16 Best Nutra Affiliate Networks 2024: To Make Money Online $$$$$

Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Nutra Affiliate Networks Lemonad and Everad are the best options.

Get ready to jumpstart your career as a Nutra affiliate!

This guide will provide everything you need to know, from the potential advantages of joining a Nutra affiliate networks and selecting the best options for success.

Given the nature of these items, some channels, such as native traffic, Facebook, Instagram, sponsored search.

Delivering traffic to a landing page through Search Engine Optimization, are more effective than others for publishers to advertise Nutra offerings.

Notably, Instagram, the most popular platform for visual expression, enables publishers to exhibit many aesthetic fronts and offers substantial rewards.

In this post, I’ve included some of the greatest Nutra affiliate networks.🤑👇

What Is Nutra Affiliate?

Someone who advertises health and beauty-related items is a Nutra affiliate. Affiliate marketers often advertise these items via established channels, such as their blog, YouTube channel, and social media platforms.

Nutra is an abbreviation for Nutraceutical, which refers to dietary supplements that give health advantages.

The traffic of high quality is crucial to success in this area and may make or break your organization.

Customers must approve the items, to prevent chargebacks.

Customers utilize chargebacks when they feel deceived by an affiliate’s marketing efforts; thus, you must have a thorough understanding of the vertical before being engaged.

How Does Nutra Affiliate Marketing Work?

There is a significant misconception about the precise operation of Nutra affiliate marketing; nonetheless, despite the vertical’s complexity, it is not hard to enter or comprehend.

Essentially, an advertisement has a thing to offer, which is likely a bottle of pills in this situation.

The advertiser builds their Nutra product and makes all decisions about packaging and fulfillment methods. From there, they need somebody to assist with product sales.

Straight sales include the advertiser selling their bottles straight, at full price, without any discount. Customers that choose Cash on Delivery (CoD) do not pay while ordering Nutra products.

Instead, they leave their contact information and are contacted later.

For trials, the client fills out a form on the advertiser’s landing page, along with their home address and payment information. This technique is the most prevalent and may be very successful.

After approval, the consumer receives a complimentary sample bottle. After around 15 to 30 days, the consumer is automatically charged and provided another bottle.

Typically, the advertiser will turn to an affiliate network for assistance advertising their goods and trials; this is where network-affiliated affiliates come in.

How To Earn Using Nutra Affiliate Networks?

There are several advantages to joining Nutra affiliate networks. They empower affiliates with innovative creatives and perspectives that assist attract ideal clients and provide consistent and dependable rewards.

To succeed in the Nutra sector, you must provide high-quality goods that clients actually like. The greatest networks actively aid in this endeavor.

In addition, the ability to create long-term connections with networks enables affiliates to maintain a regular income throughout a potentially difficult beginning phase.

Nutra affiliate networks often provide substantial compensation when an affiliate produces a lead.

The commission charges might be as high as 40 percent. With the finest networks, you can anticipate quick and contemporary interfaces, many Nutra offers, a vast array of GEOs, and a variety of deposit and withdrawal choices.

Affiliate networks are highly worth investigating, especially for individuals in need of assistance, for those contemplating entering the Nutra area.

16 Best Nutra Affiliate Networks 2024

1. TerraLeads

TerraLeads new image

TerraLeads, the direct nutra advertising and CPA network, has been a leading option for companies looking for powerful, all-encompassing solutions for the past eight years. Their path to the industry’s top has done nothing except strengthen their brand and open doors for affiliate marketers everywhere.

The wide variety of COD and SS offerings accessible on the TerraLeads network is one of its most outstanding characteristics. Their portfolio has approximately 3000 COD/SS offerings from all over the world, making them attractive to affiliates with a wide range of interests and market foci. This enormous variety guarantees that there will be something for everyone, from specialists to generalists.

Therefore, it has proven to be a lucrative business.

TerraLeads is attempting to concentrate on the Asian market and has effectively grown in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Latin America, Africa, etc.

TerraLeads has been rapidly increasing, and they want to expand in the United States. Evidently, they have a well-defined strategy and understand how to stay ahead of the competition.

TerraLeads Best Features – 

  • They offer T-coins
  • A large number of optimized tools
  • Helps increase ROI
  • Give detailed statistics
  • High-converting lending rates
  • Instant payout on request

2. Lemonad:

Lemonad CPA network

Lemonad is an affiliate network whose global offerings cover the whole planet. Their services are quite prevalent, and most nations participate in their commercialization.

