The 8 Best AdPlexity Alternative In 2024 (Handpicked)

Looking for the best Adplexity Alternatives? Yes, we have got your back. 

It is not just a matter of working with any tool but some promises are offered and are needed to boost up the competition. Many tools in the market can help you in finding your competitors so that you can monitor their marketing methods.

AdPlexity - Best Ads Spy Tool

In this way, you can learn about marketing and its information so that you can improve your marketing promotion.

Some Affiliate marketing tools that can help you run a business are landing pages, creating ad copy, etc. They all give the best results.

It is inconvenient to spend hours with A/B testing on ads, landing pages, etc., just to see the results. For any marketer or a businessman, watching can be a costly or time-consuming task, and also, if none of the tracks are working properly.

Here, Adplexity will give you what you don’t have. It will provide you with access to a messaging database that can help you market companions.

By using them as native ads, display ads, and Facebook ads, among other things, you can create your own success story.

What Is Adplexity?

Adplexity is a tool that allows you to monitor and track your competition’s most profitable advertising campaigns on various traffic sources. The best way to stay ahead of your competition is to use Native advertising.

Keeping track of your competitors can be difficult, but Adplexity can help you in various ways. It provides insights on what works best for your competitors, allowing you to save time and money.

Adplexity is different from other competing and spy tools in the market because of its benefits, such as uncovering profitable campaigns running on native ads traffic sources, including e-commerce platforms, mobiles, and desktops.

It analyzes campaigns running in more than 32 countries and allows you to download JavaScript, CSS, and landing pages with images from the user interface. It also shows the target of all major and popular devices, such as Mac computers, Androids, Windows, etc.

Moreover, Adplexity helps you find ads that promote affiliate offers from hundreds of networks. Its special feature lets you search by keyword, publisher, affiliate networks, etc.

You can buy multiple ad networks like AdNow, ContentAd, Yahoo Gemini, etc., and it pulls information from more than 32 countries, including major markets like Australia, Canada, and the US.

Spy tools give you a better understanding of the advertising landscape and provide a replacement level of understanding, making you aware of what is happening around you.

By using spy tools, you can follow your competitors and try to make out the landing pages they are using for their sales. You can even access the quality of the products and services they offer.

List Of 8 Best Adplexity Alternatives

1) Anstrex

Anstrex is a hard intelligence tool that helps you to spare your native ad campaigns and gives you push notification ads.

It deserves unique features like taking a screenshot of the landing pages of each ad, giving you the capability of searching multiple things, and also giving you filters and operators.


Pros and Cons: Anstrex 


  • A tool that helps you spy with the largest amount of networks for ads and the countries it supports. 
  • The ones who are new here have the advantage of the 2 days of the money return policy. 
  • The navigation gets easier because of the well-organized dashboard. 


  • Normally, Anstrex does not bother with determining the particular GEOs landing pages that were put to use. 
  • It Offers a pretty steep learning curve, so it aids beginners in adding spy tools. 

2) PowerAdSpy

This spy tool is another good choice if you don’t want to use Adplexity then you can go through PowerAdSpy. It allows us to see all live and past ads whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. 

You can also replicate the strategies of your campaigns and businesses.

If you need more customers, this tool helps you win ads from all over the world in just a second. With this tool, you can search the domain, fan page, winners, etc.

PowerAdSpy overview

You can use demographics landing pages and landing pages for the ads. It also helps people get into online store businesses like WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. PowerAdSpy can help you grow your email list fast. 

It can show you the exact funnels which can target the audience.

This software is one of the first and largest software systems in the world, and it runs social media advertisements. Approximately 50 million ads were listed in over 20 countries.

Pros and Cons: Power Adspy


  • You get a free trial! 
  • Super easy to use. 
  • The information you get is acquired from 15+ countries. 
  • You can spy data on multiple platforms. 


  • No proper way to direct you on how to put the tools to use. 
  • Seems a little overpriced. 

3) MyDirectives

This tool is a good alternative to MyDirectives. Many competitors use it to discover winning campaigns, uncover top landing pages, and generate new advertising leads.

They can also collect interesting ads, find new keywords and advertisements, and generate new advertising leads. 

MyDirectives gives access to more than 16 million people so that they can publish and convert the data better for a specific country. By tracking specific keywords with ad tracker features you can see all the advertisements and can get alerts of new advertisements. 


You can get access to contact information, as more than 25,000 advertisers are indirectly in contact with them. Advault gives you an amazing feature: You can find products that affiliate and promote native networks.

On this platform, you can directly affiliate with marketers as MyDirectives campaigns and have a direct investment.

Pros and Cons: MyDirectives


  • Get keywords with ease and stay alert with all the advertising. 
  • Interesting involvement of features. 


  • This platform is a little too pricey. 

4) WhatRunsWhere

This ad tool helps you in building profitable and digital strategies. WhatRunsWhere is also known as the comprehensive ad intelligence tool. The tool makes sure that whatever images and text you need can get to you with the best bang for your dollars. 


WhatRunsWhere gives you a powerful analysis of all the data that you want. It offers data for mobile display ads, desktop displays, etc.

