Affiliate Marketing Strategies & Secrets: Interview with Zac Johnson Aka Affiliate Marketing Guru

Look what we have got for you , an affiliate Marketing Guru Zac Johnson. Yes he is one of the renowned affiliate marketing guru in  affiliate world. I am glad that he answered very kindly to my interview questions. I appreciate his time. I hope you all readers  love this stunning interview.  Zac would be sharing his best techniques & startegies for Affiliate marketing.


zac johnson interview

Can you tell us something about your blogging journey. How and when did you enter into blogging? And who are your blogging role models?

– I first started making money only in the mid 90s, and started my blog at in 2007. I also acquired in 2010, which is a top 10,000 Alexa site. I decided to start the blog because I knew I had a lot of experience and a wealth of information in the world of online marketing. I was told by many people that I should start a blog of my own, so I finally went ahead and got the site started.

John Chow, Jim Kukral and Jeremy Schoemaker will all inspirational in deciding to start a blog and brand of my own. After talking to these guys and becoming close friends with them all, it’s hard to imagine what I would have missed out on if I didn’t end up creating my own blog.

Do people need to spend money (e.g., PPC, paid advertising, etc) to make money with affiliate marketing?

– If you want to make real money with affiliate marketing you are likely going to need to spend money. Pay per click marketing, media buying and advertising on social networks works best and will deliver the fastest results. Blogging is a very cost effective way to make money with affiliate marketing, but it’s also one of the slowest methods.

Why Budgeting Is Very Important In Affiliate Marketing ?

– If you are just starting out or don’t know what you are doing, you can run through a ton of money fast. This is why it’s important for you to set daily spend limits on all of your campaigns and not spread yourself too then. When first starting out you should be spending around $5 a day to see what type of traffic and conversions an offer might receive.

The trick to a good affiliate partnership is finding quality marketers. What are the best tricks to find it ?

– Success on the internet is all about mastering your traffic sources and making good connections. Anyone can throw up an ad network and say they are legitimate. It’s your job to make sure you are working with quality advertisers and networks. Just search for any ad networks name in the search results and you will come across various reviews from their site partners and affiliates.

What blogs do you read in Affiliates? Tell me about an article you recently read that stuck out to you.

– I read everything. I like to view sites like that update me with the latest posts and where they are being posted. This is a great way for me to stay updated without needing to subscribe to a bunch of sites and check various feeds.

The best posts are case studies and real life examples. So many sites are sharing the same stuff. Giving your blog audience real content is where the value is at.

What are the Secrets of Affiliate Marketing and are you associated with any kind of affiliates.

The secrets of affiliate marketing is all about connections and making new ones. It’s extremely easy and low cost to get started with a business online, but it’s very hard to find success. There is no other industry where you can reach practically anyone in the world with a simple email. Use these opportunities to your advantage to learn, connect with bloggers and study how other people are finding success.

What are some examples of how you have worked to sell your ideas in collaborative environments?

– I focus on providing quality content and advice through my blog. Instead of trying to sell products to my audience, I can leverage their traffic and value by bringing in high end advertisers. Through my blog I’ve been able to send over $5 million in new business to my advertisers, while also helping my blog readers earn money in the process.

Do you believe that social media platforms can be used to promote affiliate offers? Can you explain it in brief ?

– Facebook Ads is one of the best examples for making money with social media. You can target your ad campaigns with any demographic around the world. There are already over a billion people on Facebook and the traffic is almost instant. This is one of the best sources for traffic and revenue if you can master it.

What things do you see your best affiliates doing that other affiliates don’t do?

– The best affiliates will spend time on their campaigns and always try to make higher profits and conversions with them. This means building out landing pages for different audiences and traffic sources. Continually split testing headlines, landing pages and ad copies is also a great way to improve your overall ROI.


What is your Take On Affiliate Programs? People misuse affiliates to increase revenues of their business. Is it true ?

– Affiliate marketing is huge and it probably always will be. There are millions of different programs and offers out there, but many of them are garbage. You need to take the time to find which are best for your audience and your traffic sources. Don’t focus on only high paying offers, it’s also about conversions and quality. Treat affiliate marketing just like you would with a real job or any other business, it’s not a game.

By focusing more on affiliate marking and paid search, is it true that we can drive more profitable sales to our business, please explain in detail.

– Every day millions of people search the internet to find what they are looking for. If your site or business is coming up in the results for what they are looking for, then this is extremely high quality and targeted traffic. Organic traffic is best because it is free, but paid advertising in the search results also works well. Pay per click marketing is how Google makes their majority of their money and it’s definitely a huge portion of all revenue and traffic in the affiliate industry.

What are the best tips in Affiliate Marketing you would like to give to Beginners? Does affiliate marketing had a secure future for living?

– For beginners I would recommend they take a look at the different ways to make money with affiliate marketing (blogging, social, search). Find the one that works best for you and stick with it. Don’t try and do everything. Be the master in one area and you will find success. This is one of the biggest problems online marketers have, there are way too many distractions and opportunities to make money. Stick with one and make it your longterm business.

There’s a lot of competition for marketers out there, especially established, quality marketers, how do you survive in this tough competition.

– There is always going to be someone buying something and always someone selling something. The intern levels the playing field and allows the small guy to compete against huge billion dollar companies. At the end of the day it’s all about being creative and having that drive to make ad campaigns work. As an individual marketer you can do whatever you want when creating ad campaigns, you don’t need to listen to a boss or get approval from your team (though you should follow all network/ad guidelines). Again, use the advantages and opportunity you have at hand and make the most of it.

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  1. The post is good to read. I read to many articles on affiliate marketing but hearing from the experience campaigner is one of the best things. Even I am trying my hand in affiliate marketing from last two years but not able to make a single coin. Well lets see when the luck works. Thanks For this article Jitendra

  2. Inspirational responses there from Zac Johnson! I would also say that many affiliate marketers would find this interview resourceful in making decisions concerning the challenges of affiliate marketing. My best takeaway from this post it this response:
    For beginners I would recommend they take a look at the different ways to make money with affiliate marketing (blogging, social, search). Find the one that works best for you and stick with it. Don’t try and do everything. Be the master in one area and you will find success. This is one of the biggest problems online marketers have, there are way too many distractions and opportunities to make money. Stick with one and make it your longterm business.

    • Hi sunday,
      Pretty glad that you stumbled upon this post. Yes overdoing can hurt your blog, Be patient and learn from other bloggers. I always follow this technique. It is good to learn then earn. Zac had really shared this best techniques out there.

    • Hi Zac, I am glad that you help my readers by providing genuine answers. You are helping newbies lot. Thnxxx for doing that. Keep sharing with us always.

  3. Zac and Jitendra, excellent stuff!

    It is all about the connections. Make friends with people in high places to boost your affiliate sales. Go into partnerships, build friendships, help each other and you can both expand each party’s presence.

    This is the direct way to see affiliate success; create value of course, but make plenty of influential friends.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Ryan, I am pretty glad that you stumbled on this awesome interview. Yes making friends can boost your sales amazingly. Ryan thnxxx for sharing ur reviews here. Keep sharing like this with us. I appreciate your time

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