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WP Media Folder Review 2024: A Reliable WordPress Media Organizer

Around 60% of the functioning websites in the world today have been built in WordPress. The platform is considered to be one of the most user-friendly and stable CMS platforms for anyone who wants to build a website. The platform offers high range customizations and plugins to added extra functionalities to the default setup of the platform.

Plugins for WordPress are developed to add some extra features to the setup or to work as an alternative to the default tools. Thus there are many plugin platforms that design and offer WordPress alternative plugins which serve the various utilities that your website may require. One such popular Plugin developer is JoomUnited!

About JoomUnited

JoomUnited is a renowned online plugin hub for websites running on both WordPress and Joomla. The platform is famous for offering numerous plugins that server as powerful and sustainable alternatives to the default WordPress and Joomla plugins. All the plugins offered by JoomUnited are capable of handling various utility purposes related to your website.

In this post, we are going to give you a comprehensive review of WP Media Folder, a popular alternative to the default WordPress media manager and gallery.

WP Media Folder Review

WP Media Folder Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?

WP Media Folders

WP Media Folder is a media management plugin specially designed for websites running on WordPress. The plugin allows users to seamlessly manage and order files and images, from the native WordPress media manager. The plugin is highly compatible with all the other media management plugins and is a real time-saver as compared to the default WordPress media manager.

WP Media Folder Review– JoomUnited WordPress demo

WP Media Folder plugin also includes an enhanced version of the WordPress gallery manager, aided with high-quality custom themes and a NextGEN Gallery importer.

Highlight features

  • WordPress Media Ordering & Filtering

WP Media folder offers advanced WordPress media filtering and ordering which allows you to filter your media by file type or size. The ordering feature lets you order your media by title for example.

WP Media Folder Review – WordPress Media Ordering & Filtering

  • WordPress Gallery From Media Folder

WP Media Folder offers a powerful Gallery feature for WordPress websites. This works as a smoother and more customizable alternative to the default WordPress gallery and allows you to create galleries from a folder aided by more advanced features than the WordPress gallery.

  • Image Watermark

You can also apply watermarks to your images and media. The watermark is non-removable and makes sure your content remains yours.

WP Media Folder Review – Watermarking

  • Compatible with WooCommerce and 3rd Party platforms

WP Media Folder offers extensive support to leading ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce which helps you manage a lot of images for each product, or each category of products.

WP Media Folder Review– Plugins Supported

Additional plugin features

Apart from the features mentioned above, WP Media Folder Gallery further offers some useful additional features like:

  • Drag and Drop

Fully functional drag ‘n drop interface to upload & move multiple media and folders. Additional support of AJAX allows for easy and seamless saving.

  • Editor compatible

All media and content saved on the Managing folders through any plugins is compatible with WordPress default media editor.

  • Ultra-light

WP Media Folder plugin is an advanced and improved version of the default WordPress media manager, but with a small size and zero frontend impact.

  • Gallery layouts

The WP Media Folder media manager offers users to choose from 4 gallery layouts. You can even alter and disable the Gallery features to keep theme compatibility.

  • Filter your media

Users can easily filter their existing media by using the additional custom filtering options, based on file types, categories, size ranges, weight ranges.

  • Sort folders & images

You can sort image and organize all your files and folders systematically by date, names, title, size, and type.

  • Custom file insertion

Inserting files and media into your posts using the WP Media Folder is extremely smooth and simple. You can even add custom options to media like the design a real download button for PDFs instead of just a download link.

  • Import categories on setup

Once you have installed and setup the WP Media Folder plugin, you have the option to import all your previous post categories as media folders.

  • SEO optimized

WP Media Folder automatically renames your media with the pattern, on upload to make sure your media gets indexed easily.

  • Multilingual language support

WP Media Folder uses WordPress standard language files and supports multiple international language plugins and translation features for users from all across the world.

  • Import images and folders

WP Media Folder offers a flexible and user-friendly native import tool to help you seamlessly select and import files and folder structure.

  • WordPress framework

WP Media Folder is based on WordPress custom taxonomy which makes sure that all your files and folders are light and compatible to the server.

  • Plugin update

WP Media Folder uses WordPress standard updater to make sure that all your commercial plugins are updated on time to maintain your website’s functionality up to date.  

And more!

