Top 7 Best Cheap Cloud VPS Hosting 2024: Which One Wins? ✅

These hosting options give you the key to a speedy and reliable website without asking for a ton of money.

Now, I am not talking about fancy, expensive hosting. No way!

I am diving into the world of ‘Best Cheap Cloud VPS Hosting 2024.’ That sounds like a mouthful, right? Don’t worry; it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Imagine your website is like a house. With regular hosting, it’s like sharing an apartment building with many others.

But with Cloud VPS Hosting, it’s like having your own little house in a big, powerful neighbourhood called the cloud. Cool, huh

Now, here’s the exciting part – Let’s look for the best and most affordable places to set up your digital house.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a blogger, or just someone who wants a place on the internet, I am finding options that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Best Cheap Cloud VPS Hosting

List Of Top 7 Best Cheap Cloud VPS Hosting 2024

There are numerous hosting companies worldwide, ranging from small to large. Here are some reputable providers offering high-quality managed cloud VPS servers across different price ranges.

It’s essential to choose a reliable company that provides cloud VPS services with SSD storage and high availability.

Unfortunately, many companies advertise cloud VPS services that do not have high availability and are not actually “cloud”. So, it’s crucial to be cautious when making your selection.

Luckily, the companies mentioned above are reliable and have mostly positive reviews from their clients. Choosing one of them is a safe bet. Keep an eye on their websites for special deals, or talk to them directly and ask for one.

The SSD storage and high availability provided by a cloud provider will ensure that your website loads fast and that your business thrives online.

1) Siteground

Siteground generally offers fast, scalable, and fully managed cloud hosting plans. One of the best things about a cloud hosting platform is that it is based on innovative technology.

It is ultra-fast, automatically scalable, and allows you to customize your plan according to your needs. Additionally, if you ever need customer support, they offer 24/7 assistance from a friendly team who are available throughout the day.

Regardless of whether you are starting a small development project or hosting a busy business site, you will find the best hosting options in the managed cloud solutions.


SiteGround uses Linux containers with SSDs to provide fast website speed. Cloud hosting plans are scalable, and backups are taken seriously, with seven copies of your data for seven days.

They also offer a free CDN with multiple locations and 4 data centres to choose from.

Pricing Plans:

SiteGround- Pricing

2) GoDaddy Cloud VPS

It’s no secret that GoDaddy is a leading hosting provider in the market. The greatest advantage of GoDaddy is that it offers lightning-fast SSD VPS servers in various regional servers.

Additionally, GoDaddy has multiple plans to choose from, so you can get started quickly. The VPS servers offered by GoDaddy are incredibly fast and provide high-performance SSDs on an OpenStack platform.

This platform generally provides up to three times the speed of KVM virtualization, which offers greater flexibility and usage.

godaddy overall pricing

Their VPS service offers instant delivery and managed services, including OS updates, full availability monitoring, and automatic/on-demand snapshots.

With numerous regional data centres, your website will load faster for visitors. Their 24-hour network monitoring system uses advanced security protocols that detect and block malicious attacks in under 30 seconds.

The interface is easy to use, allowing you to monitor and manage resources and backups. Their award-winning customer support is also reliable and impressive.

Also, check out our full, in-depth VirMach Review, which is another great VPS service provider. VirMach is one of the best and cheapest (VPS) Virtual Private Servers available on the market, and there are also some promo codes that you can use.

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Pricing Plans:

GoDaddy pricing

3) BlueHost VPS Hosting

This Hosting Provider, BlueHost, offers next-generation VPS Hosting at such an affordable price.

The best part about BlueHost is that their Cloud VPS servers are built from the ground simply by using all the SSD storage. Now, you can simply enjoy the increased power and flexibility.


BlueHost’s Cloud VPS provides exceptional performance. Open-source technologies such as OpenStack and KVM offer a powerful and user-friendly VPS. Their servers are built with cutting-edge components, making them truly revolutionary.

You can select a plan and begin running your server in seconds. Unlike other VPS hosting solutions that take hours or even days to activate, BlueHost has designed its VPS servers for immediate deployment.

By using high-performance components, your websites will always operate at their best, and you won’t have to worry about performance. BlueHost implements the KVM hypervisor, ensuring that your resources are always available.

Pricing Plans:

Bluehost - Price Plan

4) Cloudways

Cloudways generally offers flexible virtual servers and very affordable cloud servers.

