Cloudways vs GreenGeeks 2024: The Ultimate Comparison (2024)



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Best for

Cloudways is a remarkably reasonable, and however effective Web hosting stage accessible. You simply don’t require much-specialized ability to barga

GreenGeeks is special in its way, It stands for being eco-friendly, It gives progressed innovation and infrastructure, Various information centers ar

  • Security
  • Workflow
  • 24 hours into 7 days support
  • Uptime is Average
  • Outstanding is the loading time
  • Money-back is guaranteed
  • It has high-level scalability.
  • Backups are automatic
  • Migration is Simple
  • It is fast and quick.
  • It has a 30-days money-back guarantee
  • High-level reliability with uptime 99.98%
  • Email hosting is not available.
  • Domain fees and set-up fees are not refundable.
Ease of Use

Best for Ease of use

It is fast and quick.

Value For Money

Cloud services are integrated into five popular infrastructures, including GCP and AWS; Plans vary from cheap to top, but you only pay for what you use

Domain renewals are a bit pricey, It has a 30-days money-back guarantee

Customer Support

24/7 support via tickets and live chat; priority and telephone support available as an option; comprehensive knowledge base and community forum

It does not have 24/7 phone support.

Choosing the right web hosting can be tough. I recently compared Cloudways and GreenGeeks, two popular options, to see which one is better.

Cloudways is known for its easy-to-use platform and powerful performance. It’s great if you want a lot of flexibility and control over your website.

GreenGeeks, on the other hand, stands out because of its eco-friendly approach. They use renewable energy, which is a big plus if you care about the environment.

Both have their pros and cons. Cloudways offers excellent speed and scalability, but it might be a bit complex for beginners.

GreenGeeks provides solid support and a green mission but might not have all the advanced features that Cloudways does.

I found this comparison helpful in figuring out which one suits different needs better, whether you’re looking for power or a green choice.

So, let’s get started!! With Cloudways and GreenGeeks.          

Cloudways vs GreenGeeks: Overview                                          

Cloudways Overview 

Are you having and looking for some amazing, awesome performance for WordPress hosting. Then, you are looking at the right option i.e. Cloudways. It is the most well-built available for hosting.

Cloudways is an accessible, remarkably reasonable and effective web hosting stage. You don’t require a much-specialized ability to bargain with it.  

CloudWays Overview

Cloudways could be a cloud-based facilitating stage that provides you with devoted assets for a decent rendition of your application.

The satisfactory thing with Cloudways is, that we just don’t require to possess a chunk of specialized information. Instep, they arrange for the provision for you.

They moreover offer assistance to us with the establishment preparation, security choices, reinforcements, etc.

You’ll be able to run a myriad of websites on a solitary server, although the server ought to have sufficient assets to have web-related applications. Furthermore, the objective would be merely to gauge your server at whatever point you need the resources.

GreenGeeks Overview

As a web-have supplier, GreenGeeks is special in its way, It stands for being eco-friendly, It gives progressed innovation and infrastructure, Various information centers are set up around the world which makes a difference within the smooth stream of facilitating and gives a great experience.

It indeed gives highlights like all-time client back administrations, and 99.9% run times ensure, in case of inadmissible administrations, a 30-day cash discount policy.


GreenGeeks is also recognized as an EPA green power partner by an environmental protection agency.

GreenGeeks provides different spaces from all three different hostage plans

  • Space to create as many websites as one wishes as it supports unlimited domains.
  • Stores data in SSD and data transfers                                                                                        
  •  Allows the user to register a free domain
  • Provides GreenGeeks website building
  •  Provides portable website
  •  No limit to email inboxes
  •  Provide CND.

The dashboard is so easy to use as it facilitates the user to access the domains, add software to the server, check users, email accounts, and many more.

The control panel provides several other characteristics as an addition to a standard control panel that includes:

  •  Supplementary SEO tools
  • Additional spam prevention
  • Ease of using search functions.
  • Web developer
  •  Fabulous app installer.

Features Cloudways vs GreenGeeks


Benefits of CloudWays

1) Security          

In today’s world, everyone is concerned about security. They always work on security practices to keep all malicious activities out of the server.

