Zoho Books Vs QuickBooks 2024: Which One Is Better Zoho Vs QuickBooks?


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Zoho Books is an online accounting application businesses use to manage and monitor their accounts. Zoho Corporation, an Indian business and productiv

As Quickbooks is a Cloud-based application, all data uploaded by businesses is saved on Cloud servers. This platform does not need businesses to insta

  • Users needing a client portal
  • Businesses using other Zoho products
  • Freelancers and tiny businesses with a few clients
  • Integrating with third-party tools:
  • Businesses needing easy access to local bookkeepers:
  • Real-time view of Information
  • Free plan is suitable for the essentials.
  • Gamification is an excellent approach to motivating sales team members to exert more effort.
  • Zia automates several of your chores.
  • Efficient for small businesses and accountants
  • Reports can be generated easily
  • Pricing is affordable
  • Customer support is not always straightforward to reach.
  • File size limitations
Ease of Use

Zoho Books has a logical user interface and an intuitive dashboard

Quick Books, like Zoho Books, provides an online dashboard. It utilizes a left-hand menu bar to guide us through the available

Value For Money

Zoho Books also provides a free subscription with restricted features. The program offers a 14-day trial period for users to get familiar with the software.

Quickbooks offers a 30-day trial period for consumers to familiarize themselves with the platform before making a purchase.

Customer Support

Customer support is not always straightforward to reach.

QuickBooks offers support for QuickBooks Online through QuickBooks Gold Partners

Looking for a comparison between Zoho Books Vs QuickBooks? We got you covered.

Zoho Books and QuickBooks Online are two of the most well-known accounting software brands. Your company must maintain track of its funds. Thus, accounting is an unavoidable component. 

It is crucial to determine if you are investing in the appropriate software. Before investing, evaluate the product’s features, advantages, and cost. If you are on the fence, let’s take you offshore to help you make the right business choice.

What Is QuickBooks?

Intuit’s Quickbooks is the world’s most used accounting and finance software. The platform includes features and capabilities that meet a company’s Accounting-related requirements. Quickbooks is used by businesses from all around the globe to manage their money. It is an American software company formed in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx.

QuickBooks  - Overview: Zoho Books Vs QuickBooks

As Quickbooks is a Cloud-based application, all data uploaded by businesses is saved on Cloud servers. This platform does not need businesses to install any specialist hardware on their workstations.

Quickbooks has several features besides accounting, such as the ability to manage personnel and do numerous other complex activities. Quickbooks is used by businesses of all sizes and in various sectors, including wholesale, manufacturing, retail, and construction.

Quickbooks allows businesses to link several bank accounts effortlessly, and the program automatically downloads transaction history. Quickbooks automates the categorizing and arranging of company transactions, allowing businesses to save a substantial amount of productive time.

With Quickbooks, businesses can effortlessly send payment reminders to consumers, allowing them to operate more efficiently. Quickbooks is user-friendly software with a minimal-appearing UI that enables those without accounting experience to utilize the platform efficiently.

Quickbooks also offers an Android- and iOS-compatible mobile application that enables customers to manage their businesses from anywhere in the globe with a reliable Internet connection. Its mobile application greatly expands the Accounting platform’s accessibility.

Since its inception, Quickbooks has continued to enhance the platform, allowing them to expand its worldwide client base. According to the corporation, approximately 4.5 million businesses use Quickbooks for their Accounting and Bookkeeping requirements.


What Is Zoho Books?

Zoho Books is an online accounting application businesses use to manage and monitor their accounts. Zoho Corporation, an Indian business and productivity solutions developer, offers the platform. Sridhar Vembu launched the firm in 1996, and its offices are located in Chennai and San Francisco on the West Coast. 

Zoho Books: Zoho Books Vs QuickBooks

The Government of India has acknowledged Zoho Books as the best application in the business category. Companies of various sizes may utilize the program to satisfy their Accounting requirements. The free plan offered by Zoho Books has numerous features that enable small companies to operate efficiently without upgrading to a paying membership.

To streamline Accounting workflow, Zoho Books automates various tasks, including sending payment reminders, among others. Because it allows GST Billing,

it is appropriate for Indian businesses. However, Zoho Books can charge and account for transactions by the vast majority of taxes regulations, allowing it to be utilized by businesses in several countries. 

It is an end-to-end accounting solution that caters to the diverse demands of businesses, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory tracking, transaction monitoring, payroll administration, and many other crucial duties.

Additionally, Zoho Books offers a client interface that keeps transaction history in a secure environment. Using the client portal, customers may access the saved transaction data anytime.

The technology enables businesses to keep various time sheets for distinct projects and conveniently monitor each transaction. Zoho Books has an Android- and iOS-compatible mobile application that enables customers to manage their money from anywhere. Numerous industry-leading businesses, such as Sys Group, SAS, Pattra, August Infotech, Pacific Architect, and Engineers Incorporated, use Zoho Books for their accounting requirements.


