A Guide To Adding A Discord Banner To Your Profile 2024

In this article, we will discuss A Guide To Adding A Discord Banner To Your Profile 2024

Do you know Discord Nitro users can create custom premium profiles? On June 25, 2021, this feature was made available to all Discord users. Prior to the date, the specified population could use Discord.

Yeah! Obviously, Discord employees will have early access to this new feature; they will be the first on the list. Additionally, fortunate users will receive the benefit and seize the opportunity before regular users. Are you here to learn how to customize the display on Discord?

First and foremost, you must remember that some of the new Discord features are exclusive to Nitro users. You are permitted to upload and utilize a custom banner if you are a classic Nitro user.

However, what about standard Nitro? They can also choose an animated banner, which is similar to the animated profile pictures on Discord. Do you know that a Discord profile banner is identical to a Facebook cover photo? If you use Nitro, you receive a more individualized apartment.

Currently, you must add a banner to your profile. Why you are present. Right? This functionality is identical to that of setting a banner on a Discord server. Furthermore? It is possible to create an animated avatar in addition to a custom tag.

However, what if you do not have a Nitro account? I’m sorry! This perk is not available to you. Therefore, by the conclusion of this article, you will be able to set a Discord profile banner or even alter it. Continue reading to learn the procedure.

A Guide To Adding A Discord Banner To Your Profile

How To Set A Discord Profile Banner

A Guide To Adding A Discord Banner To Your Profile

Launch the desktop version of Discord and navigate to your user preferences in order to obtain a profile banner. Click “User profile” to access your profile settings. Within your profile’s settings, you can modify your profile. If you have Discord Nitro, you can view or update your profile banner by clicking “Upload Banner.”

Select an image from your computer to serve as a banner. If you do not already have Discord Nitro, you will need to purchase it before selecting “Unlock with Nitro” to create a profile banner.

Steps to Add Discord Profile Banner

To avoid any mistakes that you were previously making, follow all steps carefully.

Step #1: In the user settings, click ‘user profile’

In the user settings discord step1

The first step is to navigate to your user settings. Launch Discord on your desktop to get started. Ensure that you have downloaded Discord to your desktop if you have not already.

Click the “Download for Windows” option to download Discord for Windows. Once you have joined Discord, your profile icon will appear in the lower-left sidebar.

There will be three icons next to your profile icon. Included are a microphone, headphones, and a gear icon. Click the gear icon to access your account settings. Once you click the gear icon, the settings will appear.

The sidebar on the left contains several options. Other options include “My Account,” “User Profile,” “Privacy and Security,” and others. Click User Profile to view your user profile options.

Step #2: If you do not have a Nitro account, click on “Unlock with Nitro”

If you have a Discord Nitro, we recommend skipping this step.

Clicking “User profile” will reveal your user profile options. You can find the “Profile banner” section in your user profile’s settings. In the “Profile Banner” section of your Discord profile, you can add a banner. Discord Nitro is required, however, to add it. If you don’t have Discord Nitro, simply click the Nitro button to unlock it.

After clicking “Unlock with Nitro,” you are required to choose a subscription. Choose the “Monthly” plan if you only intend to use Discord Nitro for a brief period. If you wish to join Discord Nitro annually, choose the “Annual” option. After that, you will need to enter your credit card information or debit card information. You can also make payments via PayPal. Following the submission of your payment information, you will be required to enter your address.

Once you have provided your payment information and address, Nitro will be enabled. You may now add a banner to your Discord profile. To learn how to accomplish this, proceed to the final step.

Step #3: Choose a banner to upload by clicking ‘Upload Banner’

Choose a banner to upload by clicking 'Upload Banner

You will now see the “Change Banner” button instead of the “Unlock with Nitro” button. To launch File Explorer, click “Change banner” first. In File Explorer, locate and select the image you wish to use as a banner. A banner for a Discord profile should be 600 by 240 pixels in size.

Once uploaded, a preview of your banner will appear on the right side of the page. You must save your changes after uploading a banner. Your profile banner will not be displayed if you fail to do so. At the bottom of the page are several buttons, including “Reset” and “Save Changes.”

Click “Save Changes” to save your changes. After you have saved your modifications, your profile banner will be displayed. When other users view your profile, they will also see your profile banner.

On a Mac, add or change your profile banner in Discord

Discord is a voice and text chat application for gamers. However, beneath its many features is one that sets it apart from other messaging apps: it was designed by gamers for gamers. Mac computers are ideal for Discord due to their robust graphics cards and excellent hardware acceleration, which allow them to keep up with your gameplay.

If you want to distinguish your Discord account, a profile banner is a good place to start. Follow these steps to add or change a profile banner in Discord on a Mac:

  1. Launch the Discord desktop application and enter your credentials to log in.
  2. Select the gear icon in the lower-left corner. This will launch the User Settings page, where you can modify your profile.
  3. Select “Edit Profile”
  4. Next, select the file you’d like to use as your banner by clicking “Change banner” and then browsing to it.
  5. After selecting the desired image, you can use the on-screen controls to make additional adjustments. You may, for instance, choose to use only a portion of the image and discard the remainder.
  6. On the bottom right, click “Apply” and then “Save Changes”.

You can upload different types of Discord profile banners

There are numerous types of banners that can be uploaded. Examine the options below and select the one that will work best for you:

a) Normal Pictures

Your banner can be any static image format, such as PNG, JPEG, or JPG. However, it must adhere to Discord’s profile banner specifications. The recommended dimensions are 600 x 240, and the maximum file size is 10 MB. If you upload a square image, Discord’s algorithms will convert it to a circular one automatically. Before adding the banner to your account, it is therefore essential to edit it and select the portion that most interests you.

b) Animated GIFs:

Animated GIFs can be the ideal way to attract the attention of other users. You can use them to generate a dynamic, ever-changing icon, expanding the concept of an avatar well beyond static images. You can generate your own animated GIF or download one from reputable websites like Giphy or Imgur.

FAQs On A Guide To Adding A Discord Banner To Your Profile

Is your profile avatar replaced by the Discord banner?

The response is no. Avatars accompany usernames on Discord profiles. Chats and direct messages display it as a thumbnail. Alternatively, your profile banner, functions similarly to Facebook cover photos. It is an image that can only be viewed by those who visit your profile. It. Your profile banner can be a picture of your favourite character, a meme with text, or simple text.

How to Rejuvenate Your Discord Account?

A Discord profile banner is an excellent way to let your friends know what's going on in your life. It keeps other Discord users up to date on what you're playing, reading, or watching. You can choose any background, design, or other element to represent yourself. You could even display your most recent painting. What's more, the best part? The banner does not have to become outdated. As your creativity level increases, you can update it more often. Finally, make sure your profile banner is something you're proud to show visitors to your profile because they'll see it every time they start a conversation with you.

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Conclusion: A Guide To Adding A Discord Banner To Your Profile 2024

Discord profile banners are an update method called ‘Custom Profiles Premium.’ This feature was made available to users on June 25, 2021, and it is now available to everyone.

You must carefully follow all of the steps in order to gain access to the new Discord feature. If you want to change your profile banner, you must have a Discord Nitro. You cannot set a Profile banner if you do not own a Discord Nitro; you must be a Discord Nitro user to do so.

Have you tried adding or changing your Discord profile banner? What happened? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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