Zenkit Review 2024: Pricing, Demo & Features (Pros & Cons)


Overall Verdict

With Zenkit you can define different Collections and Teams for different purposes and adjust them precisely to their corresponding purpose. The productivity suite focused on your natural workflow Zenkit gives you the flexibility and freedom to organize your work the way you want. Zenkit offers very clean and pleasant interface. You must try Free version of Zenkit.

Out of 10


  • Enterprise-grade organization management
  • Bring more information to your platform, and become better informed
  • Zenkit interface is highly configurable
  • Best Software for Information Management
  • Integrate with over 1500 services
  • Amazing app for SCRUM


  • The data storage limits are relatively low
  • More pricing options needed
  • Few native integrations


Price: $ 9

Are you managing projects? Spending hours every day trying to manage your projects while juggling a million other things on your plate?

Are you looking for a tool that can be used to create a comprehensive understanding of your work?

Solution : Zenkit is a business software for project management. Bring your ideas to life with Zenkit!  Take control of your projects and use the power of Zenkit to see how far you can push yourself.

Looking for a review of Zenkit that covers all the aspects of this platform. You have landed at the right place. In this article, I will be talking about everything that you should know about Zenkit so that it becomes easy for you to figure out if the platform is worth your investment. 

The market is full of tools that can manage your to-do tasks and lists. Zenkit is one such tool, which is a super robust planning system and at the same time pretty friendly to use. It combines all the essential features that you will come across on platforms like Wunderlist, Microsoft Planner, or Trello with various basic functions like calendar, database, and spreadsheet.

You will also find an option of mind-mapping. In the past, it has offered web services along with mobile apps that included a few prime features. But now, there are apps for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

zenkit g2 reviews

These are PWAs that mean Progressive Web Apps that do not offer many integrations to the OS services like the notifications, but it can give you offline access to each and every feature without a need of fiddling around the browser in order to manage the offline syncing and storage. What makes it even better is the fact that it has some basic shortcuts for keyboards, which enhances its accessibility. 

Bottom Line Upfront: What is Zenkit?

Zenkit is one of the best project management tool which can help you in managing your day-to-day tasks of your business. It is an amazing alternative to Trello as well. You can manage the data of your project in here and you team can share their ideas and thoughts to help you in the process.

Zenkit offers a convenient way to manage a project without the need to learn a new software package or spend on expensive consultants. Zenkit’s full-featured features allow businesses of all sizes to succeed more efficiently than before. More importantly Zenkit allows companies to effectively communicate their business goals so that decisions can be made more efficiently by those closest to the situation.

Use Zenkit to manage your business easily.

Zenkit top features and testimonials

Now that we have a brief idea about this platform, let us dive deeper into the details. 

Zenkit Review

Zenkit Review: Top Pros & Cons

To begin with, in simple terms, Zenkit is a platform that offers tools for collaborative project management and is considered one of the best alternatives to platforms like Trello. With this platform, you can manage the data in the life cycle of the project. You can provide a workspace online that can be used by your team in order to organize their ideas and tasks.

What’s More? Zenkit can make workflow both productive as well as comfortable by the functions it offers for collaboration, issue tracking, customization, and management.

It can work significantly irrespective of the size of your team. You can simply customize the wide array of functions according to your needs. Though the tool is in the German language, that is not a cause of worry because you get support in the English language as well. Zenkit makes your collaboration with the team effortless, and you can very easily track your projects, timesheets, issues, and ideas.

You can use this tool for personal use as well as it can track for you your events like holidays and parties, your fitness goals, save your recipes, and can have a lot more to offer. 

Zenkit - Overview

The product also enables you to collaborate with your team members with the help of comments, assign them tasks, and also get reminders and notifications. Version 3.0 launched by Zenkit comes with the entire user interface in a redesigned manner and has an enhanced mobile experience to offer.

There are numerous features that are added along, which focus particularly on the improvement of the connectivity of the users by putting into use embeddable and published collections. Another recent addition to this wide array of features of Zenkit is the Zenkit Wiki View.

This feature helps you in organizing corporate data in the internal website that is a knowledge sharing through a platform for content management. Multiple users can easily co-create, co-edit, and collaborate wikis around the topics, interests, and knowledge that are capable of stimulating best-practices and innovation, which can ultimately lead to the growth of your organization.

Wikis can also be grouped into various field labels and types for improved navigation. The custom fields will make it easy for you to track crucial details very easily. 

You can deploy calendars, tables, mind maps, lists, and Kanban Boards in order to work with your data. If you don’t really know what Kanban is, it is a simple method of working that incorporates the ability to limit the amount of work someone can take at a point in time. As Zenkit is a Kanban app, it can compete very easily with big names like Trello. 

Zenkit word Image

Next, let us talk about the features of Zenkit.

Features Of Zenkit : Does Zenkit offer a free plan?

zenkit advanced features

In this section, I will be talking about the prime features of Zenkit. 

  • Real-Time Collaborations

With Zenkit, you can easily invite all your co-workers, colleagues, and freelancers to collaborate with both you as well as your project.

  • The Global Search

With the option of integrated Global Search, it gets super easy to find literally anything within Zenkit in no time. 

  • Switch Views

The Switch Views option lets you see your data in various representations such as Calendar, Mindmap, List, Gant, Kanban, or in the form of a Table. 

  • Offline Mode

With Zenkit, you can access Zenkit anywhere and anytime you want, even if you do not have an internet connection. What is more incredible is the fact that the web version too supports the offline mode. 