WP Media Folder Gallery

WP Media Folder has an inbuilt gallery function that is fully integrated with the default WordPress gallery manager. The gallery is highly customizable and you can choose to create any of the following 3 galleries:

WP Media Folder Review – Watermarking

  • Masonry Gallery
  • Slider Gallery
  • Portfolio Gallery
  • Default Enhanced Gallery

All these galleries are highly responsive and you can create a gallery and select your desired theme and options as per your preference.


The WP Media Folder Gallery possesses some really intuitive and user-friendly features to make your gallery creation and media management a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Multiple parameters for image ordering

  • Custom order
  • Random order
  • Order by the image title
  • Order by image upload date
  • Ascending and descending order for each

Lightbox on single WordPress image

WP Media Folder offers the famous lightbox feature for all WordPress single images, as an option. This feature lets users define a small or big (lightbox size) image, and then click on it to enlarge.

NextGEN gallery importer

WP Media Folder recently added an additional NextGEN gallery integration so that you can import NexGEN galleries as folders with images inside. This one feature lets you fully get back all your media content in your media manager. Once you do so, you can instantly start creating amazing galleries from there. Plus, the plugin also lets you sync your content anytime from WP Media folder parameters.

WordPress Plugin Integrations

WP Media Folder Gallery supports some of the leading WordPress plugins to make sure that you can manage your products faster, and also keep your media organized. WordPress website gallery works in complete sync with almost every important plugin you use.

WP Media Folder Review– WooCommerce Support

  • Visual composer
  • For every theme
  • Others Page Builders
  • Gutenberg Editor


Major benefits

WP Media Folder is one of the top names when it comes to offering media plugin alternatives to the default WordPress media manager. The plugin has been globally praised by experts and customers for its performance and services. Here are 5 top major advantages of using WP Media Folder.

  • Easy to use!

WP Media Folder has been designed to be completely user-friendly so that anyone anywhere can use it on their WordPress website. Users can upload single or multiple files by drag ‘n drop directly into the folder and further customize the layout by creating folders, sub-folders, sub-sub-folders and so on. You can even select files and classify your media in folders with cover images.

  • Faster WordPress Media Manager

WP Media Folder is lightweight and extremely fast at managing your WordPress media. The plugin works seamlessly on all servers. You can execute any kind of action within no time, be it folder creation, navigation, filtering and more. WP Media Folder is capable of managing all your folders and also makes sure that you can import default WordPress media categories to the plugin without any hassle.

  • Stable and Sustainable

WP Media Folder is one of the most stable and reliable alternatives to the native WordPress media manager. All the folders are generated using a custom taxonomy to help manage your folders without adding any external links to your media, even if you move them from one folder to another. You can even stop using the plugin or uninstall it anytime you want without risking losing any of your media.

  • Fast and customizable media gallery

The WP Media Folder media manager offers users to choose from 4 gallery layouts.

  • Masonry
  • Portfolio
  • Slider
  • Default enhanced gallery

You can even alter and disable the Gallery features to keep theme compatibility. The plugin is also aided by an advanced NextGEN gallery importer which helps you seamlessly import NextGEN galleries as media folders.

Main media folder gallery features:

  • Create a gallery from a media folder
  • Automatically add to the gallery with new media from folder
  • Define gallery image size
  • Add a custom link or a lightbox to gallery images
  • Select image size
  • 4 themes: WordPress default (enhanced), masonry, slider, portfolio

WooCommerce compatibility

WP Media Folder is compatible with WooCommerce, which is the most popularly used WordPress plugin for managing a load of images for each product, or each category of products on an e-commerce website. This support enables you to be able to classify your products images in folders.


The JoomUnited team is currently offering 3 distinct plans for their WP Media Folder product. Each of these plans is priced differently according to the support time period and availability of add-ons.







Price $29 $39 $59
Ticket support 6 months 1 year 1 year
Multiple sites 6 months 1 year 1 year
Plugin updates No No Yes
Google Drive No No Yes
Dropbox No No Yes
OneDrive No No Yes
Embed PDF No No Yes
Gallery plugin No No Yes
No recurring payment Yes Yes Yes
No date limited Yes Yes Yes
Open Source license Yes Yes Yes
Online documentation Yes Yes Yes
3rd party integration Yes Yes Yes
Compatibility WP 4+ Yes Yes Yes

Visit the JoomUnited official website for more information regarding WP Media Folder, its tools, services and all integrations that are available with the plugin.

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