50+ Best High Paying Affiliate Programs 2024 (High Paying for Beginners)

Have you ever considered making money online by sharing products you like? That’s what affiliate marketing is all about! I’ve been looking around for the best high-paying affiliate programs to share with you.

These programs are awesome because they offer more money for each sale or sign-up you bring their way. It’s like being rewarded more for your hard work.

Whether you’re new to this or already know a bit about affiliate marketing, these programs can help boost your earnings big time.

Let’s dive into these top picks and see how they can make a difference in your wallet!

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

My Earnings From The Affiliate Programs: (With Proofs)

In this article, you can find every digital marketing expert gives you their own way of reaching success through affiliate marketing.

I will show you some of my earnings from the affiliate programs I have mentioned below so you can see the power of affiliate marketing.

Conversion XL Earning Proofs Earning Screenshots Impact Affiliate

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

The best way to get started with affiliate marketing is by joining one or more standard categories like web hosting, website builders and VPNs.

Additionally, there are emerging verticals including sports music video games cryptocurrency marijuana/CBD oil that you can explore as well!

So Why Should You Trust My Affiliate Program Reviews? 

Jitendra Vaswani is an entrepreneur and international keynote speaker who has been writing about digital marketing for over 8 years.

He founded BloggersIdeas, where he interviewed many legends like Neil Patel or Grant Cardone to learn from them.

Then, he created Digiexe, his own agency that provides services such as design thinking strategy consulting, campaign planning, etc., helping companies grow with success by making sure they stay on top of their game.

There are a lot of ways to get started with affiliate marketing. If you don’t have your own website yet, then start a blog. I recommend using managed WordPress solutions like Thrive Themes or site hosting services from BlueHost for only $2.95/month!

50+ Top High Paying Affiliate Programs for Beginners

1. Six Figure Mentors

The Six Figure Mentors

This is not just an affiliate program; it’s a completely digital business system that provides life-changing value. It boasts a unique platform and offers some of the highest commissions you’ll ever see.

The Six Figure Mentors is an online business opportunity for everyone, including individuals like you and me. They teach people how to build profitable online ventures and escape the rat race.

Once you start with them, you’ll learn some of the best marketing techniques that will help you succeed. They offer a training module that cultivates a mindset for success and focuses on providing value.

Learning marketing skills is only part of the equation; you also need to understand how to build an email list, run paid ads, and provide value.

This program is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to build a profitable business.

Program Features:

  • Backend/Upsell products
  • It comes with a 30-day free trial
  • Comes with the second-tier commission.
  • The length of the cookie is for a lifetime.
  • Up to $8000 commissions per sale.
  • It provides a cutting-edge marketing and business skill set.
  • Recurring monthly as well as yearly affiliate commissions.
  • Gives access to digital skills platforms like web hosting and blogging platforms.


2. Shopify


Have you heard that Shopify experienced a record-breaking peak on Black Friday this year? In a single minute, Shopify stores processed over $535,726 worth of transactions.

Shopify currently supports over 500,000 businesses in 175 countries and generates over $23.7 million in revenue.

If you’re looking to start an online store, promoting Shopify’s suite of tools is a great option. You can earn a healthy income by doing so. Shopify offers a range of services, from building websites to managing stores, improving SEO, and more.

The structure of the Shopify commissions program is designed to provide a variety of products to promote.

By setting up stores for clients through Shopify, you can earn a 20% monthly commission when the store is subscribed. By promoting the standard affiliate link, you can earn a 200% monthly subscription per referral.

Program Features:

  • It comes with High-Ticket products
  • The cookie length will be for 30 days
  • Commissions rate-20% plus up to $2400 per sale from the 200% subscription bounty
  • Recurring commissions for the development stores along with the Shopify plus Referral.

3. Proof


There is a lesser-known affiliate program that you may not have heard of. Dave Rongenmoser has discovered it.

This program provides subscription-based software that helps business owners increase their conversions and sales by leveraging the power of social proof.

The software uses a simple yet effective pop-up that displays recent sign-ups or purchases by other customers. Although the concept is straightforward, it can significantly boost conversions for businesses.

  • Commission: Commissions rate 40% up to $51.6 per customer referred monthly

Let’s move on to another program; don’t wait, just choose one and earn.

4. Kinsta


Web hosting is a popular way for bloggers to earn high affiliate income. Kinsta is a web hosting company that offers the most powerful managed WordPress hosting for WordPress websites.

They provide daily backups, free website migrations, and top-notch security, similar to Fort Knox.

Kinsta also has a referral affiliate program that offers recurring affiliate commissions of 10%, which is more than what other web hosting companies offer.

  • Commission: Commissions up to $500 per referral and 10% monthly recurring

4. SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit designed for digital marketing professionals. It offers a wide range of magnificent features, from technical SEO audits to rank tracking and competitor intelligence.

You can also use it to spy on competitors’ keywords and discover what suits them most. You can get many more similar tools, but trust when you use this one time, you will definitely not harm others.

