Youzify (formerly Youzer) Review 2024 : Is It The Ultimate User Profile WordPress Plugin?

Youzify (formerly Youzer)


  • Self-Hosted Communities
  • Extremely customizable
  • Fully responsive design and superior code quality
  • Secure membership system
  • Powerful admin panel – 9 schemes, over 700 options
  • Unlimited features – color schemes, custom profile widgets, tabs and links, profile structures, ads on profiles,


  • No free trial
  • More pricing options should be available


Price: $ 49

In this post I will do detailed Youzer review 2024 which is Buddypress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin.

Do you have a community facet to your website which needs to be more interactive and engaging? Are you perplexed with the choice of the most suitable plugin for your website?

Then answer to all these questions points to the new-era BuddyPress plugin, that is Youzer. KaineLabs who Created Youzer describe it as the best WordPress community and user profile WordPress plugin that may help you make more money with WordPress.

So, let us have a look at how Youzer may be the best plugin for you.

Youzify (formerly Youzer) Review

Youzify (formerly Youzer) Review 2024 The Best BuddyPress Plugin for Building Online Communities

Youzer – Introduction

Youzer is a well known WordPress user profiles plugin or says user profiles management solution which works in consolidation with BuddyPress to add to user experience on your website.

Youzer Review- Youzer
Youzer has some of the coolest functional features capable of making a website with BuddyPress activated on it, even better.
This commercial plugin is meant to provide the businesses with new standards by helping the websites that have a community outlook, a promising set of tools to run them effectively.


Youzer Youzify plugin review

The main highlight of youzer is its various features and tools that can maximize the interactivity. Let us explore some of the significant features:-

Youzer Review- Features

User profile features

Youzer plugin profile

  • Profile avatar and cover
    It is basically to do with the user profile appearance that includes uploading profile pictures and cover photos.
  • 14 header styles
    One can opt from many of the available 14 BuddyPress header styles to make it look attractive.
  • Profile widgets
    There are +22 BuddyPress profile widgets allowing users to place different information on their profile.
    Verified badges

Youzer Review- Profile Features

Verified accounts can be made exclusive by getting verified badge through the admins.

  • Unlimited custom tabs
    One can even create custom tabs with HTML codes and control the created tabs title, icon, and visibility.
  • Public and private profiles
    Users may choose to make their profiles private to limit the accessibility to only their close ones. Buddypress profiles are public by default.
  • Customizable
    One can customize profiles, widget structures, visibility, styling, effects and much more.
  • Unlimited ads widgets
    Create ads widgets with banners or AdSense code etc.
  • Other
    One can also create 404 profile page, create profile custom widget, choose from a variation of 16 color schemes and have access to unlimited profile structures.

Community social features

  • Social wall to let you share posts, pictures, videos, and other content.
  • Friend connection feature to help you connect with people by sending, accepting and removing friendship.
  • Follows and unfollow system.
  • Notification to keep you notified on likes, comments, etc.
  • Private messages feature.

Youzer Review- Social Features

  • User groups feature to bring together people with similar interest in the interactive position.
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Points and badges feature to reward users.
  • Social login to allow login via facebook, twitter and more
  • Bookmark posts.
  • Like, comment, reply and mention feature along with the number of emoticons and smileys.
  • Media uploader that allows uploading media files.
  • Site directories
  • Sticky posts, site-wide notices, live URL preview, extended profile features to add on to the user experience.

Membership features

A project that involves a membership site or such can gain lots of advantages as youzer offers a huge number of page templates that contain various useful features which help make your site user-friendly.

Some of the noticeable membership features include:-

  • Social login – users may join your site by login and register via Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, etc.
  • Login form and registration form- create numerous form style for front end log in page and also enables you to add unlimited registration fields.

Youzer Review- Membership Features

  • Reset password, captcha system, limit login attempts and information privacy – All the features to enhance privacy and security of the site and the user accounts.
  • Manage signups -Manage BuddyPress signups for common tasks with pending signups.
  • Front end settings, export data – Website users enjoy the freedom to manage and control their accounts securely.
  • Hide the back – End dashboard and top toolbar for logged-in users.
  • Highly customizable – It allows customization as and whenever required to the suitability of users.
  • Ajax login enabling smooth login.

Directory features

Your directory feature contains lots of useful templates aimed to help users find the content they are seeking. Through features like members’ directory, group directory,

Youzer Review- Directories Features

and global news feed, Youzer increases the responsiveness of the website. At the same time, it helps in the management and organization of website content and user accounts.

Customization options

With many helpful customization options available, Youzer can be used creatively for a cool BuddyPress website. There are about 700 user options to choose from and make setting according to one’s suitability.

A website appearance has an important role to play and so one can decide on the look of the website with the option of available templates with multiple designs or even customize them with few clicks.

Youzer Review- Header Style
With the already discussed user profile features, Youzer provides an ample opportunity to experiment with layouts and widgets.
One can also enable premium add-ons which offer more tools to add to one’s website like creating unlimited custom members types, sharing tools, and more.

What users say? Youzer Plugin Reviews & Testimonials

Youzer Plugin reviews detailed Youzer Plugin reviews Youzer Plugin reviews

Youzer made its mark since the very beginning of its appearance. Users of this plugin are satisfied with what Youzer offers.
They have said that Youzer is simple to navigate which allows ease of customization.

Youzer Plugin Pricing

Youzer Review- Pricing Plan

It is labeled as a world-class plugin with tons of options. It is best rated for the awesome profiles, clean modern system, and great customer support.

Youzer installation

Youzer runs only on activated BuddyPress, so before proceeding with this plugin, make sure to install and activate BuddyPress on your WordPress website.

Youzer is available for the purchase on CodeCanyon. Once you buy this plugin, you can get the installable version from Youzer when you unzip the downloaded folder. Then follow the given process-

  • Go to the WordPress admin panel, then plugins, choose to add new and then upload.
  • Click on the Youzer plugin zip.
  • Click the install button.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the installation.

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My Verdict: Youzify (formerly Youzer) 2024 Is Youzer Worth It??

If you want to bring magnetism along with efficacy to your BuddyPress plugin, then think no more. Youzer is a viable choice not only for its complete package of useful features but also for its affordability.

We cannot forget to mention their excellent customer support service. In the online market, there is and will be ever-growing need to come up with more exciting furtherance to make a website even successful with a growing number of users.

The fact that this plugin is highly customizable lets you create an online community on which adding social networking features won’t be an issue. And so given the awesomeness of youzer, this plugin is highly recommendable.

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  1. The best thing I like about is the social feature!
    By integrating the Youzify plugin with BuddyPress, you can use this plugin to add some really useful features to your community or social networking website. Some examples include the highly functional social wall and the functionality for facilitating friendships and connections among the users on your WordPress website.
    While BuddyPress does provide some of this functionality out of the box, Youzify makes this aspect of your website even better!!

  2. Youzify is a advanced and feature-rich plugin has the power to showcase your unique brand experience and immerse your users in a dynamic community of loyal and engaged customers that propels your business forwards. Youzify transforms your website into a robust, effective and compelling social hotspot and unleashes the power of the crowd to drive unprecedented ROI.

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