AffiliateWP Vs JROX Affiliate Manager 2024 | Which One Is Worth The Hype? (In-Depth Comparison)

In this post, I have featured AffiliateWP Vs JROX Affiliate Manager comparison that includes an in-depth comparison between these affiliate networks.

Are you aware of the concepts of Affiliate WP and JROX Affiliate Manager? If you are clear with these concepts, then you guys know what this article is about but if you have just heard the terms or have never crossed paths with these terms then do not panic as with this article you will get the idea about them. The terms come from the basics of affiliate marketing. Now let us make ourselves comfortable with the concept of Affiliate marketing together.

The basic concept behind affiliate marketing is to look for new ideas to grow your business. The company owner works tough day and night without realizing the time to achieve the heights they have been dreaming about for a long time.

The modern world is challenging to catch up with all the hard competition in the market. An affiliate marketer is a professional who is there to help the owners throughout their path to the top to shine above like a star. They are here to help you grow your business to a level that is difficult to achieve alone. They complete their responsibilities online using various techniques.

Affiliate marketing does not ever promise you to make you successful in a night as growing up needs time. But affiliate marketers undoubtedly offer you to hold their hand and climb up the stairs and become the star praised by everyone. It will add more loyal customers to your family. 

In the old-time, it was a challenging task to get an affiliate marketer working for the firm as they used to be highly expensive. But in the modern world, it is much easier to find an affiliate marketer that is not harsh on your pocket.

AffiliateWP Vs JROX Affiliate Manager 2024 | In-Depth Comparison?

About Affiliate WP

Have you heard about AffiliateWP? It is a platform that creates packed programs using several features carefully and smartly designed especially for people using Word press. It has many expert-designed tools that support businesses to build up the foundation and grow worldwide. It also increases the company’s profit. 

Using AffiliateWP, Business owners can join hands and work together with affiliates. Affiliates are people who can attract more people to try out the products of your company and make them your loyal customers who will trust the brand and support the brand in ups and downs. 

AffiliateWP Vs JROX Affiliate Manager - AffiliateWP

Affiliates can do the magic through techniques designed by them. Their responsibility list also includes driving a lot of traffic to business sites. They show the customers points in a product that are precisely what the customer wants and needs. When a customer is shown something, they need they get converted from window shoppers to the customers who buy the products. 

AffiliateWP also gives the user freedom to integrate and work on more than 20 e-commerce platforms and their provided services. This feature provided by AffiliateWP gives freedom to the user to be much more dynamic. Through this user gets the freedom to select and add all their favorite tools to make the result more efficient.

About JROX Affiliate Manager

This is a useful marketing software establishing eCommerce. If the company is facing difficulties to find new customers with whom the companies can run an affiliate program, then this software is here with the solution. 

JROX Affiliate Manager provides a comprehensive web-based solution. This application provides the best solution for the problem, as mentioned above. The problem is widespread among companies, and the users panic about how to deal with it. 

AffiliateWP Vs JROX Affiliate Manager -

The application provides the affiliates with links explicitly customized to let them monitor their activities in the market. These activities can be traced by the company owner or the boss so that the owner can pay the affiliate according to work done.

 If the affiliate is not able to generate or enhance the sales then too JROX Affiliate Manager is there for their help. How? This application does this with the use of various marketing tools. JROZ Affiliate improves brand awareness and boosts up the links to the company website.

This application is developed efficiently by JROX Technologies, Inc. It has various features, and they help the user manage and do the automatic sign-ups, manage commissions, process payments, and many other features are present.

Benefits provided by Affiliate WP:

Freedom to network control:

Through AffiliateWP, the user can control all the factors affecting the program creation. This makes it easier for the user to track as well as manage the affiliates working for their firm; using whatever format they want them to work. This also gives the user to set up their affiliate payment scheme. 

AffiliateWP provides the feature of integrated management:

Affiliate WP with the help of the WordPress platform creates a successful affiliate tracking website. Through this platform, the application designs management websites for business purposes.

