Algopix Vs Jungle Scout Comparison 2024: Which Is Better?



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Algopix is ​​a robust product market research platform that enables online sellers, manufacturers and brands to access and analyze product data, m

JungleScout is a product search tool that lets you select a profitable niche on Amazon and find Amazon products that can help you generate more revenu

  • Product search selection
  • Product filters
  • Supported markets
  • Rank Tracker
  • Keyword Research
  • Statistics Checker
  • Algopix will provide invaluable information such as expense breakdowns, recommended selling price, etc.
  • it provides relevant marketing insights from an integrated Google AdWord analysis
  • a quick analysis of products in eCommerce environments
  • Many learning tools for beginners are included.
  • Ability to send general screenshots to third parties for review.
  • Accuracy of estimates and forecasts.
  • software tends to run a bit slow
  • Lite and Basic versions are limited in their possibilities.
Ease of Use

Algopix's easy to use software has helped me limit risk

Easy to use and intuitive.

Value For Money

Worth your money & cheaper than Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is totally worth your money

Customer Support

Email, chat, and phone support in the annual plan

The Jungle Scout team is always available to answer any questions you have, and they are very responsive when it comes to providing feedback or ideas for new features.

Want to get right to the point? Jungle Scout is the best Amazon FBA tool for most consumers.

Online sales are not an easy task, but with the right product search tool, you can access key data that can help you make important business decisions. Check All features of Algopix Vs Jungle Scout.

Algopix comes in every time we talk about research on specialty products. Algopix is a seller’s favorite, it is available as an API and allows users to quickly and easily search for thousands of products.

In addition to product research, Algopix includes a number of features, including niche hunters, mass analysis, and case studies, and is available in two packages ranging from $ 27.99 per year to $ 34.99 per month for the business package.

Using Algopix saves time and resources, reduces risk, and increases revenue.

We are aware that Algopix may not be suitable for everyone, so we’ll ask you if there’s an alternative. Well, there are actually many. Here’s a list of alternatives to help you set up your niche sales.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - features

The following table compares the main differences between Algopix Vs JungleScout.

Read More About both Algopix VS Jungle Scouts in the below section.

Let’s Start.

Algopix Vs Jungle Scout Comparison 2024: Which Is Better?

Detailed About Algopix Review

Algopix is ​​a robust product market research platform that enables online sellers, manufacturers, and brands to access and analyze product data, market requirements, costs, and products.

It also generates actionable and valuable information. Whether users are looking for the right products to sell, identify the right markets, analyze the global demand for products, or run competitor analytics, Algopix has all the information they need to make smart decisions.

Researching and analyzing products with Algopix is ​​quick and easy.

With its advanced algorithms, the platform automatically updates the buy and sell data of products in markets such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

The platform can show users how much money they need to spend to buy a particular product, what benefits they get when they sell the product on a particular market, and what fees they have to pay (for example, to process Shipping and Payment).

You can also see if competition between suppliers offering the same products is strong or weak.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - algopix

In addition, Google AdWords information will be provided. Suggest a search term for each product and specify the cost per click and cost per acquisition associated with the search term.

How Does Algopix Work?

Everything starts with a product of interest. With a product identifier such as ASIN, UPC, or EAN, the Algopix engine begins the process of understanding.

With connections to 13 eBay and Amazon markets worldwide, Algopix collects the most important information points.

The Algopix engine uses patented algorithms to analyze the data and provides valuable information for each market, including a “recommended” or “not recommended” index for vendors who want to make quick decisions.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - how to work

With this information, online sellers can make better buying and selling decisions.

And knowing what to buy and where to sell means higher profits and lower risks.

Step 1: Identify the product you want to search for.

Step 2: Enter a text phrase or product ID.

Step 3: Specify the price of the item that you think you are.

Step 4: Choose the market interest in which you want to search. The least is a market and you can choose as many markets as you like.

Step 5: Select the status of the desired product.

Step 6: This is optional. However, you can also enable Google AdWords analytics by checking the appropriate box.

Step 7: Click the Submit button. Algopix strives for real-time information.

