Anstrex Push Notifications Ads Review 2024: Try This New Push Ads

Anstrex is a popular tool in the world of online advertising, and its Push Notification Ads service is gaining attention for its innovative approach.

In this review, Let’s dive deep into Anstrex’s Push Notifications Ads, exploring how they stand out in the crowded digital marketing space.

Let’s examine the app’s features, usability, and effectiveness in aiding advertisers to reach their target audience through push notifications.

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or new to online advertising, this review will provide valuable insights into how Anstrex’s service can enhance your advertising strategies and potentially improve your campaign outcomes.

Detailed Anstrex Push Notifications Ads Review 2024

Anstrex is one of the most reliable and legit Push Notification and Native Ads Spy Tools out there in the market that you should get started right away.

Performance marketers and content creators are getting started with this tool right away.

Anstrex Review- Reliable Ads Spy Tool

Anstrex is a comprehensive ads spy tool that has over 38 Ads Networks, 17,393,152 Ads, and 157,309 Advertisers from all over the world.

It covers more than 92 countries and is constantly growing. It is the preferred choice of marketers all over the world who want to discover the secrets of world-class advertisers.

One of the best things about Anstrex is that it supports more countries and has more ad networks than any other ad spy tool in the market. Anstrex keeps you updated on your competitors by sending alerts and notifications.

In addition to this, Anstrex has a Landing Page Ripper and deployment tools that offer the best searching capabilities.

If you’re interested in trying out Anstrex, they also offer a 2-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the tool, you can get your money back. Don’t wait any longer, give Anstrex a try today!

What You Can Do With Anstrex?

Anstrex lets you do tons of things that are listed below. I am going to explain each and every aspect of this tool so that you can have a better insight into this tool. Anstrex lets you do:

1. Save On Marketing:

Before launching any campaign, you can save on marketing costs and learn from the best advertisers in the business.

2. Test Landing Pages:

With this tool, you can easily test any landing page. Customize and deploy them on the server within minutes without putting in much effort.

3. Learn From Best Advertisers:

With this tool, you can use a powerful filter to see your competitors’ strategies and where they’re successful.

4. Drive More Traffic:

With full Alexa and SimilarWeb integration, this tool helps to drive more traffic by identifying where your competition gets backlinks.

5. Deep Data Insights:

This tool provides highly detailed data that is not available on other platforms. The best part is that it utilizes a geo-partitioning algorithm, which measures traffic patterns in specific locations to provide extremely accurate data for each country.

6. Find Better Offers:

They have a revolutionary Affiliate Offer wall that allows you to view which affiliate offers other marketers are selecting and running campaigns from the ads and landing pages.

7. Keep Up On Competition:

Anstrex provides a feature for setting up alerts that instantly notify you when new ads are launched. By using Anstrex, you can gain access to focused and relevant information to become the best advertiser online.

There is a reliable tool available in the market that allows you to spy on landing pages. You can make changes to these pages by adding your own content and then send the improved landing pages directly to your server with just a few clicks.

Moreover, the alarm feature of this tool keeps you updated about your competitors.

Whenever your competitor launches a new advertisement, you will receive an email notification instantly. This way, you will never miss any of your competitors’ moves.

Anstrex Review- Multiple Location Supported

Benefits of Using Anstrex

With Anstrex you can easily get a sneak look on the promotions that different publicists keep running on advertisement stages. You can keep an eye on a wide range of advertisements all over the world.

Anstrex helps you to investigate your competitor’s successful ads campaigns so that you can easily recognize what’s working for them and then from there you can use those strategies right in your own ads campaigns in order to get high ROI.

You can investigate the present patterns in the local advertising industry and get genuinely necessary knowledge information to meet your advertising needs.

You can see the best local advertisements on the web and furthermore the best landing pages. You can see local commercials from various advertisement systems. You can find successful ad campaigns that have won the hearts of clients on the web.

You can proceed to investigate new specialties. You can get applicable insights regarding local promotions including measurements, traffic overview, Geo, and substantially more.

Anstrex Review- Publishers Data

You can gather focused insight information utilizing Anstrex spy device. You get a chance to improve and coordinate your advertisement duplicate.

You can get all such data like to what extent the advertisement was running, on what number of stages the promotions have been running, and so on. A fruitful advertisement crusade is difficult to appear without every such datum and measurements.

In this way, Anstrex furnishes you with the chance to race in front of your opposition.

In this way, Anstrex is a legit straightforward tool that empowers you to remain in front of your opposition effectively.

There’s much that you can do with Anstrex:

  • You can amplify your promoting returns by keeping an eye on the best crusade methodologies of your opposition.
  • You can investigate your specialty from any edge as you get more than six million exceptional promotions readily available.
  • You can improve your ROI with its progressive Affiliate Offer Wall wherein you can examine whole crusades from rivals in your specialty.
  • You can follow the offshoot crusades of rivals in your specialty. Truth be told, Anstrex screens offer 200 systems.
  • Gain admittance to beneficial contender information with twenty-seven local promotion systems and in excess of 58000 publicists covering fifteen nations.
  • You can assemble presentation pages. A single tick in its database takes you from promotion to point of arrival.
  • It offers predominant search and filter abilities. You can channel by advertisement arrange, nation, stage, language, class, promotion quality, associated system, and much more.
  • You can try this without any risk.

