9 Best WordPress LMS Plugins 2024 Compared (Pros and Cons)

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Nowadays online courses are becoming popular in people and you can also create, manage and sell your courses with just spending a little amount of money. Learning Management System or LMS provides features like an actual classroom where students don’t have to be present physically.

There are many WordPress plugins from which you can choose from to create courses, share coursework, enroll students, evaluate the students by quizzes and also you can see the progress of them in the progression section. There are also WordPress plugins for schools, universities and many different organizations. So today I am gonna provide you the information about some of the best WordPress plugins.


What Can You Expect From These WordPress LMS Plugins?

  • You can build your courses with the help of different tools like videos, PDFs, links and other content.
  • Students can see their progression in the progression bar and you can award them to motivate them.
  • Memberships programs help you to receive payments easily and students can enroll for courses with ease.
  • Drip content allows you to show the content of your students on an interval time basis. 
  • Quizzes and tests are the best way to check the progress of your students.
  • BuddyPress and bbPress integrations allow you to generate students profile and also with the help of these students can talk to their teachers.
  • Automated emails feature will send emails to your students to let them know about their progress.
  • You can get as many payment gateways as you want but you have to spend a little. But this will give options to your students.
  • After completing the course students will receive a certificate about it.

List of Best WordPress LMS Plugins 2024

There are many WordPress plugins are available in the market but in this post, we sorted the Best 9 plugins from which you can choose to create your courses and start selling them. The quick list is given below:

  1. LearnDash
  2. LifterLMS
  3. LearnPress
  4. CoursePress Pro
  5. Sensei
  6. WP Courseware
  7. Good LMS
  8. Namaste! LMS
  9. MasterStudy LMS

Now I am gonna give a little introduction about them along with their features. So sit back and read the post and then decide which one will be better for you.

1. LearnDash

It is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins because there are many fortune 500 companies and some major universities are using it. LearnDash has a lot of features and services to offer and you can easily learn how to use them by the tutorial video on the website. It also activates triggers on the basis of what kind of action is happening on your website.

It has a very affordable price which will fit into your budget. You can get on a yearly basis and also the short term but here I provided you the prices on per year basis.

To start with one website you can start with LearnDash by paying $159 and after that, for 10 websites you have to pay only $189 and for 25 websites you have to pay $329 and you will get all the features of LearnDash with any of the pack you choose. There is no free trial in LearnDash like some of the other plugins but if you’re not satisfied with LearnDash within 30 days you can cancel the membership program and get your money back in no time.

LearnDash Pricing Plan

Features of LearnDash

  • There is an option available in LearnDash where you can create courses inside a course it’s like multi-layer of courses to give more advanced experience to your students.
  • There will be a schedule for contents according to the schedule students will receive the content to make sure that everyone is spending a certain amount of time on each lesson and content.
  • There are dynamic forums built-in LearnDash already so you don’t need to enroll with a forum plugin.
  • Your students can see their grades in the LearnDash’s grade book and also they can see the lessons which they already finished.
  • There are a lot of monetization tools available in LearnDash like shopping cart, memberships, subscriptions, course bundles and course licenses from which you can get the market for your courses.
  • It has automated email notification functions which will provide you the detailed reports.
  • You can assign groups and create user profiles.
  • It supports a lot of media types like videos, audio, images, Adobe Captivate files, and Google Docs. This makes your courses easier for your students to learn.
  • Running LearnDash on a network is easy because it has a multisite feature which you can enable if you buy the bundle where it allows you to run LearnDash on more than one site.



2. Lifter LMS

Lifterlms Plugin- Build An Online Course With WordPress

You can choose LifterLMS over LearnDash because they are alternative versions of each other. The pricing of LifterLMS starts at $299/year to access all the features of LifterLMS but you can also purchase add-ons anytime you want and they are available individually which will save your money if you just want one particular feature of LifterLMS and you just have to pay $99 each.

It is also known for its features where you can buy the bundle of items which are sample courses, sample quizzes, certificates, and fully configured website. But the most important part is that the core plugin of LifterLMS is for free. You don’t need to pay for it and you can still learn a lot.

LifterLMS coupon codes

The features of LifterLMS and LearnDash is mostly the same because as I said earlier they are complementary for each other.