Algopix Features

The tool offers a product search for:

  • unique product
  • Bulk Product: Up to 3,000 products that you can download via Excel
  • Product discovery: analysis of keywords in title, name, or brand

And then you can search …

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - market research

Supported markets

  • Algopix supports 16 different brands:
  • Amazon: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Canada
  • eBay: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Australia
  • Walmart: United States

Product search selection

  • For each product we can choose:
  • Product Day
  • Purchase price (in USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD)

Product filters

  • ID Type: ASIN, UPC, EAN13, eBay Item ID, Walmart Object ID, or Keywords
  • Market Identification: Use the Algopix algorithm or the market algorithm itself
  • Product condition: new, used, overhauled
  • Execution: freight forwarders or FBA / MCF
  • Sent by: USA USA, UK or Australia
  • Price range included
  • Market selection: only 1 market or 16

Product search settings:

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - research

Information about the product search

  • Therefore, the tool offers a selection for each product we are looking for
  • Product identifiers
  • Recommended market price
  • Spending details
  • competitive analysis
  • demand level
  • Estimated benefit
  • Total sales estimate

Algopix Benefits

1. Generate product information in all markets.

Algopix can help you to identify and understand the pros and cons of selling your products in different markets like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

In this way, Algopix provides them with all the information they need about the products they need in all markets.

The Product Market Research Platform provides the demand, potential benefits, and associated costs of a product in each market.

Users can access product pricing data to see if buying and selling a product in a particular market is a good decision or not.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - product insights

Algopix processes and analyzes all these data points and automatically suggests whether users should sell the products on the market. Helium 10 is also the best competitor of both Amazon FBA tools providers, you can also check the detailed Helium 10 Review.

2. Enable Competitive Analysis

Algopix facilitates the analysis of competition by users. The platform allows them to check the number of sellers on the market who sell the same products.

You can check whether suppliers are executing and sending orders for FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon products and whether the products are prominently listed in the Amazon catalog so they can analyze and assess risks.

3. Access to sales performance data

Algopix has a feature called Sales Estimator that helps users make better decisions when they buy products.

This feature provides important sales performance data, such as: For example, an estimate of product quantities sold each month and revenue from product sales.

This helps companies avoid inventory surpluses and sell more profitable products.

4. Optimize advertising costs

Marketing professionals and their teams can leverage Algopix’s ability to generate Google AdWords information for more efficient and profitable advertising campaigns.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - offer

Algopix collects product research data and recommends phrases that allow website visitors and online shoppers to search for products.

The platform also provides the average cost per click and the estimated cost of each research phase.

In this way, users can develop better marketing plans and use their marketing budget wisely.

Prісіng Plan

There are 3 plans available:

Monthly Unlimited: $34,99/month, billed monthly


    • Bulk product analysis
    • Amazon sales estimation
    • eBay sales breakdown
    • Price comparison
    • Sales related cost breakdown
    • Product demand level
    • New selling opportunities
    • Daily best sellers
    • Product discovery
    • Email, chat, and phone support

Annual Unlimited: $27,99/month, but billed annually

    • Email, chat, and phone support
    • Amazon sales estimation
    • Price comparison
    • Sales related cost breakdown
    • New selling opportunities
    • Daily best sellers
    • eBay sales breakdown
    • Product demand level
    • Bulk product analysis
    • Product discovery

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - pricing plan

We have published a dedicated article on the best discount codes for Jungle Scout. The includes discount code that can help you get up to 50% off on yearly plans. Do check it out for special Jungle Scout coupon codes.

Enterprise Plan: contact for pricing


    • API Integration
    • MAP monitoring
    • Track eCommerce sales
    • Pricing intelligence
    • Email, chat and phone support
    • Bulk product analysis
    • Digital shelf analytics
    • Expert analysis & recommendations
    • Product discovery
    • New selling opportunities


Try 7 Days Free Tools, no money Transfer is required

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros & cons:


  • Algopix will provide invaluable information such as expense breakdowns, recommended selling price, etc.
  • it provides relevant marketing insights from an integrated Google AdWord analysis
  • Analyze 200+ products at once in a bulk analysis
  • a quick analysis of products in eCommerce environments
  • Greater brand recognition than BridgeTrack (estimated)
  • Offers more frequent discounts and promotions than BridgeTrack


  • software tends to run a bit slow

Detailed About JungleScout

JungleScout is a product search tool that lets you select a profitable niche on Amazon and find Amazon products that can help you generate more revenue. JungleScout makes it easy by accessing the Amazon sales database using the Google Chrome extension or Web application.

