13 Best Dating Affiliate Networks 2024: Ready to Join? 🤔

If you are looking for Best Dating Affiliate Networks, you are at the right place.

Are you ready to turn your passion for matchmaking into a profitable venture?

In the world of affiliate marketing, dating affiliate networks offer exciting opportunities to help people find love while earning commissions.

These networks connect you with dating websites and apps, and when you bring in customers, you earn commissions. It’s like playing matchmaker for profit!

I have compiled a list of the Top 13 Dating Affiliate Networks 2024 that will transform your income, where you can turn your Cupid’s arrow into cash! 💘💰

Overview of the Vertical

Best Dating Affiliate Networks are specialized platforms that allow individuals to earn money by promoting and marketing dating websites and apps.

These networks allow affiliate marketers to connect singles and couples with various dating services while earning commissions for successful referrals.

There are many sides to this multi-billion-dollar market, and dating websites and apps are just one. According to a report, dating websites and apps generate more than 70% of the industry’s revenue. Every day, the market grows.

They typically offer a range of dating niches, from long-term relationships to casual encounters, catering to diverse preferences.

With attractive commission structures and valuable marketing tools, these networks make it accessible and profitable for affiliates to turn their love for matchmaking into a revenue-generating venture.

Additionally, the online dating industry in the United States is worth more than $2.5 billion. It’s possible to earn up to 30% for sales or as much as $2 to $10 per lead with some dating affiliate networks.

List of 13 Best Dating Affiliate Networks of 2024

Here are the top 10 dating affiliate networks so you can relax and read about them.

1. AdsEmpire


As an affiliate marketer, it is essential to align yourself with a reliable and reputable affiliate network. AdsEmpire is a leading affiliate network in the industry focusing on dating offers.

With a wide range of advertising options, advanced targeting, and dedicated support, we empower your business to reach its full potential. Unlock success with AdsEmpire.

Why choose AdsEmpire?

AdsEmpire offers exclusive dating offers with advanced Smartlink technology to monetize your traffic. AdsEmpire’s payout models include CPL, PPS, and RevShare, with the highest payouts on the market.

Their experienced affiliate managers specialize in dating to help you maximize earnings.

2. AdCombo


Many lucrative offers are available in low-competition GEOs on AdCombo’s CPA network.

Its 12+ verticals and 40+ geographic regions benefit over 40,000 affiliates worldwide. In general, they target GEOs that have high ROIs and low costs per click (CPCs).

CPL and CPA are their commission types. Furthermore, their conversion rate is exceptionally high. To ensure you can focus entirely on your marketing campaign, AdCombo’s team develops pre-landings and landing pages.

You receive access to tutorials, a dedicated affiliate manager, and multiple shared localized funnels for your offers when you sign up for their affiliate programs.

Payments can be made via payments, VISA, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Paxum, PayPal, and Tipalti. There is a 5% referral commission and a $50 minimum payment.

Why choose AdCombo?

AdCombo offers a comprehensive platform for affiliate marketers, providing global reach, competitive payouts, advanced tools, and exceptional support.

3. LeadBit

LeadBit is a dating affiliate network that was founded in 2012. Dating, gaming, Nutra, crypto, gambling, and finance are some of their main verticals. CPA is their commission type, and the minimum payout is $25.

In addition, they offer free translations, exclusive offers, and real-time custom reports. 

PayPal, WebMoney, and Paxum are a few of the payment methods the company offers. CPA commissions are paid upon request by the company.

Leadbit review

Why choose LeadBit?

LeadBit offers a robust platform for affiliate marketers, featuring high-converting offers, global reach, advanced tools, and dependable support.

4. Vortex Alpha

Regarding dating and online casinos, Vortex Alpha is the go-to affiliate network.

You’ll be able to maximize your marketing efforts because their advertising partners and marketing tools make it easy to reach larger audiences and attract customers.

Over a thousand deals are available from Vortex Alpha across various industries like Gambling, casinos, forex, cryptocurrency, bingo, shopping, finance/payday loans, insurance, and other niche offers.

Performance marketing network Vortex Alpha is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Despite being located in the United Kingdom, they have a global audience.

All throughout the world, they’ve got affiliates and publishers working with them. They aim to boost your conversion rates and generate affiliate commissions through brand exposure and affiliate commissions by working with your account management team.