  • Commission: $40 recurring, along with $160 per month for each referral

5. Link Hunter

Link Hunter

This prospecting tool will help marketers create and manage an outbound email campaign specifically for their business. It also helps marketers build relationships with industry influencers.

This is a huge recurring software product that most businesses offer between 20% and 30 %. It has advanced tracking tools for affiliates and an extensive report feature.

  • Commission: Commissions rate 50% recurring and may be up to $300 per referral per month

6. The 67 Steps

The 67 Steps

The 67 Steps is a personal mentoring system founded by Tai Lopez, a social media guru who teaches how to start different types of businesses.

In this system, you will learn the mindset required for success. Tai’s video is a life-changing experience. Over 204,586 people have joined this amazing program to date.

You can also promote this program as an affiliate and receive a chunk of commissions in return. The program includes a social media program that will teach you how to start consulting by helping small businesses use social media.

By participating in this program, you can earn up to $350 per affiliate program for this particular training program.

  • Commission: 50% to 70%, and up to $250 for the SMMA program

7. Kartra


A is an all-in-one online business platform that aims to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in creating, marketing, and launching their products or services online.

It provides a comprehensive solution that combines several tools in one place, making it easier to manage various aspects of an online business without integrating multiple software solutions.

Kartra is a powerful landing page platform designed to help businesses increase their conversion rate. It caters to marketing teams and marketing agencies, providing a high product price.

Promoting their software can earn you a 30% recurring commission. The pricing range starts at $79 and goes up to $229. Let’s take a closer look at Kartra’s features.

  • Commission: 50% revenue share on the first payment along with the 30% recurring

8. Etoro


This is the world’s leading social investment network, where you can trade and invest in stocks and currencies. Its built-in technology allows you to copy the trading strategies of some of the world’s most successful investors.

This program will pay you when customers complete transactions and make deposits through the Etoro platform. It has unique banners and landing pages that are ready for promotion.

  • Commission: $160 for every customer who basically completes a deposit through the platform.

9. Empower


Its motto is “Wealth management for the Internet age.” It will help you grow and manage your investments through data-driven portfolio management.

They will offer a sleek and intuitive dashboard for a complete picture of your finances.

Currently, they manage over $5.5 billion in assets just for the clients according to their various financial needs. This program is different from others because it pays per the qualified lead. It works on a commission-free structure, and it is not like a SAAS company,

  • Commission: $100 per qualified lead

10. Teachable

Teachable is a well-known platform that enables people to create and sell online courses.

With over 310,000 active courses, more than 124,000 instructors, and earnings exceeding $657 million, Teachable has established itself as a leader in the course creation field.


In addition, they offer a fantastic partner program that includes ready-made A/B-tested funnels, complete with email swipe copy that you can send to your email list.

  • Commission: Earn 30% lifetime recurring commissions of up to $90 per month for each individual customer.

11. Smart Proxy

Using proxy servers and services can help you maintain online anonymity, bypass geo-based price variations, and access content that may not be available in your region.


Smart Proxy is a company that provides proxy services to businesses in exchange for a monthly fee. They also offer an affiliate program that pays a commission of 50% on price points up to $600 per month.

If you refer a customer who subscribes to their Advanced plan, you can earn $300 per month. However, it’s important to note that these commissions are one-off and not recurring.

  • Commission: There is a commission of 50% on price points up to $600 per month

12. Credible


One organization is completely dedicated to helping students find the best loans for their studies. They also assist other students in refinancing their loans for better deals.

These professionals have worked hard to ensure transparency and simplicity in the loan processing and refinancing procedures.

  • Commission: The commissions you will be getting is up to $240 when the offer is accepted

13. Colmex


If you have a financial background, Complex affiliates are the best option for earning affiliate income online.

Colmex basically provides a trading platform that allows people to trade capital markets, such as Forex, CFDs, and Futures.

  • Commission: Provides commissions up to $1000 on the CPA model per funded account


14. Organifi


Organifi is a food supplement company that offers a subscription-based model for their whole food plant-based supplements.

One of their flagship products is the “GREEN JUICE” powder, which provides complete protein and comes with a 120-day money-back guarantee.

This product alone has sold over $30 million worth of units. While physical products tend to have low commissions, Organifi’s subscription-based model allows for recurring commissions on their products.

  • Commission: You will get 30% commissions up to $74.49 referral per month

15. EIR Health

The Cannabis industry has exploded over the last few years with new businesses scrambling to create and sell THC/CBD-infused goods to consumers globally.

EIR Health

EIR Health sells premium CBD products to consumers in 30+ countries with 72-hour shipping windows.

What struck me immediately after checking out their site was the perceived quality of the product. The attention to detail is clear to see and their reviews speak for themselves.

  • Commission: A generous 20% commission on all sales made.

16. Algo Affiliates 

Algo Affiliates is a well-established affiliate network that was established in 2017. Since then, it has gone from strength to power, with its reputation for quality and reliability being recognized across all corners of the Internet marketing community.

The number of offers available through this program continues to increase at an impressive rate, alongside high levels of customer support, which makes them stand out among similar companies.

