9 Best Amazon Feedback 2024: Automation Software (Handpicked)

From a small virtual bookstore to the world’s largest online shopping platform, Amazon has come a long way. Best Amazon Feedback The number of product listings on this website at any given time is enormous.

From groceries to fashion, and gadgets to jewelry, there is hardly anything you cannot find on Amazon.

✨List of 9 Best Amazon Feedback & Automation Software

1) 🌏AMZ Finder:

Best Amazon Feedback- AMZFinder

AMZ Finder is one of the best software for Amazon Feedback & Reviews, especially for small scale users. The software is relatively inexpensive, and users get free email quotas.

Registration and activating accounts is easy and lets you get started quickly.

AMZFinder helps automate the sending of feedback and review requests and proactively manages the reviews on Amazon. These reviews affect your store credibility.

Even with the paid version, it is highly cost-effective as compared to the functionalities offered. Best Amazon Feedback AMZFinder truly helps business owners all over the world.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Best software for small scale business enterprises
  • Highly affordable software which gives you free email quotas
  • Easy and quick registration process which allows you to get results rapidly
  • Proactive review management and automated responses
  • The paid version is highly effective and gives you your money’s worth

Pricing Plan:


2) 🙍‍♀️Xsellco:


The Xsellco is a convenient multi-channel software that allows its users to simultaneously track and manage multiple platforms using a single account.

It sorts out and removes negative customer feedback so that their ratings do not affect the user. Best Amazon Feedback The filtering is time-based, so that only input from customers whose orders were timely delivered, are incorporated.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Helps you track and manage multiple platforms with a single account
  • Helps in removing negative customer feedback
  • Pocket-friendly solutions

Pricing Plan:

Pricing Plan

3) ✔Kibly:

Best Amazon Feedback- Kibly

The Kibly software uses advanced features such as A/B Testing and Super X URL to gain a competitive edge over its competitor. The tool has preloaded email templates best amazon feedback.

These email templates can be sent quickly once the program integration is complete.

Kilby’s USP is its seller-provided short code list. These codes are highly useful, as it allows control over the automated emailing facility. The codes help generate feedback requests for back-dated products.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Preloaded email templates for efficient marketing
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Complete control over the automated emailing facility.

Pricing Plan:

Kibly - Pricing Plan

4) 🧙‍♀️Seller Labs:


Seller Labs is an innovative IT and eCommerce solutions provider. Best Amazon Feedback They have a set of four highly useful and unique tools that provide a complete solution to a seller’s needs.

This set of four tools sets them apart from the rest of the companies offering similar services. From the feedback manager to inventory management, they have all the tools that are needed.

  • Ignite

Ignite is an indigenous software that helps in automating the ads using advanced and highly effective algorithms.

  • Quantify

A simple yet advanced tool, Quantify helps you keep track of your inventory and helps in financial reporting.

  • Scope

The Scope is a search engine optimization tool that enables you to keep close track of popular keywords allowing you to make well-informed marketing decisions.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Automated emails help you in reaching your customer via email messages. These email messages detail the products that you offer in response, soliciting positive reviews as a result.
  • Feedback genius helps you gain productive feedback. You can use this feedback as the basis of further development. Detailed email analytics and a/b testing help you understand how effective your email messages are.
  • Feedback Genius drives open email rates by delivering emails to your customer base. Feedback Genius delivers emails when they are most relevant to customers. Best Amazon Feedback genius also allows you to send emails with a maximum of 8 different order events.
  • With the help of well-tested email templates, Feedback Genius helps you get your message across. Feedback Genius develops your brand image in front of the right buyer

Pricing Plan:


5) 😎Feedback Express:

Best Amazon Feedback- feedback express

Feedback Express is one of the most advanced and seller-friendly software. Best Amazon Feedback Feedback Express helps you improve your seller rating on Amazon with the help of automated feedback requests.

Not only this, Feedback Express also helps prevent an impact on your seller rating by preventing negative feedback. It also supports a feature called product review tracking.

Feedback Express has solutions to all the issues that a seller may face, saving him precious time and business.

Feedback Express is known as one of the most effective Best Amazon Feedback and automation software. Best Amazon Feedback Feedback Express offers a 30-day free trial without any credit card requirement.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Automated feedback requests
  • Helps in preventing negative and neutral comments which impact your seller rating on Amazon
  • Track your product reviews – Feedback Express enables you to track your product reviews as and when they come. This realtime tracking of reviews helps you deal with any customer-related issues immediately. This effectiveness is handling product reviews that enable you to develop further strategies.
  • Offering a free trial of 30 days, Feedback Express is an Amazon feedback and automation software that lets you try before you buy. This free trial provides you with the appropriate time to get acquainted with the software and understand its nuances.

Pricing Plan:


6) 🌿Bqool:


Bqool is a slightly different app from others. It is primarily not focused only on the feedback and response processes. Instead, it focuses on improving the revenues for the user.

The app helps in efficiently repricing the sellers’ products based on the profits generated.