If you have ever desired a network that can present you with additional worldwide deals, you may be satisfied with Lemonad.

With Lemonad, you can experience the sweet taste of success. Their comprehensive affiliate network and direct advertiser capabilities enable unique offers from over 1300+ distinct verticals with 33+ Geos and 2500+ active webmasters.

Plus, their own call centers make payments daily for added convenience to your bottom line.

Lemonad global network of affiliates offers a world of opportunity with 33 countries to choose from, ranging from Latin America to Asia and everywhere in between.

Their versatile team is always working hard to expand their already impressive list of available geo-locations while increasing the number of high-quality offers they provide.

This network often has a high volume and will pay you promptly.

Dealing with huge networks, such as Lemonad, is quite advantageous since they can provide much more than a small network, and their charges will be much higher.

Lemonad Best Features – 

  • Multiple international offers are available
  • Great customer support team
  • Multiple offers
  • Easy registration process
  • In-house platform
  • Weekly payments
  • High payouts
  • Detailed analytics

3. Everad:

Everad Affiliate Network Review: Best Nutra Affiliate Networks

Everad is one of the largest and most experienced health and beauty-focused affiliate networks. With six years of experience, they can create conversion proposals for each nation, which implies that EPC is always extremely high by default.

They deal with high-ticket niches and lucrative offers (diet, skincare, health & beauty, vitamins & supplements, adult, etc.) and launch more than five new monthly offers.

Since none of the current offers expire and may be utilized for years, you can drive traffic to them for an extended period while maintaining constant revenue.

Everad Best Features –

  • Sharing success stories and observations
  • Suitable rewards for contest winners (e.g., Porsche Panamera)
  • Free international translation of landing pages and creatives
  • Individual conditions for reputable affiliates
  • Plus 30% to the default payment with Boost.
  • Extensive geographies and regional advertising
  • Localize your call centers 24/7
  • No daily parameters held
  • Over a hundred in-store COD deals

4) Leadreaktor


Leadreaktor is a nutra direct advertiser since 2016. 250+ exclusive COD nutra offers in Latin America, Europe and Africa. Numerous offices all around the world and in-house call centers with more than 1500 employees.

They cover all major niches of the nutra vertical, such as: weight loss, potency, prostatitis, penis enlargement, joint health, hypertension, diabetes, vision products, skin rejuvenation, stress reliever, skin whitening, veins varicose, cystitis, multi-complexes.

Leadreaktor best features:

  • Highest payouts in the market
  • Daily payments
  • Global Postback
  • API
  • Downloadable landings with pre-set APIs
  • Lots of ready to use creatives: banners, landing pages and advertorials
  • In-house offers
  • In-house design
  • In-house call centers with native speakers
  • In-house logistics and shipping
  • User-friendly interface
  • Professional support from affiliate managers
  • Free advertorials, landings & translations
  • Bonuses and benefits

The Leadreaktor team constantly monitors market trends, and they always listen to the requests of their affiliates and respond promptly by offering the best solutions.

5. Aivix:

Aivix Crypto ad network

Aivix is an affiliate network for the banking industry that has been operating since 2016.

The network enables affiliates to drive visitors from Tier-1, Tier-2, Asia, Australia, and other geographies to over 100 direct offerings.

Aivix is a network of financial affiliates. The primary GEOs consist of Tier-1 and Tier-2 nations and Asia and Australia. Spain, Italy, Singapore, and Japan are the primary expanding frontiers.

Aivix keeps up with the times and frequently changes the platform to meet affiliates’ demands. Aivix’s in-house design team produces promotional materials for affiliates.

In addition, they have a 1% referral program; your manager will inform you of its terms and length. Aivix provides an option of three API alternatives; to set up an integration, contact your dedicated manager.

They provide domain parking, which enables affiliates to add their tracking domain for enhanced campaign management.

Aivix Best Features – 

  • In-house design team
  • 1% referral program
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 3 API solutions
  • Allows domain parking
  • Short links are abbreviated
  • Three postback options

6. Push.House:

Push.House is an ad network that uses push notifications to monetize your website’s visitors. It is one of the world’s fastest-growing advertising networks.

The publishers gain cash by providing push alerts to their users. Push notifications offer a much better CTR than other formats, enabling you to achieve a substantial revenue increase simply.

They have about 500 million users spread throughout 180 countries worldwide. Using this extensive network, they can produce over 14 billion impressions and 30 million clicks daily.

With such a vast selection of publications, you may also target a particular demographic with your advertisements.