  • Sharing Files

It is super easy to share your images and documents from the cloud storage service providers or your desktop with complete offline support. 

  • Rich Text Editing 

With the simple and easy to use rich text editor offered by Zenkit, you can very easily create visually aesthetic texts in order to make your work even better. For giving your words an edge over others, you can use markdown, HTML, or even the basic text. 

  • Favorites

This option lets you mark the crucial items in your favorite list. This way, you can access it in a jiffy and also tag them in the groups. 

  • Tracking The Activities

Zenkit with this feature lets you watch the activities right as they happen. You can very easily keep a track of all that is going on in your team or in collections and also in your individual items.

Zenkit suite


  • Notifications

The notification, rather than distracting you, is meant to help you and to make that possible, you can easily customize the notifications in such a way that you get the information you are looking for wherever and whenever you need them. 

  • Labels

The label fields of Zenkit are super flexible, meaning it helps you with categorizing the items, assigning priorities, tracking the progress, and a lot more. You can also organize the Kanban Board by the label field you are creating. 

  • Robust Filters

With the Zenkit’s robust filters, you can quickly drill down and find what you are exactly looking for. You can save the filters you frequently use in order to create the custom views. 

  • Bulk Actions

Zenkit lets you add, remove, or even replace any value in any field with multiple items so that you never get stuck in doing any sort of tedious data entry ever again. 

  • Drag And Drop 

This feature lets you organize all your projects intuitively and also move your items along as you will be progressing with drag and drop. 

  • Direct Email

You can email tasks directly to Zenkit and then assign tasks through unique email addresses. With this, you can also create new items from the inbox. 

  • Shortcuts

This feature is for the Keyboard based working. You can add items quickly, move the branches of the mind map, add the labels, and do a lot more with the shortcuts on Zenkit. 

  • Commenting

You can easily collaborate with the team working on your project through comments. This way, your conversation, and work stay connected. The comments can also be edited with the right information in case you made any mistakes. 

  • Mentions

This feature proves out to be really helpful if you need to immediately notify a team member regarding some crucial mention. By using this feature, you can ping a colleague and bring the team members you want into a particular conversation.

  • Zapbook

You get to integrate with more than 1000 of the services and apps of your choice with the help of Zapier Integration by Zenkit. 

  • Customized Backgrounds

You can easily customize the platform in a way that it will suit both you as well as your team. Simply add backgrounds as well as images of your choice by upgrading to Zenkit Plus. 

  • Colorful Items

You can very easily color your items and make them stand out. 

This will also help you in differentiating between various tasks when you use bright and bold colors. 

  • References

You can connect various items in order to create a database that is entirely custom relational. It is super easy to use it as a to-do list and is definitely way more robust as compared to a basic link. References help in keeping all your data in sync. 

  • Aggregations

You can have a look at the aggregations of any field of numbers in any view so that you can have a quick overview of the data. 

  • Formulas

You can create formulas by using any reference or number field to combine, connect, and also analyze the data that comes from any collection. 

  • Rearranging The Kanban Views

This is a plus feature that lets you group your board of Kanban by any label in the rows and lists. You can also track the progress made by members and also create priority matrices.

  • Recurring Tasks

With Zenkit, you can set up the recurring tasks. This way, you never miss your appointments. The repeater-rules offered by Zenkit are super flexible and robust enough to fit in almost every situation. 

  • Business-Ready Templates

If you are someone who is not sure where you should begin with, you can simply opt for and download one amongst the plethora of business-ready templates.

  • Global Calendar

This feature will aggregate all important dates and events in your data. This way, you will have all your information right at one point. 

Zenkit - Calendar

  • Team Inbox

You get one single place where you can view all the items that are assigned to you or to someone you have collaborated with. With this inbox for a team, you can very easily create and assign items automatically to a team without getting stuck in the technicalities of a challenging project. 

Zenkit - Inbox

  • Gantt Chart 

With the Gantt Chart, you can track and schedule all your complex projects with a clear timeline, lead and lag, critical path, milestones, and a lot more. 

  • Team Wiki 

The team wiki lets you create as well as publish content-rich and beautiful wiki in no time. You can collaborate with wiki members in real time. 

  • Checklists, To-Do-Lists, and Multi-Level Subtasks

You can very easily add sub-tasks to your tasks by using checklists. It lets you visually track progress and also mark things off that are done. This feature also enables you to turn your projects into a to-do list, making your task super easy. When you mark a task done, you can watch it move down your list. Not only that, but you also get the option of Subtasks.

Subtasks work in a similar way like a checklist do, but it comprises real items. This way, you very easily build hierarchies of your tasks on any level. 

Zenkit -Chat Magic

  • Delegating Tasks

It becomes super easy to delegate your tasks and assign them to the team members. You can also notify them about new tasks that require their attention. 

  • Syncing With Calendars

This feature will ensure that you do not miss any appointment as the Zenkit’s integration of Google Calendar will ensure that your calendar is in sync all the time. 

  • Top-Notch Administration

Zenkit employs SAML-based SSO, uses provisioning in order to manage users, and also audit as well as monitor the activities in the organizations. 

  • 2 Factor Authentication

This feature is available for every user of Zenkit that ensures the security of your account. 

  • Assigning Roles 

You can assign users with roles that will enhance the security of work and also boost the productivity of the team. 

