1win Affiliate Program Review 2024: I Made More Than $1k

1win Affiliate Program

Overall Verdict

The RevShare model option inside the 1win affiliate network is the most important component of the program. The RevShare rates have traditionally been set at a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 40% each. You will begin with 50% with 1win.

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  • Personal approach in support that enables faster decision making.
  • Custom-made apps for webmasters. Free of charge.
  • Statistics are updated in real-time.
  • Quick and simple registration as well as one-click signup option.
  • Personalized bonus system for partners.


  • Can be biased


Price: $

Are you looking to join the 1win Affiliate Program? Do you want to know whether it’s worth it or not? You’ve come to the right place.

I tried out the 1win Affiliate Program, curious to see if I could really make money by just sharing links. Guess what? I ended up making over $1,000! It was pretty simple: I shared links, got people to sign up, and earned cash.

1win is a reputable international betting platform with over a million active customers from India and over 50 other countries.

I’ll tell you all about my experience, how I got started, what worked for me, and give some tips if you’re thinking about trying it too.

It turned out to be a pretty cool way to make some extra money, and I’m excited to share how I did it.

1win Affiliate Program Review

What is 1win?

With 1win Affiliate Program, you can gamble and bet. Every day, the resource adds new promotions, allowing local gamblers to choose from over 1,000 events, including cricket betting.

1win operates in India as a legitimate bookmaker under the Curacao Gaming License.

The minimum deposit is INR 300, and players can make their deposits using some of the most popular local payment methods, such as GPay, Skrill, PayTM, and UPI, and receive a bonus of +500% up to INR 75,000.

In addition, the company has a user-friendly app for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS that customers can download easily.

1win Affiliate Program Review

1win Partners is a direct advertiser’s affiliate program. They’ve been on the market since 2017. The company provides a profitable way to monetize gambling and betting traffic.

They collaborate with India, West Africa, Russia, Ukraine, and other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. Now, they are focusing on developing solutions for Asia, Europe, Latin America, and other markets.

1win Affiliate Program Features:

1. Make More Money with the Smart System:

They’ve built a special setup that helps you make as much money as possible. It’s like having a super-smart helper who knows all the tricks to get you more cash.

2. Exclusive 1win Games:

Guess what? They make our own games! Their team of game creators brings you unique games that you won’t find anywhere else. Players from all over love them, and now you can share them, too.

3. Their Very Own Product:

Their iGaming product is one of a kind. It’s so unique and fun that millions of people around the world are playing our games. There’s nothing else like it out there!

4. Apps for Phones That Everyone Loves:

They’ve made awesome apps for both iPhones and Androids. They’re totally free and designed to make people want to sign up. It’s an easy way to get more people on board.

5. See How You’re Doing Anytime:

Want to know how much money you’re making? You can check it anytime online. For example, on July 30th, you could see you made $1900.89 right then and there.

6. Players Stick Around for a Long Time:

They go all out to keep players happy and playing. They have call centers just for them, special VIP treatment, hello bonuses, and lots of fun programs to make them feel at home.

1win Affiliate Program Products:

1win Affiliate Program

Make More Money When More People Join: They have better games and betting options, and the more people sign up. And when more people join because of your link, you get more money. It’s that simple!

Why Players Love Staying With Them: Once someone makes their first deposit with them, they usually don’t want to leave. Why? Because They’ve got thousands of fun things to do, from games to sports betting. There’s always something new to try!

Casino Fun: They’re all about the excitement of the casino. They have real-deal slots, cash games, poker, and live dealers to make you feel like you’re right in the action. With over 150 providers and more than 10,400 games and slots, boredom isn’t an option.

Sports Betting Excitement: Love sports? They’ve got you covered with a huge variety of sports, super competitive odds, and live updates on the most popular events. Imagine being able to follow over 10,000 events every single day!

Just for 1win Users: Some games are so special that they’re only available to their community. These exclusive games are designed to offer the best experience to our players, making 1win the place to be.

In short, 1win gives you and your referred users access to a world of premium, exciting entertainment options, enhancing both your earning potential and gaming satisfaction.

Models of Cooperation

1win Partners is a direct advertiser that provides three models of collaboration: RS, CPA, and Hybrid. Partners receive a percentage of the company’s overall profits when they join RS. 

1win Affiliate Program Review : 1win-Bonus-and-Promotions
Pic Credit: Realmoneygaming

According to the CPA, all offers are combined, allowing them to be used for gambling and betting. 

Hybrid (CPA Prepay) is connected upon request or based on statistics from another partner network following a successful CPA or RS traffic flow to their product.

Additionally, the affiliate network includes a referral system (sub-affiliate system) that allows you to earn at least 5 % of the primary income generated by interested webmasters.