Who Is Zoho Books For?

  • Manufacturers wanting to track high-value items: For serial inventory monitoring, Zoho Books’ Elite plan is available to manufacturing companies (e.g., consumer electronics makers) who need to track individual goods instead of groupings.
  • Users needing a client portal: Customers may use the client portal to examine and manage their transactions. Additionally, you may see your accounts, approve or reject estimates, and pay bills. QuickBooks lacks comparable functionality.
  • Businesses using other Zoho products: Zoho Books is one of the applications included in the Zoho suite. If you’re already using Zoho’s other platforms, such as Zoho Expense and Zoho CRM, it’s more practical to use Zoho Books since integrating applications is simpler.
  • Mobile accounting: The mobile app for Zoho Books offers more functionality than the mobile version for QuickBooks Online. It allows you to record invoices and bill payments, but QuickBooks does not.
  • Freelancers and tiny businesses with a few clients: Zoho Books is free for businesses with less than $50,000 yearly sales and less than 1,000 invoices annually. QuickBooks Online has no free plan.

Who Is QuickBooks For?

  • Integrating with third-party tools: QuickBooks works with over 650 business applications. This extensive variety makes it simple to integrate QuickBooks in organizations using software services such as customer relationship management (CRM) and eCommerce. Zoho Books prioritizes Zoho One applications above third-party connectors.
  • Processing your payroll: The seamless integration between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payroll enables you to pay workers, calculate and withhold payroll taxes, and account for employee benefits in any state. Zoho Payroll is only accessible in New York, California, Texas, and Florida.
  • Businesses needing easy access to local bookkeepers: A unique aspect of QuickBooks Online is its extensive network of QuickBooks ProAdvisors, which makes it simple to locate a local bookkeeper if you need one. This is one reason why QuickBooks Online is the finest accounting software for small businesses.

Zoho Books Vs QuickBooks: Comparison


Zoho Books, unlike Quickbooks, provides both monthly and annual subscription rates. By selecting yearly plans, users may save more money. Standard, Professional, and Premium Zoho Books subscriptions are available.

Zoho Books Pricing

Numerous features, including the client portal, recurring invoicing, and automatic payment reminders, are included in all Zoho Books subscription options. The monthly membership fee begins at $20 per month and goes up to $70 per month. Zoho Books also provides a free subscription with restricted features. The program offers a 14-day trial period for users to get familiar with the software.


Quickbooks Commerce pricing

Three monthly membership tiers are available for Quickbooks: EasyStart, Essential, and Plus. The prices range from $20 per month to $60 per month. The most costly plan includes extra features such as inventory management and project profitability tracking. Quickbooks, like Zoho Books,

offers standard features like support for multiple bank accounts and automated transaction categorization for all subscription options. Quickbooks offers a 30-day trial period for consumers to familiarize themselves with the platform before making a purchase.


Smartphone Application:

Smartphone apps are now required to expand the accessibility of internet software significantly. Both Zoho Books and Quickbooks offer consumers their mobile apps.

However, the Zoho Books mobile program supports Windows tablets and Kindle devices in addition to Android and iOS, giving it an advantage over the Quickbooks mobile version.


Zoho Books integrates with a variety of Zoho subscription-based apps. Zoho Finance Plus, Zoho People Plus, Zoho CRM Plus, Zoho Workplace, and Zoho One are a few examples. In addition, Zoho interfaces with several third-party platforms, including PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree.

Most of QuickBook’s connectors are third-party, except QuickBooks Payroll and TSheets by QuickBooks. Though not as straightforward as Zoho, QuickBooks engineers let you manage your whole organization using various third-party applications. 

Comparing Zoho Books vs. QuickBooks leads to their benefits and drawbacks. Zoho provides a discount for the collection of apps. In addition, QuickBooks allows you to choose third-party services depending on your company’s needs.


After a consumer has made a purchase, firms must give proper training. Zoho Books and Quickbooks provide training via many channels to assist users in comprehending the possibilities of the systems.

Both programs provide their customers with video tutorials, webinars, live online classes, and textual resources for learning how to utilize the platforms. Additionally, Zoho Books provides users with in-person training, while Quickbooks does not.

Customer Support: 

Zoho Books has a comprehensive documentation area that allows keyword searches. There is also a FAQ section that addresses frequently asked questions.

Each part of Zoho Books has a video demonstrating how to conduct activities, making it easy to set up the program. Additionally, you may contact Zoho support help anytime since it is available 24/7. There are other communities where you may get answers from Zoho advisors.