Right with Site5, KVM VPS hosting packages are created with all SSDs that provide the performance you expect with a VPS server easily and effectively.



Each client of the VPS hosting platform contains a completely isolated virtual server environment, and that’s quite impressive.

This really guarantees that you have complete control over your web environment or the database of guaranteed resource commitments for your site.

Pricing Plans:

Cloudways Pricing Plans

5) Scala Cloud Hosting

Scala Hosting primarily provides reliable and affordable Cloud VPS Hosting to enable anyone to get started with it easily.

They manage your server in the cloud effortlessly, configuring, securing, and optimizing it for you. Furthermore, they are responsible for the condition and operation of your server.

Scala Cloud

When it comes to choosing the storage type for your VPS, you have the option of using both SSD and HDD.

You need to decide whether you should store all your data in the SSD for optimal performance or store your files on the hard drive and use the SSD for the operating system and databases.

The second option is more cost-effective since disk space is cheaper on the hard drive.

If you choose to use sPanel by Scala Hosting, you can manage your server in the cloud with a graphical user interface. This service includes website management, email, databases, FTP, and DNS.

Pricing Plans:

Scala Cloud- Pricing

6) Liquidweb Cloud VPS

Liquid Web offers reliable Cloud VPS solutions that are fully managed and specially built for superior performance.

All VPS hosting services are not created equal. Still, with Liquid Web’s Virtual Private Servers (VPS), you get the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of hosting in the cloud, which is quite impressive.

Additionally, their customer support team is available 24/7 via phone, email, and chat to assist you with any queries you may have.

The best part about Liquidweb’s managed Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) is that it’s the perfect solution for customers who require the control of a dedicated server with the affordability of a VPS.


Liquidweb includes a free CDN with each plan, administered by one of the most popular CDNs in the world. They configure and manage CloudFlare while you relax.

They also provide local site backup copies with each server and allow you to add cloud-based backups for extra protection.

Pricing Plans:

liquidweb pricing

7) KnowHost Cloud VPS Hosting

KnowHost provides fully managed, optimized, and scalable KVM hosting solutions. Their VPS hosting plans are enterprise-level solutions that are also a cost-effective alternative to shared hosting, resellers, or dedicated servers.

With KnowHost’s cloud services based on KVM, you can easily and effectively control your VPS environment. Take complete control with native CloudLinux and Kernel Care support.


They also offer 2 different control panels for your hosting in the managed cloud: cPanel / WHM or DirectAdmin.

However, if you are satisfied right with the command line, you can just request and install your VPS without a control panel, whatever you prefer!

Pricing Plans:

KnowHost- Pricing

Cloud Hosting is Already The Next Big Thing

It has been more than a decade since any significant innovation and improvement has been made in the web hosting industry, while online communication and business continue to increase rapidly.

Changes must be made to ensure the security and stability of cloud computing, which the entire world now depends on.

With hardware becoming increasingly affordable, All are entering an era where software will lead the world, controlling everything automatically without human intervention.

After years of using traditional servers, where downtime is simply a fact of life, it’s time to adopt new technology and a new way of working online and storing data.

This new technology comes with numerous benefits and solves the most significant issues associated with traditional dedicated servers. Businesses can now achieve higher efficiency, pay less, get more, and grow more easily than ever before.

Cloud VPS Hosting Increases Security

It is well-known that most websites today use shared web hosting services, which is actually a huge part of the security troubles people face.

No matter what efforts are being made to make shared hosting secure systems, administrators know that it is an impossible mission because of how shared hosting is designed to work.

It is really simple. You can’t demand high security if you share a server with hundreds of other websites. Why?

  • You can’t control other websites hosted on your server. They can get hacked and cause problems.
  • When a website is compromised on a shared server, hackers usually use it to attack other websites. Everyone knows that it is much easier to hack a server when you have local access.
  • Shared hosting means all resources and responsibilities are shared among all users on the server. Others are responsible for the security of your server, and you can’t control that.

A Cloud VPS is Cheaper and Reliable

Traditional web hosting is quickly losing its market share because cloud hosting gives people so much more at a lower price. At the same time, that usually comes with increased reliability and high availability, too.

If set up correctly, the cloud will bring you the following benefits.