You will receive 50% of the company’s revenue generated by gamers attracted by the webmaster. 1win Partners shall never cut the fee below the rate at which it was established.

The percentage can be increased for partners who exhibit outstanding results. They improve the proportion of all partners who operate at a high-efficiency level.


The cost per lead can go as high as $200. The rate is negotiated on an individual basis, depending on the GEO and the source of the traffic.

The company gives unique working conditions from the start and is willing to review them after 20-30 FDs and increase the rates, depending on your results.

They provide unique working circumstances from the start. They are willing to review the rate after 20-30 FD and then adjust it upward depending on the outcomes.


This includes RS + CPA (CPA Prepay)

By offering the necessary tools (individual bonuses for apps, creatives, players, etc.), the company actively assists you in monetizing traffic from any source.

They do not allow traffic of questionable quality or that which can be associated with fraud and misleading ads. 

Your active referrals can produce income at any time. Should CPA traffic be shifted to RS or not paid for, the partner will be notified in advance, and no changes will be implemented without their consent.

If a specific GEO becomes unavailable, administrators notify partners in advance to avoid traffic loss.

They are actively developing and offer the best conditions in the following regions –
India, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan,
Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, CIS, Kenya, Rwanda, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, Gabon, Mali, Benin, and Ghana

How To Sign Up With 1Win Affiliate Program?

1win Affiliate Program Review : 1win-Home-page
Pic Credit: Realmoneygaming

A valid e-mail address, a phone number, and a messenger account are required to register for the affiliate program. This information is required for your manager to communicate with you.

Your account is instantly activated, with no additional confirmation required. A welcome email with general information will be sent to the address you supplied.

When you choose the CPA model, your account will go through a short period of moderation. In short, the manager will contact you to get to know you better: your experience, your resources, and so on.

The more information you can provide during this period, the better chances you’ll have a higher CPA rate.

Withdrawal of Income

Payouts are issued every Tuesday. For the first withdrawal,’ there are conditions to be met: a webmaster will need to have attracted at least 10 players, and their total deposit amount must be $70 or higher.

These conditions do not apply to the following withdrawals.

If the partner cannot meet these conditions, the funds are stored and will become available for withdrawal whenever this condition is met.

Withdrawals are possible through the following payment methods:

  • Cards (Mastercard, Visa)
  • Crypto (BTC, USDT)
  • Webmoney
  • As well as payment methods for major locations

1win Affiliate Earnings :

1win-Affiliate-Program Earnings

Why Choose 1win?

They are one of the few affiliate program that provide webmaster development solutions. They offer their expertise and experience to help webmasters grow.

The company often provides its partners with valuable information, creates articles on how to deal with various traffic sources and countries, and so on. This is actual money with which you may gamble or make bets.

1win Affiliate Program Review- users

They continuously improve the project to ensure gamers get an attractive, convenient, and useful product. They can boast that 1win is the most high-tech and user-friendly project.

They offer personalized assistance and a dedicated project manager for the duration of the collaboration. They also do everything and more to keep players engaged with the product:

  • Players can become VIPs, depending on their performance.
  • VIP players get additional cash bonuses and personal support from a dedicated team.
  • Client retention on their social networks for all popular countries (Promo events and bonuses are published on 1win Partners’ social media regularly).
  • Welcome bonuses for first deposits, as well as promo codes that get you a percentage on top for subsequent deposits.
  • They provide players with vouchers (no-deposit bonuses with limited use each).
  • Promotions and incentives on an ongoing basis.
  • Multilingual call center.
  • Push-notifications
  • Personalized SMS and email newsletter

Among the more lucrative offers the company has to offer are vouchers. This is actual money with which you can gamble or make bets.

Since it needs to be activated in the game account properly, vouchers can only be redeemed by already registered users. Each voucher has a limited number of activations. 

1win Affiliate Program: Generous Payout Models

  • RevShare Model Excellence: The highlight of the 1win affiliate program is its RevShare option, starting affiliates off at a 50% rate, with the potential to reach 60%. This is a significant jump from the usual 25-40% rates seen elsewhere. Plus, 1win covers all commission costs and offers continuous payouts without the typical 2-year cutoff. A team from the 2018 FIFA World Cup campaign is a testament to this, still earning monthly years later.
  • Quick Activation: Starting with 1win is hassle-free. New affiliate accounts under the RevShare model get automatic confirmation, allowing you to begin driving traffic right away without the wait.
  • CPA and Hybrid Options: For those who prefer CPA, 1win offers rates up to $250, mainly for Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries, with hints at upcoming Tier-1 GEO expansions. There’s also a hybrid model for those focusing on SEO and targeting high rollers, combining the best of both CPA and RevShare.