Algo Affiliates

  • Commission: Minimum payout $250

17. Instapage

Instapage- Affiliate Program

Instapage is a powerful landing page platform that basically helps business increase their conversion rate. Their target is to make the marketing teams along with the marketing agencies.

They offer a 30% recurring commission, and their product price is quite high. That’s why you will get healthy returns just by promoting their software. The pricing range starts from $79 and hikes up to $229. Let’s look into Instapage’s features.

  • Commission: 50% revenue share on the first payment along with the 30% recurring

18. Personal Capital

Personal Capital- Affiliate Program

Its motto is “Wealth management for the Internet age.” It will help you grow and manage your investments through data-driven portfolio management. They will offer a sleek and intuitive dashboard for a complete picture of your finances.

Currently, they manage over $5.5 billion in assets just for the clients according to their various financial needs. This program is different from others because it pays per the qualified lead. It works on a commission-free structure, and it is not like a SAAS company,

  • Commission: $100 per qualified lead

19. Webnode

Webnode affiliate programs

Webnode is a well-established and user-friendly website builder with more than 40 million users worldwide.

Bringing traffic to Webnode’s website can be highly lucrative as their Affiliate Program offers a 100 USD commission for a purchase made by a referred customer.

A recommended customer is each visitor you bring who creates a new Webnode account and purchases one of the Webnode’s Premium Plans (Limited, Mini, Standard, Profi, or Business).

The pricing starts as low as 3.90 USD per month. For those looking to establish their own shop, Webnode also offers E-commerce Plans.

Webnode’s Affiliate Program cookie window lasts 90 days. When a visitor decides to sign up within those 90 days and at any time later purchases a Premium Package for their website for the first time, you receive the 100 USD commission. It does not matter when this user purchases a Premium Plan.

  • Commission: Minimum Payout of $300

20. Profit Pixels

Profit Pixels Review

Profit Pixels is an excellent advertising network that allows people to monetize their traffic and make money from the comfort of their homes.

Profit Pixels offers a wide range of advertising programs, including ones for Crypto, Forex, Nutra, and Astrology. Its goal is to meet each user’s specific needs.

What I like about Profit Pixels is that they focus on giving their clients the best help possible. They know how important it is to work together well and help each other succeed.

With skilled and quick account managers, you can be sure you’ll get the help and advice you need to make the most money possible.

  • Commission: 1% Monthly Commission From Earnings of Invited Referrals

21. Zetronix

Founded in 2006 in Boston, MA, Zetronix Corp. emerged as a trailblazer in the consumer electronics industry by prioritizing innovative technology and superior quality at competitive prices.


Recognizing a gap in the market, Zetronix became one of the first companies to establish strategic partnerships with Asian manufacturers, aiming to deliver affordable, high-quality products like spy pens and dashboard cameras to American consumers.

This initiative addressed the growing U.S. demand for cutting-edge products that Asia-based suppliers previously could not meet in terms of quality.

Zetronix’s direct collaboration with factories for product development and quality assurance enabled them to offer high-quality goods at factory-direct prices, eliminating the need for consumers to choose between cost and quality.

This model not only set Zetronix apart in terms of product excellence and affordability but also underscored their commitment to exceptional customer service, establishing them as a reliable brand in the competitive electronics market.

  • Commission: 100% pay-per-sale for the first order, 5% for subsequent orders.

22. mSpy 

The mSpy affiliate program leads the market in mobile and computer monitoring services, offering affiliates at least a 50% commission on every sale.

This lucrative program is designed to support affiliates with essential tools, performance tracking, and analytics to optimize their campaigns. mSpy’s flexibility in business models, including Revenue Share and CPA offers, caters to various affiliate preferences.


mSpy distinguishes itself by providing comprehensive monitoring solutions that prioritize user security, safety, and convenience, earning its status as a preferred application globally.

The software tracks a wide range of data, from GPS locations to online activities, catering to parents and employers alike.

Affiliates enjoy numerous benefits, such as high initial commissions, long sales tracking periods, and substantial average earnings. The program promotes growth with recurring commissions, bonuses for new members and top performers, and dedicated affiliate manager support.

Joining mSpy’s affiliate program offers a promising opportunity to generate significant income while promoting a product that meets a critical demand in today’s digital world.

  • Commissions: Earn 40-60% commissions.

23. BrickHouse Security

BrickHouse Security stands as a leading provider of security and surveillance solutions, catering to a broad spectrum of clients, including over 400 Fortune 500 companies, more than 2,500 government agencies like the NYPD and FBI, and over 40,000 small businesses globally.

They are renowned for their expertise in security, safety, GPS tracking, covert surveillance, and counter-surveillance products.

BrickHouse Security

By joining the BrickHouse Security Affiliate Program, you can earn a 45% commission simply by referring customers from your website or blog to theirs.

With a vast product range, there’s a fit for every audience, offering the potential for substantial commissions. BrickHouse Security ensures a seamless experience by handling all customer service aspects, from ordering to shipping.

