5 Best Amazon Sales Estimator for FBA Sellers

In order to be successful as an FBA seller, conducting product research requires significant time and financial resources. However, doing so is very essential if you want to see your business succeed.

This is why it is imperative that you thoroughly examine your product’s sales volume, sales ranking, and more. It’s not all hopeless for Amazon FBA sellers, though; Amazon Sales Estimator is a simple and effective answer to your product research problems.

The Top Amazon Sales Estimator 2022

1. Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

With their Jungle Scout Sales Estimator function, Jungle Scout is a potent weapon against Amazon sales-related fears for Amazon Sellers.

As a result, merchants gain from having immediate access to sales data on millions of different items. In order to get an estimate of how many people are interested in your product, you may utilize the ‘estimator’.

It’s as simple as visiting the company’s website or mobile app and entering information about the product category, marketplace, or geographic location for which you’d want to get sales figures. You will get the best results by following these instructions, which are based on Amazon’s sales rankings. Quick estimates of typical monthly sales may be obtained by following these easy procedures. This will help to monitor your competition and create successful product releases.

2. Helium 10


You need software that gives you access to a wide range of instruments in order to get the most precise and dependable information possible about the market. There are over 20 tools in Helium 10’s toolbox to assist you in earning and saving money.

Helium 10 is the best option for Amazon sellers that are responsible for curating most of their own product listings on Amazon. Its all-in-one platform allows you to benefit from the selling process at every stage.

Use the program for free to familiarise yourself with the features, and then upgrade to one of the company’s platinum, diamond, or elite plans if you like what you see.

Its keyword tracker tool keeps track of all the keywords you use, as well as their rankings and shifts in rankings, so you can utilize the phrases that will send your items to the top search page of Amazon to attract more buyer traffic.

We’re merely scratching the surface when it comes to examining the features of this app. Your time will be better spent focusing on your business than sifting through various spreadsheets and datasheets, thanks to Helium 10. For example, it suggests the best keywords to utilize and how many units you should sell in order to exert your authority over the market.

3. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

In order to help your business succeed on Amazon, Viral Launch provides a wide range of services. Virtual Launch stands apart from the crowd due to its emphasis on customizability. Personal consultants assist Amazon sellers through the process and bring in excellent outcomes thanks to a wide range of services provided by Amazon.

Market intelligence is one of the services offered by Virtual Launch to Amazon merchants. Your product’s success in the market is guaranteed by this software solution. Because it offers you with prior sales data, pricing, and hot new trends that determine the market space now, gaining a thorough understanding of the market space is a piece of cake.

Each Amazon product’s cost and profit may be viewed using a built-in calculator provided by the programme. This helps you better understand the possible sales of your items. Because it uses real-time and historical data to anticipate monthly sales, the programme claims to be the most accurate of its kind.

4. AMZ Scout Sales Estimator

All users will appreciate how simple and straightforward it is to use the AMZ Scout Sales Estimator. One must be aware of the product’s Amazon sales ranking in order to use the estimator, which calculates sales based on its ranking.

There are a variety of things to choose from, including appliances, electrical devices, home and kitchen items, groceries and gourmet cuisine, and health and household items. After that, all you have to do is enter the Amazon product’s rank and you’ll get the average sales projections.

Sales estimates for the AMZ Scout Sales Estimator are available for the following markets: United States (USA), India (UK), Canada (Canada), Italy, Spain (Spain), Germany (Germany), and Mexico (Mexico).

5. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a Chrome extension built exclusively for Amazon FBA sellers, and it comes as a free alternative to its competitors, which can charge anywhere from $20 to $300. To help you sell more effectively, their data-driven sales projections give you with the knowledge you need.

As a result of the software, customers will be more equipped than ever to research every aspect of Amazon’s market from a single point of entry. In a couple of seconds, Unicorn Smasher provides you all the information you need directly on your computer.

This is designed to save you the time you would have spent creating numerous spreadsheets to keep track of the data by giving all of the features you need in one place.

You only need to provide your email address and name to begin using the Chrome extension, which saves you money.

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