Anik Singal Review 2024: Is Anik Singal Another Scam?

Want to know about Anik Singal ? Check out this Anik Singal Review in detailed. 

Anik Singal is a great guy who has worked hard to get where he is today. He is well known for his “E-Book” Millionaire Society, which makes him tons of money every year.

So, is Anik Singal a Scam? NO.. in capital and BOLD letters. Let us find more about him below in my detailed Anik Singal Review. 

A good mentor is essential if you are set on embarking on your own entrepreneurial journey.

Anik Singal Review

Lastly, if you are not able to find a mentor in person, I will do my best to match you up with an online mentor.

During today’s review, I’ll be discussing Lurn CEO Anik Singal. 

Where is he from, how much money does he have, and what can you learn from him?

The time has come to find out!

DISCLAIMER: This Anik Singal review has been thoroughly researched using publicly available information and testimonials. Any conclusions I draw are my own.

1. Who Is Anik Singal? Anik Singal Review

Among his most well-known companies is Lurn, which he founded.

Anik Singal is vocal about not having a family who wanted him to become a doctor, unlike other entrepreneurs who claim to have started doing business while in high school.

In order to fulfill their dreams, he worked hard for a while. He did not give up on his dream of being his own boss, however.

Is Anik Singal Another Scam Anik Singal: Anik Singal Review

In order to enroll in business school, Singh decided to drop out of the pre-med program.

The first few months of Singal’s business did not break even. He was able to make money online after 18 months. This, in my opinion, makes him a considerably more credible entrepreneur than others.

Talking about success is easy, but turning failures into lessons is a challenge.

1.1. Anik Singal’s net worth (Is Anik Singal Another Scam?)

Richard branson with Anik Singal

As of right now, Anik Singal has an estimated net worth of $23 million.

Compared to the pre-med student who dropped out and started making money online after trying a hail-mary method, that’s an entirely different story.

Bloomberg, Inc. 5000, and other widely respected business journals frequently mention and praise Anik Singal today. 

MoneyMakeItRainGIF Anik Singal's net worth

A majority of his income comes from providing advice to people who are interested in starting or improving their online businesses through his courses and coaching.

2. Courses offered By The Anik Singal Lurn Nation

Founded by Anik Singal, Lurn Nation offers a range of courses on marketing and entrepreneurship.

Over 400,000 students are enrolled in the over 100 online courses available through LURN. 

The Lurn Nation community also provides you with the opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

2.1. Free and Paid Lurn courses

That’s my cup of tea!

Before asking someone to commit, I think you should give them a free trial.

Lurn offers both fee-based and free courses.

Is Anik Singal Another Scam Lurn offers both fee-based and free courses

The following courses are free:

  • Influencer Bootcamp to market influencers
  • The Pitch Formula for enhancing your sales skills
  • Digital Bootcamp to learn the basics of online business

Plus much more!

There’s truly something for everyone here.

Some courses can be completed in 2 hours, while others will require you to study for hundreds of hours.

In addition, Singal assembled an excellent team of experts; Robert Kiyosaki teaches finance, Les Brown teaches personal growth, and Anik Singal handles digital marketing.

Paid courses include:

  • Email Startup Incubator for email marketing improvement
  • Write a Book in 30 Days – online book publishing guide for entrepreneurs
  • FB Academy: Facebook Ads

Plus much more!

In comparison to other courses on the market, Anik Singal’s paid courses are now significantly more costly.

As an example, the cost of the FB Ads course is $697, and the Email Startup Incubator course at $997 is one of the most expensive Lurn courses.

You might want to consider Lurn if you want to start right away.

Lastly, an entrepreneur has the right to pick favorites. As far as Anik Singal is concerned, he suggests the following courses:

2.2. Best Lurn courses: Publish Academy [Free]

There is an online course called Publish Academy intended for entrepreneurs interested in selling their own expertise online.

In English: This is the course for those who want to make and sell their own courses.

Publish Academy


Over 121 hours of content will be covered in depth.

In addition, I like how Singal discusses the importance of sales funnels, as they are one of the most efficient ways to increase sales online. 

2.3. Best Lurn courses: Inbox Blueprint [$997]

The Email Startup Incubator course, aka Inbox Blueprint, contains over 600 hours of email marketing content.

Wait, 600?


Best Lurn courses Inbox Blueprint

You’ll get access to eight modules, but you’ll also get interviews with email marketers and entrepreneurs who’ve seen email marketing pay off.

It’s great to have field experience.

2.4. Best Lurn courses: Copywriting Bootcamp [Free]

Your marketing strategy must include copywriting.

Your copy should compel your visitors to act immediately.

In this article, I mentioned several courses that have distinct styles. 

You’re reminded of your goals, and he addresses your pain points. 

In his course, he shows you how to do it.

Right there, you have classic direct-response copywriting!

The reason why you need a Copywriting Bootcamp is that copywriting isn’t an easy task.

It’s free, first of all.

Second, Singal teaches all the tricks to write which will increase conversion.

2.5. Best Lurn courses: Free Traffic Bootcamp [Free]

Everyone wants as many visitors as possible for the least amount of money. 

We were definitely hooked by social media on the idea of not having to pay to play.

Organic (free) reach continues to decline, and getting free traffic is becoming more difficult every day.

Is Anik Singal Another Scam Best Lurn courses: Free Traffic Bootcamp

at least that is what it appears to be.