This tool has a network span over 5 countries with 500 networks over there. Its major markets are Canada, Australia, the USA, UK, etc. 

Pros and Cons: WhatRunsWhere


  • A demo video is provided that can help beginners learn how to use the platform and run it properly. 
  • The filters and options, like the segments, help you find the information you’ve been looking for. 
  • The ones who are interested in affiliate marketing can affiliate the ads as you like here. 


  • This service is somewhat expensive. 
  • The coverage area for this site is limited to 5 countries in the entire world. 

5) SpyOver

This tool is a native ad monitoring and analytics service that draws around more than a hundred countries, and it looks at more than 5.5 million ads on the networks. SpyOver will give you new and trending products. 

This tool is based on impressions for a particular period in a certain country and on impressions for certain devices. It also allows its clients to download landings and ads with a single click and analyze the activities of their competitors online. 


The tool also gives you creative data and collects that data from SpyOver. Based on the data you get from the tool, improve existing profitable bundles. It also helps you save time and money in this process.

Pros and Cons: SpyOver 


  • It can cover over 15 types of networks. 
  • Downloading the ads feature is pretty interesting! 
  • The system of filtering according to the language makes things easier.


  • A little too expensive. 

6) Adbeat

This tool is a comprehensive intelligence platform that displays the ads that turn raw data by crawling millions of pages via detecting, analyzing, and processing more than 8 million advertisements every day.

Adbeat gives a launch for more than 40 data centers for our Adbeat intelligent crawlers. 

It also covers approximately hundreds of services to collect the ads. Once everything is done, the data is cleaned and converted into a simple virtual decision-making insight.

Adbeat also works for your competitors as a more profitable publisher with landing pages and converts to run more profitable campaigns. 


This mobile tool covers four different types of devices, including desktops. Adbeat offers digital ads so that you can see directly what your competitors do and how they do it.

This tool also allows you to visit traffic sources so that you can learn how publishers run ads. 

Many agencies use this tool to exceed their clients’ expectations. This tool gives them more value so that they can buy networks and publishers and use them. You can also use this tool for free and enjoy lots of amazing insights for a long time.

Pros and Cons: Adbeat


  • A decent search functionality. 
  • A proper range of networks and displays that are native to desktops and smartphones. 
  • The insights that are often viewed as complex and impressive cannot be found in any other place. 


  • The product can be pretty expensive. So, a couple of small companies and the people who are just getting started won’t be so suitable for this platform. 

7) Native Ad Buzz

Native Ad Buzz is another tool that is used as an alternative to Adplexity.

By adding text, strategies, and images and also working online, you can launch this tool successfully for your business. You don’t have to struggle alone with this tool. It allows you to find out everything in just a minute without wasting any time. 

Native Ad Buzz

Give you the best results for you. Through this tool, you can save your favorite campaigns and ads. This tool avoids the costly mistakes done by legwork. NativeAdBuzz also allows us to filter five devices like Android, IOS, etc. 

Pros and Cons: Native Ad Buzz


  • You can create your own library to store all the ads and related campaigns that interest you. 
  • The ads can be filtered according to the device you are using, that is, your mobile, desktop, and tablet. 


  • The trial for 7 days requires you to pay $7 for every day. 

8) Adspy

This spy tool is the most powerful tool which is known as Adspy. AdSpy helps you to host the largest database of social media all around the world. 


It gives you the best advertisers for innovating, and you can use their data and search for it. This tool spies on around 88 million ads from all over the world.

In this way, you can search for global trends and save money on testing. 

Pros and Cons: Adspy 


  • Get a look at what products and ads are making progress. 
  • The customer service is available 24/7. 
  • Find all the ads you want using a simple keyword on Facebook! 


  • The heavy pricing of the plan. 


🔍 Why might someone seek an Adplexity alternative?

Individuals or businesses might look for alternatives due to cost concerns, different feature needs, or a desire for tools that focus on specific ad formats that Adplexity may not cover comprehensively.

🛠️ What key features should I consider in an Adplexity alternative?

When searching for an alternative, important features to consider include extensive data coverage across various ad formats, a user-friendly interface, real-time tracking capabilities, in-depth analytics, and responsive customer support.

🚀 Which alternatives offer unique features not available in Adplexity?

Some alternatives might provide enhanced functionalities such as improved user experience design, additional data points on ad performance, or specialized analytics for emerging digital platforms.

⏱️ How do these alternatives compare in terms of speed and efficiency?

Depending on the provider, some alternatives might offer faster update cycles or more efficient data processing, which can be crucial for marketers needing timely data for quick decision-making.

🌍 Can I use these alternatives for analyzing international ad campaigns?

Many alternatives to Adplexity support global campaign tracking, offering insights into ad performance and strategies across different countries and regions, making them suitable for international marketing strategies.

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Conclusion: Best Adplexity Alternative 2024 

Do you want to spy on your competitor or just want to be an attribution in real-time also? These alternatives and competitions can help you out in making your success. If you can use a tool then why to start your ad campaign. 

This can be your best suggestion so off your career, that Anstrex is the best option to choose your own business with many different features.

It gives you many reasons to give you more time to make your decision easy and to make your career best.

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