7 Best Post Voting Plugins for WordPress Blogs 2024

It’s kinda always important to have a good voting system for your WordPress posts! This is probably the best way to engage your users to a great extent. In blogging, you should always try and build a community so the all your visitors gonna come back whenever you publish a new post!

So let’s get started with our list, these are the 7 Best Post Voting Plugins for WordPress:-


WPeddit Reddit for WordPress

Wpedddit is similar to the voting system which is on Reddit, but this is for WordPress. This plugin has got the both, negative and positive rating system and the best part is this plugin works with pretty much any theme. These theme also comes with a typical algorithm by using which you can choose top posts on your blog so that you can drive hell lot of traffic from those posts as well.

Wpeddit has got a really good design and also it can be easily integrated with almost all the WordPress themes. Coming to the security part, all the IP’s and member Id will be captured at the time of voting. This plugin also comes with best post widget in which you can showcase all your best posts.

Download here

2. Post Voting WordPress Plugin:-

Post Voting WordPress Plugin

As the name goes along, this is a plugin which basically helps you to create a system where the users can vote your content! By this plugin, you can set your own styling option as well, you can perfectly customize it according to your requirements more over you can also change the colors of the buttons and also you can select the alignment of the vote buttons as well.

Download here

3.Vote Up Down WordPress Plugin:-

Vote Up Down WordPress Plugin

This is another good WordPress plugin, this helps you to have an modern voting system for your WordPress blog! This plugin comes with 15 different themes to choose from, this plugin also give you a feature where you can allow the user to revote as well.

This theme has also got option for an shortcode option as well so that you can add this voting system anywhere you wanted to.

Download here

4.BWL Pro Voting Manager

BWL Pro Voting Manager WordPress

BWL Pro another beautiful WordPress plugin by which you can add an voting system to your WordPress blog. You have also got full control over the voting system entire voting system as an admin.

The best part is that this plugin has also got an detailed log where every voter’s IP will be saved as well.

Download here

5.Like Button Voting & Rating:-

Like Button Voting wordpress plugin

As the name goes along, this is a free WordPress plugin by which you can add an beautiful voting system to your blog. This is so for the best plugin for adding rating feature on your blog.

You can enable this voting feature on your WordPress posts and pages as well, other than that you have also got custom post types, WooCommerce products as well. This plugin support 11 different languages as well.

Download here

6.Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating:-

Yasr Yet Another Stars Rating WordPress Plugins

Coming to the voting system, star rated systems has always been successful! This is the best way to attract the visitors and can also increase user engagement on your blog. This is best and powerful start rating tool available out there. This is also probably the best Google rich snippet plugin available, so now your star ratings will also be indexed by Google search engine.

Download here

7.WP Ulike:-

WP ULike

WP Ulike is another beautiful by which users can vote your post! This plugin is fully supported by BuddyPress and bbpress as well, so you can also add this voting system to all your BuddyPress activities and forum posts as well.

Users don’t need to login, they can simply vote your post and as being a admin, you will have all the data regarding them. This voting plugin is really quick and doesn’t even up heavy load on your servers.

Download here


A good voting system can bring a great change to your WordPress blog, so it’s the right time for you to choose one. Do you want to share other voting wordpress plugins, please do share it in the comments below.

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  1. Informative article. WordPress has an all-round capabilities that can execute and implement any business requirements effortlessly. With thousands of tools, it is feasible to use WP as the first choice web content management system for the organizations looking for an efficient, easy to use, secured and flexible system to support business needs. Attractive and interactive websites are the need of any businesses now and thus it is a challenge for CMS developers to provide sufficient tools and satisfy their needs. For an interactive website, one way is to have commenting box in which user can login with any social media account that allows them to provide insights about the content. There are users that come to the website, takes the information and due to lack of time leaves website without commenting, a simple inclusion of voting button might give a good chance for users to rate the website content.
    The article describes certain useful tools for the task, however I feel WP Voting plugin has been missed from the article. With WP Voting users can vote for a content without login and still allows to tract the IP of users for further use. The voting button can be customized to different shapes and sizes and can have an optional text message with the button. Widgets like top voter and total vote count can be added with WP voting making it a good tool to measure the effectiveness of web content.

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