3Dsellers Review 2024: Is it the Best All-in-One eBay Selling Manager?


Overall Verdict

3Dsellers is an innovative and comprehensive tool designed specifically for eBay sellers, offering a robust suite of features that streamline and enhance the online selling experience. From managing listings efficiently to optimizing customer interaction, 3Dsellers provides a centralized platform that caters to all the essential needs of an eBay business.

Out of 10


  • simple and intuitive UI
  • Advanced features for eBay
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Great Interface & Design
  • Save lot of time for eBay Sellers


  • Shopify Integration not available


Price: $ 11.90

The e-commerce industry is exploding at a breakneck rate. Consumption patterns shifted around the world, opening up new possibilities for many businesses (Amazon, Aliexpress, and more).

In 2020, eCommerce changed, and 3Dsellers was well-positioned to provide a valuable service to individuals and businesses interested in exploring the online market landscape via eBay.

Suppose you are also an eBay seller and are looking for a dependable marketing solution that allows you to manage your product listings, accounting, inventory management, CRM, customer feedback and follow-ups, and other key aspects all under one roof.

In that case, 3Dsellers is a platform you should definitely try out.

Bottom Line Upfront: 3Dsellers is the ultimate tool to enhance your eBay businnes, 3Dsellers is all-in-one eBay selling tool one needs in order automate, manage & grow their eBay business, trusted by 2 Lacs plus eBay sellers, 3Dseelers is the complete solution built for every type of eBay business.

So, let us go through an in-depth review of 3Dsellers, which talks about its description, features, benefits, pricing, and more.

3Dsellers Review

3Dsellers Review 2024: In a nutshell

3Dsellers is an e-commerce business administration program designed primarily for eBay retailers, providing a streamlined system with a single username and all of the resources that they want for sales, accounting, and other areas of their company.

Listing Designer, ThankYou Emails, Feedback Reminder, Inventory Manager, Shipping Tracker, and CRM are just a few of the tools that are included in the app that help eBay business owners grow.

3Dsellers Review

3Dsellers is considered to be the ideal marketing solution for eBay sellers who would like to list, design, organize, track, and establish their existing marketing using complete, accurate, and time-saving eBay techniques.

Before digging deeper into this review, you need to know some of the technical details and specifications of 3Dsellers so that you can be sure whether the platform is suitable and, moreover, compatible with your business, workspace, and the devices you use.

Below Is a List of Important Technical Details Related To 3Dsellers:

Supported Devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Web-based


  • Cloud Hosted

Supported Language 

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Free
  • Monthly payment

Customer Types

  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprises

What Issues Can You Tackle Using 3D Sellers?

If you are trying to explore 3Dsellers and consider using them for your business, then you would surely like to know what all you can do with it.

3Dsellers Review- Uses

Here are the 3 major issues that you would be able to tackle while using 3Dsellers for your eBay online marketing.

1. Boost Your Brand’s Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness concerns about 99% of eBay listings, which is a serious issue for retailers and has a very negative impact on the business because smartphones result in an increase of 50% in eBay transactions.

Furthermore, eBay has implemented new active content control rules, and 3Dsellers’ fantastic listing models are fully cooperative.

2. Customer Feedback and Reviews

About 20% of the investors seek customer reviews, despite the fact that feedback is a very crucial part of what has made eBay a productive group.

This indicates that most retailers lack many positive reviews, which could affect their search ranking on eBay.

The automated feedback notification function of 3Dsellers ensures that retailers provide good customer service and respond to any problems that can arise, thus boosting their eBay feedback score and sales revenue.

Existing customers have confirmed that this function produces quick results!

3. Follow Up With Your Customers

Many sellers are seeking fresh customers, but stats suggest that regular customers spend up to 33% more than the first customers. They supply retailers with the ability to build customer satisfaction with 3Dsellers’ ThankYou email resource.

3Dsellers clients could double their profits with repeat buyers by using professionally built email templates and engaging cross-promotional information.

3Dsellers Review: Key Features

3Dsellers offers eBay retailers a comprehensive range of automation systems for the design, production, management, testing, and development of their retail stores.

3Dsellers’ multiple-channel services are ideal for retailers who want to manage multiple eBay accounts and connect with Amazon and other online stores.

3Dsellers Review- Features

Management tools:

  • eBay listing software
  • Order management
  • Inventory manager
  • Offers manager
  • Shipping tracker
  • Image Editor
  • Report center
  • GTC automation
  • Resolution center
  • Customer service hub

Marketing tools:

  • Listing designer
  • Auto messages
  • Feedback reminder
  • Facebook Store
  • Webstore
  • PDF catalog designer
  • Store designer

Additional tools:

  • Video Maker
  • Listing Tool
  • ThankYou Emails
  • CRM and Help desk
  • Export to CSV

Powerful Integrations to Boost Your Business

3Dsellers allows businesses to incorporate the following integrations and extensions to their marketing framework:

  • Sellbrite
  • inkfrog
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Neto
  • Kyozou
  • Vendo
  • Volo
  • Selro
  • Codisto
  • SaleFreaks
  • dShopt

How Much Do 3Dsellers Cost?