Vortex Alpha Review

Why choose Vortex Alpha?

Choose Vortex Alpha for its extensive experience in the vertical, high-performing exclusive offers in key markets, direct advertiser partnerships, advanced API connectivity, postback tracking, expert support, high and exclusive payouts, flexible business models, and personal relationships

5. Mirelia Networks

Mirelia Networks

Mirelia Networks is trying to change the modern affiliate marketing industry by bringing a modern and sophisticated, data-driven approach that enables their partners to profit significantly from their cooperation.

The dating vertical is where Mirelia Networks truly strives. Their team has been working with dating for more than 9 years now and possesses unique expertise in the industry.

Over that period, they managed to build exclusive relationships with top affiliates and advertisers, and their portfolio comprises best-performing dating offers in Tier 1 GEOs.

Why choose Mirelia Networks?

With 9 years of experience in the vertical, high-performing exclusive offers in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, direct advertiser, over 70% of the partners connected via API, postback tracking, expert support, high and exclusive payouts, flexible business models, and personal relationships.

6. Cpamatica

Cpamatica best adult ad network

Cpamatica is a performance marketing agency specializing in helping businesses grow in the dating and adult industry. They offer over 200 direct dating and adult game offers, including in-house games.

Cpamatica provides fast and exceptional customer service with a support team available around the clock.

They offer an innovative in-house tool called Flow, which enables you to optimize your offers and landing pages.

Cpamatica offers a unique loyalty program, referral program, and weekly payments with multiple options.

Why Choose Cpamatica?

Choose Cpamatica for top-performing CPA offers, global coverage, advanced tracking, dedicated support, and reliable payments.

7. Datify.Link


Datify.Link is a CPA Affiliate Network with special offers from direct advertisers.

They have over 2,000 offers and 3 million conversions every month, and they span over 100 countries worldwide.

More than 25,000 webmasters have trusted them since the beginning of their development. Dating (Mainstream/Adult), Adult Games, Cams, Gambling, and CPI Mainstream Smartlink are their top niches.

Why Choose Datify.Link?

Get daily payments with in-house and direct offers worldwide. Free applications for Facebook, UAC, and TT. Enjoy real-time data and a RevShare referral program with a 5% commission and 24/7 operational support.

8. VortexAds

Dating and gaming are the main emphasis of VortexAds, a CPA network founded in 2017.

The network offers are primarily advertised in English-speaking markets in Western Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. They also provide exclusive deals (dating and gambling) to their loyal customers.

Using VortexAds’ WebView apps to promote gambling on Facebook and UAC is one of the many benefits of working with the company’s affiliate network.

To maintain the product’s longevity, the development and creative departments constantly experiment with new app design technologies. Apps can be downloaded at no cost.

Following approval, you will be able to access your account and view the offers that are currently available. Contacting your account manager will also get you access to an offer database, depending on the verticals and sources you work in.


Why Choose VortexAds?

Choose VortexAds for its proven track record, exclusive high-performing offers, direct advertiser partnerships, advanced technology, personalized support, and timely payments, making it an ideal choice for affiliate marketers.

9. Advendor


Affiliate network Advendor, founded in 2015, is a technology-driven network.

They are now one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks due to their competitiveness. Dating, gaming, finance, iGaming, and mobile are some of their most popular verticals.

In addition, they have global geos and can help you identify lucrative opportunities. Wire Transfer, PayPal, and WebMoney are among their payment methods. Affiliates receive payments once a week, with a minimum payment of $50.

They offer commission types such as CPS, CPL, CPI, and CPA. They have a user-friendly and easy-to-integrate platform. They can help you navigate the process and earn more money with the help of their professional account managers.

Why Choose Advendor?

Choose Advendor for its extensive experience, diverse high-converting offers, worldwide reach, advanced tools, dedicated support, and timely payments, providing a comprehensive platform for affiliate marketers.

10. CrakRevenue


Over 35,000 affiliates make up CrokRevenue, one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. Over 20 international awards have been bestowed upon CrokRevenue.

Elite Club affiliates have the option of choosing from three exclusive membership plans: VIP Affiliate, Active Affiliate, and Elite Club Affiliate. Exclusive promotions, offers, affiliate managers, annual payout bumps, and many more are available in the Elite Club and VIP Affiliate.

