want more information about who runs your site. All of my needs for subscription websites are met here, but the best part? Integrated with membership sites is one of these things!

  43. I used to be sceptical of sales funnels, but now I know their incredible power. And Clickfunnels is the best way to build them. From landing pages and webinar software all in one place, you will totally crush your goals with ease- even if you’ve never built a funnel before. Plus there are tons of helpful SEO tools that will give your site an instant boost (with no experience!). Best part? It’s 14 days free! If not for anything else do it for me 😉

  44. You can’t go wrong with Kartra as it is one of the most versatile and user-friendly apps you will find. The customer service is excellent, they answer questions quickly and are very responsive to any technical or design troubleshooting. However, I was majorly disappointed by their automated responses. Twice now a client explained a problem but didn’t include a screenshot of what’s going on so even with detailed steps for me to follow there were no results unless I have the information they sent.

  45. Kartra is a piece of garbage! Why pay for a tool that can’t do even the basic stuff? I’m not sure what compelled me to sign up, but now I regret doing so. None of our relevant data has been transferred from other systems and the team at Kartra has been useless as well. We should have stuck with something more reliable – this Duda mobile needs to be avoided by all means necessary if you want your marketing funnel no work because it doesn’t work correctly either way.

  46. GrooveFunnels is a new and exciting software for sale funnel creation. This company helps people make complex funnels, as well as provide many different marketing tools. While they may be competitors with ClickFunnels and Kartra at this point, GrooveFunnels has not yet achieved the same level of fame as those two companies that were established before them. Solopreneurs or small businesses who sell digital products or courses should give GrooveFunnels a try!

  47. Every day I’m amazed at how many new tools and platforms pop up to help marketers automate their busy projects. You can start by breaking down the information you need and workarounds, and most programs will allow you to gather data quickly. When it comes to ease of use, creativity features, compatibility with other apps in your arsenal—the list goes on and on. Between all those choices it is hard for businesses or individual marketers to know what they should be using! ClickFunnels might just be the best way for anyone looking towards taking an edge in this competitive field.

  48. Kartra, a sales funnel builder that is loved by all of its users. I used Kartra for many years before it was integrated with membership site. The possibilities are endless! It’s easy to integrate everything from content delivery to the ability to build sites with memberships and more, so be sure you check out this amazing software today!

  49. Kartra is great for marketers because it allows them to upload content, distribute information through email, and quickly create website memberships. Kartra has an easy-to-use interface where everything you need can be found in one spot. If you want to keep your clients’ attention with fresh content, the integrated membership site will help!

  50. I was looking for a sales funnel software with a lot of great features. I found GrooveFunnels! This company has many different features, and can compete with Click Funnels and Kartra- they have everything from marketing to automation…. but the most frustrating thing about this product is that it looks like an abandoned project. The repositories are unavailable on GitHub, there is no customer support available at all, and it’s not even safe to use because of the lack of regular updates. There were also parts where you would expect more detail – such as offer templates – but there wasn’t any information on those sections either. It seems like if you pay $$$$ one time, then your money goes into a black hole and never comes back out.

  51. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve enjoyed GetResponse. They don’t try to oversell you, they just offer helpful features that are easy enough to use. The design of the program is beautiful and it works well on all devices–you’re no longer locked into one product if you have both a laptop and a smartphone. It offers email list editing so it’s easier than ever before to write specific copy especially tailored for your readers or prospects! You can also do live webinars which let you easily answer questions from your subscribers with video chat. This is my favorite sales funnel builder of all time.

  52. GetResponse is an incredible piece of software that has all the bells and whistles. First off, its interface is set up in a way that makes things very accessible, so I never had to go far to get what I needed. Next, Kartra integrates easily into membership sites which mean you can deliver content through uploading it or sending it through email (even with links!). It even helps you build and set up your own website mazes with their own memberships! Which really sets this product apart from any others on the market.

  53. LeadPages has been around for a while and it really isn’t that easy to set up. To get your sales to funnel organized with LeadPages, you have to combine different landing pages together and integrate them with other tools. The most frustrating thing about using this app is when things are not clear or when there is no support service available, which happens often because the customer service cost me crazy amounts of time on hold waiting for somebody to pick up. I don’t recommend this software unless you are very particular about every detail of your landing page – in that case, it’s perfect!

  54. Clickfunnels is truly a hidden gem. If you’re in the marketing game, then this cloud-based app will seriously transform how you do business. There are other tools out there with similar functionality, but none come close to Clickfunnels’ customer service and simplicity of use. Plus it has been tried and tested by some of the internet’s leading entrepreneurs so if you have any doubts about converting potential customers to sales, have no fear!