  • Pay as much as you use – you don’t have to pay for unused server space and CPU power anymore. You can order what you need and pay for what you use.
  • Upgrade/downgrade anytime – a cloud VPS will allow you to add and remove disk space, CPU, and RAM whenever you want and, in some cases, without downtime. A traditional dedicated server has to be manually upgraded, and you are limited to adding whole parts.
  • Get up and running in seconds – the cloud technology allows hosting providers to provision new servers in seconds, and everything is automatic. Your server is online and ready for use before you have a chance to read the welcome email with the login details.
  • High availability – cloud servers live in huge clusters that consist of multiple physical machines. The storage is central, with multiple storage nodes and multiple data copies.

Managed or Self-Managed Cloud VPS

The cloud hosting market is growing as more businesses move from traditional servers to the cloud. When upgrading from shared hosting to a cloud VPS, you must decide between managed or self-managed servers.

Most hosting companies offer managed services at an additional cost. If you have experience managing Linux servers, go for a self-managed server.

It is cheaper, and Cloud VPS hosting can cost as low as $5 per month. However, if you require a control panel, backups, and management, the cost will increase.

Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Is Not Cheap

Every business owner with a website has this dilemma. Is it worth switching from the cheap shared hosting plan to my own cloud VPS?

This question can be easily answered by asking another one: Is your online success worth $12 per month? That’s the cost of the cheapest managed cloud VPS.

While it is more expensive than the usual $5/mo shared hosting plan, it is worth investing a little extra for better security and reliability. This will set your business apart from competitors who rely on shared hosting.

The cost of your cloud VPS will depend on the disk space, CPU, RAM, and management you require. Prices can range from $5 to several hundred dollars.

If you’re starting your online business and your website isn’t too popular and doesn’t require much space, you can get security at a low price with management and backups included.

If you need extra features like more backup recovery points, 24/7 monitoring, or professional anti-spam protection, then your monthly cost will increase. However, these features will provide the benefits you need to succeed.

Why is Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Expensive?

Multiple factors are important to mention here. The list of expenses is the first to mention, as it increases the total cost of the service.

  • Cloud VPS hosting requires dedicated resources – the hosting provider has to dedicate CPU, RAM, and disk space to the VPS of the customer, unlike in a shared hosting environment where everything is shared and a very small portion of the websites will always utilize 100% of their assigned resources.
  • Building and managing a cloud cluster is not cheap – cloud clusters require experienced systems administrators to build, configure, and manage them to operate efficiently and to result in high uptime and quality service. Such people are expensive to have. Building a redundant cluster without a single point of failure also requires a huge initial investment.
  • Licenses are expensive – managed cloud VPS hosting services require lots of software to run. None of that software is free and costs extra in licensing. Licenses are actually the highest cost for the provider to deliver a managed cloud VPS to the customer. I have made a list of the software that is installed and how much it costs the hosting provider.

What to Avoid and Some Free Advice? (Might Help You)

When you decide to place an order with a company, it is always important to communicate with a live representative of that company. This is especially true if you are considering a company that is not on the trusted list above.

Before choosing a company, visit their Facebook page and ensure that they haven’t hidden the customer reviews. If they have, it could mean that the company has something to hide, and it is likely that their customers are not happy with their services.

Some companies may try to lure you into a long-term deal with lower prices. However, it is better to choose a company that offers affordable month-to-month plans that you can easily switch from if you are not satisfied.

Avoid paying for longer periods than three months unless you are absolutely sure that you want to work with that company and that you will not be disappointed with their services.

When choosing a company, make sure to ask about their storage and ensure that it is SSD. Also, ask about high availability and ensure that your VPS will not be down for more than 10 minutes in case of hardware failure with the physical server.

Ask your provider to ensure that there is no single point of failure in their cloud infrastructure. Talk to their support team and see if they are friendly and always available. Test their support team at different times of the day.

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Conclusion: List Of Best Cloud VPS Hosting 2024

Cloud VPS hosting is like having your own little space in the digital world. You want options that are not only good but won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re starting a blog, running a small business, or just want a cool website, these hosting services have got your back. It’s like picking the right house in a friendly neighbourhood where your website can thrive.

These hosting services offer the speed and reliability you need without costing too much. It’s like getting a great deal on a comfy spot for your online adventures.

In short, you’ve found the best cloud VPS hosting that makes your online journey smooth and budget-friendly.

So, go ahead, pick one, and let your website shine on the internet stage without stressing about the costs. Happy hosting! 🚀

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