Both plans offer 5% lifetime referral commissions. In addition to Nutra, games, apps, and casinos, they also offer entertainment and dating services. Commission types at CrankRevenue include CPI, CPA, CPL, and CPS.

Their minimum payment is $100. The company accepts Wire Transfers, ePayService, ACH, PayPal, Paxum, and Check. Payments are due on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

Why Choose CrokRevenue?

Choose CrakRevenue for its long-standing industry reputation, exclusive high-converting offers, advanced tracking and optimization tools, dedicated affiliate support, and reliable payments.

11. Mobidea

Mobiedea is a technology and education-driven mobile affiliate network. You can gain income and financial independence with their unique verticals. Mobidea specializes in mobile offers.


Besides Wire Transfers, PayPal, FirstchoicePay, ePayments, and Paxum also offer weekly payments. Customer service is available 24/7 in five languages.

There is a 5% commission and a minimum payout of €50. The company runs 2000+ campaigns in various industries, such as dating, mobile content, music and videos, beauty, pins, health & fitness, coupons & vouchers, and sweepstakes. 

Why Choose Mobidea?

Choose Mobidea for its expertise in affiliate marketing, a wide range of mobile offers, innovative tracking and optimization tools, dedicated support, and regular, timely payments, making it a reliable choice for affiliate marketers looking to maximize their earnings.

12. Golden Goose

Golden Goose

With over 15 years of mobile content experience, Golden Goose is one of the most well-known affiliate networks. The company monetizes mobile traffic for mVAS in the most significant way in the world.

A few of their biggest verticals include dating, gambling, eCommerce, finance, cryptocurrency, and sweepstakes.

Their VMA offerings number in the thousands. Their payment methods include VISA, WebMoney, QIWI, and PayPal and Paxum, O Money, Capitalist, and Capitalist. They have a minimum payout of $10 and a referral commission of 3%. 

Your traffic is essential to them, and they provide a personal consultant and 24/7 support.

It has many features, such as an in-built free tracker, detailed statistics, and SmartLink, that make it one of the most influential networks in the VMA industry.

Why Choose Golden Goose?

Choose Golden Goose for its wealth of affiliate marketing experience, high-performing offers, cutting-edge tracking technology, personalized support, and consistent payments.

It is a trusted choice for affiliate marketers seeking profitable campaigns and dependable partnerships.

13. PaySale

The goal of PaySale is to build online brands through performance marketing. PaySale has more than 3000 dating products. Other verticals include crypto, gambling, travel, and eCommerce. Their live traffic sources span 190+ countries globally.


The company pays once and three times a month, using payment methods such as PayPal, Paxum, Wire, and WebMoney. The minimum payment is $100, as well as the 2% referral commission.

PaySale offers a variety of commission types, including CPS, CPL, and CPA. In addition, they offer a dedicated affiliate manager who will gladly help you strategize before launching your traffic.

Why Choose PaySale?

Choose PaySale for its industry experience, a wide array of high-performing offers, cutting-edge tracking and optimization tools, dedicated affiliate support, and timely payments, making it a strong choice for affiliate marketers seeking to excel in the field.


📝 How do I join a Dating Affiliate Network?

To join, sign up on the network's website, create an affiliate account, and follow their application process. It typically involves sharing information and agreeing to their terms.

💰 How do I earn money as an affiliate?

You earn money through commissions for referring users to dating websites or apps. When those referrals result in sign-ups or subscriptions, you get paid.

🌐 Do I need a website to become a dating affiliate?

While having a website can be helpful, some networks also accept affiliates who promote through social media, email marketing, or other channels.

💵 How are payments made to affiliates?

Payments are typically made through various methods, such as bank transfers, PayPal, or checks. Some networks have minimum payment thresholds.

🌍 Can I promote dating offers worldwide?

Yes, many dating affiliate networks offer worldwide offers, allowing you to target audiences in different countries.

💲 Is it a profitable venture?

The profitability depends on your marketing efforts and the quality of the dating offers you promote. Many affiliates find it to be a lucrative niche.

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Conclusion: Best Dating Affiliate Networks of 2024

Dating affiliate programs make it easier than ever to earn money! You can earn lucrative commissions by promoting their dating apps, websites, or portals.

With some of the best payouts among online industries, the dating vertical is among the largest. Your revenue will soar when you take advantage of their offerings.

Which is your favorite dating affiliate network from the above list? Share in the comments below.

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