Top 20 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins 2024

No doubt, PDFs are great for many situations in this online world and a PDF plugin will simply allow you to embed a full WordPress PDF viewer right into a WordPress page. So that your visitors can flip through the pages as like a real document. Some of the WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins will offer many useful tools for converting a blog post to a PDF. Here a standard PDF viewer will enable users to see a PDF as if the files were saved on their own computers.

Mainly the PDF ebooks are very popular on the Internet as it makes the documents look very professional and discipline. You should use these WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins for displaying the large documents that may not be fitting as a blog post or page. In this post, we have compiled the list of best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins that you can use on your WordPress blogs to get a comprehensive solution to Work with PDF files.


List of Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins 2024


1. PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

The plugin has been around for some time now and it is one of the best ways to present your PDFs on a website. Here you will get the free version of PDF Embedder and it features in many majorities features you will need along with the quick upload button, PDF embed function and comes with the regular navigation buttons. If you are willing to have advanced features like mobile-friendliness, full-screen button along with jump page technology then you have bought its premium version to get all the access.

Here the uploading of the PDF is super easy and you can also adjust the dimensions manually. Basically, this plugin uses JavaScript for display so that the viewing experience is much smoother than before. If you are willing to have its premium version then you will have to do a small one-time payment and it will provide you some premium features like full-screen mode, PDF Security along with continuous scrolling through the pages.


2. Google Doc Embedder

Google Doc Embedder — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

The best part to choose this plugin Google Doc Embedder is that it basically supports a wide range of file types. Here you don’t need to convert your files to Google Docs and the best thing is that this one is totally free. You will get an embed button that will show your WordPress post editor so that you can add PDFs along with other files while you are writing a post.

Basically, this plugin supports everything from the PDFs to Word docs, PSDs to OTFs. This plugin also translates into ten different languages as it will allow many people to access it and simply use the plugin on their sites too. Here you can also work with the shortcodes.


3. PDF Viewer for WordPress

PDF Viewer — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

Just by paying $17 here you will get access to all of the majority of WordPress viewer features that you and your viewers need. And this one is one of the most powerful and features rich viewer plugins on the market. This one is fully responsive to the result of that your PDF files will be displayed in a good manner on all the devices. It also has quick embed function that mainly supports unlimited PDF files and sizes.

Here this plugin can translate into more than 100 languages. This plugin also connects with Google Analytics just for tracking how many people have already read and downloaded your PDFs. In this plugin bookmarks and links are also supported along with the shortcodes.


4. Js Viewer Shortcodes

PDF js Viewer Shortcode — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin

This plugin really has an odd name but when it comes to displaying all your PDFs in an elegant manner then this one stands out from the crowd. And the fact is that the user side of this viewer will definitely compete for the top spots. Basically, this one is the elegant gray theme frame along with a document outline for the people to simply jump from one page to another.

Here the document outline shows content on each page and it will allow users to get quickly scan through it. It is one of the PDF viewers that comes with the customizable buttons and you can also protect your PDFs with passwords.


5. WP Booklet

WP Booklet — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

Here WP Booklet basically creates broachers and magazines-like easy pages. This one is the watered down version of Real3D Flipbook. It will work best for you without paying any extra money. Here this plugin supports both the PDFs and Images that is why photo flip book is entirely possible.

Here the page thumbnails help users in navigating around the documents and you can also upload PDFs and images in bulk. Basically, the templates come in handy for the newbies who didn’t want to get stuck anywhere in between.


6. Flowpaper

flowpaper — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

This one is one of the advanced looking WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins without any price tag. Imply it looks nice and here the backed controls are more user-friendly. And if you are a more advanced developers who is willing for a beautiful and free PDF viewer then this one will be the great choice for you. Here the users have the three options just for getting this PDF online so one of them basically involves hosting the PDF somewhere else along with pasting in the links.


7. Vanilla PDF Embed

vanilla pdf embed — WordPress PDf Viewer Plugins

As the names suggest here this PDF viewer is called vanilla for a reason. It has a basic, minimalistic user interface and it will drop a PDF in your post without any bells and whistles. There is no premium version of this plugin, and you will get features like page jumping, zooming along with searching just without paying a dime.  Basically, it doesn’t have tons of features but all the features that you will get are sufficient for the beginners. This plugin basically provides a clean and reading experience right for your users. Here it also provides the shortcodes and you may need to place small bits of code right in the shortcodes to simply customize the viewer.


8. PDF Viewer

PDF Viewer — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

Once a time was there when this plugin was at the top mention in the list of WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins. But sadly developers have topped managing it. This plugin utilizes the JavaScript just for making the smooth user experience. And this truly indicates that your user doesn’t have to install any of the additional browser software to simply view the PDF. It has tools like page jumping. Zooming along with bookmarking.

Basically, this PDF viewer supports in WordPress multisite. You can also search for the specific keywords to simply find the spots in the documents. Here the setting page is simple and straightforward and it also provides the needed shortcodes. And you will also get some settings to simply adjust the height and width of your viewer.


9. PDF and Print by BestWebSoft

PDF Print by BestWebSoft — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

Here the thing is that not all the PDF plugins serves as the WordPress PDF viewers but mainly some of them act as the converters when you like a blog post and switch to a PDF. And that what this plugin does, it will simply allow your users to simply complete the conversions directly from your website.

You will get most of the required features in the free version but if you are willing to have the premium plan for many things like watermarks, creating custom documents headers along with integrating Woocommerce and many other niche capabilities. It will let your users download the PDFs from your posts. Basically, this plugin also supports pages, search results, archives along with custom post types. And this plugin also offers different icons for your print buttons.