  • SCIM Provisioning 

The platform uses SCIM providers like MS Azure AD that automatically keeps all your users in sync with the remaining infrastructure. 

Now that we have an idea of what this platform is all about and its features, let us take a look at the benefits of using this platform. 

Benefits Of Zenkit

Zenkit benefits

zenkit advanced features

There are many benefits of putting this platform into use, and in this section, I will be explaining all of them in detail.

  • Wide Array Of Features

zenkit management features

Zenkit is a platform that is power-packed with numerous incredible features that will help in leveraging the process of project management. The platform comes with the progressive web apps, public API, and many other features. You will get a great mobile experience, and in order to enhance the connectivity, both embeddable and published collections are available for the users to connect.

Other wide ranges of features you get to lay your hands on are integration with the Microsoft Teams, iCalender sync with any other calendar app, and split-screen support for iPad. All in all, this platform is pretty user-friendly and intuitive, and you do not need any sort of tutorials for getting started and using the product in an effective manner.

You get to lay your hands on a wide array of features, and that gives you a chance to select what you need to fulfill your requirements. 

  • The Wiki View

With the Zenkit Wiki View, you can organize all your corporate data into the internal websites or knowledge base that will allow your team to cooperate, collaborate and share things around their knowledge, best practices, and interests.

It is totally built on the content management system, and that makes the wiki view very simple to index all the unstructured data around the hierarchical groupings, topics, labels, or text fields. Even the creation of wikis is pretty flexible: you can make a choice from plain text, markdown, or HTML. It is also possible to add rich media like social media, images, and videos. 

  • Consistent Development

The platform consistently improves and updates its system so that you do not have to worry about switching to other apps in case your demands and needs increase over time. The developers of the platform also keep a track of the novel trends in the arena of project management and collaborations so that they can incorporate these in their tools.

  • Mobility and Synergy

All the items that Zenkit has to offer are very closely linked to each other. This way, it becomes very easy to create data that is related to database linking. What makes it even great is the fact that it is available for both mobile as well as web versions. This basically means that you will get access and the ability to use the platform anytime and from anywhere so you can be productive. 

  • Security and Collaboration 

The main feature of Zenkit is to allow each and every team member to work independently for a shared target. There is no need to be worried about the security of your data as the platform employs state-of-the-art standards and measures for protection in order to ensure that your data is recoverable when needed and is also safe at the same time. 

  • Integrations

Zenkit puts into use Zapier, an application that will help you in the creation of integrations between the services online and the apps that are not natively connected.

Zenkit - Integration

What makes it even better is the fact that you do not need coding knowledge of any sort for using Zapier. To put it in perspective, you can easily connect Zenkit to 1,000 plus other tools that include significant ones like Asana, Evernote, GitHub, Gmail, and many more. 

You can bind Zenkit to Trello to import kanban data directly from that program, and you can also upload data from CSV files, as previously stated. If you need assistance connecting to other applications and utilities, you can use Zapier. Zapier is an app that allows you to build integrations with different online applications and services that don’t necessarily speak the same language.

Zapier’s uniqueness is that you don’t need to write code to use it. Since Zenkit is part of the Zapier network, you can link it to a slew of other applications, including Asana, Evernote, GitHub, Gmail, and a slew of others.

Although being a member of the Zapier network is essential for promoting integrations amongst products that Zenkit might have ignored, a few main connections should be included natively. Popular storage services, including Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, at the very least, should be supported. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Trello excels at integrations, with over 30 applications and utilities natively supported.

Additional Things that you need to know

Zenkit’s custom fields are helpful, but they lack a few widely used market alternatives, for example. In Zenkit, there isn’t an environment or area for recurrent activities, and there isn’t one for recurring tasks.

It is possible to place a start and end time for calendar entries, but Zenkit doesn’t have a field for it anyway, even though you browse at all possibilities for adding a personalized field. Furthermore, “due date” does not correctly define a meeting’s date. It also doesn’t apply to all types of tasks, which may not be due on a specific date but rather cover a period.

If your team creates many graphic resources, you might find that Zenkit lacks the resources you need to collaborate and analyze. There are no markup resources for drawing on or emphasizing PDFs and photos, even though you can upload files to share and address them. People who aren’t designers but need to work with designers would benefit significantly from such resources. Volerro is the only kanban app I’ve seen with built-in features. Igloo, which is similar to Podio in that it is something like a workplace portal, has much more advanced image and PDF markup resources and the option to mark a favorite within a batch of uploaded images.

The ability to display collections as a Gantt chart and run analytics is on Zenkit’s potential feature roadmap. Gantt charts won’t be too useful until you’re able to establish dependencies between items and checklists inside items, which you can’t do right now.

The ability to see how the entire system of assignments is changed when one assignment is late or needs to be rescheduled is one of the benefits of an integrated Gantt map.  In Zenkit, there are currently no milestone markers, which will be another missing piece in a potential Gantt map view. Zenkit could incorporate these features before releasing Gantt maps, which may take some time.

There are a few models available in Zenkit. Guide for Newly Hired employees, Company Database, CRM for Selling, and Project Planner are only a few examples of models. Templates are helpful in teamwork apps because they offer you ideas for what you can do with Zenkit and a framework for how you could do it. However, the names of these Zenkit models may be exaggerating Zenkit’s capabilities.

The Project Planner template, for example, will assist you in laying out a project and perhaps even managing the function of a simple project. Still, it is not a replacement for a project management app. Project management software usually has features for scheduling hundreds of individuals and assignments, monitoring time spent on tasks, accounting, and other tasks. These more sophisticated features are not included in Zenkit.