Features of LifterLMS

  • It provides a direct WooCommerce integration so it will be easy to sell courses individually or as bundles.
  • The design of LifterLMS is very easy to experience because it has drag and drops course building tools and integrations which definitely attracts the people who just started.
  • You don’t have to pay anything to build a simple online course because the core plugin is free and if you want more than that you can buy the add-ons.
  • You can the customer support anytime you want. They provide technical support, live office hours and many free training courses.
  • The course builder of LifterLMS gives you options of all kinds of multimedia, drip content and quizzes.
  • It has an import and export tool for courses so you can move your courses from one platform to another.
  • You can create discussion sessions for your students with their teachers so they can get the answers to their problems.
  • You can connect your courses to facebook so the students get aware of your courses.



3. LearnPress

learnpress lms plugin

If you want an LMS with some simple and clean features then you can choose LearnPress from the world of WordPress LMS plugins. The best thing about this plugin is that it is completely free you just have to pay for a LearnPress compatible theme. The worst thing about this plugin is that customer support is not as good as other premium plugins.
The add-ons of LearnPress is mostly free and you can also get the email response from the response team within 24 hours. But you can also buy the premium add-ons to get items like certificates, co-instructor support, and WooCommerce support.

learnpress pricing

You can add quizzes and lessons in every course for your students. But you just have to purchase some add-ons and it depends on how advanced you want it to be.

Features of LearnPress

  • There are landing page templates in LearnPress where you can link ads and give a brief description of courses, curriculum and more.
  • You can make people instructors whom you see fit for your course and for that you can create beautiful pages to attract their attention.
  • It supports most of the payment gateways through you can receive payments like 2Checkout, Authorize.net, and Stripe.
  • As LifterLMS the core plugin of LearnPress is also free so you can create more simple and deep courses. All you have to pay around $50 for a theme and $30 for one payment gateway integration and the best thing about it that you don’t have to pay it on a yearly basis.
  • You can add more than one instructor on your course because it allows at least 3 teachers to manage a course.
  • There is a point system available in LearnPress which will give like a gaming experience of your course.
  • You can add random quizzes, drip your content, provide paid membership programs and a WooCommerce add-on.

4. CoursePress Pro

CoursePro plugin

With CoursePress Pro you can make several learning websites. You can also provide multiple clients the same thing if they have this exact same need. For this, I think CoursePress Pro WordPress is the best LMS from all the other plugins. You can just start by paying $49/month for the membership program because it is a part of the WPMUDev collection of plugins. Because of the price, it is the most expensive in all of the plugins but along with this plugin, you can also have access to hundreds of other plugins and themes.

But the sad part is that it is no longer connected to WPMUDev. The good thing is that they have published the code on Github for people who still want to work with and fulfill their needs with it.

Features of CoursePress Pro

  • It has over 13 payment gateway options available and it also supports invitation-only courses, automated processing, and course previews.
  • Your students can download the quizzes which you upload and they can take it anytime they want.
  • It provides instructor feedback to your learners which can be manual or automated.
  • It supports media types like videos, audios, texts and course files.
  • There is a discussion board available in CoursePress Pro system which allows your students to talk about their progress, coursework and much more.
  • You can create a market-style course sales website because it has both MarketPress and WooCommerce built in it.
  • It has a more delicate design for quizzes and certificates which makes it different from other plugins.


5.Sensei LMS

Sensei LMS Plugin


It is an extension of WooCommerce which means Sensei is a practical version of an eCommerce store which has online videos and courses. Sensei is a very simple platform where you can create courses, write lessons and add quizzes.

Mainly the pricing depends on how many sites do you want to imply Sensei on and it starts from $129 and it can go up to $279 per year and it also requires to upgrade on a yearly basis. The WooCommerce integration makes it very special because it works with all the themes of WooCommerce. The most important part is that it doesn’t require a WooCommerce theme to function a website properly. All the other themes of WordPress also works really well with Sensei.


Features of Sensei

  • Sensei easily merges with WooCommerce and WordPress and the good part is that the experience is not much different from a normal WordPress post.
  • All the themes of WordPress integrate really well with Sensei.
  • You can register in Sensei easily because the user registration is done through WordPress.
  • The WooCommerce allows you to charge for a course instantly means if a student wants to know about a course then they have to pay for it in advance.
  • It has simple course analytics which provides information about grades, course completion and registration of students.
  • There are several templates available for making a quiz like true/false, single line, file upload and multi-line tests.
  • According to the questions, you can add random quizzes for your students so they learn better.
  • You can grade the quiz manually or automatically.


6. WP Courseware

WP Courseware LMS Plugin

WP Courseware is better than most of their competition if WordPress plugins because the price of WP Courseware is far less complicated than other plugins. The least expensive package is for $99/year with a two-site license. There is a free demo which is on the site and it is the last thing you will get for free in WP Courseware.