The application lessens the difficulty level faced by the user while navigating the website and lets the user work more naturally with much more user-friendly tools.


The application converts the management process into an easier one as well. The administrators are now able to view their accounts effortlessly and can edit too. They do not face difficulties in commission payouts and other features as well.

AffiliateWP provides a proper affiliate area:

A dashboard that is present on WordPress also contains an affiliate dashboard. This dashboard lets the affiliates and their partners track their performance as well as the performances of the other. 

AffiliateWP - Affiliate Area

It decreases the difficulty level faced by the users while viewing their future payouts, and it also lets the users access the creative content that is to be used correctly for marketing purposes.

This application provides the user with a reporting feature called real-time information reporting feature:

AffiliateWP never let the user stay behind and always send the information directly to the user.

This feature helps the user stay updated with the various events taking place.

The information is sent to the user directly in the report format as well as in a graphical format. This feature makes it easier for the user to get all the updates about the recent events and activities taking place. If the user has the required knowledge about each and every activity and event, then they can make any decisions at any time.

Tools designed primarily for developers:

Affiliate WP is friendly with the idea that there are many more solutions to a problem and the user might be wishing to use a tool from another system and hence provides the freedom to the user to integrate other services they like and the solutions they might feel better for their problem.

So, this feature is capable of allowing the user to have access to API. Through this feature of AffiliateWP businesses can integrate their affiliate programs with the various other systems available.

Benefits provided by JROX Affiliate Manager:

It provides an admin interface

You must be wondering what it is about. This interface, called the admin interface, helps the user manage their affiliate program entirely. This is the main feature of the application, and it is capable of providing the user with an overview of new sign-ups, payments, real-time sales, commission details, traffic statistics online, and much other relevant information needed by the user to manage their affiliate program effectively.

It provides the user with a “menu” feature

This menu feature guides the user whenever the user wishes to know more about the features presented by JROX Affiliate Manager. This feature provides the user with the list of all the joined Affiliates. It also provides essential information about the enlisted affiliates. In this section, the uses can create, edit, and delete the information related to the affiliate program.

Manager’s commission menu is provided

It provides information about the corresponding commission and real-time sales which is due for every member. This menu also contains a sub-menu within it for action commission.

In this menu, users have the freedom to create one-off, level single commission menus. This helps the business owners to assign the commission according to the different sale amount. The last option in this menu is regarding setting up the product commission for various specific products.

Payment functionalities are present

JROX Affiliate Manager provided payment functionalities to manage the payables in a better way possible. This functionality integrates with various modern world technologies such as Payza, PayPal, Dwolla, Skrill Moneybookers, and Bitcoin.

Business heads have the option to check the payment history and its approval. They also can review the payment invoice and can check various things.

Jrox - Payment Method

Let the user generate statistics

JROX Affiliate Manager can let the user form statistics as well as the historical graphs which are accurate. These graphs are formed according to performance overviews.

`This feature in the application can display the monthly affiliate click stats, affiliate click through the traffic, monthly sales stats and commission stats, to affiliates by the commission and clicks every month, user registration, top affiliates according to the sales, and many more.

A content section is also present

This section lets the owners form an article to publish as the updates for their affiliates about the new products, new offerings, new strategies, features, and other relevant information and pertinent materials. This makes the affiliate program much better and efficient. 

FAQ and downloadable material managing portion

The content section also contains a FAQ managing section where the user can read and answer the questions asked by the people. It also contains the section where the owners can manage the download materials like ebooks for training.

 Containing marketing tools

JROX Affiliate Manager consists of tools that are designed for the marketing section. This tool helps the user to promote the offerings.

For any email blast materials, event announcements, online advertisements, videos, and PDF files can be accessed from the database easily. An ad tracker displays statistics about free promotional materials. It also consists of managing the various reward programs.

Email support available

The application also provides the user with email functions and sends essential announcements to the affiliates. There is a section dedicated to showing email queues, template options, and archived messages. The user can integrate this particular feature with the third party mailing lists.