3Dsellers Review- Price Plan

Here’s a clear overview of the pricing and features for a subscription service that focuses on eBay listings, offering different plans to cater to various business needs from small-scale operations to large enterprises:

1. Essential Plan

Price: $11.90/month (Billed Annually, Save $36.00)


  • 200 Listings: Manage up to 200 individual listings.
  • eBay Accounts: Supports 1 eBay account.
  • Regions: Access to unlimited eBay regions.
  • Team: Allows for 1 teammate.
  • Sales: Offers unlimited sales.
  • Add-ons: No add-ons are available for this plan.

2. Growth Plan

Price: $19.90/month (Billed Annually, Save $60.00)


  • 500 Listings: Manage up to 500 individual listings.
  • eBay Accounts: Supports 2 eBay accounts.
  • Regions: Access to unlimited eBay regions.
  • Team: Allows for unlimited teammates.
  • Sales: Offers unlimited sales.
  • Add-ons: Additional eBay account available for $3/month; Multichannel integration available for $5/month per account.

3. Professional Plan

Price: $35.90/month (Billed Annually, Save $108.00)


  • 2,500 Listings: Manage up to 2,500 individual listings.
  • eBay Accounts: Supports 3 eBay accounts.
  • Regions: Access to unlimited eBay regions.
  • Team: Allows for unlimited teammates.
  • Sales: Offers unlimited sales.
  • Add-ons: Same add-ons as the Growth plan with additional eBay accounts and multichannel integration.

4. Enterprise Plan (Most Popular)

Price: $59.90/month (Billed Annually, Save $180.00)


  • 5,000 Listings: Manage up to 5,000 individual listings.
  • eBay Accounts: Supports 4 eBay accounts.
  • Regions: Access to unlimited eBay regions.
  • Team: Allows for unlimited teammates.
  • Sales: Offers unlimited sales.
  • Add-ons: These are the same add-ons as the other plans, including additional eBay accounts and multichannel integration.

These plans are designed to provide scalable solutions for eBay sellers of all sizes, enhancing their ability to manage listings, expand their reach across multiple regions, and optimize their sales process efficiently.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your eBay business, these plans offer the flexibility and tools necessary for growth.

3Dsellers: User Satisfaction

3Dsellers acknowledge that when deciding whether or not to purchase e-commerce software, it’s necessary to arrive at not only how professionals rate it in their feedback but also whether or not genuine people and businesses who purchase it are happy with that as well.

This is why we have designed our behavior-based Client Satisfaction AlgorithmTM, which collects feedback from customers, reviews, and 3Dsellers feedback from a wide range of social media platforms.

The information would then be displayed in a simple format that shows how many people have good and bad experiences with 3Dsellers.

With that experience, you should be capable of making an educated purchasing decision that you would not hesitate.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use 3Dsellers?

Why You Should Use 3Dsellers

As of 2010, the greatest source of the finest eBay tools available in the market seems to be 3Dsellers.

The 3Dsellers Team (consisting of eBay sellers & professionals) guarantees that the users get all the elements they require to achieve maximum economic expansion.

The strength of this channel is that it helps you manage your company without any limitations in every aspect. 3Dsellers help you keep your team members secure and stable through multi-control.

1. Working With the Management Team: Invite your team members to use 3Dseller rather than eBay.

2. Custom Permits: Keep your account safe and secure, and choose toolkits for your team members.

3. Support For Multi-accounts: Designed for an infinite amount of eBay accounts and markets.

Benefits of Using 3Dsellers

3Dsellers Review-Benefits

Here are 6 major perks that you would enjoy while using 3Dsellers for managing your online marketing game on eBay:

1. Intuitive and User-Friendly

3Dsellers offers the most user-friendly and extensive managing software for selling on eBay available right now to enable you to handle your eBay outlets and activities while significantly raising your profits.

This platform was created by a team of eBay sellers and offers a comprehensive solution for boosting your eBay business.

It includes all the necessary tools and features to help you succeed alongside millions of other eBay sellers who have been using this system since its launch in 2010.

The system was designed to streamline your selling process and is known for its effective Feedback Reminder feature.

2. Everything Is Incorporated Into a Single Platform!

3Dsellers integrate all of the resources into one organized, cohesive system.

Thus, you don’t need to hold and run different programs for eBay advertising and management tasks like listing design and development, customer experience, online advertising, and shipment updates.

