Best Dropshipping Products To Sell On Black Friday 2024

As every businessperson in the world knows, Black Friday in the United States presents an unparalleled opportunity to make sales and boost up revenue. 

For instance, more than 30% of retail sales happen between Black Friday and Christmas.

It is the largest shopping event of the entire year and Black Friday alone can make a dropshipping business successful by introducing new customers to your website.

They can then purchase things and become repeat customers.

Black Friday is on November 23 and everyone is competing for a slice of the pie.

To be successful, you need to be prepared and know what customers are likely to buy.

To help you with that, we’ve compiled a list of the absolute best dropshipping products to sell on Black Friday 2018 so that you can dropship and make a killing.

A successful dropshipping item has three elements in it.

It should induce a customer to impulse buy, the customer should have the purchasing power to buy it and it should be a trending item.

Our list has items which fulfill all three conditions.

Let’s get straight into it!

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Best Dropshipping Products To Sell On Black Friday 2024

Best dropshipping products on Aliexpress Black Friday

1. Touchscreen Gloves

It’s the holiday season and that means it’s cold outside!

People need warm gloves during the winter but don’t dropship just any gloves because a good dropshipping item needs a little novelty in it.

That’s why touchscreen gloves are a hot ticket item to sell.

These very soft and comfy gloves will help keep your customer’s hands toasty and won’t compromise their need to use their smartphones or tablets because they can be used to manipulate touchscreens.

The gloves are stretchy, thick and flexible and your customers will absolutely love them.

What’s more, you can upsell them with other winter wear like caps, hats, and woolens and so increase your profit.

 Best Dropshipping Products To Sell- Touch Screen Gloves

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You can get them in many designs so choose one which will appeal to your target customers, say young women.

2. Cool LED Lanterns

This item is a gem to dropship on Black Friday because everyone likes lights in the festive season.

Your customers can buy them as a gift for their friends and families which can be used to decorate the house during the holiday season. 

These lanterns come in many appealing shapes like flamingos, trees, pineapples and cacti.

Cool LED Latern- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

They are perfect gifts as they can be used for decoration around the house and near Christmas trees. 

You can buy them cheap from AliExpress at about 5 to 8 dollars and sell them for more than 4 times that amount. 

That’s some serious profit!

3. Oversized Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Another great item to dropship on Black Friday is oversized Hoodies.

Due to the cold, people are gearing up and getting ready for the winter and oversized hoodies will help them make a bold fashion statement.

Your target audience for this item should be young women between the ages of 16 to 28 who are living in colder areas of the US as they are most likely to buy this.

 Best Dropshipping Products To Sell- Oversized Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

Be sure to include high-quality images on your site and if you are making an advertisement, then you should put up a picture which includes a real life model as such advertisements generally convert better.

These sweatshirts are very trendy right now and are super comfortable and will sell well.

Try to upsell these sweatshirts and hoodies with thigh high boots and a vest as that combination is particularly appealing.

4. Self-stirring Mug

Its winter season and the demand for self-stirring mugs is higher than ever because people want their drinks and they want them hot.

These mugs are extremely convenient and handy for coffee lovers. 

All your customer will have to do is pour water and their favorite ingredients into the mug, press a button and their drink will be ready within a few minutes.

Best Dropshipping Products To Sell- Mugs

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

These mugs can also make instant soup, and another handy feature they have is that they can be cleaned easily. Simply pour some water and soap inside, press the button and the mug will clean itself! 

To make the self-stirring mug more appealing, you can choose one with a design that is holiday-centric or has a cool slogan for coffee lovers.

You can buy them for around 12 dollars and dropship for more than 25 dollars. Be sure to inform your supplier that you are dropshipping and they are not to include an invoice with the product. 

You can upsell the self-stirring mug with other cool coffee related products and showpieces because chances are that a coffee lover will buy the things related to coffee.

The mugs work with batteries so if you can, then try to dropship some batteries along with them.

5. Shoe Drying Machine- 

There is usually a lot of moisture all around during the winter.

 Best Dropshipping Products To Sell- Shoes Drying Machine

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

People step into puddles or walk in the snow and invariably, their shoes get wet.

That is why a shoe drying device is a perfect item to dropship on Black Friday. 

Some models emit ultraviolet light along with heat so that in addition to removing the moisture from the boots, your customers will be able to remove bacteria and disinfect their boots which is a huge plus point and makes them unique.

The design of the shoe drying rack is also unique and looks like a racing car which adds a lot of aesthetic value to the product.

These devices work at 220V and 10W and so can be used in the United States.

They are of a high quality and are durable and also have a cable outlet protector so that their cables won’t get harmed easily.