Similarly, Zenkit’s Company Database may be helpful. Still, it lacks the contract-specific features that other contact applications and other chat apps provide, such as one-touch dialling or a list of all the communications you’ve shared with a specific contact.


Zenchat review pricing

As we all know a massive chunk of the everyday business communication is all about both upcoming and current tasks. But with Zenkit, you do not even need to switch to some other platform to get it managed. Zenkit offers Zenchat which is basically a team-messenger that comes with a built-in system of task management. The successful combination of tasks and chat offered by Zenchat makes the entire communication experience incredible.  

With Zenchat you do not have to switch much between the task management tools and chat much often. It is very much less cluttered and also requires less searching and crossing. It also successfully dodges the confusion regarding where you can add the vital information and the comments.

Zenchat makes sure that you do not require much integration and administration between the task and chat app. Overall you get much more time to work within your natural flow as it motivates, inspires and improves the engagement within a team.

Zenchat also offers you much more understanding and overview of all what is on and boosts the valuation of your information with chatting about the topics and tasks. It is also important to know that Zenchat is a product of Zenkit Suite and that basically means that Zenchat is very much integrated with the other products that Zenkit has to offer. 

Zenchat review pricing

What makes it even more unique is the Bird Eyes Perspective it has to offer. With the Bird Eyes Perspective, when you chat regarding a topic or task, the chat related to it is informed by the mini messages. All in all this helps in giving you a birds eye view of whatever you do which includes both important and current topics. The messages of chat are stored in the comments of the topic so that you can always access them later whenever you need it.

Zenkit Solutions

zenkit solutions Zenkit solution 2

Pricing Of Zenkit


Zenkit Base

Personal  Plus Business  Enterprise 
Monthly  Free $9/ €9 /month $25/ €25 /month Custom 
Annually  Free $8/ €8 /month $21/ €21 /month Custom

Zenkit To Do 

Personal  Plus Business  Enterprise 
Monthly  Free $4/ €4 /month $19/ €19 /month Custom 
Annually  Free $3/ €3 /month $15/ €15 /month Custom


Personal  Plus Business  Enterprise 
Monthly  Free $5/ €5 /month $19/ €19 /month Custom 
Annually  Free $4/ €4 /month $15/ €15 /month Custom

Zenkit Customers Testimonials & Reviews

Zenkit Zenchat top features Zenkit testimonials online

Zenkit - Testimonials

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FAQs On Zenkit Review

👉Can I use Zenkit for free? If yes, then for how long?

You can use Zenkit for free. Moreover, there is no time limit on how long you can use this service for free. You can use it for free as long as you like. However, free plans lack behind in terms of features when compared to the paid plans and may miss out on various useful features and tools.

👉What languages are supported by Zenkit?

Zenkit currently has support for various major languages spoken across the globe. Moreover, it regularly adds support for more and more languages. By default, Zenkit opens in the language you are using in your browser. For instance, if you are using Chinese as your default browser language, Zenkit will load up in Chinese.Zenkit is also available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. Zenkit can sense your app language and turn it for you, but you could do it manually from your profile if it doesn’t.

👉What platforms are supported by Zenkit?

Zenkit supports all the major software platforms. It can be used on various platforms such as iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and Snapcraft. The software is available to download on the Zenkit website, from where the users can simply click on their platform banner, and they will soon see the software downloading to their respective devices.

✅ How do I export from Zenkit?

You can export a whole array to a .csv format in a few taps. To do so, open the collection's options menu by clicking on its name when it is open and selecting 'Export to CSV' from the 'Actions' menu. Choose which data to use in the csv package.

🔥What is the Zenkit foundation?

Zenkit Base is a cloud-based project management and digital transformation tool for businesses and teams of all sizes. Templates. Functionality. Platforms.

🔥What is the Zenkit application?

The Zenkit Android application is stunning. Quick, clean, and a great reflection of all we've attempted to accomplish with our web app, which is now accessible everywhere. We're also launching a completely new update to the iOS software to get it up to speed with the Android and web models.

😍 Is Zenkit available offline?

As far as we know, Zenkit is one of the first applications to support offline function in both the browser and smartphone apps!

✅ How can you customize the Zenkit background?

There was previously a tab labeled 'Backgrounds,' there is currently a tab labeled 'Add-Ons.' By allowing Collection Themes, you can customize your context. If you disable it again, the default context or the one specified in your profile settings would be shown.

Zenkit Alternatives & Competitors 2024

1) Odoo

Odoo reviews

Odoo is an open-source computing platform with hundreds of expertly developed enterprise apps that is entirely optimized and flexible. Odoo’s user-friendly database can handle a wide range of company requirements, including CRM, sales, project management, manufacturing, inventory management, and accounting, to name a few. Odoo is an all-in-one tech system that caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Odoo’s unbeatable, streamlined existence aids enterprises in being more competitive by eliminating redundant manual operations, saving endless hours of labor. Every module is linked together to provide a seamless interface from one app to the next, and users can simplify several tasks that would otherwise need any manual inputs. Odoo centralizes all corporate processes, empowering employees to communicate with other organizations in the most productive manner possible from a single centralized network.