Their products are meticulously selected and tested, ensuring quality and reliability. Affiliates are equipped with a variety of promotional tools, including images, banners, and text links, tailored to fit your site’s content.

Partnering with Commission Junction, BrickHouse Security offers easy program tracking with a high EPC ratio and an average order size close to $300, maximizing your earning potential.

  • Commissions: 4% commissions.

24. SpyTech

Spytech Software, Inc., established in 1998, has become a distinguished provider of spy software and computer security solutions, acclaimed by major media and online platforms.

Catering to a wide audience, including individuals, businesses, and educational institutions, Spytech offers a comprehensive range of products, from surveillance cameras and hidden devices to GPS trackers and bug detectors.


Their standout feature, a user-friendly GPS platform, enables real-time tracking on various devices, offering advanced functionalities like geofencing and speed alerts.

Additionally, Spytech provides free apps for easy management of Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, emphasizing convenience and accessibility. Committed to customer satisfaction, Spytech ensures ease of use across its product line and offers exceptional support.

Their affiliate program rewards partners generously, with commissions starting at 40% and potentially reaching up to 50%, presenting a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to earn by promoting Spytech’s renowned products.

This program reflects Spytech’s dedication to quality and value for both customers and affiliates.

  • Commissions: Earn 40% commissions.

25. Infotracer

Infotracer’s Comprehensive Background Report is a powerful tool that can uncover a wealth of information about an individual.

It can reveal if they have ever been sued, filed for bankruptcy, been married or divorced, own property or a business, have an active warrant, or served time in jail, among other things.


Infotracer has one of the most extensive databases in the industry, with over two billion records covering all fifty states. The Criminal Records section contains information about arrests, warrants, convictions, and more.

Infotracer offers large commission payouts of 65% for the lifetime of each customer’s subscription, including initial and rebills. This can provide a long-term source of income for you.

The customer retention rate is high, with subscriptions often lasting over twelve months. On average, you can earn $90 per customer.

Infotracer’s public records database is one of the largest, covering 95% of the adult population in the United States.

  • Commissions: Earn 65% commissions.

26. EyeSpyPro

Since 2007, EyeSpyPro has been a premier provider of spy gear, video surveillance solutions, and counter-surveillance products for both personal and business security needs.

Their mission is to equip customers, ranging from business owners to private individuals, with advanced technology to protect assets and gather evidence for law enforcement in case of theft or other incidents.


EyeSpyPro stands at the forefront of the latest global technological advancements in security, offering products to safeguard privacy, conversations, and data.

EyeSpyPro addresses the most challenging issues in covert surveillance, fleet management, and digital monitoring, ensuring that your privacy and security are intact.

Their extensive product range includes tools for monitoring vehicles, cell phones, and computers, catering to a diverse clientele, including law enforcement and private investigators. For organizations like schools and churches, EyeSpyPro suggests multi-camera CCTV systems for asset protection.

EyeSpyPro has recently launched its affiliate program, offering a generous 10% commission on sales, a $10 sign-up credit, and access to a wide array of marketing resources through the iDevAffiliate platform.

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn significantly by promoting EyeSpyPro’s extensive catalog of spy gear, surveillance equipment, and more, with the added benefit of frequent promotions and professional support to maximize earnings.

  • Commissions: Earn 100% commission on all products.

27. DPL-Surveillance

Since 1997, they have been a world leader in providing surveillance and security products and connected services to government, enforcement, personal investigators, and small and large companies worldwide.

They have one of the largest selections of progressive surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment, including biometric authentication systems, anti-terrorism-related equipment, personal protection, and bug detection products.

Their unique approach to providing high-quality, professional-grade equipment to our clients, whether they rent, lease, or purchase, sets us apart from the rest.


If you become a member of their Affiliate Program for selling surveillance and transaction security equipment, you can simply link your website to ours.

Visitors who click through from your website to ours will be tracked, and you will earn commissions on any purchases or rentals they make. They handle the entire shipping and customer service process.

As an affiliate, you will be able to place our logos, graphics, and banners on your website, but they must be used as provided and should not be altered in any way.

Joining our Affiliate Program is easy. Simply read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, complete the online form, choose the banners or links to display on your website, and wait for your commission checks to arrive.

  • Commissions: The commission May vary.

28. Spygadgets4u

Spy Gadgets 4U is the place where you can find the latest merchandise before it’s available anywhere else. Our mission is to always stay ahead with the newest spy gadgets.

They take pride in their range of products and strive to provide a comprehensive selection of the latest technology, including a wide variety of spy cameras and gadgets, all at fantastic prices.


If you own a website, you can earn money by joining the Spy Gadgets 4U Affiliate Team through affiliatefuture.co.uk.

Here’s how it works: if you become an affiliate and a customer makes a purchase from the spygadgets4u.co.uk website through your link, we will pay you a commission as a reward for bringing us that sale!

Earn an 8% commission on sales generated through your website. All orders are handled directly by Spy Gadgets 4U. You can log in to manage your account and view your statistics.

