Top 5 Affise Alternatives 2024: Alternatives & Competitors

Are you looking for better Affise Alternatives than it is now? Then, keep reading.

In 2022, multi-level marketing enterprises will have access to a variety of robust software alternatives that will assist them in running their businesses more effectively.

One of these technologies is Affise, a performance marketing platform that enables you to manage, monitor, analyze, and improve real-time online advertising campaigns. 

Although Affise is excellent, you may not yet be persuaded to purchase it. Don’t worry, I have you covered! If you are seeking Affise alternatives, I have developed a list that may assist you in selecting the most suitable software for your company.

Top 5 Affise Alternatives 2024

1. Trackier –

Trackier is a marketing platform that is very customizable and can measure the success of content, campaigns, and conversions with ease. It is great for ad agencies and PR firms that want top-tier tracking and monitoring solutions for projects, commercials, and campaigns.

It has sophisticated capabilities that allow it to readily track the development, progress, and even weak places of marketing materials.

Trackier is so sophisticated that it gives capabilities for filtering fraudulent clicks and phony page interactions.

Trackier primarily provides optimization technologies that provide intelligent linking and ad network integration. Its intelligent connection capabilities enable easy monetization of global traffic through real-time EPC or CR.

Trackier: Affise Alternatives

Users may access real-time KPIs and automatic reports that can be customized to target conversion objectives and rivals through its dashboard. It is extremely configurable due to its API connectivity, which gives its customers the ability to completely customize their marketing experience.

Trackier is compatible with a variety of third-party applications, including Shopify, PayPal, and Google Adwords. It has three cost tiers depending on the number of conversions required. It may be purchased for as little as $ 299.

Trackier’s primary advantages are its advanced customization, robust security, affordability, and mobile reporting.

Here are the particular benefits consumers may anticipate from the system:

a) On-the-Go Reporting:

Through Trackier’s live tracking service, users may have access to precise real-time information. No matter what time of day it is accessed, all analytics and reporting are visible and trustworthy when using this system. As performance is tracked and reviewed by the minute, data may be double-checked with a single click.

b) Value for Money:

Trackier is the optimal choice for agencies seeking marketing software that provides excellent value. All of its pricing plans provide an unlimited number of users and campaigns.

c)   Solid Security:

Trackier employs a rigorous set of mechanisms to ensure the integrity and safety of all collected data. Through its technology for detecting fraud, it may filter out fraudulent clicks. This platform assures the transparency, accuracy, and credibility of all reports.

d) Advanced Customization:

Through API connectivity, Trackier enables its customers to customize their marketing experience. Users may personalize tools and features according to their preferences and preferred schedules. Highly autonomous and collaborative workgroups will value the freedom to modify tools and features in every manner feasible.

2. Cake-

CAKE is a cloud-based affiliate marketing system intended to assist organizations to manage, monitor, and improve real-time performance marketing. Its robust platform clarifies your marketing initiatives and equips you with the knowledge necessary to make informed marketing choices.

Cake affiliate: Affise Alternatives

Affiliate marketing, lead generation, and multichannel marketing can all be executed flawlessly with CAKE. CAKE’s Performance Marketing Software is used by more than 500 of the most prosperous marketers, networks, and publishers around the globe.

CAKE, like other options on our list of the finest Affise alternatives, has several remarkable qualities. –

a) Affiliate and Advertiser API:

CAKE gives your affiliates and advertisers the ability to automate their workflow with robust two-way APIs for reporting, campaign information, and more.

b) Data security:

In addition to existing GDPR activities, ensure data security and privacy with a defined set of rules and processes.

c) Superior customer support:

Contact CAKE through phone or email around the clock. You may anticipate having a dedicated Client Success Manager and Implementation Specialist assigned to you.

d) Real-time reports and insights:

Optimize your affiliate marketing program with real-time insights into partner and campaign success, customized notifications, comprehensive statistics, and individualized compensation schemes for rewarding partners.

3. Scaleo –

Scaleo, an award-winning affiliate marketing platform that enables you to manage, evaluate, and improve your affiliate business and affiliate marketing campaigns in real-time using cutting-edge AI technology, is another option to Affise on my list.