During Free Traffic Bootcamp, you will learn about free (organic) traffic sources such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

You will be able to learn the basics of SEO not only for YouTube but also for Google, with this free crash course.

2.6. Best Lurn courses: eCom Bootcamp [Free]

If you are interested in starting an online business selling physical products, Fred Lam’s eCom Bootcamp is a good crash course.

Lam covers the basics, but also a lot about marketing and advertising.

A tripwire strategy and the Facebook pixel are vital to eCommerce sales success, so it’s nice to see them mentioned.

Five video lessons are included in this course, which is free.

2.7. Lurn courses pros and cons

Lurn courses pros:

  • The basics as well as advanced strategies
  • A strong focus on sales and marketing automation
  • Experts from a wide range of fields teach the courses

Lurn courses cons:

  • It’s just too expensive for some courses
  • The number of hours is “inflated” by too many add-ons

In the end, Anik Singal’s Lurn courses will be helpful to both beginners and intermediate online business owners.

The free courses are the best place to start, and then you can upgrade.

3. Anik Singal’s Books

Singal, an online entrepreneur who founded a popular membership site, has also written four books:

3.1. eSCAPE: The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

One of Singal’s best-known books is eSCAPE.

You won’t find actionable business or marketing advice in this book since it primarily focuses on the entrepreneurial mindset.

Is Anik Singal Another Scam eSCAPE anik singal

3.2. The Email Lifeline

The Email Lifeline has a lot more actionable features than eSCAPE.

With Singal’s book, you’ll learn how to convert leads while you sleep with his email marketing formula.

The Email Lifeline anik

3.3. Passion To Profit by Anik Singal

You should read Passion to Profit if you want to start your own digital publishing company.

Singal’s title may seem vague, but he focuses mainly on digital publishing’s benefits and provides a few helpful tips.

It would be better for you to take a Lurn course.

Passion To Profit by Anik Singal

3.4. The Circle of Profit: How To Turn Your Passion Into $1 Million

Digital publishing is also included in the Circle of Profit.

You can get insights from Anik Singal’s courses and eBooks that analyze his tried and true method.

The Circle of Profit anik

Singal promoted “Anik Singal’s Profit Academy,” which has now been replaced by Lurn.

4. Anik Singal’s Podcast: The Fighting Entrepreneur

If you don’t have a podcast, are you really a popular entrepreneur? 

No, not really. 

There are podcasts for everyone these days, but the question is:

What is the value of Anik Singal’s podcast?

Is Anik Singal Another ScamAnik Singal’s podcast


In his podcast, The Fighting Entrepreneur, Singh interviews entrepreneurs and experts (as well as truckers).

The topics covered are diverse and all related to entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales.

Furthermore, I am referring to Anik Singal’s podcast as evidence that his courses are overpriced.

As a frequent listener, you’ll more or less learn his tricks from episode to episode.

If you want to learn everything at once, however, then consider taking a course.

Recommended Alternatives To Anik Singal Training

To find out whether or not Anik Singal is a hoax, you undoubtedly came to our page. He’s not a con artist; rather, he’s a prolific course producer. That’s fine, but now you know how I feel about it.

How will you benefit from this? It’s evident that you’ve come to this site in an attempt to increase your earnings for a variety of different reasons.

A new house, a new car, or even just enough money to provide for your family may be at the top of your list of goals if you decide to quit your work and travel the world on your laptop.

My goal in starting this blog was to sort out the good courses from the bad. Buying a terrible course and being unable to receive a refund has happened to me as well. I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge through purchasing a variety of courses and putting what I’ve learned into practice.

Passive Income Courses From Udemy are the Best & Affordable

Whether you’re interested in earning passive income through real estate investment trusts, rental properties, and bonds, or through automated ad services like Google AdSense, Udemy has a range of courses to help you find your next income boost.

5. Is Anik Singal A Scam?

There’s no scam in Anik Singal’s products.

Although his courses are excellent, if you expect to succeed in your career immediately after taking them, you’re in the wrong place. 

The Anik Singal reviews provide evidence that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to entrepreneurship success.

You can replicate the way that Singal does business in your own business if you study how it’s done.

6. Earn like Anik Singal 

In order to increase sales, Anik Singal uses sales funnels.

A free course lures you in first. However, you must enter your e-mail address in order to access it. 

You decide to upgrade to a paid course once you’re convinced that his courses are worth it.

His courses are more likely to be paid for if you like how he thinks and his books.

Courses he offers for free, books he writes…

Lead magnets are all used here.

When you download one, you’re entered into his sales funnel.

Quick Links:

6.1. How To Create Your Own Sales Funnel

Sales funnels should include the following components:

  • The landing pages on your website for your products
  • Sequences of emails to convert leads into customers and to re-engage existing customers
  • Your products and lead magnets

That’s all there is to it!

In most cases, you’d have to handle everything yourself

To convert a lead into a customer, you would need to manually send them your lead magnet, and follow up with them thereafter

In the alternative, you would have to purchase dozens of tools. (You wouldn’t believe how much it costs.)

You can get all the marketing tools you need in one tool – – by creating a free account without providing any credit card information

  • No coding skills are required, build your website visually
  • Automate email marketing and implement powerful sequences
  • Affiliate programs should be run
  • Create physical or digital products (courses, webinars, memberships

What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below. 

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