You can buy them for just around $6 from AliExpress and sell them for $20 and make a heavy profit. 

The supplier includes free shipping along with their item so if you want, you can add a nominal shipping cost and add it to your profits.

Be sure to upsell this item with some trendy shoes in order to increase your profit.

6. Waterproof Shoes- 

If you don’t want to sell a shoe drying rack, then how about some waterproof shoes! 

These items will have heavy sales on Black Friday because of the same reasons as a shoe drying machine- there is a lot of rain and snow around and they are in heavy demand. 

Your waterproof shoes however need to be different from the rest in order to sell a lot.

How about ones which glow in the dark, or have LED lights in them! That will cause your customer to think that they are awesome and will look good in the rain and they will buy them up quick.

7. Portable Language Translators-

 It’s holiday time and many people go on vacations during the holidays.

That is why a portable language translator is a great item that you can dropship during Black Friday. 

Portable Language Translators- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

These devices will let your customers go anywhere in the world and not face inconvenience from the change in language.

They will be able to soak in the culture and beauty of their destination without being hampered by language barriers and can roam exotic and foreign lands with ease.

These language translators can handle as many as 34 languages and cost only about $30 so you can sell them for more than double that amount and make a great profit.

Add a small video of these devices in use and you’ll have a good advertisement which brings in more conversions for your product. 

You can find such videos on YouTube and request creators to sell you the rights for an advertisement and you’ll have a readymade ad for your purposes.

Upsell these translators with a memento of the country they are going to visit so that they have something with them even before they reach the location as that will increase their desire to reach their dream destination all the more.

For example, if your client is going to Japan, then you can sell them an “I Love Japan” T-Shirt.

8. Very Cute Unicorn Themed Earphones- 

Unicorn-themed earphones and basically, all cute earphones are very much in demand during the holiday season. 

You can get these super cheap at AliExpress for about a dollar and a half. 

They have 4.9 stars on AliExpress and have almost 340 orders.

You can pair them with unicorn themed slippers or phone covers and can expect to get more profits from upsells.

9. Digital Photo Frame- 

A lot of people who are shopping on Black Friday are looking for gifts. 

One of the best gifts to give to anyone during Christmas and Holiday season are Digital Photo Frames. These devices can display many hundreds of pictures.

Your Ad campaign for this gift can be that nowadays many of us take pictures on our phones but do not look at them afterwards, digital photo frames help us remember our memories better and also have many other features such as displaying MP3 and MP4 media files, showing the time and date and so on.

Many of them are compatible with SD cards and can store a huge amount of pictures which can then be set to change pictures every 5 minutes or so. 

10. Pet Jacket- 

Pet owners really really care for their animals and love them a lot.

This means that they also buy good things for their pet’s comfort and want their pets to be happy.

That is why a Pet Jacket is a great item to dropship on Black Friday. 

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

These help keep dogs warm and toasty on winter nights so that their owners can sleep at peace knowing that their pets are doing okay. 

These jackets are especially important for owners of dogs with short fur so if you are advertising on Facebook for example, you can target people who like pages on dogs with short fur. This will let you get targeted customers who will convert quickly.

Try to make an emotional appeal to the customer using dogs in your video who look sad in the cold.

As you already know, connecting emotionally with the pet owner or any other customer is the best way to get them to buy your product. 

You can upsell dog jackets with other pet-related items like pet toys and grooming products. 

11. Hair Combs Which Look Like Cookies-

 Everyone wants to buy things which look cool and a hair comb that looks like a tasty Oreo cookie is an absolutely brilliant thing to dropship.

 Hair Combs Which Look Like Cookies- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Alidropship

This item is full of novelty because of its quirky nature, it’s very cheap to source as it costs just about $1 on AliExpress and it you can sell it at almost 10 times the cost you buy it from.

People will take one look at this and go, “I want to buy this!” .

Market this product on Instagram which is a better place to advertise for such items which have a great visual appeal.

The comb comes with a mirror and is thus a good item to sell.

You can upsell it with other items which will appeal to women like a make-up kit or a hair straightener.

12. A Quirky Mouth Mask To Protect The Wearer From Infection- 

People generally get ill during holidays and have to spend valuable time at home recovering from a cold rather than going outside and enjoying their free time or doing whatever they love doing inside. 

To prevent this from happening, they can take the precaution of getting a mouth mask and that can be your selling point for dropshipping a mouth mask.

Don’t just dropship any old mouth mask though, get a mask with a difference, for example, a mouth mask which makes the wearer look like a cute little kitty cat. 

These items are very popular during the winter and can have heavy sales on Black Friday.

