How To Find Best Products To Sell Online (Branded Clothing and Accessories) 2024

1- Fashion clothing and accessories: the most profitable and in-demand products to sell 

2- The advantages of selling branded products online

3- Three reasons why you should start a dropshipping fashion store right now

4 – Find a reliable dropshipping supplier: how Brandsdistribution can help your clothing store stand out

Starting an online business is the most lucrative way to make money, especially if you decide to launch an online clothing store. In fact, the e-commerce fashion industry is globally growing with more and more consumers purchasing online. 

If you are thinking of setting up your first online store or selling on the main online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, first you must identify those products that will allow you to make your business more profitable. 

Due to their high-margins, branded fashion items are highly remunerative compared to cheaper and low-quality clothing and accessories. Moreover, they are the best dropshipping products to sell.

Dropshipping is the most convenient way to sell branded clothing online since it does not require you to buy inventory in advance but only to place an order when you make a sale. This way you can start making money with little cost and no risks. 

Let’s see how to find the trendiest fashion products and the advantages of selling branded fashion online in dropshipping.

How To Find Best Products To Sell Online (Branded Clothing and Accessories) 2024

1 -Fashion clothing and accessories: the most profitable and in-demand products to sell

Understanding which are the trending products among online consumers is an important step in running an online store. It will impact every business decision you make. 

Your goal is to identify trending products with high-profit margins that allow your business to be more profitable. To start, you should better understand what people are searching online: tools as Google trends – the most popular for finding trends – and market researches can help you with this analysis.

Market data show the e-commerce fashion industry sales are constantly growing: fashion is the largest B2C e-commerce market segment and the leading product category bought online among internet users worldwide

Fashion holds a great appeal to many people and there is a high demand for fashion products. According to Statista “As of 2018, 57% of global internet users had purchased fashion-related products through the internet.”  

In particular, shoes, bags, and accessories are the fastest-growing segment of eCommerce fashion.

“In absolute market size, the shoes segment will increase from $96 billion in 2018 to $135 billion in 2022.”

Take a look at the retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Best Products To Sell online- Data Via Statista

Data via Statista

If you are looking for products with high-profit margins for your online business, it could be a great choice to focus on branded fashion items.

Take a look at the search volumes for “branded shoes” and “branded clothes” on Google Trends and notice that significant growth has happened over the past few years.

Google trends search volumes for “Branded shoes” from 2004.

Best Products To Sell online- Branded Shoes

Google trends search volumes for “Branded clothes” from 2004.

Best Products To Sell online- Branded Clothes

2 – The advantages of selling branded products online

As you can see, branded products are highly demanded. The major advantage of selling branded fashion is that clothing and accessories from popular brands have the highest margins, with markups around 50%.

By selling branded goods, such as sneakers from the most popular sports brands as well as women designer handbags, you can earn the highest profit. Moreover, you do not need a large sales volume to make a profit, compared to selling cheaper products with low-profit-margin.

Here are some examples of how much you can earn selling designer bags, shoes, and accessories.

Best Products To Sell online- Branded Online Product

Example of profits per product you can earn.

Listing popular fashion brands like the ones above on your online store will allow you to attract more visitors and increase your website traffic, the most challenging part for most businesses.

In this way, you can improve your search engine rankings and get more conversions, in addition, to enhance your store visibility online and stimulate other profitable sales advertising your clothing store and promoting your products across different platforms.

The fashion industry is strictly connected to seasonality. Every few months new fashion trends and styles are introduced into the market. It is a big opportunity to encourage more sales by updating regularly your inventory with new products, keeping customers coming back more frequently to your store to buy new and trendy products. When dropshipping, it’s even easier since you can add new products at any time and without any cost.

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3- Three reasons why you should start a dropshipping fashion store right now

When setting up your fashion store online, you have to opt for the right business model for your company. 

Here are 3 reasons why dropshipping is the best online business solution for selling branded fashion: it’s a low-cost, low-risk and high returns business model.

  • Low cost: to start a dropshipping business is required an extremely small investment.
  • Low-risk: you only buy what you sell, so you can sell products without any risks or storage inconvenience. Running a dropshipping business you don’t have to deal with buying stock upfront and with seasonal inventory, neither storing, packing or shipping the products to your customers. The dropship supplier takes care of that for you, so you can just focus on promoting your business and making sales.
  • High returns: dropshipping clothing is very profitable since branded clothing stores have the highest profit margins.

With branded clothing, dropshipping is the most convenient option as you can make money with little cost and zero risks.

4 – Find a reliable dropshipping supplier: how Brandsdistribution can help your fashion store stand out 

Choosing the right dropshipping supplier for your fashion store is an important decision. This choice can affect your business success, that’s why you have to select a reliable supplier who provides you with high-quality products and build a long-term business relationship with it.

Finding trustworthy and experienced fashion dropshipping suppliers is the most challenging part of the process. It requires time and a fair amount of patience to search and contact a large number of suppliers online, but it will give you a better idea of the market. Moreover, getting in touch with them will help you find exclusive deals.

You can find hundreds of fashion distributors and suppliers online who offer a large selection of fashion products. The majority of them is located in Asia and attract many retailers with low-cost products and low shipping fees. 

Some factors you should take into consideration when selecting your future business partner are the quality of products and service he provides and the delivery timings.

Product quality: it affects the purchase demand and profitability. That’s why you may test the products in advance to be sure to sell the highest-quality products only.

Service quality: testing the products enables you to evaluate the pre- and post-purchase experience too. This way, you can understand how customer service will handle all of your future requests.

Shipping time: it is the most critical factor. Nobody wants to wait too long, your customers neither. That’s why it is necessary to rely on a supplier that provides a fast and effective shipping service.

According to many fashion retailers online, Brandsdistribution is the most reliable fashion distributor based in Europe with an extensive inventory of designer brands at a wholesale price. Buying directly from the manufacturers, the authenticity of its products is certified and guaranteed.

Best Products To Sell online- Dropshipping Suppliares

Dropshipping with Brandsdistribution is fast and easy. Its high-quality service enables online retailers to sell on the leading e-commerce platforms and marketplaces with the highest profit margins: up to 50%. 

Brandsdistribution has a daily restocked of branded clothing and accessories, providing you with a fast and frequent filling for your store with no minimum order quantity.

Its multilingual catalog offers product description in 15 languages along with high-resolution product images and editorial photos for promotional and advertising campaigns and to create engaging social media ads, for the exclusive use of drop shippers.

Brandsdistribution partners with the main international couriers to ensure the fastest delivery solutions at a fair and reasonable price.

Even if it seems hard and time-consuming, finding the right supplier for your online fashion business is the first step to success. After, you can focus on the most crucial activity: getting people to your store through marketing strategies that maximize your sales and build your profitable business. 

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Conclusion: How To Find Best Products To Sell Online (Branded Clothing and Accessories) 2024

To recap, in order to start making a huge profit you have to find trending and profitable branded products to sell and a reputable drop shipping fashion supplier for your online store, which will ensure your business success in online e-commerce.

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