Features provided by Affiliate WP:

  • Affiliate tracking feature
  • Affiliate coupon tracking feature
  • Automatic affiliate creation feature
  • Affiliate management feature
  • Affiliate URLs feature
  • Manual Affiliate Approval feature
  • Affiliate dashboard feature
  • Emails feature
  • Referral link generator feature
  • Referral rate types feature
  • Real-time reporting feature
  • Shortcodes feature
  • Data export feature
  • Integration feature

Every business demands different things that are not readily available in one application. However, still, we try to find software that can fulfil the needs of every other business present, maybe of the same industry at least. It is difficult, time-consuming and never possible to find software that is capable of fulfilling the needs of all the businesses. 

It is too much to expect from an application. Searching thoroughly for a particular software is not a practical solution. The correct practical solution to this problem is to search for an application best for your own business.

To do this, you need to jot down all the essential factors requiring attention and are very important to be there in the application you choose. These factors may be features, business size, staff skill level, pricing, and many others. 

After the above step of jotting it down properly, the next step to be taken should be about the research you need to do about the applications systematically. Research the top applications that are fulfilling your criteria. Do not forget to browse through the evaluations presented by AffiliateWP as they are well researched. It would be best if you looked more into each shortlisted software system for the best results. 

Affiliate WP Features

This systematic procedure you are asked to follow for your research will eventually prevent wastage of time and money you are investing in for the application. You will never feel satisfied if you invested your earned money on an application that is not even designed to fulfil your business requirements.

It is much better to invest your valuable time and money on an application that is worth to be invested in for your business, the one that suits your needs in the business well.

If an idea about considering AffiliateWP just crossed your mind, then you should also think about the other subcategories available as they might be a benefit too.

The characteristics, needs and benefits of each type of business are very much different from the other. Hence, it is logical to require a unique affiliate marketing software solution.

This affiliate marketing application is going to be the solution to all your problems.

So it is best to choose an application based on the needs of the particular company these needs can be company size, types of employees and clients, and also can be in accordance with the type of industries they cater to.

Searching for some popular software that will work casually for every other company is never a smart choice. Instead, it is so much better to trust the software that will surely work best in your case. AffiliateWP marketing system presents software reviews that would be of great help to you in this case. 

 Features provided by JROX Affiliate Manager:

  • It manages unlimited Affiliates
  • Supports up to 10 commission levels
  • It also set unlimited groups/tiers
  • It creates unlimited Affiliate offers
  • It shows support for scaled commissions
  • Built-in option for QR codes
  •  Built-in members CMS
  • Built-in the FAQ section
  • It shows support for third party newsletters
  • Built-in list mailing manager
  • Built-in downline GUI Viewer
  • Built-in Affiliate calendar
  • Various databases and tools for banners, videos and text links
  • Paypal/ Bitcoin mass payment option
  • Template customization ready
  • 100% mobile-based on Bootstrap V3

It isn’t easy to find one software that is compatible with each type of business. There is no perfect application that suits every business.

It is better to find the software that suits best for your business. Every business has its own needs to fulfill, and you should search for software that is best for your firm. Do not choose the software just because the competitor is using the particular application.

Jrox vs AffiliateWP affiliate manager - Features

Research thoroughly about all the software and list the ones that are good for you. Then check out the lists and read about the details of the software and all the pros and cons. Then, after all the research, select and subscribe to the best-suited application for your firm.

Pricing of the plans presented by AffiliateWP:

AffiliateWp pricing- AffiliateWP vs JROX Affiliate Manager

  • Free trial- This is free of cost, but only limited features will be given to you for your use
  • Personal- This pack will cost you $99/annual payment but will provide you with various features
  • Plus- This pack will just cost your pocket $14/annual payment
  • Professional- This pack has a higher price than the others $249/annual payment
  • Ultimate- This pack is very high on the pocket and will cost you about $499/annual payment, but in this plan, you will get to use all the features available on the application.

