1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Codes 2024: Get Upto 55% Off

In this post, you will get the verified 1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Codes July 2024. Now you can get up to 55% Off Sitewide. Let’s get started here.

1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Codes

1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Codes July 2024: Get Upto 55% Off (100% Verified)


1ShoppingCart is very easy to use an all-in-one eCommerce software solution that takes care of your online business and helps you creates online stores which can handle subscriptions memberships or recurring billing. 1Shoopingcart manage to solve all problems related to e-commerce business and makes managing an online store easy to use for you.

 1ShoppingCart Coupon Codes- Shopping Cart Ecommerce Software

It is considered an honest eCommerce solution that provides its customers with essential functionalities as well as important selling features like downsell/upsell. Users have the option to choose from 50 design templates which they can configure according to them using JavaScript, HTML or CSS. To help their users 1ShoppingCart Stores has been optimized for mobile phones so that it allows you to reach out to already existing likely customers and clients. This is highly helpful for people who rely deeply on their mobile devices or tablets.

1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Codes- Pricing Plans

Users can try 1ShoppingCart for free for 30 days for free, no credit card is required. You can see if it’s good for your business. 1ShoppingCart’s e-commerce software plan starts from 34.00 per month.


1ShoppingCart also offers its customers Google Analytics integration. Henceforth, it will be possible for the users to:

  • Users can track store statistics
  • Users can run internal and external link analysis separately
  • Users can generate targeted reports
  • Users can also discover which ad campaigns are generating the best results, and then they can amplify the winners, and work on the ads not performing well.
  • Users can Create SEO reports for their business
  • Users have the option to Measure their ROI
  • It allows the users to set business goals for their e-commerce store
  • They can perform their own marketing research
  • They are allowed to Connect with Google AdWords

Numerous in-built templates and themes for your online store

Building a professional-looking online store with 1shoppingcart will be a fun and easy task with this tool. Thankfully it offers its customers millions of design templates to pick up from, which leaves you with the responsibility to customize your site using CSS, JavaScript, or HTML.

The best part is that the number of templates accessible to users increases as the plans goes high. which gives you a golden opportunity to subscribe to the Ultimate and Premium plans so that you can unlock more classy and variety of designs and templates. You do get a lot of themes in basic Plus package but with Ultimate and Premium plans you have an ocean to choose from

Product view modes

1ShoppingCart proposes remarkable product view modes so that it can help its customers to enjoy their shopping process but it also depends on the design layout you have chosen. It makes it possible to display the products present on site with multiple views and images.

1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Codes- Manage Your Orders Easily

Clicking on the image enlarges it so that it allows online shoppers to zoom in to see what they’re going to buy up-close. It provides you the details and you can look closely into your product.

1ShoppingCart helps you personalize your shopping experience

1ShoppingCart suggest the option of modifying your products allowing to change its color, color, and your other preferences. Therefore, you can allow your customers to modify the products according to their need and also provides a variety of options to charge them.

1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Codes- Instant Store Updates

No doubt that these malleable product options enhance a personal touch to the shopping experience.


1ShoppingCart provides you with a variety of marketing approving features which are significant, to say the least.

1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Codes- SEO Management

This long-lasting list comprises: Fully built-in responsiveness, Email marketing support, Stock keeping unit, Inventory management, Administrative access control, Live order alerts, Upsell and down sell tools, Recurring billing, and subscription, A range of affiliate marketing tools, SEO tools etc.


As the mobile revolution is well ongoing, it is becoming a vital need for online businesses and businessman taking their business to next step to shape an e-commerce website that is able to perform well on handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets.

1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Codes- Attract More Customers

Being mobile-ready is most essential for all e-commerce stores running or thinking of opening online stores.

This is also one of the reasons to choose 1ShoppingCart because it creates mobile-friendly stores for users and for the customers it has all the basic SEO features as per a standard offering across all plans. As a result, it let you spend less time in enhancing your online store or modifying the layout to make it suitable for mobile users.


1Shopping cart provides you with amazing email marketing tools. There are auto-generated emails for whenever a new customer signs up. There is also an optional message which asks them to join the email list. You can create directed email campaigns using this built-in email broadcast capabilities which 1ShoppingCart offers, based on customer buying history and actions.


The cherry on the cake about 1ShoppingCart is about data security. 1ShoppingCartproposes control administrative access to your store’s backend.

It’s in your hand to establish numerous accounts for different workers and if also gives you the opportunity to decide what data they can access. Every user will be assigned with roles and different login details of their own.

It gives you the power to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. With all these security features on the table, you can promise the security of data.


This is one of the handiest features of 1ShoppingCart. With 1ShoppingCart’s up-sell features, you have the control through which you can display your special offers that will be useful for customers in addition to their initial sale or whatever they have already decided to buy.

There’s another option of display down-sell offers. This offer is given in case buyers decide to abandon checkout due to high prices.

When used correctly, up-selling and down-selling with 1ShoppingCart can help you a lot in your selling of products and also helps you to reduce lost sales.


1ShoppingCart is the perfect software solution for all the types of e-commerce businesses, and businessman, if you are offering a subscription service or your intentions is to sell tangible goods. If your providing subscription-based services or membership 1ShoppingCart gives you the opportunity to set up a recurring billing account for your customers.

Recurring billing options permit you to specify the time span, amount, and frequency of payments for numerous plans of your taste.


If you plan to increase your influence by providing an affiliate program, then also 1ShoppingCart is there to serve you with grace. This e-commerce software delivers a very nice affiliate program with video tutorials for the people who are just starting out and numerous multiple management features.

The tools provided here allow affiliates to add copy, create banners and also promotional links. You can also track sales from referrals which help you in paying commissions easily.


It is very easy to learn using 1ShoppingCart as it doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Newcomers also get training videos in abundance including other learning materials which helps minimize the learning part and make it fun,

In case you face any technical problems while using this e-commerce software1ShoppingCart, you can reach the support team via Phone, Email or Live Chat



  • 1ShoppingCart is a complete e-commerce solution for all the problems.
  • Reduces your work as it is automated billing and membership tools.
  • It is very helpful up-sell/down-sell tools, helps you keep track of good stuff.
  • It is a very good affiliate management program.
  • It provides unlimited bandwidth across all the plans.
  • It is your friend as it is a Comprehensive email marketing tools.


  • For every transaction, your merchant account will incur a fee of 0.75-1.5%, depending on your chosen 1ShoppingCart plan.
  • It is not efficient in providing daily deals, and loyalty program, and also lacks the ability to post customer reviews.
  • Live chat provision is not their standard plan.

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Conclusion: 1ShoppingCart Coupon Code July 2024

So after reading this review the question of choosing 1ShoppingCart as good e-commerce software comes in your mind? After reading pros and cons 1ShoppingCart may be missing a few features, but its different functions like down sell/upsell feature or membership tools makes it a good choice for a subscription-based business that requires to handle recurring billing.

So, don’t forget to use the 1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Code while you are online. Also, share the 1ShoppingCart Discount Coupon Code with your friends and family so that they also use it and take a bundle of advantages.


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