2) CrossConcept Continuum PSA

CrossConcept Continuum PSA

CrossConcept Continuum goes beyond and above today’s conventional PSA implementations by integrating cutting-edge UI technology that makes the solution more user-friendly, resulting in fewer clicks and less time spent recording results. CrossConcept Continuum was designed from the initial concept to align with all large accounting systems, allowing programs and accounts to be synchronized in one place.

Their creative PSA approach enables you to oversee all stages of your project from inception to delivery and execute on your commitments, allowing you to optimize profitability by linking projects and financial accounting. CrossConcept has a long history of assisting support agencies with process automation.

Clients have varied in number from a few hundred to over 30,000 individuals. CrossConcept Continuum was established and influenced by the founders and team’s real-life experience. Their answer is a quick but effective public service announcement!

3) ONEPOINT Projects


ONEPOINT Projects is the leading supplier of easy-to-use, hybrid project and portfolio solutions for modern business organizations. ONEPOINT Projects combine quick, traditional, evolutionary, and Jira projects into a centralized project database and resource utilization database, unlike conventional PPM software. Project-oriented organizations can use ONEPOINT to improve project and portfolio accountability, reduce project lead times, simplify best practices, and maximize resource usage.

ONEPOINT redefines ROI for project management solutions by relying on open standards and technology, offering both cloud-based/SaaS and on-premise deployments, and putting a strategic premium on making PM applications simple to implement.

4) Ayoa

Ayoa Whiteboards, Mind Mapping, Task Management & Chat

Ayoa raises the bar for online collaborative whiteboards. Ayoa moves beyond tradition by combining concept creation, task management, and team collaboration functionality to provide a forum for teams to collaborate and develop information that can be used to achieve progress.

The Ayoa way of working allows users to grab and evolve brilliant ideas quickly, execute them immediately, and create the best working habits. Our adaptable features enable teams of any size to complete any task, whether it’s project preparation, successful meeting facilitation, or anything in between.

5) Wrike

Wrike Affiliate Program

Wrike gives you complete insight and power of your activities and program. Leading organizations, including Airbnb and Verizon, depend on Wrike, cloud-based teamwork, job management, and program management platform, to help their teams do more. Wrike’s world-class features enable cross-functional, remote, or growing teams to take their ventures from the original request stage through to completion.

Wrike has all you need to navigate your way, from personalized dashboards and workflows and team-specific automation to streamline processes. No one else will match this degree of adaptability. Wrike’s flexible and user-friendly interface adapts to the team’s job management style so they can achieve more. For any squad, feature, and department, the most flexible open collaboration tool allows you to work as one. In a virtual workplace, you can link the entire company, exchange thoughts, and deliver the best work.

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Final Thoughts About Zenkit What is Zenkit?

Features: Zenkit is fully customizable. You can customize your dashboard, features, and more. Zenkit supports multiple document types like Google Docs, Microsoft Word or Open Office, so you don’t have to switch between different browsers or computers to work on your project.

Advantages: Zenkit simplifies the way you manage projects by letting you create a single interface that works on all devices.

Benefits: Zenkit makes working with projects much easier because it’s designed for people who use multiple devices including mobile phones and tablets.

Zenkit on Social Media :

Conclusion: Zenkit Reviews 2024

Overall my experience with using this platform has been great. It is super intuitive and has a combination of everything from serious functionalities of project management to simple to-do lists. Zenkit enables you to collaborate with various views like Calendar, List, Mind Map, Table, and Kanban.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your team is working together efficiently, getting things done in a timely manner, and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Zenkit’s intuitive interface and powerful features make your life easier.

Even the Kanban view is incredible for organizing the projects, and the Mind Map function will help you in bringing transparency in your flow of thoughts. The process of onboarding is really very intuitive. You also get to lay hands on various incredible features like multi-variable filtering, editing, rich text, checklists, and activity tracking. 

All in all, it is a great application for improving collaboration, increasing productivity, and bringing transparency to the workflow. 

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51 User Reviews on Zenkit

  1. I like Zenkit a lot, but it’s got big issues around ‘user lock-in’.
    I particularly like that it provides so many Views of my information, for instance, I can turn a brain-splurge of ideas (as a Mindmap) into an actionable hierarchical list of tasks with highly configurable features (text, date, checklist fields &c.).
    But… extracting this information, and transferring it to another platform is nigh-on impossible with the built-in tools. Hierarchical information is exported as a flat file, losing all of the complex relationships (this also true for the JSON export, which is bonkers).
    And if you try to build tools to get your data via the API, you’ll find the documentation is pretty sparse.
    A lot of the interface is clunky, with a fairly poor UX (which downgrades the ‘productivity’) – okay it (mostly) looks swish, but there’s a lot of switching from mouse to keyboard and back, and there’re limited options for customising the front-end. For instance, it’s easy to add a new column to a Kanban (Add Stage..) or a Table (new Field…) view, but does the column-in-waiting need to be there, taking up desktop estate, when I’m not using it? And in the meantime, existing columns are crammed in to the remaining screen-width.
    Work-in-progress, I’d say, and would fail any stringent cost-benefit analysis in its current state.

    • … but maybe to clarify, maybe ZK’s great for project management within a closed group – I use it for ‘idea management’, so it’s important to me to be able to capture ideas fluidly, and to be able to transform these into shareable, comprehensible formats, even for people who are not IT savvy or on the same platform. I don’t find that Zenkit supports that bridge well.

  2. Zenkit is an excellent software that has helped me to manage my day-to-day business. It’s user friendly, fast and easy to use which can open up a lot of time for me so I can concentrate on the more important tasks without worrying about all these little things.