QuickBooks, like Zoho Books, features a Learn and Support website with articles and videos. It also has a part with answers to frequently asked questions. QuickBooks offers chat help and telephone assistance if you prefer to speak with a representative. Additionally, businesses may employ QuickBooks-certified ProAdvisors who can provide valuable support.

Zoho and QuickBooks provide self-service portions plus chat, email, and telephone assistance. If you are searching for a local expert, though, the QuickBooks ProAdvisors network is vast and accessible.

Ease of Use:

Zoho Books has a logical user interface and an intuitive dashboard. The left-hand navigation pane organizes and lists all the information. The dashboard is comprehensive, has excellent detail visibility, and needs scrolling.

Quick Books, like Zoho Books, provides an online dashboard. It utilizes a left-hand menu bar to guide us through the available choices. However, transactions may be conducted in many ways. It contains similar buttons and a single-click menu that walks us through everything it provides.

Zoho Books and QuickBooks feature comparable user interfaces and options that are intuitive and easy to use. Each software module has a left-hand navigation pane and a well-organized dashboard. The sole difference is that Zoho Books includes instructional videos when you access any area, simplifying the first configuration.


Both QuickBooks Online and Zoho Books provide an abundance of reports. While both feature more reports than other accounting software, QuickBooks Online includes more than 80 reports compared to Zoho Books’ more than 50 reports.


Organizations must have a streamlined and efficient workforce management system to maintain smooth corporate operations. In addition to membership fees, Quickbooks offers payroll administration capabilities that assist businesses in adequately managing their staff. With this capability, businesses may compute employee salaries, deductions, and taxes, among other things.

However, Zoho Books does not provide an out-of-the-box solution for payroll administration. Zoho Books supports a variety of connections, including Zoho Payroll and SurePayroll, to help businesses manage their personnel.

The firm provides a 14-day trial period for Zoho Payroll so that consumers may get acquainted with the platform’s features.


Companies may utilize Zoho Books’ 16 pre-built invoice templates to produce flawless invoices. Organizations may completely tailor the templates to their branding. With Zoho Books, businesses can automate the delivery of regular invoices to customers, saving a substantial amount of time and work.

Additionally, the software supports retainer invoices. All PDF invoices are encrypted by Zoho Books, which boosts security and decreases the likelihood of a data leak. In contrast to Quickbooks, Zoho Books’ free plan enables businesses to send up to 1,000 invoices each year for free, making it popular among small enterprises.

Quickbooks also includes various tools that facilitate the creation of customer invoices. The tool enables businesses to generate invoices with a professional appearance and distribute them through many methods, such as email and SMS. Similar to Zoho Books, Quickbooks provides clients with six customizable invoice templates.

Quickbooks enables businesses to include bank transfer and payment gateway links directly on invoices. This feature improves the customer experience since clients no longer need to communicate with businesses to make payments.


Comparing Zoho Books to other accounting software modules available on the market, its features are unique. Several functions include producing estimates, issuing purchase orders, budgeting, access for multiple users, inventory management, taking online payments, invoicing customers, monitoring bills, and staff management.

On the other hand, QuickBooks provides a set of accounting features best suited for small and medium-sized enterprises. It helps keep track of spending for effective financial management. Integrated payroll, managing files, sales returns, tracking unpaid bills, allocating time and expenses to tasks, managing inventory, measuring profitability by class and location, managing inventory monitoring costs using FIFO accounting, and sophisticated reporting are some of the features.

QuickBooks Online Plus and Zoho Books Professional provide comparable functionality. Included in the differences are submitting tax returns and issuing 1099 forms. Zoho Books only support these functionalities through third-party integration.

FAQs On Zoho Books Vs QuickBooks

Do Zoho Books integrate with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Online is not integrated with Zoho Books. However, you may import your Zoho Books data into QuickBooks if you switch accounting software.

Are Zoho Books or QuickBooks cheaper?

Zoho Books is less expensive than QuickBooks Online while giving comparable functionality.

What is the difference between Zoho Books and QuickBooks?

Zoho Books and QuickBooks provide accounting services for small businesses, including invoicing, spending tracking, billing, and more. Zoho Books is less expensive and offers superior mobile applications. However, QuickBooks Online provides additional connectors and add-ons, such as accounting and loan assistance.

Which is better: Zoho Books or QuickBooks?

Zoho Books is less expensive than QuickBooks Online and has many of the same outstanding features.

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Conclusion: Zoho Books Vs QuickBooks 2024

Zoho Books gives QuickBooks Online a run for its money. In a few instances, though, QuickBooks Online outperforms its competitor. QuickBooks Online is the ideal option for organizations that want robust accounting. This program provides additional integrations and a higher level of sophistication.

However, Zoho Books offers several advantages as well. This program is appropriate for organizations seeking simple-to-use software with robust mobile applications, superior customer service, and abundant unique features. It is also an excellent option for companies that need worldwide billing.

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