10. PDF Tab for WooCommerce

PDF Tab for WooCommerc -WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

This one is another alternative to WordPress PDF plugin and it will deliver a PDF download button right into your e-commerce product pages. It may happen sometime that some of the products are too long for the products pages so it needs to be protected in some other ways. Right, on the other hand, your company might have this documentation and there is not any need of duplicating it.

Basically, the PDF downloads are all handled through the WordPress that why you don’t need to mess with the shortcodes. Here you will also get a download PDF button that will be displayed right on the product pages of your choice. It will somehow open various opportunities to inform the buyers all about your products. Here the user can either download the PDF or they can simply view it on the browser.

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Top WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins 2024

11. Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugins

Real3D FlipBook WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

This one is the most beautiful since Real3D is really outstanding in its design. If you are making an online magazine or nay sharing image-rich pamphlets right with the clients and customers. Here the page flipping technology is the best option you can get to read an actual magazine. And the lightbox effect will definitely effect clears out all of the distractions for the readers.

No doubt this one is fully customized user interface just for changing the things like colors, borders along with page flip sounds and page shininess. Here you can upload both the PDFs and Images. This one will give the realistic viewing experience that translates well right to the mobile devices.


12. Embed PDF Viewer

Embed PDF Viewer — WordPress PDF Plugins

If you want a super simple and lightweight WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins, then you should check out this amazing plugin. Here with this plugin, you can simply embed PDF right from the media library or via Embed into an object tag along with Google Doc Viewer as a fallback. The basic requirement is that that, URL has to be a reachable link.

Basically, this one is inspired by the popular older PDF Plugins and the developer is open to simply pull requests to debug any issues. This plugin also works with WordPress multisite and mobile devices.


13. DK PDF Generator

DK PDF Generator- WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

Basically creating PDF versions of your posts along with sharing communities will be great traffic option for you. Here DK PDF generator will let you easily choose the pages and the posts along with the custom post types to simply create a PDF version of it. You can create PDF ebooks along with magazines along with customizing the PDF cover and more. It also provides the automatic PDF bookmark. Just use dkpdfg-button shortcode to simply display the button that will allow your visitors to download the same PDF as the generated by the DK PDF Generator.


14. WP Advanced PDF

WP Advanced PDF — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

If you are managing a tutorial kind of site then this plugin will be the best choice you have got. Right with this plugin, your users will be able to create a PDF version of your posts simply for their use. It also offers numerous setting options just to make sure that the PDF if of high quality. Basically, WP Advanced PDF relies on the TCPDF  class right to the render PDF that makes this plugin a complete self-contained PDF generating a plugin. This plugin will access to pdf to the registered users or will present links to all of the visitors.


15. GroupDocs Viewer

GroupDocs Viewer- WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

This one is a free plugin that will help you in embedding and displaying the displaying the PDF along with Microsoft Office documents on your WordPress website. Basically, this plugin doesn’t require any Adobe reader or any other browser plugins. It comes with a convenient user interface just for the easy navigation for viewing the multi-page documents.

This plugin mainly uses GroupDocs cloud storage just for storing the PDF files and you will never be able to store the documents locally right on your site. Here GroupDocs Viewer is a paid service and here you will have to register with them to sue it actually.


16. Send PDF for Contact Form 7

Send PDF for Contact Form 7 — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins


Here this one is another useful plugin if you are using the Contact Form 7 Plugin on your site. Right with this plugin you will be able to send PDF for the Contact Form Plugin that will let you recover all of the data by yourself via your form just to insert them into a PDF.


17. Print Friendly and PDF Button

Print PDF Email by PrintFriendly — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

Here this one is another most used WordPress plugins that will simply create a printer-friendly along with PDF version of your post or page just without using any coding here. It also offers many customization options to simply show all of your favorite print along with PDF button or you can simply use the text link or any other graphic of your choice. It will also provide you great looking Lightbox to open all the PDF files so that user doesn’t have move out of the page and face any difficulty.


18. WordPress Backend Post to PDF Plugin

WordPress Backend Posts - WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

This plugin is most useful PDF WordPress Plugin that will help you in creating an ebook right with your posts in minutes. With this plugin, you can simply export all of the posts that will fit particular criteria right into a PDF document. Here you can also export your documents according to category or author wise. It features in exporting post to PDF according to the category, exports pages to PDF along with exhaustive documentation.


19. PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce

PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce - WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

Mainly PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce is a useful plugin. Here it will help in downloading all the complete product lists right in the PDF just in a single click. Basically, this plugin comes with 5 default PDF templates, but here you can simply create your own to simply suits your needs with the HTML and CSS. Here this will also provide you the shortcode option to simply add PDF buttons right to any posts or pages.


20. PDF Image Generator

PDF Image Generator — WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

If you are using PDF files on your post often and you are also willing to show the PDF cover as the featured image so this plugin is here to help you with this. As this plugin will convert the cover page right to jpeg along with attaching it as the post thumbnail file. It will also generate their size variations, for a thumbnail, medium and large. This plugin will hook to the media editor and will generate the first-page image of PDY just by using the ImageMagick right with the GhostScript. Here it doesn’t require any setup all you need to do is activate the plugin via the admin install page. It will simply allow setting a PDF as an image.

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EndNote: WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins 2024

All of these WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins will help you to simply create a professional website using WordPress along with downloading the post and pages in a PDF format. Now you have got the list of best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins, most of them have free versions or inexpensive premium packages. Just give them a try and see which works best for you.

I hope the list of WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins suits your purpose well. Feel free to add other WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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