AffiliateWP vs ClickBank 2024: Which Is Better For Affiliate Marketing & Why? 🤔



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AffiliateWP is better in terms of pricing and features offered by this platform.

ClickBank also has a big bag full of features but less than AffiliateWP. It is the platform that connects sellers and manufacturers with the affiliate

  • Affiliate Management
  • Integration
  • Customization
  • One-time payment
  • Wide Range of Products
  • Global Reach
  • Commission Structure
  • Unique affiliate links
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Control and Customization
  • Direct Management
  • Data Ownership
  • Global Marketplace
  • Variety of Products
  • No Need for a Website
  • Performance-Based Earnings
  • Self-Promotion Required
  • Less Control for Vendors
  • Quality Control Issues

If you are considering AffiliateWP and ClickBank, you must be wondering which one is better?

Whether I should switch to some other platform or not? What is unique about the other one that everyone is turning to? Do I have all the features I need or not?

You have been asking all these questions yourself. There are several affiliate marketing applications in the market. But to choose the perfect one is something that needs a magnificent sight to analyze and examine them deeply.

It’s important to thoroughly evaluate each aspect of a platform – from its features to its pricing plan – in order to find the best one for your needs.

It’s also important to compare your chosen platform with other similar platforms to ensure you are using the most suitable one.

To help with this, I have provided a detailed comparison between some of the most popular platforms for creating affiliate programs.

This will give you a clear understanding of the differences between AffiliateWP vs ClickBank.

Bottom Line Upfront: AffiliateWP is better than ClickBank in terms of pricing and features offered by this platform. This platform helps you increase the revenue of your Affiliate Marketing campaigns by showing relevant products to the customers after they make a purchase. Get access to AffiliateWP Now.

This overview of the differences between AffiliateWP and ClickBank will help you to choose between them wisely. I am providing you with my suggestions and results as per our study and analysis.

AffiliateWP vs ClickBank: Overview

AffiliateWP Overview

AffiliateWP is an affiliate marketing plugin fully loaded with features for WordPress. These features help in making affiliate marketing quick and easy to understand and implement.

You can easily start your affiliate program with just a few clicks without wasting a second understanding of how it functions. You can use the WPEngine-hosted site to promote your products and services.

AffiliateWP Overview

AffiliateWP is the most trusted plugin that allows them to set up an affiliate program in seconds. You can also manage affiliates, track referrals, and affiliate commissions, and recruit affiliates.

ClickBank Overview

Clickbank is a digital market application that is designed for online marketers. It allows the sellers and producers to connect on this affiliate network and make money from their commercial and personal websites.

With this, affiliates can search for vendors and their products to promote them in the market. 

ClickBank Overview

For every sale the vendor makes, he or she gets the commission. Even the vendors had the opportunity to expand their business by promoting other products.

On working with this platform, you will gain knowledge and experience by standing on both sides of the line. Whether you are a vendor or a seller, you can make money efficiently.

AffiliateWP vs ClickBank: Features and Benefits


AffiliateWP Features

1. Easy to Set Up: AffiliateWP is an easy program to understand and install. It runs up in just a few clicks.

2. Precise Affiliate Tracking: It offers very accurate affiliate tracking on servers with great caching. 

3. Payout Services: It offers dedicated payout services to customers, which means they can pay for their desired services directly from their bank accounts.

4. Real-time Reporting: It offers easy and quick tracking of affiliate visits, earnings, affiliate registrations, and referrals.

5. Full Integration: It can integrate with other famous WordPress eCommerce platforms and many membership plugins.

6. Countless Creatives: There is an unlimited number of text links or visual resources that come with the affiliates and give your site a fantastic view.

7. Affiliate Coupon Tracking: You can have the feature of affiliate coupon tracking by connecting the coupon codes with the specific affiliate accounts.

8. Automatic Affiliate Creation: If you want, you can enable the automatic creation of affiliates in which all users will get registered with their WordPress accounts on your website.

9. Manual affiliate creation: You can also manually take affiliate registrations on your site, which are handled by the admins, instead of automatically registering them. 

10. Easy Affiliate Management: You can easily manage your affiliate program services. You can view affiliate accounts, reports, and top earrings through affiliates and affiliate registrations.

11. Referral Link Generator: You can use this built-in feature of a referral link generator to generate referral links on the affiliate from the affiliate area.

12. Affiliate Area: It is like a dashboard where you can keep records of your performance, earnings, creatives, referral URLs, etc.

13. Referral Types of Rate: You will have the authority to choose between the percentage referral rate and the flat rate on a per-product basis, per-affiliate, or global.

14. Easy Affiliate Registration: It uses a default affiliate system of record for users to register their affiliates easily.