Details about the plans as mentioned above are given below check it according to your usage level:

  1. A personal plan will cost about $99/annual payment, and the following features will be available to you
    1. 15 free add ons
    2. One site
    3. Email support feature
    4. Plugin updates provided
  2. Plus plan will cost you about $14/annual payment and the following features will be available to you
    1. 15 free add ons
    2. Three sizes available
    3. Email supported
    4. Plugin provided
  3. Professional- Costing your pocket $249/annual payment
  1. 14 Pro add ons available
  2. Email supported
  3. Unlimited sites
  4. All future Pro add ons available
  5. Plugin updates available


        4. Ultimate- Costing your pocket $499/annual payment

  1. 14 pro add ons available
  2. All future pro-add ons available
  3. Unlimited sites 
  4. Lifetime Email support provided
  5. Lifetime plugin updates available

Pricing of the plans presented by JROX Affiliate Manager:

Jrox vs Affiliate WP - Pricing comparison

  • Free trials– This plan does not cost any amount but will not provide the user with all the features of the application
  • ON- premise license Leased- This plan will cost you $17 per month
  • On-premise license owned– This pack just cost you $179. It is a one-time payment
  • Cloud-hosted option– This pack is $27 per month 

It is good to check the details about the plans:

  1. On-premise license- leased:
    1. It includes unlimited affiliates
    2. Ongoing priority support
  2. On-premise license- owned:
    1. It includes unlimited affiliates
    2. It also provides 30 days money-back guarantee
    3. One year priority support is given
  3. Cloud-hosted option:
    1. It includes unlimited affiliates
    2. 2 GB web space available
    3. 10 GB of traffic
    4. You get your domain name
    5.  It also has an option to cancel the monthly subscription

Technical Details about affiliate WP:

  • This application supports all web-based devices, Windows, and Mac as well.
  • Cloud and an open API host this application deployment
  • It supports the language English
  • The pricing model of this application is monthly
  • Types of customers that generally use this are Small companies, large enterprises, medium level business and familiar freelancers
  • The email support system is available

Technical details regarding JROX Affiliate Manager:

  • This application supports Linux, Windows, web-based and Mac devices
  • It is Cloud hosted, open API and on-premise deployed
  • It supports various languages such as English, Polish, Dutch, Swedish and Turkey
  • The pricing model is on a monthly basis and one-time payment as well
  • The type of customers that uses this application is small companies, Medium businesses, and large enterprise

It is essential to see the expert evaluation as well as the reviews from the real companies that are using the application before you subscribe to one application. This step is significant, and hence you should check the behavior-based customer satisfaction algorithm which consists of comments, reviews, and JROX Affiliate Manager reviews in various social media across the world. 

AffiliateWP Vs JROX Affiliate Manager Testimonials

AffiliateWp Customer Review

Testimonials- AffiliateWP vs JROX AFfiliate manager

Jrox Customer Review

AffiliateWP vs Jrox - Testimonials

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Conclusion: AffiliateWP Vs JROX Affiliate Manager 2024 | Who Is The Winner?

With the help of all the information provided to you in this whole article, you now have a good knowledge of both terms, be it an AffiliateWP orJROX Affiliate Manager. Both terms offer you great features. 

The basic theory behind both terms is the special quality hidden in every business. Each business has a difference. Hence, each business requires a best-suited application that works great while solving the problems faced by the user. 

The application chosen by you does not have to be the leading and the most popular one; instead, it should be helpful for your business, so to let you fly in the air and inspire others. 

The entrepreneurs work hard each and every day they never hesitate to spend their nights working to make their nosiness large. It will be a shame if their hard work is wasted by choosing an application that does not even entirely fulfill the basic requirements of the business. So make a list of all the applications that suit your business the best, and you can also check the reviews on the application mentioned above for the reference. 

Only after going through every bit and piece of the information then make your decision. Research about all the pros and cons of each of the applications in your list and then subscribe to the best suited.

If you really enjoyed AffiliateWP Vs JROX Affiliate Manager comparison please do like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.


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