If your target audience are moms with little children, then you can sell two different masks to the buyer, one a little smaller in size than the other to double your profit! 

13. Accessories of Popular Games like PUBG and Fortnite-

Since these games have become all the rage, you can jump on the bandwagon and sell items related to these hugely popular video games. 

There are keychains available on AliExpress with designs from PUBG which will appeal to any true gaming fan. The keychains are replicas of the weapons used in the game and also the famous helmet.

These items are a sure shot thing and will sell by the hundreds. What’s more, they are quite cheap to source and cost about $1.3 to $3.5. You can sell them for almost 3 to 10 times the amount and make big profits. Try to target Facebook pages which are dedicated to these games. You can also do Instagram influencer marketing and get sales from that. There are no limits to the amounts of upsells you can do with these products as the number of items available are nearly limitless.

14. Dropship Gym Equipment- 

People who are health conscious might overeat during the festive season but will always remember to take care of their health and weight so there is always a perennial demand for gym equipment. 

Dropship Gym Equipment- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

The only problem is that such equipment is usually very costly to ship but there is a solution to this issue, all you have to do is get a local dropshipping supplier who has low transportation fees and you’ll be hitting upon a largely untapped goldmine with lots of profit potential.

Upsell one gym item with other gym items and you’ll be getting a large source of revenue.

15. Handbags–  

Its holiday season and that means that more and more people will be going out to watch the sights, eat good food and just have a generally great time.

This means that they’ll need good handbags and that is why handbags are next on our list and are one of the best things to dropship during Black Friday. 

Handbags- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

Every girl likes a good handbag so be sure to choose some really cool looking ones from AliExpress or any other supplier that you might have. 

Remember, although cute designs may appeal to most people, some women prefer more sombre colors and so you should think about the pros and cons and choose the product you know will sell. See data on how many products have already been sold and you’ll have a solid idea on how many will sell in the future. 

You can upsell handbags with any kind of jewelry and other small ticket items and get good returns.

16. Portable Bluetooth Speakers- 

Black Friday is a day which heralds a lot of incoming parties and people do love their music during parties. 

There are many cute looking, low priced but high-quality Bluetooth speakers on AliExpress which should meet all your supply requirements.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

You can dropship one which looks like a mushroom, some which look like cute toy animals and even a little robot- the most popular option. 

You can get the Mushroom speaker for around $5 and the Robot for as little as $8.40.

These can be sold for around $20 to $25 at a high profit. 

Pair these devices with some other music related items such as a mug which has a guitar as its handle or some good earphones.

17. Some Kawaii Pens- 

Both premium and cute stationery have made a comeback in recent years. Your customers will buy them on Black Friday because they make perfect small gifts which can be given to a large number of people.

Kawaii Pens- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

These pens write smoothly and are available in several appealing designs. 

Target women between 16 and 18 as your customers on advertising mediums as they are most likely to still be in school, gift these pens to their friends and fellows and have the purchasing power to buy them by themselves. 

You can upsell these Kawaii pens with some cool paper weights and people will buy the things in your combination.

18. Shirts That You Have Designed- 

Custom printed shirts are another hot topic item that sells well on Black Friday. Try to get some Christmas and Holiday related graphics and words on the shirts you make so that they will appeal more to the customers. 

There are a number of companies such as Printful on Shopify which can do an integration with your store and you can design shirts with them and they will deliver them to your customers, either at a nominal cost or with some more money attached.

You can even custom print other items such as mugs and cushions and sell these on your store. 

19. BTS Related Merchandise- 

There is a lot of K-Pop related merchandise on AliExpress and it can be a great idea to dropship it on your store. 

BTS is the most popular and happening boy band in recent times and have even given a speech at the United Nations. 

BTS Merchandise - Best Dropshipping Products To Sell


Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

Catch the wave of love that is sweeping the nation for these cool boys and make as the lot of profit selling bags, sweatshirts, shoes, watches, T-Shirts, Jewelry, and hoodies related to them.

You can upsell any item with another at your wish and if you don’t want to sell BTS merchandise, then there are other bands out there whose products you can dropship easily.

20. Mini Hair Straightener-

Everyone wants to look good on the holidays and that is why there is a huge rush to find self-care and grooming products on Black Friday. 

Mini Hair Straightener- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

You can also get into the game by dropshipping cute mini hair straighteners which are sure to have a big demand. 

Make certain that you get only a high-quality device from your supplier as low-quality devices might malfunction and the person might be harmed. 

This might also lead you to be sued.

Pair the hair straightener with other self-care and grooming products like makeup or a comb and mirror.