You can also add or change banners and links to use on your website. It’s free to join and will never cost you a penny!

  • Commissions: Earn 8% commissions.

29. The Home Security Superstore

The Home Security Superstore was founded in 2003 with a focus on six key areas: security, self-defense, surveillance, spy gear, safety, and survival.

They firmly believe that these areas are essential for personal well-being and success.

The Home Security Superstore

They offer a wide range of products that cater to personal security and well-being. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, you can sign up through their affiliate program link.

  • Commission: Earn 9% on sales.

30. Spy Associates

SpyAssociates.com has been providing security and surveillance solutions to both consumers and businesses since 1999.

Spy Associates

They specialize in high-quality products for a wide range of needs and have served Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, you can sign up via their affiliate signup link.

  • Commission: Earn up to 12% on sales.

31. BizzOffers 

BizzOffers is known for its exclusive offers, particularly in the spy niche. They specialize in parental control and phone monitoring app offers to meet the growing demand for digital safety and security solutions.


This makes it ideal for affiliates with audiences who are interested in digital security, parental control solutions, and surveillance technology.

Their network offers a unique opportunity for affiliates to engage with high-demand offers and potentially establish lucrative partnerships in the spy and security app market.

  • Commission: The commission varies by offer.

32. XNSPY 

XNSPY is a powerful mobile monitoring software that enables users to remotely access and monitor data on a target device through the XNSPY Control Panel.


This feature-rich platform offers a wide range of monitoring capabilities, making it a valuable tool for parents, employers, and individuals who want to protect their digital interests.

The XNSPY affiliate program provides an excellent opportunity for affiliates who want to promote a leading solution in the mobile monitoring space.

Its generous commission structure is an attractive incentive for affiliates looking to partner with a reputable brand.

  • Commission Rate: Affiliates can earn between 40-55% in commissions.

33. FlexiSpy 

FlexiSpy is an innovative smartphone monitoring technology that provides comprehensive tracking and monitoring features.

It is designed to keep users informed about the activity on the devices being monitored, catering to the needs of parents, employers, and individuals concerned with digital security.


The FlexiSpy affiliate program offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to partner with an advanced monitoring solution. It provides a strong commission rate and a product that meets the growing demand for digital oversight.

  • Commission Rate: Affiliates earn a commission of 45%.

34. WebsitesAndLeads

They have been dedicated to WebsitesAndLeads for over fifteen years. With expertise across various disciplines, they offer end-to-end digital growth solutions that start from booking a site to creating sales.

Their services are affordable yet premium, and they provide flexible payment options. Whether you bring us ugly websites or clients who need a website, they take care of the rest.


They believe in no-nonsense payment terms, and you get paid as soon as the client pays.

Their project sizes vary from $2000 to $150000, and you always earn a 25% commission. If a client recommends us and they win another project, they pay you a 100% commission.

  • Commissions: It offers twenty-fifth per sale. ($750 average commissions)

35. Plato

Plato is high-end internet style consultants from the state capital, PA that are providing conspicuous websites to businesses massive and little since 2008.

They believe that while enticing websites are great, effective ones are even better.

That’s why they offer custom web design services that include comprehensive search engine optimization and marketing advice, helping you generate more sales and drive more traffic to your website.

Their focus is on creating visually appealing websites that are also designed to sell and rank high in Google search results. They also offer Google Adwords management and other tools to help you attract customers to your website.


If you’re interested in joining our fun learning team, becoming a Playdough to Plato affiliate is an exciting opportunity to earn passive income.

Whether you’re a blogger, teacher, or homeschooler, you can earn 40% of customer sales (excluding tax) generated through your referral link.

Commissions are paid via PayPal on the first of each month for the previous month’s sales, and affiliate links are active for 30 days. This means that if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase within 30 days, you’ll earn a commission.

As an affiliate, you can receive free downloads of all our store products as long as you don’t share or sell them through any platform other than the Playdough to Plato store.

There’s no limit to how much you can earn as an affiliate.

You can promote our products in a variety of ways, such as sharing your experiences on your blog, social media accounts, and newsletters, adding our product links to your popular blog posts, and sharing our products on Pinterest and Facebook using your referral link.

  • Commissions: 20% of each sale. ($600 average commissions)

36. Volusion

Volusion offers a simple and affordable way for people to sell their products online. They also help launch thousands of online businesses while giving back to the community and building a passionate team of e-commerce experts.

As an affiliate, you can earn a commission for each sale and monetize your website or blog with affiliate links and banners. You will also gain access to exclusive marketing materials!

When you refer a customer to Volusion, you will earn a 200% one-time commission payment for your client’s monthly hosting plan. There is no need to bill or support client sites.

Once someone signs up to be an affiliate, they will be given a unique URL that links to your website.

Whenever a customer visits your store through an affiliate’s link, any sales generated from that URL will be recorded, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your affiliates!

Customers can become affiliates by clicking on the “Become an Affiliate” link located in your front footer.

  • Commissions: Commission may vary.