  3. Zenkit is the best project management tool that aid in managing the day-to-day tasks of your business. It is an amazing alternative to Trello as it provides you with centralized data management for efficient collaboration. Try Zenkit today!
    Ideas are being dumped into Trello or Slack all day, but then updates are sent there too? With Zenkit, manage your team’s effort so precisely that you don’t even need to think about time schedules. When you want more people on a task, just invite them!

  4. I cannot believe how much time I am going to save with Zenchat. Previously all my tasks had been on a separate platform but now that is totally solved with their chat messenger.

    Previously, I used to have more than one application open every day as there were many platforms I needed for different aspects of my work. But now it has gotten so much simpler and Zenkit has really helped me out in the past year!

  5. Zenkit has only upsides to it! There are many pros it like:
    》Affordable plans
    》Free plan
    》Different views (tables, Gantt, Kanban)
    》Helpful documentation and video tutorials
    》Relational data capable
    》Easy to customize
    Over 1500 service integrations
    》Users can suggest software updates
    》Quality customer support

  6. Zenkit can be perfect for your business!
    Zenkit provides you with the right tools for your tasks and other specific functions. Why deal with tools and features that you don’t need for your work? With ZenKit, you have everything you need right from the get-go, enabling you to maximize the software’s potential and fully leverage it to streamline and simplify your tasks and help deliver results timely.

  7. Zenkit is an advanced project management application featuring progressive web apps and public API that allow you to publish your projects in myriad ways, including a wiki view, and integrate them with a wide array of tools and apps. The goal is to let you share projects more easily with teams and your audience anywhere they are internet-connected; thus, collaborate with efficiency and more productivity.
    All together I love using Zenkit and I’ll highly recommend everyone to use it!

  8. I’ve been utilizing Zenkit since long time and the it has some magnificent highlights like
    Zenkit is assisting groups with remaining associated
    You can robotize your business measures with zenkit
    Zenkit has every one of the highlights of Trello, Wunderlist, and so on and adds much more
    Incorporates schedule and psyche planning capacities

  9. With Zenkit you can characterize various Collections and Teams for various purposes and change them unequivocally to their comparing reason. The efficiency suite zeroed in on your regular work process Zenkit gives you the adaptability and opportunity to put together your work the manner in which you need. Zenkit offers extremely spotless and charming interface. You should attempt Free form of Zenkit.

  10. zenkit is a project management software that focuses on transparency and simplifying the process of managing projects.

    It is a project collaboration software that is integrated with Gantt charts, calendars, and a collaboration platform. It is a lot better than trello

  11. Zenkit Project Management Software is the best project management tool I’ve ever used. It’s easy to set up and use, takes little time to learn, and has so many features packed in for free! Zenkit also has great customer support! Gabe always gets back to me right away with all my questions. Definitely worth it.
    The best thing about using Zenkit Project Management Software over any other I have tried is the simplicity of setting everything up. There are no complicated user guides or steps involved which means that you can get started immediately without prior knowledge of anything just like everybody else.

  12. I chose Zenkit over others because pricing was much better on Zenkit and it had better project planning features. I could see my plans and data in a variety of different formats. It also helped me in bettering daily administration.

  13. I think all these reviews of Zenkit are true because after just a few minutes of testing it out I am seriously considering switching platforms. The interface is so simple-looking that you can actually see your whole week’s tasks without clicking on anything! And the little ‘zen’ bubbles that appear over your tasks to let you know they have been updated? Genius!

  14. Zenkit is an all in one project management tool for your business. You can manage the data of your project and have discussions at the same time with your team without the need to switch applications. With Zenkit, you can set up as many boards as you want and can even organize them by topic so you won’t get lost looking through a million tabs on a spreadsheet. It’s a fun, intuitive way that will have everyone feeling productive from day one!

  15. Zenkit helps you to get the work going, never stopping even for a moment. It helps you in developing your project schedule and helps everyone on a team keep their focus up with eye-catching charts, graphs, and custom visuals that inspire confidence from start to finish. The intelligent insights make it easy not only to track important milestones but also help guide discussions about future plans. And if anything ever goes wrong or someone needs assistance, rest assured Zenkit will provide helpful information because of its logging features which record key issues.

  16. One dark side of this tool is the data storage limit that is proportionately low. It provides 1 GB of file attachments for free users and provides only 6GB for plus users. Sometimes it slows down and delays the work. Also, its performance is quite slow in the mobile app as compared to its performance on the computer. It needs to improve the knowledge base. Also, it needs to add more features to the Gantt chart.

  17. There are many tools for project management that claim they can help you manage your projects and work. But Zenkit is the best of them all. It offers a convenient way to manage a project without the need to learn a new software package or spend on expensive consultants. After using it we found our team more efficient than before and no longer worrying about unimportant tasks as they were now handled automatically by Zenkit with just one click! We highly recommend applying this software if you want the best tool out there for managing projects, as well as use it as an alternative for those people who don’t like traditional Gantt charts – those diagrams that represent how particular tasks will be carried out orally with individual sections represented.

  18. I never knew Zenkit could replace all of my project management tools, and it can! With workflow built-in and a design that is non-intrusive, I am super stoked with the experience. If you’re looking for a solution to your organisational needs, look no further than Zenkit!