The best thing is that you can get a very stylish hair straightener for just about $5 dollars on AliExpress and these will be of high quality too.

21. Travel Pillow- 

Travel pillows are a great item that you can dropship on Black Friday.

People are going to go on vacation soon and might not like the beds provided to them in their journey and they will also need a good pillow with them on their flight.

Such pillows are also used by people to reduce neck pain.

You can get them cheap on AliExpress for just around $3.60 and sell them at a much higher price. 

Get some with cool prints on them to appeal to a younger crowd such as millennials while you can market higher quality premium neck pillows for people with neck pain.

22. Smart Watches

Smart Watches are in vogue. 

People find it cool to walk flaunting a watch which does a lot more than tell time. 

Although there are premium and costly smartwatches such as Fitbits out there, many people also wear lower-end devices which have almost all the functionality of the higher-end products.

Cawono’s Bluetooth smart watches can be found on AliExpress for just $11, have a 4.7-star rating and have had more than 11,000 sales! 

This should give you an idea about the popularity of such devices. 

Smart Watches- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

Smartwatches are best sold using a bold advertisement detailing all the benefits of their use such as an ability to take calls on your phone, tracking your sleep patterns so that you’ll sleep better, monitoring your heart-beat, pedometer and even note-taking. 

The watch even has a 0.3MP camera and your customers will be able to listen to music on it.

Pair a smartwatch and upsell it with products like a smart ring! 

23. Smart Ring- 

Many customers prefer smart rings to smartwatches because of their versatile nature. 

These devices use NFL technology to work and connect to the user’s smartphone.

They can be used to make quick and easy payments, track activity like a smart watch, offer a wide variety of gesture control and of course, are cool looking pieces of jewelry. 

Smart Rings- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

These rings have an increasing demand because of the growth of the Internet of Things and people becoming more open minded to gadgets other than the smartphone.

Healthcare and cloud computing have also been driving up demand for smart rings.

Some of these rings can be bought for just $1.68 on AliExpress while others go up to $10.

You can dropship them at a cost you think is reasonable, usually 10x for $1.68 and less for the costlier versions.

24. Fleece Jacket- 

Fleece Jackets are warm, cozy and comfortable and are in huge demand during Black Friday. They are available from several dropshipping suppliers and you can make a killing selling them. 

Just be careful to choose a version which is aesthetically appealing to many people and you’ll do great. 

Flee Jackets- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

One idea is that you can target a specific niche in Fleece Jackets such as people who love Anime. 

You should always aim at niche markets because dropshipping stores have a greater chance of success when they do so.

You can first do a little research on which Anime is currently popular and trending or you can go for some evergreens like Fairytail and Dragon Ball Z.

The cuter your product and the stronger it resonates with your customers, the more the chances are of you selling it.

25. Heated Water Bowl For Pets- 

This is another great product related to pets which will do great on Black Friday. 

Pet owners don’t want their beloved pooches and kittens to drink freezing cold water and so will definitely buy a heated water bowl for them.

Heated Water Bowl For Pets- Best Dropshipping Products

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

You can buy them for about $12 to $24 from suppliers on AliExpress and sell them for double that price or say at $29.99 flat. 

Since shipping is free to the USA, you won’t have to worry about that part of the business.

You’ll also get a warm feeling from selling this product as you’ll be making the lives of many lovable pets easier. 

26. Snow Goggles- 

There are several snow storms during winter time and many people need a good pair of snow goggles to keep their eyes safe and watch the road when they are cycling. 

That is why snow goggles make it to our list of the best items that can be sold during Black Friday. 

The goggles will let your customer enjoy the activities they are doing in the snow more easily be it skiing, snowboarding or just making snowmen and snow angels.

You can make an advertisement regarding the importance of snow goggles for children who play when the snow falls, target it to their parents and watch as your sales go through the roof. Be sure to inform them about how these goggles can protect their little ones from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

27. Snow Ball Maker- 

Kids are going to be kids and they are going to play with snow and snowballs during winter. 

Snow Ball Maker- Best Dropshipping Products To Sell

Image courtesy: Pixabay <>

People who shop for Black Friday know this and thus snowball makers are a great product that you can dropship at this time.

These products have an immense novelty value to them and people will buy them up quickly from you as they make perfect inexpensive gifts to give to little children. 

You can get these snowball makers for just around a dollar using suppliers on AliExpress which you can then sell for five or even ten dollars. 

Upsell these devices with gloves and socks and you should be good to go to get a lot of profit.

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Conclusion: Best Dropshipping Products To Sell On Black Friday 2024

This was our article on the best products to dropship on Black Friday 2024. 

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