3Dsellers is a centralized solution that guarantees to expand your business while trying to simplify your retail experience.

It has a single login capability and a detailed assessment operating system. 3Dsellers, which is optimized for phone devices, gives your company a seamless and uncomplicated interface when browsing your listings on their mobile devices.

3. Highly Customizable

You can use 3Dsellers to develop eye-catching shop layouts, product catalogs, and lists that will spark your visitors’ curiosity.

The program gives you complete control over your company’s activities, assists you in creating your own company, and encourages you to offer exceptional customer service, which leads to favorable feedback and many more customers.

4. Awesome Feedback Reminder

3Dsellers’ Feedback Reminder service offers customized content to all clients. A distributor may choose how to send messages to each client to reflect great customer service.

This is an important feature because it allows you to increase the amount of positive feedback, which is important on eBay, and it has an effect on search engine performance.

5. CRM Application

There’s also a CRM application specifically designed for sellers on eBay and Amazon that puts together notifications from all of your businesses into one interface to help you improve your efficiency.

6. Great After-sales Follow-Up!

3Dsellers offers ThankYou Emails, a comprehensive online advertising platform, as customer support.

Thanks to this function, consumers are influenced using highly personalized advertisement criteria and obtain dynamic and proactive messages with cross-product deals. 

How Does 3Dseller Stand Up Against Its Rivals?

One of the Top 200 eCommerce Software items is 3Dsellers. If you are searching for alternatives to 3Dsellers, take a look at the other eCommerce Software subcategories we have in our database of B2B software reviews.

It’s important to remember that no one application in the eCommerce Software category can fulfill all of the needs of various business types, sizes, and businesses.

It’s a good idea to follow some 3Dsellers eCommerce Software feedback first, as certain products may focus on a small set of applications or be developed with a specific business in mind.

Others can operate with the goal of being simple and easy but lack additional features that more experienced people will appreciate.

There are also providers that concentrate on a wide range of clients and provide you with a comprehensive data toolkit, although this often arrives at a greater price.

Please ensure you’re aware of your requirements so you can find technology that has precisely the features you are looking for.

Pros & Cons of 3Dsellers

3Dsellers does come with its fair share of pros and cons.

However, the cons that I have noticed are pretty trivial and won’t really bother you that much, but nonetheless, it’s our job to inform you about even the slightest of shortcomings of an otherwise amazing marketing tool.


  • Great design
  • Easy to use
  • Amazing tools
  • Save a lot of time
  • Really simple and intuitive UI
  • Advanced features for eBay
  • Pricing is reasonable 
  • Awesome customer service


  • No Shopify integration at the moment 
  • Can not manage Amazon listings 


🤔 Can I pay on a monthly basis?

You can choose your plan accordingly if you want to pay on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Whichever plan you decide on, you can always upgrade to a longer payment cycle at any time.

👀 What is included in my trial plan? And what happens after my trial period ends?

As soon as you sign up, you will have full access to the tools for 7 days, free of cost. When your trial period gets terminated, you will be asked to upgrade to the Pro version. If you are not willing to upgrade, they will keep all of your designs and information saved for you (for free) in case you would like to subscribe later on.

🧐 Is there a limitation on how many listings I can have?

You have absolute control of how many listings you handle. The rates are purely dependent on the sales, not the quantity of the listings you need. You can plan and handle many more products as your company requires.

🚀 Is it possible to add more users? How many can be there?

For an agreement signed, you may incorporate an endless amount of coworkers. Only 5 and 1 members are allowed in the Professional and Starter packages, respectively. Just go to your account settings and tap Teams to add a colleague.

🔥 Is it possible for me to handle several eBay accounts?

Their tools will assist you in managing as many eBay accounts as you want because they offer an extremely user-friendly platform with a multi-account design.

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Conclusion: 3Dsellers Review 2024

3Dsellers is an all-in-one solution for eBay sellers that includes a complete suite of automated tools to help them design, manage, track, and develop their online business.

Sellers who want to handle several eBay accounts and integrate with Amazon and other marketplaces can use 3Dsellers’ multichannel solutions.

3Dsellers has a range of products that can help an eBay eCommerce business adopt best-selling practices and maintain high customer satisfaction levels. One of our favorites is the GTC program, which automatically terminates and relists objects.

This will help you maintain your products’ place at the top of the search results. It makes a difference when you have single goods that are highly competitive.

Furthermore, the CRM & Helpdesk platform is one-of-a-kind. It’s an AutoResponder, and it’s one of the few that uses API to respond to buyers. That is, it responds by sending messages from one member to the next.

So, all in all, 3Dsellers is the ideal platform for you if you are serious about your eBay selling game and looking forward to scaling it further.

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