6 Ways to Automate Drop Shipping on AliExpress

Do you want to make your dropshipping business more profitable and easier to run?

Experts believe that automating the drop shipping procedure allows you to distribute your product with less time and effort.

Dropshipping makes the most money when done on a large scale because of its fast-paced nature. You can swiftly scale your e-commerce firm using automation. Even better, automating dropshipping allows you to save money.

Want to learn how to improve your process and start growing a very lucrative dropshipping business right now?

This post will show you how to automate drop shipping for your online store in six different ways.

1. Use an automated order tracking system.

First, consider what happens during the order process when a customer purchases a product. Is the tracking information supplied to them automatically? It ought to be.

When the product leaves its location, if you have competent suppliers, they will email you the tracking information. This information can be sent immediately to the consumer using automation software, letting them know it’s on its way.

It’s usually preferable to send a consumer tracking information in advance. Do not make them request it. The tracking number should also be saved in your system.

If you’re going to automate drop shipping, make sure one of the features is customer updates.

2. Automate your email marketing

Have you ever heard of an autoresponder email sequence?

This is a useful tool for attracting and retaining customers. It’s a sequence of emails delivered to your contact list. You can customise the email’s type and sequence to meet your company’s specific demands.

You can, for example, send automated emails to customers offering add-ons and upsells. Is there a holiday approaching? To go along with it, create a promotional email campaign.

Email can accommodate any form of promotional email marketing you can think of.

This automated approach makes it simple to take advantage of your existing consumer base. Furthermore, it does not necessitate any additional marketing or advertising expenditures.

3. Use Inventory Management Software and Tools

One of the biggest benefits of dropshipping is that you don’t have to buy and store inventory. You must be certain of two things at the same moment. One, that merchandise is available, and two, that you know exactly what inventory is accessible.

You don’t want to be caught off guard by overselling or receive an unexpected “out of stock” warning.

To manage your dropshipping inventory, you can use a dropshipping software system. A mechanism to link directly with your suppliers to monitor inventory levels would be ideal. Allow it to go one step further and display unavailable products in your online store as out of stock.

Overselling is avoided with automated inventory management. It also keeps your seller ratings good because you won’t be selling items you don’t have. Finally, it saves you a lot of time.

4. Add AliExpress Products Automatically

If you’ve already started selling, you’re aware of how time-consuming it is to add new things. You locate the item, read the description, copy it, locate an image, and upload it to your platform.

What if you could hire someone to do it for you?

Software can be used to do routine chores such as uploading product information. It’s also possible to update product information automatically. No need to waste time checking each listing to see if the supplier has made any changes.

Product descriptions and photographs are among the data that can be imported. You’ve just increased your productivity by having a way to find and copy this information. And that’s a big step forward for your business.

5. Automatically forward orders to suppliers

chose product in aliexpress

The forwarding of orders is another typical process that can be automated using drop shipping.

You don’t have to deal with the trouble of shipping yourself when you use drop shipping. You must, however, send the orders to your supplier for completion. You may be selling hundreds of goods per day if you’re serious about building your business.

It makes no sense to manually forward each sales order. You can create templates for exporting orders using automation software. So the customer places an order, the template is filled out with the order details, and it is submitted to the supplier.

Choose an order form format based on the supplier’s preferences, or simply send it as a CSV file via email. And there you have it: a completely hands-off way to use technology to supercharge your supply chain.

6. Automatically prioritize suppliers

You probably work with several providers if you’re like most drop shippers. This is a good thing, because under this company model, you need to boost sales to prosper.

The more you sell, the more suppliers you’ll have to deal with. That means it will be more difficult to manage everything by hand. Welcome to the world of software!

A computer programme is indestructible. Automate the prioritization of different vendors to increase the efficiency of your organisation. Using the software, you may choose which supplier will fulfill which goods.

This includes scenarios such as when the preferred supplier does not have the goods in stock. The order is then automatically sent to the next supplier in the order of your preference.

All of this will take place behind the scenes, with you doing nothing.

Now is the time to automate dropshipping.

The beauty of dropshipping is how simple the automated processes are to implement. Remember that developing infrastructure is the key to scaling success when it comes to expanding your business.

When you’ve started to establish your firm, it’s the greatest moment to outsource and start automating. You’ll have a better understanding of the process and will know just how much time and effort you’ll save.

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