SSL is best known for protecting 0S-well firewalls. More trustworthy websites are built with an SSL certificate.

2) Workflow                                             

You’ll include a group of individuals from various geographical areas to disperse the endeavour. This way, you’ve obtained the control to permit them to restrict or fully get access. The get-to can be bestowed to a specific server or an application.

You’ll likely form a single account and be indifferent squads. With a pat, you’ll be able to promptly shift ownership or application to your clients or anyone else.

You’ll be able to move your WordPress location, facilitating benefit suppliers to Cloudways without charge.

3) 24 hours into 7 days support

It is one of the promising ones in the world market in terms of support. You’ve got to put in an inquiry, and an equipped group will fathom your issues within minutes.

Indeed, in spite of the fact that they also furnish a ticketing framework through which you’ll be able to maintain a course for a particular issue,

4) Plug-in cache with WordPress

Breeze Cache is way better than WordPress execution, which comes default with Cloudways. Cloudways Hassle-Free WordPress Cache Plugin.

Breeze, too, optimizes to decrease the database, which diminishes the database response time. If you’re inquisitive about the online store, Breeze is additionally congruous with WooCommerce. 


GreenGeeks- Features

1) Uptime is the Average

 It is an awesome feature offered by GreenGeeks as it guarantees its users an uptime of 99.90%. And, no doubt the company has lived up to its promise.

In reality, it is totally challenging for some websites to hit that target. According to the analysis done in the last 24 months, GreenGeeks has reached an uptime of 99.98%.

2) Outstanding is the loading time

The web host speed is far better than in other industries, and the clocking time to load is approximately 445mms. Yes, it comes in the top list of hosts, ranking 10. The loading page here showcases true excellent performance.

3) Answers are flexible

Within one minute, you are available and handled by the customer agent to support and hold your grievances. We furnish your questions easily and concisely.

We support services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The GreenGeeks also provide tutorials and hosting, such as VPS, seller, and sales.

4) Money-back is guaranteed

All the hosting plans have almost this option available to them. Without any questioning, if you no longer wish to avail of the services, then your money will be returned in about 30 days.

Unique Features Cloudways vs GreenGeeks


1) CDN Cloudways

It helps reduce traffic load. The website’s loading speed is high. Images and HTML are some of the caches of content statistics as they store all the assets for your site.

It gets to find you the nearest server coming to an end without any geographical restrictions. Removing cookies and defaulting cache time are the best ways to operate with customer support.

2) Upgradation of Application                     

The work of overhauling an application would be accomplished by Cloudways and its specialists.

And, sometimes recently updating, they think about all the internal points of interest of your web applications, and the server, hence no problems will come up within the upcoming part.

You don’t need to reimburse monthly expenses for up-gradation. Instep, you’ve needed to pay for the overhauls that you simply need in your web applications.

During the overhaul managed via backend processes, they’ll ensure that your site doesn’t have to deal with downtime. The cost of upgrading begins at $50.

3) Hosting of email 

Email hosting is the most reliable service available on Cloudways’ platform. It is very easy and secure with a one-click installation. You get upgraded uptime all the time, which makes you worry less.

You’ll be able to preserve the calendar, make notes, and reply to emails along with your portable phone, which can be matched up through their stage.


1) Awesome Back-ups

You can always sleep soundly without worrying about the data, as it is always backed up regularly.

Sometimes, bad people with wrong intentions can get in your way to steal the data, but with GreenGeeks, there is no chance of losing your information.

GreenGeeks - Features


The company offers you span affiliation assurance, programmed brute drive security, and the capacity of watchword securing your catalogues. It is among the most excellent web-facilitating administrations that grant clients such astounding nighty reinforcements.

2) Softaculous Apps                                                                      

GreenGeeks provides CMS (content management system ) users with a one-click installation feature known as Softaculous.

3) Name of the Domain and Website Migration free of cost

Domain name transfers and registration are provided free of cost by GreenGeeks. As long as you are using their services, you can get the domain name for free.

GreenGeeks will transfer the website you’ve hosted from somewhere else. Isn’t it the best feature a company can offer you?

Pros and Cons: Cloudways vs GreenGeeks



  • It has high-level scalability.
  • Live chat and amazing customer support.
  • Backups are automatic.
  • Migration is Simple.           
  • Costs are lower.
  • The servers are fast.


