Amazon Deleted All My Reviews 2024 — Now What?

In this article, we will discuss Amazon Deleted All My Reviews 2024

Have you ever been on Amazon, finished writing a review for a product you purchased, and had the review deleted? It’s a frustrating feeling — especially when you take the time to provide an honest opinion about your experience. 

If you’ve experienced this issue before, rest assured that there is something you can do to fight back against Amazon’s deletion of reviews. In this article, I will explain why Amazon deletes reviews and what steps you can take if yours have been removed.

How Many Reviews Can You Do on Amazon?

Amazon Deleted All My Reviews

Although there isn’t really a limit to the number of products a user may write reviews for, it can raise questions if you write several evaluations in a month or on different iterations of the same product.

You should only get a specific amount of reviews for your goods each week from the seller’s viewpoint. There are now just five unconfirmed reviews allowed every week, according to the majority of my sources. One of your customers will then get an error notice stating that their review cannot be approved if they attempt to submit a review after that.

There are two typical methods you may still submit reviews for things you like on Amazon if you are concerned that your account will be flagged:

Participate in email marketing by sending email groups information about certain things. In this scenario, you are free to write anything and anything you want in your review without worrying that Amazon will erase it.

Another popular concept for many bloggers is to write reviews.

By doing so, you may submit evaluations without using the Amazon logo and do so on your own website. Whatever choice you make might have an impact on how friends and future clients behave, so make sure your review is truthful.

Moving on and attempting to gain additional reviews is the easiest way to deal with Amazon restricting reviews. Input genius may expedite the process by using follow-up tools like FeedbackWhiz or autoresponders for feedback.

Can You Get Banned From Amazon for Reviews?

The quick answer is yes, especially if you have submitted Amazon reviews for rewards. Amazon used to let these kinds of reviews as long as the postings made it clear that the item was sent to the buyer’s account in return for a fee, gift card, or another good.

However, since they are often positive evaluations without any assurance of reliability, it has prohibited them after receiving thousands of biased reviews.

Additionally, users can typically detect whether Amazon reviews are created with a leaning toward marketing. Anyone who believes they have been deceived by marketing reviews is free to contact the seller support system and complain about them.

What Can You Do When Your Account is Wiped?

Contacting Amazon and asking for the restoration of your review access is one of the initial steps. You may be able to recover your reviews if you unintentionally had your account deleted.

Your reviews are still available on Amazon because the firm just suppresses them so that no one can see them on the product page. This implies that all of your previously submitted reviews will be returned. Even under these situations, it seems that the majority of users are unable to regain full access.

You may register for a new account and go on submitting reviews even if Amazon is unable to restore your former account. However, you must make sure that none of the same information appears in your new account. The Amazon system will prevent access to your new account if it determines that you are the same individual using two different email addresses.

What Does It Mean to Have Your Amazon Account Wiped?

Amazon is able to keep track of each user’s past reviews, similar to the concept of a certified and unverified Amazon review. The reviewer’s account could be deleted if the team finds that you are submitting evaluations that are fake or that you have been doing so in return for free or reduced goods.

All of your product reviews will be deleted or suppressed by Amazon if this occurs. Additionally, you can no longer use the site to publish reviews. Amazon uses this to guarantee the validity of reviews and to ensure that its system of seller reviews is of a high caliber.

Although the bulk of unfavorable reviewers is caught by Amazon’s review scanning system, thousands of reviews are still written every day. This implies that reviewers who write sincere articles and have committed no wrongdoing are sometimes also included.

Why Is Amazon Deleting or Blocking My Reviews? 

Amazon has a strict review policy and will block or cancel reviews for various reasons, such as – 

  • Reviews that violate Amazon’s Community Guidelines.
  • Reviews that contain profanity, obscenity, or offensive language. 
  • Reviews that discuss pricing, availability, alternative ordering options, or reference other retailers/websites.
  • Unrealistic product reviews with unverified purchases or not related to the product being reviewed.
  • Violation of copyright in which reviews contain copyrighted material without permission from the owner(s).
  • Spamming reviews by fake accounts created just to write multiple reviews on one item or utilizing automated techniques to post many reviews at once in an effort to manipulate product ratings.
  • Reviews that are overly long and could be considered ‘rambling’.
  • Reviews that contain personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses.

Amazon will also delete reviews if it is clear that the reviewer did not actually purchase the item from Amazon but instead received a product directly from the seller/manufacturer, was given a free sample of the item in exchange for a review, or wrote the review based on second-hand knowledge rather than having used and experienced the item themselves. In all cases, Amazon reserves the right to block or remove reviews at their discretion if they feel that any rules have been violated or an attempt has been made to manipulate product ratings.

Amazon sometimes imposes limitations on product reviews. Additionally, if you post a lot of reviews quickly, Amazon may flag them as spam and remove them.

You’ll never be able to predict what occurred with your review or how Amazon works behind the scenes. No formal announcements have been made about restricted accounts or removed reviews. But it seems that a few similar instances are being reported quite widely.

  • Your listing gets flagged for unusual activity:  You can be detected for odd conduct if you utilize a review bot to obtain credit on your Amazon listing. These review bots repeatedly reword the same review for the same product. Your reviews will be removed or disabled if your listing is reported.
  • Limiting Reviews: Amazon limits the number of reviews a product may get because some sellers use phony reviews to boost their product rankings. You can identify and remove phony reviews of your items by using a review checker tool.
  • Blocked Reviews: Not receiving reviews for items (even those with BSR ratings) might sometimes indicate that review access has been restricted. Sellers won’t be aware of this circumstance until a buyer complains about it. And because you are the only one who is claiming to Amazon that your things are being prevented from earning reviews, it won’t happen soon.
  • Deleted Review: This problem is often seen by sellers who have a respectable number of sales but few reviews despite their requests for reviews using Amazon’s feedback feature. The question of why Amazon is removing its own reviews has caused confusion for those Amazon vendors. When Amazon notices a dramatic increase in the number of reviews or purchases, they limit customer comments because they suspect a review bot may be harming your listing.

What Can You Do if Amazon Has Blocked or Deleted Reviews?

If you believe that Amazon has blocked or deleted your reviews unfairly, there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue.

First, contact Amazon customer service directly. Explain what happened and ask why the review was removed. If they cannot give a satisfactory answer, you may want to make an appeal. Make sure to provide all relevant information – including any screenshots of the original post – in your appeal so that Amazon Customer Service can review it thoroughly.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, consider reaching out to a lawyer for advice on how best to proceed with your situation. Depending on the circumstances, legal action might be necessary if Amazon continues to block or cancel reviews without providing a valid reason. However, it’s important to remember that such action can be expensive and time-consuming.

Finally, if all else fails, consider leaving a review on another platform – such as Yelp or Trustpilot – to ensure that your opinion is heard. While it won’t have the same impact as an Amazon review, it will still help other shoppers make informed decisions about their purchases.

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Conclusion: Amazon Deleted All My Reviews 2024

Although it’s frustrating when Amazon has deleted your reviews without explanation, fortunately, there are some steps that can be taken to help remedy the situation.

You can report the incident to their customer service team, write to the seller directly, and use your social media accounts to broadcast your experience. 

With these strategies, you can ensure that your voice is heard and that Amazon takes appropriate action. Ultimately, although Amazon may delete reviews without warning or explanation, understanding why they do it and knowing how to respond empowers you to stand up for yourself. 

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