Push.House also enables you to personalize your bids, which provides an additional advantage. Therefore, while starting a campaign on Push. House, you may tailor the bids to your specifications.

You can also select your advertisements’ daily click limit and overall campaign budget.

Push.House provides several advertisement formats, including IOS Push, Inpage, Native, Push, etc. With these many ad formats, you may get the greatest possible results and increase your income using the precise format you choose.

Push.House Best Features – 

  • Live statistics of results
  • Multiple money deposit options
  • Real-time bidding system
  • High-quality traffic is ensured
  • 0.001$ per click is the minimum CPC

7. AdCombo:

Adcombo review affiliate network (1)

AdCombo’s business plan is easiest to explain by reviewing the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the technique through which you earn a commission whenever you sell or promote the products or services of a third party.

Under the “performance marketing model,” you are only paid a commission if you produce a sale; if you do not generate a sale, you are not compensated.

Why would I concentrate on selling their items without knowing whether I would profit if advertising (or product owners) were aware of their lifetime values and profits?

Simple, you do not need to and should simply concentrate on the highest-paying offers!

The affiliate network as a whole functions more as a “marketplace” between Publishers and Advertisers. This harkens back to the origins of supply and demand in business.

You must increase the commission rate if you want more individuals to sell your items. If your commission rate is too low, no one will be interested in selling your items.

AdCombo Best Features – 

  • Broad access to niche markets
  • Great customer support team
  • Multiple exclusive offers
  • The COD model is also available
  • Multiple offer types are available
  • Different advertising types

8. Direct Affiliate:

Directaffiliate.com is one of the largest affiliate marketing sector advertisers with an in-house setup for Nutra CoD (cash on delivery) offerings in Europe.

They take traffic from over 25 European countries 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using in-house contact centers that are staffed 24/7.

They believe in equitable collaboration. By working with us, you will realize that achieving higher rates requires more efficient activities.

Directaffiliate.com can use geo-targeted links, position pixels, and postbacks on advertisers’ landing sites, and have access to the most effective visual creations created in each of the advertised languages.

To successfully target the campaigns you run, do you want to tailor the advertisement’s structure and layout to your website’s aesthetics?

This will simply need a few clicks. You will get assistance from landing pages that are regularly tested and enhanced to create the greatest conversion rates.

Direct Affiliate Best Features – 

  • Multi-language support
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Multiple payment options
  • Translated and optimized promotional materials
  • NET7 and competitive payouts
  • Multiple campaigns in multiple GEOs

9. Dr. Cash:

Dr. Cash Affiliate Program

Dr.cash is one of the leading affiliate networks for advertising in the Nutra industry.

Dr. Cash’s staff has significant expertise in the Nutra sector – 24/7 assistance will recommend the highest converting bundles and top offers for your traffic sources.

It is important to note that men drive alone, thus, they will only offer you sensible advice. They have their production and are connected to the world’s biggest advertising in 50 beauty and wellness areas.

The publishers would be compensated on demand. There are up to two rewards every day.

There is a $50 minimum payment. Wire transfer, PayPal, Webmoney, ePayments, and traffic sources are the payment possibilities.

Depending on the publisher’s requirement, they may organize compensation by hand.

Advertisers and publishers in the Nutra industry must test out Dr. Cash. You may inquire with your account manager about the best-converting deals and packages.

The higher the quality of the traffic you provide to Dr. Cash, the greater your opportunities to earn money.

Dr. Cash Best Features – 

  • Direct advertisers
  • In-house platform
  • Top analytics tools
  • Twice-a-day payment options are available
  • Wide range of GEOs
  • A lot of Nuta offers

10. KMA.biz:


KMA.BIZ is an affiliate network that promotes white hat dietary supplement deals. The network provides CPA and CPL compensation methods and accepts traffic from any GEO.

The payment rate is contingent upon the GEO. Affiliates can generate traffic to both internal and partner offerings. Affiliates with high traffic volumes and high levels of trust get customized terms and payment rates.

KMA.BIZ is an affiliate network with a database of over 1000 offers and a focus on whitehat Nutra offerings.

Since 2013, the firm has supported CPA and CPL payment types. The actual compensation rate depends on the GEO, quality, and amount of traffic you deal with. The maximum rate per lead is $33.

Media purchasers get paid on the same day that they seek payment. In addition, there is a 1–2 day wait time to evaluate the quality of your traffic.

Affiliates have access to pre-built landing and pre-landing pages as needed. Additionally, KMA.BIZ’s in-house specialists may help with campaign optimization.