  •  It won’t be registering a domain name.
  •  Set-up is complex.
  •  Email hosting is not available.



  • It is fast and quick.
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • High-level reliability with uptime of 99.98%.
  • It is an evergreen product.            
  • The products on the website are pretty decent and attractive.
  • Contains banner and landing pages.


  • Long contacts with the best rates.
  • It does not have 24/7 phone support.
  • Domain fees and set-up fees are not refundable.
  • Misleading when it comes to pricing.
  • Domain renewals are a bit pricey. 

Pricing Plans Cloudways vs GreenGeeks


Digital Ocean

Cloudways Pricing Plans- The Digital Ocean

Highlights of this plan are

  •  SSL Certificate is free.
  • It has auto-healing.
  • Managing the team
  •  Firewalls are of true dedication.

Linode Plan

Cloudways Pricing Plans- Linode

Vultr Plan

Cloudways Pricing Plans- Vultr

Features are

  • The environment is staging.
  •  It has enabled services.
  • Has advanced caches.

AWS Plan

Cloudways Pricing Plans- AWS

Highlighted features are as follows:-

  • Installing applications is unlimited.
  • Patching of security.
  •  SSH Access.


GreenGeeks Hosting Plans

GreenGeeks offers you a variety of hosting plans.

These hosting plans are as follows:-

  • Shared Hosting             
  • VPS Hosting  
  • Reseller Hosting

Pricing of Shared Hosting:-

Lite Plan:-       

“It is made for the ones that are getting started with small blogs or websites”.

It includes the following features:-

  •  Applicable on 1 website
  • Data Transfer is unlimited.
  •  It provides free CDN.

The price of this pack is $2.95/mo.

Pro plan:-

“If you wish to outgrow your websites with sufficient resources and require more speed, then this plan is perfect for you”.

Features of this plan are:-

  • It has unlimited websites.
  • It provides you with 2x performance.
  • Comes with a free SSL Certificate.

$4.95/mo. What is the price of this package?

Premium Plan:-

“It goes well for small businesses online.”


  •  It also includes unlimited websites.
  • It gives you 4x performance.
  •  It has a Green Match Energy of 300%.

The price of this plan is $8.95/mo.


👉How to select a web host?

A good web host will load your site almost immediately. You will have minimal to no downtime at all. It won’t get expensive year after year and will help you in your business to make more money and choosing the right web is important.

👉Is the free hosting service provided by Cloudways?

No, it doesn’t provide you with free hosting services. It only gives you a 3-day free trial. Once your whole account is upgraded, you can go as per your plans.

👉Is GreenGeeks a good choice?

GreenGeeks are one of the fastest shared hosting services you’ll ever come across. It is fast and quick. It also has 30 Days Risk-Free money-back guarantee. Reliable to time with 99.8%. Customer support is top-notch and customer satisfaction is 100%

Testimonials: Cloudways vs GreenGeeks

Cloudways Customer Review

Cloudways- Testimonials

GreenGeeks Customer Review

GreenGeeks- Testimonials

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Final Verdict: Cloudways vs GreenGeeks 2024 

GreenGeeks is considered one of the best web hosting services, boasting 99.98% uptime. With advanced technology and fast servers, it offers reliable and efficient hosting.

By using renewable energy, GreenGeeks is able to provide top-notch performance while remaining environmentally friendly.

Additionally, their responsive support team is a standout feature. Users can also access their knowledge base for step-by-step guides on various tasks.

GreenGeeks has demonstrated high uptime and fast page loading speeds in numerous tests.

Furthermore, GreenGeeks offers a referral program where individuals can earn a commission by referring others to purchase their hosting services.

Cloudways, on the other hand, provides reliable hosting services suitable for individuals and small businesses.

Cloudways offers reliable hosting services ideal for individuals and small businesses. Their web application makes it easy to set up with just one click installation.

With affordable prices, Cloudways provides top performance and is known for its strong security, high page loading speed, scalability, and ease of set-up.

They offer a 3-day free trial on every plan, ensuring security and flexibility. Consider Cloudways or GreenGeeks to get started with the best hosting options.

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