37. Blackline Design

The BlackLine Partner Program is an essential part of our business strategy. They continue to establish partnerships with companies whose software and services expertise complements our own.

The program offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses to expand as both small and medium-sized companies continue to look towards cloud computing as a solution for their business needs.

Blackline Design

By collaborating with BlackLine, partners can add value to our solutions by utilizing their domain expertise and providing solutions and services that cater to the unique regional and local requirements of our joint customers.

Although cloud technology has made it easier for organizations to achieve financial transformation, implementing these technologies, changing or modifying processes, and training employees can be daunting.

This is where our trusted network of Affiliate partners can help.

They have partnered with leading financial consulting firms that possess the knowledge and technical expertise to assist you in modernizing your back-office operations.

Their Affiliate partners bring a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds, including Initial Offering Readiness, Credit Unions, and Higher Education. To find a BlackLine Affiliate partner, choose from the list below.

Joining the program is free, and there are no commitments. You get paid as soon as the consumer makes their payment, with no cash-out minimums.

When customers click on your affiliate link, they keep a record of their visits to our website for the following 45 days.

If they decide to contact us and end up booking a site, you’ll still receive a commission. You get 25% of the project, no matter how big it is.

  • Commissions:  25% commissions.

38. DesignModo

Designmodo offers a range of UI Kits, including highly rated ones for websites, mobile devices, e-commerce, and information visualization. Additionally, they provide time-saving tools like vector icon packs for web developers and designers.

If you refer others to purchase products from Designmodo’s website, you will be rewarded through the Designmodo Affiliate Program. Signing up is free and easy and only takes a few minutes.


As a member of the Designmodo Affiliate Program, you can earn a 25% commission on purchases made by customers referred by you. There is no charge to join and no minimum sales requirement.

Once you sign up, you will receive a unique referral link to share on your website and social media accounts.

Each purchase made through your referral link will earn you a commission from Designmodo.

  • Commissions: 25% commissions.

39. 5280 Design 

5280 Design area unit, a multifarious business development firm. Additionally to internet style, they will do your selling, SEO, print, mobile apps, IT support, businessperson accounts, tele commerce, VoIP PBX, promotional merchandise, photography, CAD style and more!

Attention all potential affiliates! They offer a free and commitment-free affiliate program that has no up-front payments, cash-out minimums, or any other nonsense.

You get paid as soon as the consumer makes their payment, with no limit on earnings.

Their projects range in value from $1,500 to $50,000, and you will always earn 20% regardless of how large the project is.

5280 Design

When customers click on your affiliate link, they will keep a record of their visits to our website for up to 90 days. If they contact us and end up hiring us, you will still receive a commission.

You will also receive real-time reports on your referral traffic and activities, and they provide you with tested, high-converting banners, email creatives, and text links designed specifically for our affiliates.

If you are an online designer or developer with a full workload or just don’t want to take on a particular project, send it our way, and they will take care of it.

From small to large custom projects, our professionals can handle it all for you while you earn a generous 20% profit. It’s a win-win situation!

Their products are top-quality and sell very well. They offer attractive, fully functional websites that are worth a lot of money and are incredibly easy to sell.

They are dedicated to creating the best products for each of our clients, and they make sure that our internet design affiliates receive unmatched benefits for sending us leads!

So, instead of wasting your time on affiliate programs that offer only a 5%-10% commission on low-priced products, send leads our way and earn a substantial 20% commission on products that are typically worth $2,500 or more.

You can earn up to $28,000 per year without doing any of the work!

  • Commissions: 20% commissions.

40. ElegantThemes

ElegantThemes offers a collection of 87 WordPress themes. Instead of buying each theme individually, you pay a set amount and gain access to all 87 themes.

To become an affiliate, you need to create an account. The commission rate is 50% per sale.


While this may seem like the best option on the market, it’s important to note that customers only pay once and receive access to all 87 themes.

This means they won’t return through the same link to purchase another theme. To maintain a high conversion rate, you’ll need to drive dedicated traffic to the site.

The cookies have a lifespan of 60 days, and there are renewal commissions available. However, ElegantThemes does not provide any specific tools for this, so you’ll need to create your own strategy.

  • Commissions: 50% commissions.

41. Wix

Wix is a cloud-based internet development platform that enables users to create their own HTML5 website online.

Unlike other online design affiliate programs, it doesn’t sell templates but pays you for driving traffic to Wix and for every referral who buys the Wix Premium plan.

To join the Wix affiliate program, you need to fill out a form and get approved.

However, you should note that the free Wix plan is quite comprehensive and offers everything needed to start a website, so the conversion rate may not be as high as you expect.


You also need to refer at least three sales per month, and the cookies expire in 30 days.

For every premium user you refer who doesn’t cancel within 14 days, you’ll earn $100. You can request a payout at the end of every month and will be paid for the sales of the previous month.

You must have a PayPal account to withdraw the cash. You can use banners or create something on your own for your affiliate campaign.

  • Commissions: The average commission amount is $100.

42. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster offers one of the most competitive affiliate programs in the WordPress and web design niche. They offer over 20 products of all types and categories.

Anyone can join the affiliate program easily without any approval process. All you need to do is enter your email address.

They offer a fair and transparent commission structure. You start with a 30% commission, and you can end up with 50%. Unlike many other affiliate programs, you are paid for every sale you make.


The commission rate depends on your monthly sales. The more you sell, the higher your commission will be the following month.

The cookies remain active for 12 months, which increases your chances of earning. The average guide on TemplateMonster.com costs $90. This means you can earn $27-$45 per sale!

The minimum payout is $100, which can be reached easily. The company supports various payment methods such as PayPal, MoneyBookers (Skrill), Webmoney, Payoneer, SWIFT, and ACH, making it convenient for affiliates.

TemplateMonster provides you with all the necessary tools to help you succeed in your affiliate campaign.

These tools include banners, showcases, landing pages, WordPress plug-ins, ready-made looks, and many others. Everyone can find something that suits their specific project.

In addition, unlike other web development affiliate programs, TemplateMonster provides you with your own personal affiliate manager who is ready to help around the world, 24/7. You can call, email, or contact them via Skype if you have any questions.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to earn a supervisor’s 5% cut. This means that if you refer others to the TemplateMonster affiliate program, you become their supervisor and receive an additional 5% of their earnings.

If you’re looking for other opportunities to help you enjoy the web design niche, TemplateMonster provides them, too.

To become a certified partner, you need to pass a Certification Centre course. Those who have nothing to do with web design but still want to be a part of the project can benefit from the Social Stock project.

  • Commissions: The average commission amount is $27-$45 per sale!

43. Envato

Envato is a website that offers a vast collection of templates online. You can find over 31,000 templates of various kinds and categories on their website.

Envato is a part of Envato Marketplace, which provides you with additional opportunities to earn. You get your commission if the person you referred buys any Envato product.


To become an affiliate, you need to create an Envato account and obtain approval. After that, you can generate your referral link and send traffic to any Envato page.

You will receive a 30% commission for the first money deposit or purchase the person has made. Although some ecommerce themes cost $79-$90, the price of the majority of the templates varies from $10 to $40.

Let’s assume that the average value of an Envato template is about $30. Since they are focusing on making money from promoting and selling templates, they won’t take other Envato products into consideration.

Therefore, for one sale, you will receive around $9. You can use the banners and logos provided or, if you’re skillful enough, the Envato Market API logo.

The minimum payout is $50, and you can receive your money through PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill, SWIFT, or Payoneer.

  • Commissions: The average is 30% commissions.

44. Microsoft

You probably already know about Microsoft and one of its founders being the wealthiest person on Earth. However, Microsoft offers a variety of products that you can sell to your audience.


These include licenses for Windows and the latest version of Microsoft 365, as well as their app store, “Surface” tablets, and even the Xbox gaming console. This makes the program versatile and suitable for different markets, ranging from gaming to digital marketing.

In comparison to other affiliate programs, some of which have multiple payout rates for affiliates, the Microsoft program has over 10 commission rates, which may be overwhelming.

It’s worth noting that the Xbox and Office 365 products offer the highest payouts.

  • Commission: Up to 7% 

45. GoPro

GoPro cameras are a perfect illustration of this.

They are popular among extreme sports enthusiasts and military personnel, enabling them to capture every moment in high-definition.


GoPro offers a wide range of action cameras and accessories, with their basic model priced at around $200. The GoPro affiliate program offers several benefits to promoters.

Firstly, it allows them to promote well-known products. Secondly, for every sale they refer, they earn a 5% commission. Additionally, GoPro offers excellent customer service.

  • Commission: 5% 

46. Rocketbook

Rocketbook offers a lot of benefits for marketing. Affiliates should take note of this. Firstly, these notebooks can be reused multiple times, which makes them an eco-friendly option.


Secondly, they come with cool technology – you need a special pen and paper that feels like the real thing. You can scan the content of each page with your phone, upload it to your preferred cloud service, and then clean the pages with a damp cloth.

This creates a brand-new notebook.

You can also “tag” each page to upload it to a particular cloud storage system, which is an excellent feature. Affiliates get a 10% commission on every sale generated through their referral links.

Rocketbook is a new company compared to other affiliate programs, so being an early adopter here could be a beneficial choice.

  • Commission: 10%

47. Eco Flow

EcoFlow’s portable power banks provide a convenient solution for power outages, enabling you to make coffee, read a book, or power essential devices without electricity.

Eco Flow

These power banks are charged by plugging into a wall outlet and can be stored for emergency use. For a more sustainable option, they can also be charged with solar panels, offering access to renewable energy.

Starting at $499 for the most basic model (solar panels not included), these products are increasingly popular due to growing concerns about climate change.

Affiliates promoting EcoFlow products can earn around $73 per sale, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions while earning income.

This aligns with a growing trend of eco-conscious consumerism and the push towards greener, sustainable energy solutions.