JungleScout offers the best resources for finding data-driven products. JungleScout minimizes the risk of default and maximizes profit.

Basically, the web application gives you more information about what’s going on behind the scenes of the categories on Amazon. But here, Chrome Extension gives you a quick overview of the different products and categories when you explore them on the Amazon website.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - jungle home

The web application is more expensive because it provides more information and functionality than the Chrome extension. However, it also offers many analyzes, such. For example, the sales category, prices, and possible market disruptions.

JungleScout Products:

1. Jungle Scout Web application

The JungleScout web application is the secret weapon that helps you make better decisions about the product and stand out from the competition. Using the web application, you can easily find niches and profitable products across the Amazon catalog.

With the JungleScout web application, you can filter the entire Amazon database by category, price, sale, and more. Now follow the activities of your competitor over time. In fact, this maximizes success by reducing the likelihood of failure. The web application will definitely take your Amazon FBA business to a whole new level.

2. JungleScout web application features:

The product database: With this web application, you always have the entire Amazon catalog at your fingertips. You can now filter products based on demand, price, estimates, ratings, dimensions, and other information to find the most profitable products for sale on Amazon.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - web application

3. The Niche Hunter: With this feature, you will definitely find a profitable niche. With this amazing feature, you can easily calculate one of the slot opportunity scores by publishing the bestselling statistics. You can also list many quality levels for a keyword.

4. The Product Tracker: Simply control competitors’ activities, prices, and stock levels with one click. Simply disable the manual data entry process and just touch the report with the worksheets. You can also see how you can manage your business.

What we value most about the JungleScout web application is the 100% money-back guarantee. Just start safely with the JunngleScout web application. If you are not satisfied with your services, you can get your money back.

5. JungleScout Chrome extension

Just launch your product and check your product ideas with real-time measurements when browsing Amazon. Get instant product knowledge on every page you search for. Click here to view all product prices, estimated sales, as well as the number of reviews, and many other accurate comparisons.

6. JungleScout Chrome extension features

New Digits: If you want to discover and discover the next jewel in the Amazon jungle, you’ll get accurate information that you can easily rely on and trust.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - chrome extension

7. Statistics Checker: Most interestingly, the Chrome extension makes it really easy to check statistics, and it allows you to easily validate all your information with historical data.

8. Especially for the product: this is really one of the amazing features that allow you to immerse yourself in one of the specific products. You can see the price, bestseller ranking, FBA cost, estimated monthly sales, and many other things.

What we like most about JungleScout Chrome Extension is the 100% Money Back Guarantee. Just start safely with the Chrome JunngleScout extension. If in one way or another, you are not satisfied with your services, you can get your money back.

How Is Jungle Scout used?

In the beginning, you have to consider a specific product line. You can do this by thinking of different product lines that you passionately love or know to help promote these products to your potential customers. Considering this product line, you also want to define a set of statistical criteria that every product in your product line must meet.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - niche hunter

With the Jungle Scout Chrome extension in your browser, you want to check the products in your product line. Jungle Scout creates performance data for its product line products and gives you an overview of sales estimates, revision data, and potential pricing for each product.

You must refine your search using the web application based on a set of criteria specific to your product line. Typical criteria are:

  • Price scale
  • Country preference
  • Product weight
  • monthly minimum sales
  • Sales Demography.

These criteria help you to better direct your sales to the right potential customers. Not only will the web application help you better understand new niches and product ideas related to your own product line and integrate them into your overall workflow.

With Jungle Scout you can also measure the level of your competitors and find the perfect area where you can move between your competitors and win customers for your product line. The tools available with Jungle Scout not only help you build an FBA business but can also be used if you use a runtime option for merchants that are not limited to FBA companies.

JungleScout price plans

JungleScout comes with two price plans:

1. Lite: Information about monthly sales and revenue, customer reviews and tracking, operator ratings, categorization, and ongoing support. The tool costs $ 97.

Jungle Scout Lite includes everything you need, even when using your network application. Amazon offers free solutions, such as Amazon Cost Calculator, that can be used to configure BAF charges. If you use the Jungle Scout networking application, you will see the article and the weight. If you take the time to review competitors’ results, you can highlight your perspective.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - jungle price2. Pro: This is your main Chrome extension. In addition to the features of the Jungle Scout Lite version, it offers advanced web application integration, ROI rating, opportunity rating, FBA cost estimation, list quality, and more.