1win Affiliate Program: Diverse Geographic Reach

brand geography

  • India’s Lucrative Market: With combinations like India (IN) + 1win + Lucky Jet and events like the IPL, affiliates have a goldmine for driving gambling traffic.
  • Brazil’s iGaming Boom: Brazil is becoming increasingly profitable for iGaming campaigns, thanks to local payment solutions and market localization. 1win’s presence in Brazil makes it a prime GEO for affiliates.
  • Exploring Africa: 1win is tapping into the growing African market, accepting traffic from countries like Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, Gabon, and Kenya, which are known for their impressive conversion rates.
  • Turkey as an Emerging Market: Turkey represents an opportunity with lower competition but good quality traffic, making it an excellent choice for affiliates looking to maximize their return on investment.

Choosing the Right GEO with 1win 

For affiliates, selecting a GEO is crucial. While India and Brazil are high on the list for their conversion rates and market size, exploring less traditional markets like Turkey and various African nations can offer unique opportunities due to lower competition and growing demand.

1win Partners stands out for its favorable payout models, quick account activation, and wide geographical coverage, providing affiliates with multiple avenues for profit in both established and emerging markets.

1win Affiliate Program: Pros and Cons 


  • You make quick decisions because the support team really listens to you.
  • Their betting and gaming platform is made in-house and keeps getting better.
  • There’s a special bonus system just for partners.
  • They offer lots of promos like 500% welcome bonuses, 30% casino cashback, tournaments, and free spins.
  • Top players can have their negative balance reset.
  • Many sports bettors also start playing in the casino, up to 70% in fact.
  • They give free custom-made apps to webmasters.
  • You can see your stats updated instantly; there is no waiting.
  • They were the first to introduce Aviator and always added the newest and most liked games.
  • A big team works on keeping players coming back, which means more money for you.
  • Signing up is super easy and quick, even offering a one-click signup.


  • Some of the reviews out there might be biased because they’re written by people promoting the program.
  • The world of affiliate marketing changes so fast that reviews can become outdated quickly.

1Win Affiliate Program Customer Review

1Win Affiliate Program Review - Customer Review TrustPilot


🎁 What makes the 1win Affiliate Program stand out?

The 1win Affiliate Program shines with its generous RevShare model, starting at 50% and potentially reaching up to 60%. It also covers all commissions and offers continuous payouts without the usual 2-year limit.

💼 How quickly can I start after signing up?

New accounts under the RevShare model are confirmed automatically, allowing you to dive into driving traffic immediately, without any waiting period.

💵 What payout models does 1win offer?

1win provides various models, including a lucrative RevShare option, CPA rates up to $250 depending on the GEO, and a Hybrid model for those focusing on SEO and high rollers.

🌍 Which GEOs are most profitable with 1win?

India and Brazil are top GEOs due to their high conversion rates and market size. African countries and Turkey are also promising due to their growing markets and lower competition.

🚀 Are there exclusive games for 1win users?

Yes, 1win offers exclusive games available only to its users, enhancing the appeal and uniqueness of their platform.

🔒 Is the 1win Affiliate Program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! With its automatic account confirmation, diverse payout models, and a wide range of supported GEOs, the program is accessible and potentially lucrative for both new and experienced affiliates.

📱 Does 1win provide support for mobile traffic?

Yes, 1win offers well-designed, engaging iOS and Android apps that ensure high conversion rates for mobile traffic, catering to the growing number of users on mobile devices.

🔄 How often do affiliates get paid?

1win ensures timely payments to its affiliates, offering various payout frequencies such as monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly, depending on the agreement.

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Conclusion: 1win Affiliate Program Review 2024 

1win Affiliate Program is a great way for people to make money by sharing links and getting others to join 1win.

It’s super generous with how much it pays, starting at 50% and possibly going up to 60%, which is a lot higher than many others out there.

You can start fast without waiting, and there are lots of places around the world where you can make money with this program. Plus, 1win has cool games and betting options that make people want to stick around and play more.

So, if you’re looking to earn some extra cash by promoting a fun and trusted platform, 1win could be a perfect choice.

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  1. I want to share my experience with the 1win affiliate program. I have been working with them for a long time, 3 years. During this time, there were no situations that undermined trust.
    The support service is always in touch and helps if necessary. I get my 50% at RS. I withdraw money once a week and there are no problems.
    Everything is quite stable and convenient.

  2. 1win review
    Reliable and good affiliate program. Technical support is always in touch and help in solving any issues. Share insiders. Convenient analytics, high-quality and unique materials, good interest and timely payments. I have been promoting their affiliate program for 15 months now.

  3. I have been working with the 1win affiliate program for 2 years. Very user friendly interface and good offers. I provide a lot of materials, texts, landing pages, unique banners. Stable payments. Traffic on my site averages 1500 unique visitors per day. Monthly payments average 1200 usd. It is profitable to cooperate with 1win.

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