  • Commission: 3%

48. Garmin

Garmin, renowned for its car and truck GPS systems, offers a dream portfolio for tech affiliate marketers with products ranging from smartwatches and satellite phones to GPS trackers for dogs, sonar for fishing, and cockpit displays for small planes.


Beyond navigation, these gadgets cater to outdoor, fitness, and communication needs, making Garmin’s diverse range lucrative to promote.

Operating its own affiliate network, Garmin provides an 8% commission on sales, turning high-end product promotions into significant earnings—for example, selling a premium fishfinder could net a $119 commission.

This diversity and earning potential make Garmin’s affiliate program highly appealing.

  • Commission: 8%

49. DJI

DJI, a leading name in drone technology, elevates the online retail space far beyond basic quadcopters. These drones, capable of professional photography, building inspections, and agricultural monitoring, can cost over $2,000 each.


Through DJI’s tech affiliate program, selling these high-tech products can be quite rewarding, with affiliates earning a 5% commission on sales.

While 5% might seem modest, the high price of DJI drones means significant earnings are possible.

For instance, a $1,000 sale nets a $50 commission, making this program a lucrative opportunity for those interested in promoting the latest advancements in drone technology.

  • Commission: Up to 8%

50. Trackimo

Trackimo is transforming everyday life with its advanced GPS trackers, previously seen only in spy and action films.

These devices, which cater to a wide array of uses, from finding lost pets to tracking luggage or ensuring the safety of loved ones, meet the growing demand for reliable GPS tracking solutions.


Despite their premium pricing, starting at $198, Trackimo offers a compelling incentive for affiliates with a 20% commission on sales.

This means each sale can earn an affiliate of around $39, making the promotion of Trackimo products a lucrative venture for those targeting various niches in need of GPS tracking technology.

  • Commission: 20%

51. Epson

While Epson is widely recognized for its inkjet printers, the company’s technological repertoire extends far beyond.

Epson’s diverse product line includes advanced projectors perfect for home theaters, industrial robots that revolutionize manufacturing, and augmented reality (AR) glasses that enhance experiences, even working seamlessly with DJI drones.


These AR glasses, in particular, cater to tech enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a glimpse into the future of interactive technology.

Despite a modest commission rate of only 2%, affiliates promoting Epson’s high-end products, such as the smartglasses priced over $900, can still earn a substantial $18 per referral.

This showcases the potential for affiliates to profit while promoting innovative tech solutions.

  • Commission: 2%

52. Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint Home Security stands out for its DIY, no-contract home security solutions.

Offering a broad array of devices like intrusion sensors, cameras, and environmental detectors, Frontpoint systems are designed for easy homeowner setup and resilience against extreme conditions and tampering.

Frontpoint Home Security

These systems maintain functionality during power outages through cellular-based monitoring, ensuring continuous protection. With an upfront purchase model, Frontpoint avoids lengthy contracts and monthly fees, adding financial appeal.

Integration with smart home technology enables remote system management and home automation via a smartphone app, making Frontpoint a versatile and user-friendly option for enhancing home security.

  • Commission: $175 per lead


💼 What is a high-paying affiliate program?

A high-paying affiliate program is a chance for you to earn more money by promoting a company's products or services. If someone buys something or signs up through your link, you get a bigger chunk of cash as a thank you.

🚀 Why should I choose high-paying affiliate programs?

Choosing these programs means you can earn more money with fewer sales. It's a smart move if you want to make your efforts count for more!

🔍 How do I find the best high-paying affiliate programs?

Look for reputable companies that offer generous commissions, have products that match your audience, and provide good support and resources to help you succeed.

🤔 Are high-paying affiliate programs only for experts?

Not at all! Whether you're just starting or have been at it for a while, there's a high-paying program out there that's a good fit for your skill level and interests.

💡 Can I join multiple high-paying affiliate programs?

Absolutely! Joining multiple programs can increase your earnings and help you reach a wider audience. Just make sure you can manage them all effectively.

📈 How do I succeed with high-paying affiliate programs?

Success comes from promoting products genuinely, understanding your audience, and using effective marketing strategies. It also helps to be patient and consistent in your efforts.

🛠 What tools do I need to succeed in high-paying affiliate programs?

You'll need a website or social media presence, tools for creating engaging content, and analytics tools to track your performance. Being organized and having a strategy also goes a long way!

🌐 Are high-paying affiliate programs available worldwide?

Yes, many high-paying affiliate programs are global, allowing you to earn from almost anywhere. However, some may have geographical restrictions, so it's worth checking the details.

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Conclusion: Can High-Paying Affiliate Programs Boost Your Earnings?

Absolutely! High-paying affiliate programs are a fantastic way to make more money online.

By choosing the right programs, you can earn bigger commissions for each sale or sign-up you bring in.

This means your efforts can pay off more significantly than with lower-paying options. Remember, success comes from promoting products you believe into an audience that trusts you.

With patience, strategy, and dedication, high-paying affiliate programs can significantly boost your earnings. So, dive in, pick the programs that best fit your niche, and start maximizing your income potential today!

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