10+ Best Adult Ad Networks 2024: Which One Tops the List?

Are you curious about the world of adult ad networks, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As I delve into the world of online advertising, it’s impossible to ignore the niche yet significant segment of adult ad networks.

These platforms offer unique challenges and opportunities, catering to a specific audience with tailored strategies.

In this exploration, I’ll be taking a closer look at what makes these networks tick, how they stand apart, and what you should know if you’re considering diving into this distinct advertising realm.

Let’s start this journey and uncover the best of adult ad networks together!

What is Adult Ad Networks?

Adult ad networks are specialized advertising platforms tailored for the adult entertainment industry. They differ from standard ad networks by focusing exclusively on adult-themed content and audiences.

These networks serve as intermediaries, connecting adult content website owners with advertisers who aim to promote adult-oriented products or services.

They address the unique challenges of the adult industry, including strict regulations and limited advertising opportunities, by offering targeted advertising.

This ensures that ads reach an audience interested in adult content, helping advertisers and website owners to effectively reach their respective goals within the adult entertainment ecosystem.

10+ Best Adult Ad Networks 2024: Which One Tops the List?

Today, I will be discussing the top adult ad networks available for use.

Network Name Key Features Pros Cons
AdSpyglass Ad network aggregator, real-time statistics, automatic optimization Increases revenue, wide range of ad network integration Complex setup for beginners
Adsterra 30 billion ad impressions/month, various ad formats, anti-fraud protection High CPM rates, smart direct link, anti-adblock feature The quality of ads can vary
CrakRevenue High-converting offers, detailed stats, responsive platform A diverse array of offers, strong affiliate support, reliable payments High minimum payout threshold for some affiliates
Cpamatica 800+ offers, including adult games, a loyalty program Exclusive in-house offers, good customer service, weekly payments Selective acceptance for new or smaller affiliates
Evoleads 500+ offers, intuitive platform, competitive commission rates Timely payments, suitable for beginners and experienced marketers Payments can be slow initially
Global Fastads Specializes in adult traffic, worldwide reach Competitive pricing, variety of ad formats A limited number of offers
BillyMob Mobile-focused, real-time tracking, 2000+ offers Propriety technology, a variety of ad formats Inconsistent ad and traffic quality
Envyus Media Competitive payouts, low minimum payout Wide range of offers, good affiliate support Minimum thresholds for earnings payouts
Affil4You No minimum payment, supports all mobile platforms Efficient mobile traffic monetization, real-time performance tracking Minimum earnings thresholds for payouts
Spiroox Desktop-to-mobile targeting, global audience Access to 400+ offers, timely payments, diverse traffic sources Minimum payment of $100
ExoClick A wide array of ad formats, large international presence Sophisticated targeting, handles a large volume of traffic Strict policies and guidelines
TrafficStars Tools for advertisers and publishers, self-service platform Outstanding support accepts adult traffic Varying quality of traffic and ads

1. AdSpyglass


AdSpyglass is much more than an ad network; it’s an ad network aggregator. The platform provides a full-stack technology for webmasters and publishers and allows rotating ads from several ad networks in one advertising spot.

Without AdSpyglass, you’ll have to add the ad code from TrafficHunt, try it, then change the code to the one from Adsterra, work with it, then change the code to ExoClick, etc.

With AdSpyglass you need to add only one ad code, then add and remove ad networks in the dashboard in a few clicks. The platform will automatically rotate ads with the highest CPM per each Geo from these networks.

As a result, your income will double. This is the main feature of the platform, but they offer a lot more. Check out their website for more info.


  • AdSpyglass mediates between ad networks to find profitable combinations, increasing revenue.
  • It offers integration with numerous ad networks, providing users with a wider range of options to monetize their traffic.
  • Offers real-time detailed statistics, allowing users to track the performance of their ads and make informed decisions.
  • The platform chooses profitable ads from different networks, optimizing revenue automatically.


  • The initial setup and understanding of how to best use the platform can be complex for beginners.

2. Adsterra


Adsterra is a global ad network that is a perfect match for your adult content!

Adsterra is a world-renowned ad network with a Partner Care approach, serving over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide.

It offers an experienced and qualified team, unique direct traffic from all over the world, three levels of anti-fraud protection and a wide range of advertising formats and payment methods.

Its leading verticals are VPNs, Utilities, Subscriptions, Sweepstakes, Dating, Adult paysites, and Cams. In 2020, Adsterra became the winner of the Affbank Awards (the best adult advertising network category).