15. Affiliate URLs: You can choose from pretty or non-pretty URLs. An affiliate can have a unique affiliate URL or ID.

16. Set-Cookie Expiration: You can set the validity for the referral tracking cookies as per your need.

17. Customizable Emails: You can easily customize your email services like notifications, affiliate approval and rejection, fresh referral notifications, and pending applications 

18. Easy Shortcodes: You can set friendly shortcodes for the affiliate login form, URLs, registration form, etc.

19. Payout Logs: You can access the detailed payout log that has been sent to the affiliates from the payout screen.

20. Developer Friendly: It has plenty of built-in templates and hooks with customizable functions and features.


ClickBank growth

1. Vast Affiliate Marketplace: Connects product creators with a large network of affiliate marketers.

2. Diverse Product Range: Hosts a wide array of digital and physical products across various niches.

3. Global Reach: Accessible to users worldwide, both as vendors and affiliates.

4. Automated Payment Processing: Manages all sales transactions, affiliate payments, and customer service.

5. High Commission Rates: Offers potentially high commissions for affiliates, often higher than typical industry standards.

6. Instant Approval: Easy and quick setup for new vendors and affiliates without stringent approval processes.

7. Statistics and Reports: This feature will allow vendors to learn about their progress in various categories like sales, commission, etc.

8. ClickBank TID and VTID Tracking: It is not used with the tracking ID but with TID. TID is a 24-character long set of characters that is integrated with each HopLink. 

9. ClickBank Pitch Plus: It allows online sellers to introduce new products to their customers when they complete a purchase by providing payment information. 

10. ClickBank Joint Venture: It allows online marketers to advertise their products to share earnings and let them have second-tier commissions through the vendors. 

AffiliateWP vs ClickBank: Performance 

When it comes to measuring performance, both affiliateWP and ClickBank have different aspects. Both of them possess a great variety of features that help in analyzing their performance.

Let us learn about their abilities and the performance they are offering.


AffiliateWP offers a great number of features, each with a specialty. These features make it a more reliable and excellent platform for every user who wants to create an affiliate program on WordPress.

With these amazing features, it offers high performance when working with WordPress sites.


Yes, ClickBank also has a big bag full of features but less than AffiliateWP. It is the platform that connects sellers and manufacturers with the affiliate program.

However, ClickBank lacks performance as it does not carry features that help every user with different demands. 

So, in our sight, the performance rate of AffiliateWP is better than ClickBank.

AffiliateWP vs ClickBank: Which One is Secure?

Any site or application’s security is an essential measure on which the platform’s popularity depends. Both AffiliateWP and ClickBank offer different safety standards. Let us see which one is more secure. 


AffiliateWP is considered more secure than ClickBank as it offers regular updates of its plugins and its platform.

Routine updates make a great impact on the security of the application. All the updates come under the plan only. No updates have to be purchased separately.


When it comes to security in ClickBank, you may not find it more secure than AffiliateWP. The updates that occur have to be purchased by you separately. These updates do not come under any pricing plans offered by it.

So, in the sector of security, AffiliateWP is more secure and safe than ClickBank. 

AffiliateWP vs ClickBank: Pricing

Pricing is an important factor in deciding which platform is cost-effective and provides a maximum number of features in what amount. Let us compare this factor in these two. 


AffiliateWP offers four pricing plans, from the basics to the advanced one, with excellent features. It has offered some plans with yearly payments and some with a one-time payment schedule.

If somehow you do not like its services, then you make your refund within 30 days, as it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

AffiliateWP pricing

1. Professional Plan

Price: Normally $749.00, now $299.60/year

Savings: $449.40

Ideal For: Smart business owners seeking a premier solution

Key Features:

    • Use on 10 Sites
    • Unlimited Affiliates, Commissions, Creatives, Payouts
    • No Monthly Fees
    • Advanced Features: Fraud Prevention Suite, Scheduled Creatives
    • Advanced Customizations: Custom Affiliate Dashboard, White-label Affiliate Area, Custom Affiliate Landing Pages
    • Premium Affiliate Growth Tools: Affiliate Signup Widget, Affiliate Portal, Custom Affiliate Slugs, Affiliate Landing Pages, Recurring Referrals, Lifetime Commissions, Direct Link Tracking, Tiered Affiliate Rates, Vanity Coupon Codes
    • Automation: Zapier Integration, Extended REST API
    • Priority Support

2. Plus Plan

Price: Normally $499.00, now $199.60/year

Savings: $299.40

Ideal For: Businesses aiming to expand their reach

Key Features:

    • Use on 3 Sites
    • Unlimited Affiliates, Commissions, Creatives, Payouts
    • No Monthly Fees
    • Advanced Affiliate Growth Tools: Signup Referrals, Pushover Notifications, Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms, Affiliate QR Codes, Signup Bonus
    • Standard Support