KMA.biz Best Features – 

  • Help with campaign setups and optimization
  • Ready-made landing pages
  • Internal currency Pigcoin is available
  • Up to $33 payout rates
  • Integration with trackers
  • Global GEO coverage

11. Leadbit:

Leadbit Affiliate Program

Having been formed in 2013, Leadbit has existed for a considerable amount of time. Their headquarters are based in London, from whence they have expanded abroad.

Leadbit is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier affiliate networks and direct advertisers.

Aside from that, they are renowned for organizing affiliate conferences known as MAC (Moscow Affiliate Conference) that have attracted an international audience and major publications.

Leadbit is one of the top affiliate networks and direct advertising companies today.

To investigate Leadbit, I conducted exhaustive research, testing, and focus group discussions. I received overwhelmingly great comments.

Most of the data I obtained indicate that their offerings pay well, sell quickly, and have excellent CPAs.

According to their current publisher partners, their support team and account managers have provided them with sufficient information about affiliate marketing to help them with their inquiries and request.

Leadbit Best Features – 

  • Multiple tools available
  • Assets to run ad campaigns
  • In-house tracking platform
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Tons of offers available
  • High payouts and commission rates

12. LeadRocks:


LeadRock is a combination affiliate network and toolkit manager. The platform’s global GEO presence focuses on the Nutra and e-commerce industries. LeadRock is a worldwide affiliate network and direct advertiser that works with white hat and Nutra offerings.

The network’s database originally had only white-hat e-commerce offerings, however, as of 2018, it now contains Nutra offers. LeadRock would be an accommodating platform for both seasoned and novice affiliate marketers.

The staff assists affiliates throughout the process, from selecting the optimal offer to designing the campaign’s aspects and deploying it.

The platform is connected with the Keitaro tracker, but you may utilize any other third-party solution or the dashboard’s comprehensive information.

LeadRock increases payouts for long-term campaigns with the same offer, offer landing pages, and pre-landers, and allows affiliates to request creatives from a dedicated manager.

The network’s database has over 1,200 offers for foreign GEOs. Spain, Italy, Romania, and Poland are now the most popular GEOs.

LeadRocks Best Features – 

  • Multiple bonuses available
  • Great customer support
  • Multiple payout options
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Great statistics
  • Easy registration

13. NutriProfits: 

Nutriprofits health affiliate programs

The top products in the Health and Beauty product area are provided by NutriProfits. Products have been chosen to maximize their ability to convert website visitors into purchasers.

NutriProfits provides the highest fees on the market (40%), prompt payment, a cookie length of 120 days, and outstanding partner support.

A transaction charge accompanies each deal featured on NutriProfits. For each transaction completed by a consumer suggested by the partner, a commission ranging from 20 to 40 percent is paid.

Additionally, you will earn 10% to 20% on every purchase completed by repeat clients.

If you bring us a new client, that customer will always be connected with your account, and anytime that customer returns, you will get a fresh purchase fee!

NutriProfits Best Features – 

  • High potent products
  • Multiple payout options
  • Great customer support
  • Lifetime cookies available
  • High commission rates
  • Promotional material available

14. Traffic Cake:

Traffic Cake Review

The affiliate network Traffic Cake focuses mostly on the gaming sector. It provides exclusive promotions in the fields of Sports, Casinos, and eSports.

This affiliate network has over five years of expertise in media purchasing and welcomes traffic from all sources and kinds.

Affiliates may earn commissions by marketing the products and services of their partner firms via Traffic Cake.

The affiliate network provides Revenue Share packages of up to 60% and CPA deals of up to 300 Euros.

An alternate commission structure (hybrid model) consists of a mix of CPA and a proportion of Revenue Share.

In addition to its four well-known brands and lucrative commission structure, Traffic Cake offers outstanding geos, individual terms for each partner, sub-affiliate commission, detailed data, customized creatives, weekly payouts with no delays, and personal management staff.

Traffic Cake Best Features –

  • Low minimum payout threshold
  • Multiple payment options
  • High commission rates
  • Hybrid and CPA plans are available

15. Alfaleads:


Alfaleads is a global CPA network and full-service performance marketing firm.

The business has been on the market since 2016, has four worldwide subsidiaries, and has more than 2,000 offerings for every sector, from iGaming to Sweepstakes.

Affiliates will have access to great reward rates, ready-made promotional materials, legal and accounting help, early payouts, pre-populated applications, and help with creative creation and campaign optimization.