They’ve recently launched a brand new, highly customizable ad format – Social Bar. A/B testing has shown its extremely high engagement and conversion rate, outperforming other formats. It works great on adult verticals and cam sites.


  • The vast pool of advertisers with 20K+ campaigns and exclusive offers.
  • High and stable CPM rates.
  • Smart Direct Link to monetize all types of traffic (apps, social networks)
  • Automated payouts twice a month on fixed days, starting from $5.
  • Transparent and detailed real-time stats.
  • Anti-AdBlock feature that increases revenue.
  • Easy API integration, Lifetime 5% referral program.
  • Dedicated, caring managers and live chat support.


  • The quality of ads can vary, which might affect user experience on the publisher’s site.

3.  CrakRevenue


With a great AND huge selection of high-converting offers in many verticals, CrakRevenue is the best CPA Network if you want to make money online.

CrakRevenue is mostly known for its great support and its exclusive deals, mostly in the Cam vertical, where they are clearly in the lead.

Located in Quebec City, Canada, CrakRevenue is the perfect combination of longevity and innovation.

More than 10 years later and winning almost 20 international awards in the last five years, they have become one of the largest, longest-running, reputable, and most trusted CPA networks in the industry.

CrakRevenue provides better reporting while taking advantage of the more detailed stats and analyzing the data in a more intuitive way.

Apart from these, it provides the market’s best-paying affiliate programs with customized tours and landing pages. It’s fully responsive, allowing you to view your stats with greater ease anywhere and everywhere.


  • Provides a diverse array of offers and promotional materials, catering to various niches within the adult industry.
  • The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, beneficial for both new and experienced users.
  • Offers strong affiliate support with account managers and helpful resources.
  • Reliable and timely payments which is crucial for affiliate marketers.


  • They have a minimum payout threshold that might be high for some affiliates, especially beginners.

4. Cpamatica

Cpamatica best adult ad network

Flexible, but also stable. Cpamatica is a performance marketing agency that can help you grow your business in the dating/adult industry.

They have one of the market’s largest libraries of direct dating offers, including more than 100 in-house products for the US, LATAM, Africa, and India.

Moreover, Cpamatica has 100+ Adult game offers, including 10 in-house games (SlutSaga.com, Kink-Master.com, XXXCyberGames, etc.).

Сpamatica provides the best and the fastest customer service with a dedicated support team and continuous monitoring.

In addition, they have an in-house tool – Flow- that allows webmasters to create their custom SmartLink.

You can add any direct offer and then optimize your Flow according to your GEO/traffic sources/device distribution, etc., to find the best-performing offers & landing pages and maximize your EPC.

Also, payment frequency is weekly with available payment options such as Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, Capitalist and Cryptocurrency. 


  • More than 800+ offers, including exclusive in-house and adult games.
  • The minimum payment is $50.
  • Good customer service with friendly affiliate managers.
  • The best loyalty program on the market.
  • 2% bonus from referral program for friends’ recommendations.


  • Selective Acceptance for New or smaller affiliates might find it challenging.

5. Evoleads

Top Adult CPA Network - EvoMarketplace

Located in Montreal (what’s going on with those Canadian folks?), Evoleads has been in the business for more than 10 years. With high payouts and exclusive offers, Evoleads also offers nice support, although not as strong as CrackRevenue.

Established around 2005, Evoleads has supported a multitude of media partners, optimizing campaigns across all platforms with their cost-per-lead, cost-per-action affiliate network, performance marketing tracking solution, and a team of top industry professionals.

Evolead’s mission is to uphold its extensive network and to provide unparalleled support to its partners, allowing them to achieve optimal results.

They tend to explore the hottest, most relevant verticals circulating in the online marketing space today.


  • Access to 500+ offers across verticals and 200 active publishers across platforms.
  • Ensures timely and consistent payments.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers.
  • The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Known for providing competitive commission rates.


  • Payments can be slow at first.

6. Global Fastads

Globalfastads.com - Best adult cpa network

Well, well, well, another Canadian CPA Network. Global Fastads has great support, a variety of commission types, and pays on time. No fuss, no muss.

With years of industry experience, they take a hands-on approach to affiliate marketing, tirelessly testing, compiling data, and considering user feedback for both advertisers and publishers relevant feedback to build a business, as opposed to making a quick buck.

Their purpose is to unify elite members with the affiliate marketing space, combining mobile and web marketing expertise with an impressive roster of advertising and publishing partners.

They provide highly coveted exclusive and branded campaigns, superior quality traffic sources, and seamlessly integrated tracking capabilities and performance reports.