3. Personal Plan

Price: Normally $374.00, now $149.60/year

Savings: $224.40

Ideal For: Establishing a foundational affiliate program

Key Features:

    • Use on 1 Site
    • Unlimited Affiliates, Commissions, Creatives, Payouts
    • No Monthly Fees
    • Essential Features: Reliable Affiliate Tracking, First-party Cookies, Built-in Fraud Tools, Customizable Affiliate Registration, Pretty Affiliate Links, Real-time Reporting, Creative Categories, Affiliate Groups
    • Affiliate Payouts: Integrated Payouts Service, One-Click PayPal Payouts, Manual Payouts, Store Credit
    • Integrations: WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WPForms, 15+ Other Integrations
    • Affiliate Growth Tools: Affiliate Area, Tracked Affiliate Coupons, Advanced Affiliate Reporting, Affiliate Leaderboards, Auto-register Users as Affiliates, Order Details for Affiliates


ClickBank offers two pricing plans, each carrying a different set of features. You can decide which method is suitable for your selling and promoting products and services. It does not allow a free trial. Let us discuss the pricing plans in detail.

ClickBank pricing

1. Product Approval Process

Purpose: To ensure that your product marketing adheres to the platform’s rules and standards.

Fee: $49.95 (one-time fee) after the first product is approved.

Includes Internal Compliance Review of:

    • Product Materials: Review of the physical or digital product to ensure compliance.
    • Sales Funnel: Examination of the customer journey and purchase process.
    • Marketing/Promotional Copy: Evaluation of advertising materials and promotional content for adherence to guidelines.
    • Price Points: Verification that pricing structures meet platform standards.

2. Platform Fee

Pricing Structure: No monthly subscriptions; a simple flat rate pricing model based on sales.

Fee Per Sale: 7.5% + $1.00 per sale.

Services Included:

    • Integrated Payments: Streamlined payment processing for ease of transactions.
    • Global Reach: Access to a wider market, enabling sales across different regions.
    • Affiliate Management: Tools and systems to manage and optimize affiliate marketing efforts.
    • Reporting & Analytics: Detailed insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and other key metrics.
    • Fraud Protection: Measures to safeguard against fraudulent activities and ensure secure transactions.

AffiliateWP vs ClickBank: Customer Support

Whenever any customer faces some issues while operating any platform, it is necessary to have a strong support team. It guides and takes care of everything a client is going through. Let us check which one has an impressive customer support team.


AffiliateWP has offered only email support to its customers. You can ask your queries about your affiliate program, vendors, earnings, commissions, features, functioning, etc.

They have offered very nice and systematic customer support. The responses are made in a short period.


ClickBank offers customer support via emails, phone, and tickets. It offers its support service in three sectors. Let us discuss them in detail.

Customer Support: This team will help you with any purchase-related problems or in case you want a refund.

Affiliate Help: This team will help you with the affiliate program. It will help you to communicate and make connections with the sellers.

Seller Help: This team will help any seller at any step of the selling process. You only have to ask.

Testimonials: AffiliateWP vs ClickBank

AffiliateWp Customer Review

AffiliateWp Customer Review

ClickBank Customer Review

ClickBank Customer Review


🌐 What is the main difference between AffiliateWP and ClickBank?

AffiliateWP is a WordPress plugin designed for website owners to create and manage their own affiliate program directly within their WordPress site. ClickBank is an online marketplace that connects product creators with affiliates, handling all aspects of affiliate management, payment processing, and product promotion.

💻 Is AffiliateWP suitable for non-WordPress websites?

No, AffiliateWP is specifically designed for WordPress websites and cannot be used on platforms other than WordPress.

💵 How do AffiliateWP and ClickBank handle payments?

AffiliateWP allows site owners to manage and process payments to affiliates directly, offering flexibility in payment methods. ClickBank automates the payment process, handling all transactions and paying affiliates on behalf of the product owners.

📈 Which platform offers better control over affiliate programs?

AffiliateWP offers more control, allowing site owners to set their own rules, commission rates, and approve affiliates. ClickBank manages these aspects, offering less control to individual vendors.

🤝 Can I use both AffiliateWP and ClickBank together?

Yes, you can use AffiliateWP to manage your own site's affiliate program and also list your products on ClickBank to leverage its extensive affiliate network.

🚀 Which platform is better for scaling my business?

AffiliateWP is great for scaling within your WordPress environment, offering robust tools for growing your affiliate program.

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Conclusion: AffiliateWP vs ClickBank 2024

Above, you have studied the difference between the features and pricing of both affiliateWP and ClickBank in detail. There is an overview of both the platforms explaining which one is better.

In my opinion, AffiliateWP is much better than ClickBank as it offers more features and an outstanding email support service. 

AfiliateWP is better than ClickBank in terms of performance and security. You now have the option to choose which one suits you best.

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