The database of Alfaleads affiliate networks has over 2,000 offerings for any GEO. There are special deals that are exclusively accessible via Alfaleads.

The offer database is updated often. In addition, the current offers often have special conditions, including larger payment rates, improved KPI, and frequency capping.

Affiliates are alerted when an offer is canceled by email, the dashboard news page, and their assigned manager.

Affiliates of Alfaleads may also direct traffic to regulated betting establishments’ official mobile apps; see the AppStore listings for details.

Alfaleads Best Features – 

  • Regular promotions and contests
  • In-house knowledge base
  • Assistance with campaign flow
  • Ready-made promo material
  • Early payment options
  • Legal support for affiliates

16. LosPollos:


LosPollos provides a one-of-a-kind optimization technology that connects customers with the greatest potential affiliate offers.

RoboPollo is the unique optimization method used by Lospollos. All lovers of the television series Breaking Bad will understand what I mean when I say that LosPollos has become rather well-known due to the usage of its name in the show.

LosPollos’s unique optimization algorithm has proven to be an invaluable tool in affiliate networks.

These advertisements are tailored for almost every platform, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and smart televisions, which is astounding in and of itself.

LosPollos claims to have about 1 billion monthly active users, making it a significant affiliate network. And you may join LosPollos without charge.

LosPollos Best Features – 

  • Great tracking software
  • Live customer support
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Faster payouts
  • Wide range of offers

How To Choose A Nutra Affiliate Network?

It is preferable to begin on the right foot. And the first step is selecting the optimal deal. Having a variety of possibilities, how do you do this? You begin with the actual product.

Several goods have already expired. Google trends are the simplest approach to determine whether or not a product is still relevant.

Some Nutra products may be seasonal, such as sunblock in the summer. Certain immune-boosting supplements, such as vitamin C or D, might also be deemed fashionable in the winter. Perhaps the timing is not optimal for certain offerings.

The product’s popularity is also worth investigating. Investigate the history of the brand and read online evaluations of their items. It is difficult to market a notorious brand or product.

Once you have a fashionable product from a well-known or reputable brand, you are just a few steps away from selecting the ideal Nutra offer.

To determine the value of a product or service, consider its uniqueness. Are the issues it aims to resolve still pertinent? Is there anything about it that sets it apart from its competitors?

Products that address difficult-to-solve issues and employ unusual or novel approaches are more effective to advertise.

In the case of Nutra products, it might be as simple as an ingredient in a recipe that the competition has not yet matched.

Here are some questions to consider while selecting an offer – 

  • Number of GEOs: Some networks provide global GEO coverage, while others concentrate on certain nations and regions. This region mostly depends on your unique requirements, although global GEO coverage is the best choice for the vast majority.
  • Payment options: The finest networks provide payouts on demand and have lower payout requirements, so you do not need to earn a substantial amount to receive your profits. Popular withdrawal options include PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, and wire transfer.
  • Analytics and Reports: The finest affiliate networks for Nutra provide real-time data and analytics to help you measure traffic and determine what is effective. Ideally, you should seek networks that provide a contemporary, user-friendly dashboard for viewing your data.

Is Considering Nutra Offers Worth It In 2024?

The epidemic has pushed us to adopt a new way of life during the last year. The days of commuting to an office and working alongside coworkers are over. Instead, we increasingly depend on technology to keep us connected when working from home.

While many of us have found this transition to be stressful, it has also presented us with a chance to reevaluate our ways of living and working.

Them some, working from home has been a revelation, allowing for more freedom and a healthier work-life balance. Others have found it difficult to retain motivation and concentration in an isolated atmosphere.

However, one thing is certain: the epidemic has irrevocably altered the way we operate.

As more organizations recognize the benefits of remote work, more of us will likely continue to work from home. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a new age of flexible working arrangements that will ultimately benefit us all.

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Conclusion: Best Nutra Affiliate Networks

As an affiliate selling Nutra products, you have many opportunities and upsells. Out of the so many options available, I would recommend Lemonad. 

In conclusion, the world of nutra affiliate networks presents a promising landscape for both affiliates and advertisers in the health and wellness industry.

As i wrap up our exploration, it’s evident that these networks provide a dynamic platform to connect products with the right audience, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

It’s important to approach nutra affiliate marketing with a genuine commitment to quality and ethics.

As the industry focuses on health-related products, maintaining transparency and delivering value to consumers is paramount.

Ensure that you invest sufficient time and money in conducting test campaigns. Once prepared, choose the most profitable product to market in the Nutra advertising business.

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