Use the Chrome extension when you discover an item to promote. The extension describes gross sales, costs, reviews, sales, transactions, revenue, etc. during the month. You will immediately see a list of the main candidates for products with which you can identify your needs.

The fact that Chrome extensions are only available for a single payment makes the tool very useful. If you compare it to other programming software, your monthly finances will make your finances more successful. Jungle Scout expects you to pay for about two months. After that, you will benefit from free of charge until the end of time.

Pro ($197/one-time-fee)

  • Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • Rating & Review Tracking
  • Category & Seller Ranking
  • Ongoing Support & Updates
  • Web App Advanced Integration
  • Sales Item Profit Calculator
  • Dimension & Weight of Items
  • FBA Fee Estimator
  • Opportunity Score

2) Lite ($97/one-time-fee)

  • Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • Industry-Leading Accuracy
  • Rating & Review Tracking
  • Category & Seller Ranking
  • Ongoing Support & Updates

JungleScout Web App Pricing Plans:

  • Start-Up ($39/month)

It mainly Tracks 40 Products

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Monitor Your Competitors
  • Historical Sales and Rank Data
  • International Marketplaces
  • Time-Saving Filters
  • Up to 1 User

2) Standard ($69/month)

It tracks 80 Products

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Monitor Your Competitors Historical Sales and Rank Data
  • International Marketplaces
  • Time-Saving Filters
  • Niche Hunter
  • Up to 2 Users

3) Business ($30/month)

It tracks 150 Products

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • International Marketplaces
  • Time-Saving Filters
  • Niche Hunter
  • Up to 5 Users
  • Monitor Your Competitors Historical Sales and Rank Data

Pros & cons of JungleScout

To get a better idea of how Jungle Scout is among users, what the product benefits, and what elements may be frustrating, we’ve summarized some of the benefits of the product.


  • Easy to use and intuitive.
  • Many learning tools for beginners are included.
  • Ability to send general screenshots to third parties for review.
  • Accuracy of estimates and forecasts.
  • Good customer service
  • Detailed analysis of product variations.


  • Lite and Basic versions are limited in their possibilities.
  • Full integration of the web app into the Chrome extension will eliminate some bugs.
  • Some applications and extensions are a bit expensive.

Keyword Research | Algopix Vs Jungle Scout


The quickest way to search for possible keywords is to find the product or product type for which you want to create a list.

See eBay search terms. Most of these options are relevant to your research. You should also look at the titles of the lists to see which keywords are displayed there.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - anylise

There are several other ways to improve the visibility of the registry. Some of them are:

  • Sort your products properly
  • Including product identifiers such as UPC, EAN, ISBN, and other codes
  • Become an established seller
  • Optimize your mobile ads
  • Use high-quality pictures
  • Write complete, accurate, and grammatically correct descriptions

We’ve now discussed how you can optimize your listing to increase site traffic. However, in a highly competitive environment like eBay, it is also important to generate off-site traffic.

In essence, off-site traffic refers to people who search for your product on platforms other than eBay, typically through search engines like Google and Bing, but also through social networks.

Google AdWords is typically the platform chosen for this type of advertising and collects a large amount of data on search trends as well as search terms that can be used on all advertising platforms.

With Algopix Google AdWords Insights, you can get the most out of your advertising budget by recommending search terms and providing cost-per-click, estimated cost per acquisition, bidding, and monthly searches.

It also shows trends that help you determine whether a product is seasonal or low in demand so you can tailor your advertising budget and make purchasing decisions.

In addition, Algopix is ​​an excellent tool for eBay product search. It provides a wealth of information, including demand, costs, and potential profits, to make you a good eBay seller.

As Algopix also collects data for the Amazon and Walmart markets, you can also discover channels to easily develop your eCommerce business.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is just like Viral Launch a master of keywords. The work is mainly done by the Keyword Explorer, which you can access through the Keywords tab.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - tracker

Much of what is presented here seems to match what Viral Launch offers. For example, performing a search is as easy as typing the main keyword, choosing more Amazon Marketplace categories, and you’re done! Then you’ll get related keywords as well as exact search volume, advanced search volume, recommended license, HSA offer, exact PPC offer, broad PPC offer, and simple ranking indicators.