They accept payment methods such as check, PayPal, and wire, while Net-30 is the payment frequency. The referral commission is about 2%.


  • Specializes in adult traffic, which can be highly beneficial for campaigns in this niche.
  • Offers a range of ad formats suitable for adult content.
  • Capable of reaching audiences worldwide, which is great for scaling campaigns.
  • Often provides competitive pricing, which can lead to better ROI for advertisers.
  • Capable of reaching audiences worldwide, which is great for scaling campaigns.


  • No of the offers are a bit low compared to others, i.e., around 200.

7. BillyMob


Operating exclusively on mobile, Billy Mobile is a fast-adapting CPA Network with more than 2000 offers.

Based in Barcelona, this CPA is paid by Payoneer, Bank Wire, and PayPal only. Browse their directory of 6000+ CPA, CPI, and CPL offers in the marketplace.

Billy Mob provides the filters and lets you check the real-time aggregate stats from each source to find the right offer for your traffic. Payment frequency is NET-15, with a referral commission of 5%.


  • Propriety technology with BxLink is present.
  • A single link to monetize all the traffic, which optimizes your results and makes revenues fly.
  • Provides a variety of ad formats, catering to different advertising needs within the adult industry.
  • The platform is generally easy to navigate.
  • They provide Offers on real-time tracking and analytics.


  • The quality of ads and traffic can be inconsistent.

8. Evnvyus Media

Evnvyus Media

With competitive payouts and nice support, Envyus Media always makes sure that you get your payment on time. Their staff is very friendly.

I also like that their minimum payout is 25$, so it’s easier to get started.

It’s one of the 500 fastest-growing companies for 2015 and is ranked #242 in the United States, #33 in the advertising and marketing industry, and #1 in the state of Kansas.

Their vast array of tools, resources, and years upon years of knowledge and experience make them one of the best CPA networks.

Payment methods accepted are bank wire, Paper check, and ACH. Payment frequencies are Net-15, Bi-weekly, and Weekly. It’s one of the best-reviewed software on affpaying.com, with a rating of 4.95/5.


  • Provides a wide range of offers in the adult niche.
  • Known for offering attractive commission rates to affiliates and publishers.
  • Minimum payment is $25.
  • Offers good affiliate support with responsive account managers.
  • Known for consistent and timely payouts, which is crucial for publishers and affiliates.


  • There may be minimum thresholds for earnings payouts.

9.  Affil4You

affil4you - top adult cpa network

XBIZ Winner of 2012 Mobile Services Company, Affil4You really did adult mobile marketing their forte. In the business since 2003, Affil4You could be the best one to monetize your mobile traffic.

Compared to other CPAs, there is no minimum payment on Affil4You. They accept different payment options: Wire, Check, PayPal, and Payoneer.

Payment Frequency is on a monthly basis, and there are no referral commissions applicable.


  • Ongoing and auto-renewing subscriptions; successful conversion from subscription into purchases.
  • Allows you to monetize your mobile traffic from efficient services
  • Allows you to create your own website with few clicks and earn money on it.
  • Google and other search engines see them as mobile versions of the websites.
  • Allows you to configure your SEOs, too.
  • It allows you to see your mobile site’s performance in real-time.
  • Importing the data can be done using your own statistical tools.
  • Content can be chosen on the basis of the preference.
  • Supported on all mobile platforms.


  • There may be minimum earnings thresholds for payouts.

10. Spiroox


For Desktop to Mobile and with Mail traffic, Spiroox really targets your traffic wherever it is. They will adjust their strategy depending on your particular traffic.

Depending on the goals of each campaign and the type of traffic involved, they provide you with access to campaigns all over the world with different payment methods.

Spiroox offers two different advertising supports where you can start to monetize your traffic in the most successful way possible.

It works on a simple method; the advertiser pays a commission to the publisher, which would be you.

You further promote to different kinds of users, which provides sales to the corresponding user. Spiroox provides unique and direct inventory from the US and parts of Europe for both desktop and mobile.

Payment frequency is Net-60 and Net-30, while payment options are Wire or PayPal for payments less than $1000.

However, Referral commissions are different from other CPA networks; they provide 15% while most of them provide around 5-10%. Depending on the business, it provides you with different things.


  • Access to thousands of affiliates across the world, who generate hundreds of thousands of conversions.
  • More than 400+ offers.
  • Payment on time.
  • It provides you with a global audience.
  • Different traffic sources such as display, mobile, social, email, and video.
  • Allows you to target audiences.
  • RTB in different models
  • Get access to top campaigns in different verticals worldwide.