Since the app has automated integration systems, feedback processes are hassle-free. VAT inclusive invoice generation and delivery to buyers is automatic.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • The key focus of Bqool is revenue generation, which makes sure that your business gets constant growth.
  • Bqool helps in repricing the seller’s product, depending on the profits earned.
  • The hassle-free feedback process makes sure that you don’t spend extra time.

Pricing Plan:


7) 👩‍🚒Trendle Analytics:

Trendle Analytics

Supporting multiple languages, Trendle Analytics has a holistic solution through all the essential tools. Trendle Analytics also combines all your Seller Central accounts in one place.

Trendle Analytics helps you to automate your email marketing campaigns. Best Amazon Feedback The list of all the features and benefits that Trendle Analytics provides is enormous.

Let’s have a quick look at all the benefits to understand why Trendle Analytics is one of the best Amazon feedback and automation software.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Supports multiple languages including French, German, Spanish and Italian
  • It helps you manage all your Seller Central accounts in one place.
  • The automation of email marketing campaigns helps you in building your brand.
  • Realtime reviews and product scores to keep you up to date about your product’s performance.
  • The keyword monitoring feature helps you plan better marketing strategies.
  • Split testing capabilities help analyze the results of the marketing strategies.
  • Profitability analysis to understand what went wrong, which can help improve crucial strategy.
  • Drives results by efficient marketing campaigns

Pricing Plan:

Pricing-Trendle Analytics

8) 🌏Feedbackz:

Feedbackz- DashBoard

Amazon feedback and automation software with state-of-the-art design, Feedbackz is an investment that you will never regret. This software flaunts a high conversion ratio by targeting mobile marketplaces as well.

The automated emails come in multiple, specially designed templates that are easy to edit and send. Best Amazon Feedback Providing cost-effective solutions, Feedbackz is one of the most preferred feedback and automation software.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Organic lead generation and high conversion ratio.
  • This software helps you explore the targeted marketplace.
  • Feedbackz helps in Generating highly responsive emails.
  • Easy to edit and send Feedbackz provides customized templates for automated emails.

9) 🎉Feedback Whiz:

feedback Whiz

Providing a combination of email automation, feedback tracking, and order management all in one software, Feedback Whiz helps you develop your brand into something more.

Feedback Whiz drives the customers to leave more and better comments lifting your seller rating.

Feedback Whiz covers all the necessary features like notification management and comments tracking. Best Amazon Feedback They also provide some out of the box solutions for repairing negative feedback, automating the email follow-ups, etc.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Feedback Whiz helps in managing the orders and keeping full track of your Amazon inventory.
  • Feedback Whiz also enables you to track and manage your reviews on a realtime basis. They also send you instant notifications whenever someone posts a negative review.
  • Feedback Whiz provides specially tailored, powerful email templates and a high level of supported customization.
  • With the help of A/B test campaigns, access to downloadable customer data, and open rates, Feedback Whiz helps you retarget your customers.

Amazon feedback and automation software is the key to efficient utilization of business scope. With global access, the scale at which the Amazon operates is enormous.

Amazon offers all its partners an opportunity to realize business goals and dreams. But this opportunity always remains under a constant threat of negative comments.

Even a slight delay in responding to customer feedback can prove to be catastrophic.

A seller on Amazon must remain on top of the game. This need for specialized service calls for association with one of the leading Amazon feedback and automation software.

Amazon feedback and automation is a necessary tool essential for all businesses. These tools are important if you plan to utilize the vast opportunities the internet has provided.

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😉What Makes Amazon The Best eCommerce Website?

The number of products available is undoubtedly a huge factor in why Amazon is the best eCommerce website. But it is essential to understand that it is not the only factor. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for this.

  • Number of items available
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Quick delivery
  • Huge discounts
  • Easy access
  • Easily understandable and simple user interface

Amazon serves the needs of millions of customers every year. Thanks to their exceptional customer service and high product quality, Amazon has left its competition behind and come out on top.

But you don’t have to take our word for any of it. There are millions of customer reviews and feedback which help authenticate this fact.

👨‍💼The Problem Of Getting Product Reviews And Feedbacks:

It is essential to understand that given a convenient method, most buyers will prefer leaving reviews. The problem is that posting a review is a long and time-consuming process, making most buyers reluctant to take the trouble.

If you are wondering what it is about this process that makes it so troublesome, go through the procedure below.

  • Firstly, you must have bought the product from sight. Amazon doesn’t allow you to leave a comment if you haven’t purchased the product from the same account.
  • After the product is delivered, you receive a feedback form in your email account. While Amazon is swift in rolling out these feedback forms, the delivery of the form gets delayed. Since these forms are automated, sometimes your email service provider marks them as spam.
  • Once you have successfully received the email, you can open the form and then write the product review.

In this world, where everything is available on the go, the feedback process takes longer than the time it takes to deliver the product. This lengthy process is the reason why most buyers do not leave their feedback after the purchase.

According to some estimates, the percentage of reviews received on the number of purchases is below 5%.

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💥Conclusion: Best Amazon Feedback 2024: Automation Software (Handpicked)

Best Amazon Feedback – I hope you like this post about best Amazon feedback and automation software’s. Have you tried these software’s, what is your experience. Share in the comments below.

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