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Adzooma is a powerful tool for online marketing. It has many features that can be used to increase your website traffic and improve your SEO. In this blog post, we will answer some of the most common questions about Adzooma. -If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you get the most out of Adzooma.

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Adzooma is an Award-winning Ad platform that helps optimize your Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Ads in one place. Grow your business in less time. Many top-notch Marketers love the simplicity Adzooma offers.

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Create, optimise and track the performance of Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising campaigns in just a few clicks. Adzooma has Google Partners, Facebook Marketing Partners, and Microsoft Elite Advertising Partner, trusted Partners so you know they operate at the highest possible standards.

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You possibly have heard that successful online marketing is an art and a science, but it’s not. Successful online marketing actually has very little to do with the “art” and everything to do with understanding and applying the “science”.

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Adzooma FAQs 2024

🤩What is Adzooma?

Adzooma is a self-serve pay-per-click advertising buying platform. You can use it to directly buy ads on Google, Bing and Facebook. There are no hidden charges – Adzooma charges you for what you buy – nothing more, nothing less. It's easy to use and offers excellent service.

How do I sign up for Adzooma?

Sign up is quick. Just click the 'SIGN UP' button on the homepage, fill out some basic information (name, email) and follow the instructions.

😯What are CPC ads?

CPC stands for cost-per-click. It means that you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. For example, if someone clicks on your Google Adwords ad, you will be charged a fee of between $0.05 – $2 depending on the keywords which have been used to trigger your ad and how much competition there is for those keywords. You can read more about Google Adwords here .

💁‍♀️I don't know what I should buy first, what's best?

If you're new to online advertising then choose from FB or GOOGLE ADS work well for most advertisers - they're tried and tested platforms that provide great value for money. You can then gradually expand your campaign once you have a better understanding of what works for you.

👍Can I run multiple campaigns at the same time?

Yes, Adzooma lets you create as many campaigns as you need – one per product or service, or one each for new and old customers – whatever works best for your business. Multiple campaigns will also let you experiment with different variables such as keywords, geographies and ad formats. In short it's the most efficient way to get the greatest benefit from paid advertising.

🙆‍♂️Is there a minimum budget?

No, not at all! The amount that you pay will depend on how competitive the keywords used in your ads are (see here and here ).

❔What sort of results can I expect?

Results vary from person to person and campaign to campaign. You can read some advertiser case studies here . However, the point is that Adzooma will get you results (we've helped 25,000+ businesses already) - its up to you how much work you put in.

⁉️If I sign up today will i get instant access?

Your account will be activated within 1 business day of applying.

🤔When should I set up my Google adwords and Facebook ads?

You do not need to wait for your Adzooma account before you start buying paid traffic on other networks such as Google and Facebook. The moment you have a working website which serves ads based on targeted keywords, Adzooma will start serving ads for you on Google and Facebook. You can find Adzooma here .

😬How soon before I need to buy paid traffic?

If you're starting from scratch, it may take between 7 days and 3 months before your first sale depending on the competitiveness of the keywords that drive traffic to your site as well as other factors such as how high quality your website is. However, if you already have an existing online store then it could be a lot faster – knowing which keywords to use and avoid (here and here ) combined with our expertise will give you great results right away.

😯What ad formats does Adzooma support?

Adzooma currently supports text based link ads (CPC ads) on Google, images ads (CPM ads) on Facebook and text based link ads on Bing.

✅How much can I spend per day?

You are in control of how much you spend each day or week - you make the schedule. You can also pause campaigns at any time you feel necessary. Your daily budget is only ever spent if your ads are shown to people. You will never be charged more than what you have set as your daily budget for any particular campaign. Just keep in mind that when using Adzooma's pay-per-click advertising platform, advertisers are subject to the terms and conditions of the network providers (currently Google, Facebook & Bing). For example with Google Adwords , there are no guarantees that your ads will get shown to any specific number of people.

😮How much can I spend per month?

You are in control of how much you spend each day or week - you make the schedule. You can also pause campaigns at any time you feel necessary. Spending more than $10,000 per month is not recommended unless you have a very clear idea of what you'll be achieving and how – if this ends up being the case then we're here to help!

🤷‍♂️What payment methods does Adzooma support?

Adzooma currently accepts all major Credit/Debit Card (inc Visa & MasterCard) and E-Checks (Direct Debit) payments worldwide with most currencies supported. We are planning to accept other payment methods in the future.

🙋‍♀️How long does it take for my customer's money to be released?

For PayPal worldwide the time is typically 1-2 working days, while for E-Checks (Direct Debit) it can sometimes take up to 10 days. We are looking at alternative local providers where applicable and will update this FAQ when they become available.

😱What guarantees do you offer?

We cannot offer any money back guarantee or refund because we reinvest all your revenue into new traffic which helps fund our marketing campaigns. Our system targets people who are actively searching for products/services like yours, not random demographics sites with hundreds of thousands of visitors that never buy anything! This ensures that you get the highest ROI from your advertising spend.

💯 What if I don't see any sales?

Adzooma currently targets the Indian market but Adzooma will soon start to target more countries – we have a list of priorities for our next international launches which you can find here . If you want to be notified when we launch in your country, please sign up at this link and you'll get a free account as a thank-you for being one of the first to try us out!

🤩How do I know that I'm getting my money's worth?

There are very detailed analytics included with every single ad campaign that runs on Google, Facebook & Bing. This helps you see how many people saw your ads, click on them and made purchases. You can also see how much revenue was generated for each of your ads.

❕Is it all or nothing when bidding on keywords?

No, with Adzooma you are in control of what keywords to use and the minimum bid you want to place. So if any particular keyword isn't converting enough you can always increase your bids for keywords that work better for yo

👉 How long do I have to wait before seeing results?

Adzooma will start showing an increase in traffic just 14 days after starting the campaign (please remember that this is subject to Google's terms and conditions, Facebook's advertising policy & Bing's user agreement). Converting traffic may take longer - our average client takes between 15-30 days to see the majority of their sales coming from Adzooma, but this also depends on your industry, product type & country.

‼️How do I know my campaign is approved?

We will send you an email within 48 hours letting you know if your campaign has been accepted or rejected by the network providers (currently Google, Facebook & Bing). If it's not approved, we'll put up a notice saying which keywords are currently being blocked on that particular network. We cannot guarantee that all campaigns will be approved as some networks have strict criteria on what they allow - but our system does work very well for most clients!

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Conclusion: Adzooma FAQs 2024 

That wraps up our look at Adzooma’s FAQs. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you get set up with Adzooma and answer any questions you may have about the platform. Thanks for reading!

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