  55. Don’t make the mistake of buying Convertri, I did and am regretting it. The backend is not user-friendly at all, and there are just too many bugs to be expected of a $300 software. When I emailed customer service they emailed me back telling me that nobody else has any complaints about the product so they can’t help me fix it. Terrible support
    I’m so glad this wasted my time developing my funnel with you guys because now I’m on board with another company that actually cares about its users! Do not buy this software!!!!!!
    Terrible app!!!

  56. Clickfunnels is a worthy investment for any company. You can use it to build Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, and membership sites that will turn your prospects into buyers. This software has been helping companies since 2014. In addition to the features listed below, you’re able to set up autoresponders with Clickfunnels too!
    This is my favorite sales funnel builder.

  57. SamCart is a good tool for most businesses. It is an established company, so it will work for e-commerce stores and other types of companies. SamCart has been the best software for shopping carts for a long time. It has many features, like being able to do A/B testing, and it also has an affiliate management platform. But there are other things that SamCart cannot do as well as ClickFunnels does, like make funnels. You can make funnels in SamCart, but they will not be as good because this is what SamCart is mainly for shopping carts.

  58. You can never be too handy with the marketing game. I was always on my feet, trying out different techniques to see which ones were working best for me. The whole process left me tired and exhausted because I didn’t know what to do anymore so I found Kartra which is an awesome sales funnel software. It has helped me create really cool things like landing pages or pop-ups that are interactive, simple to set up and downright awesome! After incorporating it into my business, new prospects started closing deals faster than ever before by getting targeted email campaigns tailored just for them – something they weren’t used to seeing which made them want it more since nobody else had anything quite like this!

  59. I am an entrepreneur who has built dozens of marketing funnels. I used to spend 2-3 weeks building each one, but not anymore thanks to ClickFunnels. You can build sales pages, landing pages, and webinar platforms; run an affiliate campaign; make a killing with your online courses; and even create high converting sales scripts. Without it, juggling marketing would be like balancing on the head of a pin! It’s literally great for everything: you name it, ClickFunnels will do it! You just need five minutes to install the software (the installation was so easy) and you’re good to go – There is no limit as to what you can do through this amazing app!”

  60. I really regret my purchase from ThriveCart. They make it sound like they have the best checkout software on the market, but then I had to spend a lot of money and time on conversion optimization just to get a few sales a day at best. Typical scam website that lures you in by being good at marketing with only brief descriptions of their product, hoping you don’t research any further before giving them your credit card information. Don’t believe their marketing campaign—they are not as good as they claim!

  61. Kartra is the best software I’ve found so far for creating membership websites and funnels. With all sorts of e-commerce apps and integration, Kartra has everything you need to create an engaging experience on your website. Plus, you can easily manage messaging by sending out automated emails or uploading fresh content through their simple interface. These things help me to deliver a rich user experience that will keep my visitors coming back again and again!

  62. LeadPages is a really sophisticated landing page builder with 900+ different templates. It also lets you easily A/B test your pages, figure out what’s working best for people who are visiting your site and then optimize that to be even better. LeadPages is not just great at creating realistic looking page designs but it also has some awesome features like the “lead capture”, which makes all sign-up forms clickable (no more typing!)!
    If you want to create sales funnels, Leadpages doesn’t help with this; for this purpose, there are other tools like Clickfunnels or Active Campaign needed.

  63. I have not seen a sales funnel builder that can compete with Kartra yet. I’ve gone through several and it just wasn’t what I needed, some of the ones geared more towards the salesperson trying to make their sale. But if you’re familiar with importing your contacts into a list it’s super easy to import people into Kartra from other places and they don’t charge for an emailing feature so you don’t need any additional third party plugin or anything like that in order to be able to contact those members who are part of your membership site.

  64. Kartra is my go-to software when I need to build a site that has its own memberships. Some of the best features are that you can upload content or send it through email, and Kartra integrates seamlessly with membership sites. If you have a site where content offers value but only for those who you want to promote on there, this is perfect!

  65. LeadPages is a good app for all types of businesses. It’s easy to make pages and create landing pages. But when it comes to creating your sales funnel, LeadPages isn’t very sophisticated and feature-rich like ClickFunnels or Unbounce. You will need work if you want to make this into a powerful marketing tool by combining different pages together and integrating with other tools as well.

  66. As of this year, GrooveFunnels has started to cause some problems for me. They uninstalled my software without warning and I had no idea what was going on. When I finally did get in contact with someone, they told me that it would be a few days before the issue was resolved. There were limits on how many funnels I could have in a month because there was a pricing change back in March which caused my credit card to be charged an additional fee when everything’s up and running again. Taking all this into account, I can’t recommend using them anymore due to their customer service not being reliable when it comes from the company itself from whom you bought your product or service.”

  67. I don’t like Leadpages software at all. It is very complicated and I don’t think it would be good for beginners, or people who want to make small websites with few pages. The website hosting is awful – the templates are not even pretty – but you cannot do anything without paying way more than you need to pay.

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