  • Minimum payment is $100.

11. ExoClick

ExoClick- best adult network

ExoClick is a prominent ad network recognized for its extensive reach in the digital advertising realm, particularly in the adult content sector.

One of its key strengths lies in the wide array of ad formats it offers, including banners, pop-unders, and video ads, which cater to a diverse range of advertising strategies.

This versatility makes it a popular choice among advertisers looking to target specific niches or execute varied campaign types.


  • Offers a wide range of ad formats, catering to various advertising needs.
  • Has a significant international presence, ideal for large-scale campaigns.
  • Provides sophisticated targeting features for precise audience reach.
  • Handles a large volume of traffic, offering extensive exposure for ads.
  • Enables advertisers to bid in real-time for ad spaces, optimizing ad spend.


  • Has strict policies and guidelines, which can limit certain types of content or advertising strategies.

12. TrafficStars


TrafficStars is an advertising network that provides tools and features for both advertisers and publishers to create effective online ad campaigns and monetize their website traffic.

As with any advertising platform, it is essential to evaluate how TrafficStars aligns with your specific advertising goals and requirements.


  • They provide Outstanding support.
  • Adult traffic is accepted.
  • A self-service platform is available.
  • Many ad formats are supported.


  • The quality of traffic and ads can vary

What Must You Know to Become an Adult Affiliate?

Becoming an adult affiliate involves navigating a unique and often complex segment of the affiliate marketing industry. Here are key things you must know:

1. Understand the Adult Industry: Familiarize yourself with the adult industry’s trends, demands, and regulations. Knowing what content is popular and what products or services are in demand can guide your affiliate strategy.

2. Legal Compliance: Ensure you understand and comply with all legal regulations related to adult content in your region and the regions you are targeting. This includes age restrictions and content guidelines.

3. Choose the Right Affiliate Programs: Research and select affiliate programs that align with your content and audience. Look for programs with a good reputation, competitive commission rates, and reliable payment structures.

4. Content Creation and Curation: Create or curate content that resonates with your target audience. This could be blog posts, reviews, videos, or social media content. The content should be engaging and relevant to the products or services you are promoting.

5. Traffic Generation: Understand the channels through which you can legally and effectively generate traffic to your affiliate links. This might include SEO, email marketing, or social media platforms that allow adult content.

6. Privacy and Anonymity: Given the sensitive nature of the industry, consider the privacy and anonymity of both you and your audience. Use tools and practices that protect personal information.

7. Building Trust: Establish credibility and trust with your audience. Be honest in your reviews and recommendations, and provide valuable information to your audience.

8. Monitoring and Analytics: Regularly monitor the performance of your affiliate links and campaigns. Use analytics to understand what works and what doesn’t, and adjust your strategies accordingly.


🤔 How Do Adult Ad Networks Differ from Regular Ad Networks?

Adult ad networks specifically cater to adult content, which often faces more restrictions and regulations than mainstream content. They are tailored to handle the sensitive nature of adult material.

💰 How Do You Make Money with Adult Ad Networks?

Publishers earn money by displaying ads on their websites, while advertisers pay to have their ads shown to relevant audiences. Revenue is typically generated through models like Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM).

🔐 Are Adult Ad Networks Safe to Use?

Reputable adult ad networks implement strict privacy and security measures. However, it's important to research and choose networks with good track records and user reviews.

📈 What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing an Adult Ad Network?

Consider factors like payout rates, ad format variety, traffic requirements, user interface, and the network's reputation.

📊 How Do I Track My Earnings and Performance?

Most adult ad networks provide a dashboard for real-time tracking of earnings and ad performance metrics.

👥 What Kind of Support Can I Expect from Adult Ad Networks?

Many networks offer support through account managers, help desks, or forums. The level of support can vary, so it's a key aspect to inquire about.

Conclusion: Best Adult Affiliate Networks 2024

Alright, let’s sum this up! Diving into the world of adult affiliate networks is pretty interesting, isn’t it? I think it’s like exploring a special part of the affiliate marketing world. If you’re okay with adult content, these networks can be a goldmine.

For better results and higher CPM rates on your site, use mediation services I Recommend TrafficStars.

In addition, this will help boost revenue by 100%. I hope these top picks are enough guidance when it comes to monetizing marketing campaigns in 2024.

So, these were the top 10 best adult networks (CPM, PPC & CPA) 2024. Drop your comments and queries in the comment section below.

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