  19. Very user-friendly software for project managers. I don’t use it every day (actually, I only came across Zenkit by chance), but when I need to set up a new project with staff spread around the globe, this seems like one of the best things you can get your hands on.
    I really like that nothing about setting up projects is more complicated than before. It has become much easier, and there are no glitches whatsoever.

  20. When you’re working on a project, there are lots of details to keep track of. This is where Zenkit steps in. The interface makes it easy to navigate quickly through your tasks and projects with just one click, organizing the information into the appropriate folders or categories so everything can be readily accessible when you need it. This revolutionary new software saves time by loading faster, working faster even when under heavy demand, and being less demanding on resources compared to other project management systems out there-which helps increase profitability for your business. With the Zion Kit Wiki View feature, teams will be able to share ideas internally without delays during peak hours-instead engaging in productive dialogue right when they are needed most.

  21. I love the online dashboard and the smooth design. It’s also running fast and feels like a top-of-the-line commercial product. I really don’t know why we would bother with other products because this is working so well for us and nobody needs to keep updating an Information System (IS) every month, either.

  22. The most recent change in the product is an expansion in features. I think my favourite part about this software is that it’s so flexible! Creating information on the wiki view was super easy, and editing was just as simple with all of my pages–saved me a lot of time when it came to taking care of them too. It also helped that my team could see what I had written live in real-time–much better than submitting drafts back and forth.

    I liked how they have these handy little shortcuts for formatting your text, even though I’m used to typing out all my headers by hand, but it’s cool how you can save time if you need to format things at lightning speed.

  23. One-on-one communication with team members has never been easier. I used to switch between my inbox, task management software, and chat often—now it’s all in one place with Zenchat! You can even make calls on your phone or tablet like you would do for Skype or FaceTime if you’re not using the web version. The great thing is that everything I need is at my fingertips; there are no more swipes across screens before locating that document! With Zenkit’s task management options, I feel like a superhuman project manager, keeping up with clients’ deadlines while organizing projects for other people.

  24. Zenkit is an amazing project management software, I have been using it for years now and all of my projects are going smoothly. It helps me in managing my data and lets me know that I am on right track with the progress of my project. Moreover, the features offered by this software are very great as they help you to find a professional partner for your business without any hassles.

  25. I’ve been using Zenkit to manage HUGE projects. It’s great for these tasks because it is cloud-based and works with all the browsers you use – like Chrome and Firefox, and anything else you need (even Safari if you want). You can also access your document library from anywhere at any time! Even when we’re on a plane flying across the globe. It also syncs its info with Gdrive so no more worrying about data loss – even if my laptop gets stolen.”
    I’m a freelance videographer as well as a motion graphic artist, but I come up against some problems running those programs from different places or logging into multiple accounts that have weird passwords to remember just to finish a project. That’s why this app is really essential for me as it comes really handy for all such issues.

  26. Zenkit is a great tool for project management. I can even access it on my mobile device and it’s easy to use. In the past, I have had Alfred L. Milligan
    trouble tracking down information or figuring out how various moving pieces fit together from multiple sources of data. Whether you’re working on a team inside your company or partnering with partners outside of your organization, Zenkit helps people see what needs to happen next so they can set about doing it.

  27. The wiki is a lot of fun. My team can take any topic and turn it into a wiki page with the click of a button. It’s perfect for inside jokes or company lore that you don’t want to include in public documentation, but still want to share with your entire team. Plus it’s far easier than messaging 117 employees individually.
    Stay motivated! – The Zenkit Podcasts keep me going through tough days at work because they’re always interesting, motivational, and easy to listen to either during my morning commute or while I’m getting ready for bed.

  28. Zenkit is great for last-minute changes because it’s constantly up to date on new ideas. I loved how the clear interface made design-thoughtless so I could focus on implementing my best work. Haters gonna say they don’t like change? Well, think about how this reflects their attitudes towards “Solved Arguments”. Now you’re thinking with Zenkit!

  29. I truly like Zenkit. It has been ideal for me to utilize.

    The adaptability is magnificent and the UI is exceptionally usable. The list of capabilities is as yet developing, however it is extraordinary that new highlights don’t present an oppressive intricacy.
    I like the individual foundations (for no particular reason). I exceptionally appreciate the wtwo-way Google Calendar joining that gives me an outline of my day and week.

  30. I don’t find their help videos and instructions to be useful when you are first learning how to use Zenkit. They seem to think you already have a basic knowledge of the program. They still need to do a lot of work to improve their knowledge base, however, google as usual can be your friend to help find the answers to your questions.

  31. I’ve been using Zenkit for a few months now and surely not going back to my old tool. The team has done a impeccable job of building an application that addresses the need of power users, light users, and everything in between.
    Great things out there!

  32. Zenkit is a great platform for project planning that has all the features you need in order to manage and collaborate on your projects. Because it’s so easy to use, I’m finally getting caught up with my work – plus my boss loves being able to see exactly what I’ve been working on.

  33. I’m in love with what this app has to offer. I’ve always struggled with collaborating and clearly presenting ideas in a concise and presentable way, but with Zenkit I find it easy to make proposals and generate feedback in a productive environment.

  34. Zenkit Project Management Software is the software for growing businesses. It provides a streamlined, collaborative experience that helps project managers run their business with simplicity and ease of use – right from their browser. Perfect for companies that are tired of inefficient systems, teams that need to unite around projects or individuals who want to work more efficiently, Zenkit gives you an array of features like wikis for advanced knowledge management; flexible labelling tool (think tags but on steroids), comprehensive navigation tabs in Wiki View mode; powerful search engine; straightforward reporting preview; Kanban boards; automatic site preview upgrade when publishing any content change.Best yet? You get it all in one system with no additional apps -saving time and money spent on IT resources like engineers and analysts!