This European-made software is ideal for marketers (brands), affiliate networks, media buyers, and advertising agencies.

Here are some important Scaleo characteristics you should be aware of:

a) Ad performance optimization:

Using their AI tools, you may automate the marketing performance or monetize every click via intelligent traffic redirection.

b) Anti-Fraud Logic™:

Eradicate fraudulent traffic-utilizing their proprietary anti-fraud system, which integrates and analyzes hundreds of internal and external measurement points to identify and eliminate fake traffic in real-time.

c) Extensive helpdesk and caring support

Scaleo is a firm believer in 24/7 help offered by genuine, concerned individuals.

d) UI customization:

You may quickly modify the platform to exactly match your brand. Adding your logo, selecting your brand’s colors, and linking your custom domain pose no difficulty.

4. Tapfiliate –

Tapfiliate is cloud-based affiliate tracking software that facilitates the creation, monitoring, and optimization of affiliate programs.

In addition, it enables marketers to give referral links and vouchers that may measure affiliate-driven conversions on their company websites. The program also enables you to design the affiliate incentive scheme.

Tapfiliate: Affise Alternatives

According to businesses who have previously used Tapfliate, these are its primary benefits:

a) No transaction fees:

Tapfiliate does not impose transaction fees on its users. Instead, it offers several price options depending on the number of affiliates, clicks, impressions, and conversions, among other factors.

b) Integration:

It supports Shopify, Woocommerce, WordPress, and more for integration.

c) Seamless setup:

This software enables users to create their affiliate programs in minutes.

d) Great UI:

Tapfiliate offers an attractive and intuitive user interface that is simple to learn and utilize.

5. DirectScale –

DirectSale is a cloud-based software solution that promises to assist enterprises in the direct selling market with order management, communication, and shipping, among other things.

DirectScale was created by seasoned people that are familiar with the requirements of multi-level marketing companies. According to various experts, this is the greatest platform for developing an effective affiliate marketing plan.


This software solution delivers comprehensive and adjustable functionality for all of its features out of the box. Here are some of DirectScale’s finest features:

a) Scale automatically:

As cloud-based MLM software, DirectScale will maintain your momentum as you progress. It will expand with your company and cut down during slower periods, allowing you to save money and never have to worry about upgrading your platform.

b) Payouts management under control:

Your commission distributions and compensation schemes will be simpler than ever to audit and alter. Users will have the ability to independently change and audit their compensation schemes and commission distributions at no additional expense.

c) Up-to-date REST APIs:

The updated REST APIs enable users to tweak and adjust the platform to better fit their requirements.

d) Custom branding:

Create customized login and landing pages with your company’s identity to ensure that your brand is constantly prominent in the minds of your users. The software includes customizable branding including business colors and logos. DirectScale makes it simple to build brand awareness and customer loyalty, a task that many businesses struggle with.

e) DIY configurability:

You may tailor a web office experience to your specific demands and target distributors at every stage of the sales funnel. It is simple to offer them the training and assistance necessary to build a loyal and profitable workforce.

f) Easy to use:

This program is fully user-friendly and can be used by anybody with basic Internet skills.

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Conclusion: Affise Alternatives 2024

As you can see, there are several excellent MLM applications with robust features that may help your company operate more effectively. Affise may be one of them, but there are many more excellent alternatives, such as Trackier, DirectScale, Tapfiliate, Scaleo, and CAKE.

We are aware that selecting the finest MLM affiliate software solution might be challenging. Therefore, we advise: Don’t hurry to a conclusion.

Examine your priorities, needs, and budget, among other things. Understanding the tool’s influence on your company will be facilitated by your familiarity with MLM software’s key advantages.

You may also begin free trials and see live demonstrations of the most alluring apps. Because every company is unique in its way, many business owners spend their time selecting a platform.

However, one of these options jumps out. Trackier is my favorite MLM software since it is the most user-friendly and comprehensive on the market.

It assists MLM companies in empowering their workers and the industry as a whole. Its extremely adjustable nature means that regardless of the kind of company you operate, you can modify this already potent solution to meet all of your needs and more.

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