6 Affiliate Marketing Lessons I Should Have Learnt Earlier

In This Post, We’ll Look At All The Affiliate Marketing Lessons I’ve Learnt:

Affiliate Marketing is full of lessons. Every day we learn something new. We experiment.. fail.. learn.. and finally succeed.

I always say, “Learning never stops.”

I recommend affiliate marketing to people who I think are capable to do, people who are passionate enough to make things happen.

But, it requires patience and courage to face failure and zero progress sometimes.

I’m not saying you would fail initially, probably you won’t!

I’m saying you might get disappointed rather than realizing to learn the art of affiliate marketing.

Why I’m Sharing these Affiliate Marketing Lessons?

Affiliate Marketing Lessons

Is that because I failed initially?


Is that because it requires hard work and struggle?


It’s because I want to share the things I didn’t know earlier. I found out by getting failed for almost 2 years in affiliate marketing.

I’ve been involved with PPC Monetization Model since 2008 and started Affiliate Marketing 2012… I didn’t only start Affiliate Marketing in 2012, but I actually started making mistakes in affiliate marketing rather than doing progressive affiliate marketing.

No Worries!

If I haven’t had those mistakes in my pocket, probably I wouldn’t find those ways to improve my Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

For those who are new in Affiliate Marketing, let me explain you briefly about it.

In Affiliate Marketing, you promote the product/service which is relevant to your audience, when they trust a or like it, they perform a certain action of purchase or trial usage, and you get paid your commission by the seller. In most cases of Affiliate Marketing, it requires a purchase action.

It looks very simple as I explained Affiliate Marketing in three lines, but it takes years of experience when no one is around you to guide. That was my case, for sure.

Fortunately, you don’t have such a problem.

I’m here to help you and tell you what mistakes I made, What things I shouldn’t have done and What should have done to perform better and boost my Affiliate Marketing Earning.

6 Affiliate Marketing Lessons I Should Have Learned Earlier

I’m not disappointed, in fact, I feel great when I realize that I’m progressing and things are changing on my side. Take a look on these Lessons I wish I could have learned in the start of my Blogging Career:

#1. Use The Product Before Referring

Use The Product Before Referring

People would likely trust you more when they find out that you personally used any product/service.

One of the psychological behaviors you might get is there click on your post to check what’s in ithow did you find this product after using ithow was your experience, and what do you say about it. So, use it in the first place, then tell people to use it.

After using the product you’ll be more confident about the features and able to handle any type of queries.

#2. Analyze Before Recommending

You just bought it, and the next day you turn into a promoter (of that product). People aren’t fooled, so don’t assume them one…

You should rather try to focus on analyzing the product/service than suddenly rush towards writing a review. Give it some room. Analyze deeply, maybe two weeks or months, then go for it.

#3. Be Honest with Facts

Be Honest with Facts

Honesty matters. Tell people exactly what you found out. You purchased the product to test it and started using it, it doesn’t mean now it’s a must duty to promote it if it has some negative aspects to uncover.

By covering negative points in your affiliate products you are being honest to your potential buyers. You’re just telling that I have used this product and found these negative points in this.

There is a complete psychology behind covering all the points. When a user read your article about a product he/she realizes that author has tried to cover all the aspects of this particular product. So it’s my turn to purchase the product or jump to next.

If you think you shouldn’t be continuing using it, then don’t promote it.

#4. Create Detailed Reviews

Reviews are awesome actually. Prospects like to check the analysis of the very same product/service they want to buy.

When you do the reviews, try to cover not only the details, but possibilities as well. Add up your spice of ideas to make it useful for the prospects.

You might want to give 60 to 70% of your review section/time to the facts you know about the affiliate product and remaining portion to the idea you think can help the prospective buyers.

Don’t focus on selling, just concentrate on the hidden value behind the product. Sale will come.

#5. Utilize the Channels to Make Reviews

Utilize the Channels to Make Reviews

Making a review hasn’t been that difficult now. Making a Video tutorial for Youtube, writing a detailed article, making some infographics and designing some banners/graphics to share on social media are common review-curator instruments to use.

I use Canva to make infographics for blog posts.

Go beyond the borders of average.

Use all possible means to capture the attention and convince the people. Create Slideshare presentation to present shareable slides and use Slide.ly to make musical gallery of your graphics and banners.

#6. Keep Eyes on Alternatives

Be informed. You tested a great product and started promoting it. That’s not it. You must be aware of the competition of your affiliate-product.

You might want to do A/B Split testing among two same kind of products to tell readers what’s best for them or which one you prefer, and why! Comparing 2-3 products always gives you better chances to make the sales.

Because now your visitors knows that this particular product is the winner among all the compared products.

Personal Experience with Affiliate Marketing

Personal Experience with Affiliate Marketing

When I started Affiliate Marketing, I didn’t know these things – And, I didn’t learn these things at once. I kept on failing and learning, and then started observing and adopting — Therefore, I came to know that there is no end to learning.

Adapt and transform the ways to perform better. Explore more and more to learn. And, I’m still learning, everyday!

The only difference is that I started sharing with others sometime, somehow, somewhere.

If I knew these things earlier, I would have done much better by now.

It’s your chance to improve. You’re on the launch-pad. Make it right.

Your Part

That’s it from my side. What’s your experience in Affiliate Marketing?

Did you observe anything that you learned and changed later on?

Share your views on Affiliate Marketing mistakes and biggest lessons that changed your Blogging. I would love to hear your voice.

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