Well, you do not have to be a genius to understand that the exact matching search volume and the extended search volume when starting the virus have more or less the same attributes. Simply put, the number of monthly searches for a particular keyword or sentence variants.

It should be noted, however, that Jungle Scout is slightly more generous than Viral Launch in terms of paid ad details. Split the numbers to show not only the cost of PPC offers for specific keywords but also the corresponding long-term offers and stock search offers (HSA offer).

However, one of the configurations that you may not be able to determine immediately is recommended. Jungle Scout uses it to inform you of the number of products you may need to “distribute” daily for one or two weeks if you plan to break the top three spots in the ranking.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - product dashboards

But what is it all about?

Ok, now it’s pretty obvious that you need good product reviews to gradually attract buyers. But again, and ironically, you need buyers to get solid reviews. It’s more or less like chicken and egg puzzles.

To break the balance, you may want to aggressively handle gifts to increase the popularity of your product. And this can be in the form of coupons or you may be selling your items at bargain prices. The gifts recommended by Jungle Scout give you an idea of ​​the numbers you should refer to. 

Finally, Jungle Scout cumulatively analyzes all elements to give each keyword a rank from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the easier it is to get a favorable product classification with the specific term.

Costs Are Important

As a cheaper alternative to Jungle Scout, Algopix offers an UNLIMITED package that lets you analyze as many products as you like!

Algopix’s UNLIMITED plan is cheaper than Jungle Scout’s.

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - search

The affordability of Algopix has improved compared to the Jungle Scouts’ mid-level plan ($ 40 difference) and its parent plan ($ 60 difference). 

Every issue you have for your online business is important. Algopix is ​​designed to provide maximum growth with minimal cost. With additional features of Algopix that Jungle Scout does not offer, such as mass analysis, accurate shipping costs, tax estimates, and other commitments, Algopix provides you with more accurate and accurate information about the data.

Search For Niche Products

 If you’re looking for alternatives to finding Amazon niche products, both Algopix and Jungle Scout offer a history of valuable products and market intelligence.

When checking the Jungle Scout Interim Plan (Standard), they offer the tracking of up to 80 different products. However, as an e-commerce vendor, you may need to quickly examine a large number of potential products to get important information within minutes. 

With the UNLIMITED Algopix Plan, you can analyze as many products as you want. With our mass analysis feature, you can even analyze up to 3,000 products simultaneously. 

This saves you hours of lengthy research and enables you to quickly evaluate other products.

Amazon and Beyond

Jungle Scout is specifically targeted at Amazon suppliers and is designed to grow your Amazon business.

Algopix offers the same high-quality business intelligence at half price to Amazon-specific providers but offers the option of 16 additional markets (8 on Amazon, 7 on eBay and Walmart). 

Algopix vs Jungle Scout - amazon

There are alternatives for jungle researchers, and if you investigate and prove your pioneering spirit, you will find out what you are missing.

As an Amazon salesperson, you can feel comfortable in your online business and enjoy Amazon’s great product search and mass analysis tools for Algopix.

However, if you one day want to expand your business or explore other markets, this is already included in the price. This gives you the opportunity to receive important information on international expansion at any time.

FAQ About Algopix Vs Jungle Scout 

What is Jungle Scout used for?

Jungle Scout is the most comprehensive tool available for discovering, launching, and selling items on Amazon and other online marketplaces. We provide sellers the most recent and cutting-edge tools, services, and data so that you may make knowledgeable decisions about your Amazon company.

Is there a charge for using Jungle Scout?

Although we do not provide a free trial, we do guarantee your money for the first seven days if you purchase one of our basic programs. Within the first week after purchase, if you determine that the item is not suitable for you, we will offer you a full refund with no questions asked. To contact a member of the team, only send an email to [email protected].

What is the price of Algopix?

The cost for Algopix begins at $7.99 (USD) per feature, per month. There is a version that is free to use. A free trial is available via Algopix.

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Conclusion: Which Is Better?

There are decent alternatives with different accessibilities, but with all the tools you really need, the others do not really compare to Algopix.

Those who are serious about delivering to a store or haggling will need all the research data they need to select the products and ranges they offer from Amazon. Algopix is ​​the first tool to achieve this goal.

The basic features provide you with a wealth of information to help you make informed Amazon product decisions. The advanced features can help you reach a new level of income and success.

Algopix deserves serious consideration from competitors as a research tool for the development of its BAF business.

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