  35. Zenkit is a brilliant tool for the creation and completion of projects since the service is very distinguished for being broadly operational, have ample capacity and be very low cost compared to all its competitors, I have used this service for quite some time and I can say that the productivity that has provided for all our team has been excellent, the service provides access to people through many devices, whether Mac, Windows, Android, Tablet, iPhone, among others. The tool is completely intuitive to work with, it is very easy to integrate its use to inexperienced people, its interface has a very representative design since it is innovative and above all elegant.

  36. The software is very limited to store files, as its capacity is a maximum of 6GB and compared to the large number of files with which we work is very limited capacity, the performance of the software in mobile applications is quite slow compared to its operation in computers, I am really very limited to speak negatively of this software as its operation is quite potential to work.

  37. I love that I can get to is on both my desktop and telephone. Zenkit is entirely reasonable with a smooth interface that is extremely instinctive. There is amazing documentation for its numerous uses as well as video tutorials and blogs that are priceless to new clients.
    The flexibility is superb and the UI is works great. The feature set is still growing, but it is great that new features don’t cause any more complexity.
    I’ll pursue you all using Zenkit!

  38. Zenkit is a flexible workspace that can be used to organize things. It enables you to view data and manipulate it in numerous intuitive ways to obtain insight into projects. Also, you can use it to build CRM. It keeps your focus on what is necessary and important. It helps you keep track of projects and performance as it allows you to mark tasks that are completed. You can also use it to keep track of business expenses. It allows users to collaborate from different locations without interacting physically.

  39. What sets the Zenkit project management software apart from Trello is that Zenkit provides a robust range of features, including conditional formatting for tasks that are complete or not yet completed. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to learn so you can spend more time on work rather than navigating through menus for hours.

  40. It should be noted that file management or the integration of various tools as an addition for a more comfortable work, could be better, since it presents errors when implementing these functions, without excluding that Zenkit sometimes is somewhat slow, being a problem, due to work slowdown.

  41. We use Zenkit to organize our daily work following the SCRUM methodology. It’s a very robust and easy-to-apply app, which helps us to efficiently work together on many different topics and projects in a structured manner, as well as to keep track of the time spent.

    I also like that there is a desktop as well as a mobile app so that you can add new tasks whenever something comes to your mind. It definitely helped us to become more efficient – totally recommend using Zenkit!

  42. I absolutely love this product. I used it at work and had more time to actually spend on the projects, not running back and forth between my inbox trying to find important documents or figuring out who is in charge of what task. The administrative tools allow me and my team members to assign tasks quickly and efficiently without having coworkers interrupt our workflow with just a small question.

  43. If your company is constantly juggling multiple projects, platforms can get messy fast. Zenkit sorts it all out by providing a beautiful interface to keep an eye on the details of your work. Whether you’re trying to manage what needs done or get real-time feedback from teammates, this tool does it all.

  44. I have been working as a freelance for over 3 years now and managed to survive through those years without being under any way too much pressure from projects and work I also had to do. But once business picked up, deadlines started coming in like never before and my stress levels rose by leaps and bounds. Zenkit project management software is really something I didn’t know existed but was literally the only thing that saved me from going crazy. It has deep integrations for time-stamping tasks, setting due dates (the app can even take care of this for me!) And if that’s not enough it also keeps all data on work completed neatly organized.

  45. As a manager, if you’re looking for the right tool to help your teamwork as efficiently as possible and at the same time be creative with their tasks then Zenkit is an option. The tools that Zenkit provide managers are very flexible and fit into any size business from big to small. As a user, I find Zenkit easy to use and hassle-free for teams with a fun interface making it easier than ever before to keep track of what’s going on in the events of my projects!

  46. This innovative Project Management Software helps you stay on top of important tasks and communications so that there’s no need for juggling between different programs. Zenchat is an all-in-one messenger that also includes built-in task management tools to help your team break down projects quickly and efficiently. With an intuitive interface, getting back to emails or collaboration plans is never a problem with the many productivity features we offer. Try it now—you’ll love not having to switch between programs anymore!

  47. Zenkit is the latest and the coolest project management software ever. It has a team messenger, Zenchat, with tasks and task management! The endless search and switch between various platforms are over now.
    Zenkit is a 100% free, hassle-free program that replaces an outdated clunky manager. It works on a simple principle of grouping shared tasks and chats in the workspace to make communication so much more effective.

  48. Zenkit is the perfect tool to make your project management easy, you can use it at any time, with zero distractions. From chatting about projects with colleagues to assigning tasks and tracking progress, Zenkit has it all!

  49. I had a lot of difficulties with managing tasks and communication on my old chat platform. But now I have Zenchat! It’s very seamless, easy to use software that balances these two concerns without me having to suffer any distractions whatsoever. Zenkit is the world’s smartest project management software if you are considering switching from one platform for this purpose to another.

  50. I admire the way it displays the task list and chats side by side on a single chat window. I do not have to find my tasks in some obscure timeline or cluttered Trello Board. It is more streamlined, efficient and easy to use chat software that supports collaboration with quick replies alongside a free iOS app. If you are looking for something short without those complicated integrations then Zenchat is worth trying out.”

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