There are some major universities who use WP Courseware like the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin Madison. At many enterprise training sites, you will probably see the tools of WP Courseware like CNN or Sheraton.

WP Courseware pricing

It has a lot of features from which you can build your courses like it starts with the drag-and-drop editor. You can also protect your courses from being stolen with WP Courseware. It has a large collection of integrations from which you can choose like WooCommerce, OptimizePress, BuddyPress and Visual Composer.

Features of WP Courseware

  • You can create two online course websites from buying the most affordable price package of WP Courseware which is available at $99/year and it is much better than LifterLMS and LearnDash.
  • You can also contact your fellow users who are making courses for money with the help of its member portal.
  • It offers tools like drag and drops editor, course protection, drip content, and email notifications.
  • There is a grade book available from which you can see the progress of your students.
  • You’re not restricted to use only one payment gateway like WooCommerce. You can use as many as you want.
  • You can assign roles to the instructor of your course according to which course they are teaching.
  • There are multiple question types and question tags quizzes which makes it easier for students.

7. Good LMS

Good LMS Plugin

In CodeCanyon marketplace only Good LMS is viable WordPress LMS plugin. The price of Good LMS start from $31. You can find many plugins in WordPress and $31 fee is for support and updates for one year and it is a one-time payment which makes it the least expensive plugins on the list.

Like all the other WordPress plugins, you can also create courses, sell them, implement quizzes and certificates with Good LMS. There are many demos available in CodeCanyon pages like students backend, instructor backend, and transaction backend.

The design of Good LMS is also similar to other plugins where you can create quizzes, courses, and certificates on the dashboard of WordPress. There are course ratings so that students can choose according to the rating of course.

good lms pricing

Features of Good LMS

  • It allows you to make simple course marketplace in which you can include course ratings and teacher commission settings.
  • The price of Good LMS is very low than most of the premium plugins.
  • It has an option to modify quiz so that you can make your quizzes more interesting for your students.
  • Students can see their badges, certificates, and reports on the student backend and also they can track their progress.
  • It a coupon code creator from which you can provide a discount to your students to attract more students.
  • The most of the interface of Good LMS is similar to WordPress which means if you’re familiar with WordPress then you won’t have any difficulty using Good LMS.

8.Namaste! LMS

Namaste LMS plugin

It is not as popular as other LMS plugins on the list but doesn’t think that Namaste! LMS is lesser from any one of them. It also provides the option where you can download the core plugin for free and design as many courses as you want. But the Namaste! premium theme costs around $47 and also there are many packs and premium add-ons for a year.

Namaste lms pricing

It also offers the same offers like other plugins which are awards, badges and course protections. The core plugin of Namaste! LMS is very simple but it may not be enough for some online course creators unless they pay for the premium package.

Features of Namaste! LMS

  • It has very powerful integration functionality for your course website which makes everything a lot easier. Integrations like Watu manages the quizzes and exams while the MoolaMojo focuses on the grading and providing them points.
  • It has a similar feature of creating and editing like any other WordPress plugins. The basic part is simple for beginners but to get the advanced customization you have to get premium access.
  • You can sell videos of course individually or in packages and it allows you a shopping cart to collect the money.
  • You can protect your files from unwanted intruders with the help of the tools of Namaste! LMS.
  • You can motivate your students by awarding them badges for quizzes and lessons.

9. MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS plugin

The is one of the newest plugins in the list of WordPress plugins and most importantly it has a lot of features which make it very simple to build courses, customize and manage courses. The core plugin is free, you don’t have to pay for it to download. The MasterStudy premium themes start at the price of $25.

You can create amazing lessons with videos, graphs, slides with MasterStudy LMS plugin. It has a WYSIWYG editor which controls the creation and management. The important elements if MasterStudy LMS is built with Vue.js.

Features of MasterStudy LMS

  • User interface is very beautiful and easy to use.
  • You can use the payment gateway like PayPal and Stripe.
  • It creates an environment like social media where students can freely ask their queries and discuss the topics.
  • It provides quizzes with real-time questions and answers with a countdown timer.

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Conclusion: Best WordPress LMS Plugins 2024

There are only these plugins available in the market. But these are some of the best I sorted out for you. So you can choose which will be better for your online course website at an affordable price. To wrap up I would like to thank you for your time and if you like this post then don’t forget to share it and comment on it for queries.

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