Who Can Use Anstrex?

1. Affiliate Marketers:

As an affiliate advertiser, I understand the importance of market research and analyzing the strategies of other advertisers. By observing different advertisements, you can gather valuable insights and replicate those ads on various other marketing channels.

2. Brands:

Brands can increase their brand visibility by running impression promotions. Retargeting can be used to bring back lost customers.

3. Content Writers:

Content authors can advance their substance on different huge sites and get more guests to their web journals.

4. Viral Sites:

This tool allows individuals to discover and download top-performing viral content from different niches.

Anstrex User Interface

You can get to the Synopsis Tab through the posting page.

On the posting page, you will see numerous advertisements dependent on your hunt criteria. When you click on any advertisement title, it will open an itemized view. The Synopsis tab opens as a matter of course. In the event that it isn’t opened, you can generally tap on it.

Anstrex Review- Synopsis Details Of Native Ad Sample

The Synopsis tab gives a decent diagram of the advertisement that you have clicked. It offers the following data as per the points is given below:

  • Landing Page Preview: This picture is interactive. As you click on it, you will see full-sized screen capture.
  • Full Screenshot catch: Clicking on it will open a full-sized screen capture of the point of arrival.
  • Visit Page Button: It opens the point of arrival in another tab on your program.
  • Alexa Rank: It demonstrates the Alexa worldwide position of the point of arrival root space.
  • Class: It demonstrates the class grouping of the point of arrival.
  • Bounce Rate: It gives the bounce rate of the root area all in all.
  • Alexa Rank by Country: It is in a table arrangement and demonstrates the Alexa rank by nation just as %visitors for every nation. The table is completely sortable.
  • Advertising Network: It gives the name of the promotion arrange which conveyed the advertisement.
  • Inventive: It demonstrates the see of the real advertisement.

Different Tabs in the Detailed View (User Interface) include:

Let’s track down one of the push notification ads networks and find out what details does this tool actually provides.

  • Synopsis

Anstrex Review- Synopsis


  • Statistics

Anstrex Review- Statistics

  • Bid History

Anstrex Review- Bid History

  • Creatives

Anstrex Review- Creatives

  • Landing Pages

Anstrex Review- Landing Pages

  • Ad Networks

Anstrex Review- The Ads Network

  • Platform

Anstrex Review- Devices Targeted

  • Geo

Anstrex Review- GeoLocations

Anstrex Comparison With Other Tools In The Market:

Anstrex Review- Comparison With Other Ads Spy Tool

Anstrex Pricing

The pricing plans offered by this tool are very flexible and affordable so that anyone can easily get started with them right away. And the best part is that this tool also offers a 2-day money-back guarantee. Let’s check what pricing plans they are offering:

Anstrex Review- Pricing Plans

Push Only: $79.99

  • 15 Push Notification Ad Networks
  • Push Ads from 92 Countries
  • Real-Time Push CPC Bids & History
  • 27 Native Ad Networks
  • Native Ads from 33 Countries
  • Most Advanced Searching & Filtering
  • Landing Page Ripper & Deployer
  • Online Chat Support
  • Unlimited Alerts On Competitors
  • 2-day No Obligation Trial Period

Native Only: $59.99

  • 27 Native Ad Networks
  • Native Ads from 33 Countries
  • 15 Push Notification Ad Networks
  • Push Ads from 92 Countries
  • Real-Time Push CPC Bids & History
  • Most Advanced Searching & Filtering
  • Landing Page Ripper & Deployer
  • Online Chat Support
  • Unlimited Alerts On Competitors
  • 2-day No Obligation Trial Period

Push+Native: $124.99

  • 15 Push Notification Ad Networks
  • Push Ads from 92 Countries
  • Real-Time Push CPC Bids & History
  • 27 Native Ad Networks
  • Native Ads from 33 Countries
  • Most Advanced Searching & Filtering
  • Landing Page Ripper & Deployer
  • Online Chat Support
  • Unlimited Alerts On Competitors
  • 2-day No Obligation Trial Period

What Marketers Are Saying About Anstrex (Reviews)

Anstrex Review- Customer Testimonials

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Conclusion: Anstrex Push Notifications Ads Review 2024

I’d like to share my thoughts on Anstrex, a reliable and legitimate Push Notification and Native Ads Spy Tool available in the market.

Performance marketers and content creators are already using this tool, which offers more than 38 ad networks, 17,393,152 Ads, and 157,309 Advertisers from all over the world. What’s more, it covers over 92 countries and continues to grow.

I highly recommend Anstrex to our readers and visitors. The best part is that it also comes with a 2-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.

I hope this Anstrex Review provides you with detailed insights.

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