Wincher Rank Tracker Review 2024: Is This the Best Rank Tracker in the Market?

Wincher Rank Tracker

Overall Verdict

Reading this Wincher review, you can get a clear overview of the tool and decide yourself if it worth trying. Personally, I think it’s definitely one of the best SEO tools in the market. They don’t compete with famous all-in-one SEO tools but just do their job well. 

Out of 10


  • Simple to Use
  • Data Accuracy
  • Flexibility in prices
  • Good Support Team
  • Grouping of Keywords
  • Automates Alerts


  • Can’t assign ideal URL for each keyword
  • Estimate Search volume not accurate


Price: $ 24

Accurate and effective measurement of your online performance is essential for both small business owners and professional SEO specialists.

How to see the impact of adding new content to your website, changing web copy, or doing an SEO audit? Oftentimes, products of Google provide only general information, which doesn’t allow them to react to changes quickly and effectively. Here is where keyword rank tracking plays a major role.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the best SERP tracking tool in the market – Wincher. It’s very user-friendly, so even beginners can get a clear insightful overview of their website’s online performance. And compared with other famous toolkits, Wincher provides the most accurate data ever.

Going forward, Wincher has all the functionality you need to keep aware of your positions in Google. Let’s dive into it and explore all the benefits and features.

Wincher Rank Tracker Review

Why should you choose Wincher?

Wincher Rank Tracker Review- Overview

First of all, let me describe to you all the benefits of choosing Wincher as your main tool for tracking your online positions. I’ve been using this tool for a while and highlighted the key points.

The main reason to switch to Wincher is the data accuracy. This tool really updates the data every 24 hours without exclusions. Besides that, you can update your positions manually if you need the freshest updates.

Why do I think it’s important? Because I think there is no reason to pay for outdated data and track your online positions just because you read about it somewhere.

Many tools refresh positions only once a week or even a month. So you pay a lot of money for getting the data, which you cannot use effectively because it’s very outdated. With Wincher you will pay less money for better quality. Great deal, as to me!

The second essential benefit of Wincher is simplicity. I like that it’s very easy to navigate inside the platform. All the data and functionality are very structured. It’s possible to create customized reports and get exactly what you need.

Also, their pricing model is quite flexible. The cheapest plan includes daily tracking of 500 keywords and up to 10 domains – the perfect solution for bloggers and small business owners. It also allows you to track your positions locally. I’ll describe the pricing model with more details later in this Wincher review.


Try wincher now- Wincher Rank Tracker Review

What do others say about Wincher?

“Wincher, on the other hand, helps me track thousands of keywords across multiple websites. Another thing that I particularly love about Wincher is the fact that it updates the keyword data every day.” – Shane Barker, Top Digital Marketing Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Influencer.

“I like Wincher because it is fast, easy to manage, and has a very competitive pricing structure. Additionally, It can save a lot of money. It’s not another keyword tracker because of the reporting module, scheduled reports, and keyword suggestions. You may discover much more using Wincher daily.”

– Lukasz Zelezny, SEO Keynote Speaker and Social Media Consultant, founder of SEO London.

Features: Detailed Wincher Review

Features- Wincher Rank Tracker Review

Let’s dive into the main features of Wincher. It offers lots of functionality, so you can create a free trial account to test it out yourself. But here I’ll highlight the most important features, which I  love most of all.

Local Rank Tracking

When you run a local business or blog for various GEOs, it’s not effective to track your positions at a national level only. You need to know how your website performs in a specific area, for example, city or district.

That’s why Wincher’s local rank tracking feature is a great opportunity to be totally aware of your website’s performance and improve it to rank higher in a specific search engine, that you need.

Manual Data Update

I’ve told you about the importance of fresh data before. And here is another opportunity to get the most actual position. If you did some changes to your website or tried new SEO techniques and want to see the impact, just manually refresh the position of a certain keyword or group of keywords. One-click and voila – you know your current positions. Eazy-peasy! 

By the way, you can also check the SERP for a specific keyword in real-time. 

Competitors Tracking

Wincher is a single rank tracker, so it’s not similar to famous toolkits and competitor analysis tools. But it can help with competitors tracking too. And the most important thing: this feature is free regardless of the plan you choose.

So just add up to 10 competitors per domain and Wincher will track their positions for the same keywords on daily basis. You’ll be able to compare your performance, check the results of your competitors and see the positions of everyone for every keyword.

Keyword Research -Wincher Rank Tracker Review

Keyword Research

Another additional feature of Wincher – basic keyword research tool. It’s free and unlimited. A great bonus, as to me! 

Don’t expect that this tool is similar to Semrush’s one. Wincher isn’t specialized in keywords analytics, but it can provide you basic keyword research.

More specifically, you will get autosuggestions of keywords, relevant to your website, as well as your position for all of them. And also you can look for new keywords in the tab “Related keywords” and import the keyword list from your Google Search Console account.

Competitors tracker- Wincher Research Tracker Review

There is a nice point, that Wincher’s keyword research tool is fully integrated with a rank tracker, so you can start monitoring your position for new keywords in one click.


It’s quite a unique feature, which you won’t find in other rank trackers. “Annotations” allows you to leave a note for a specific keyword, group of keywords, or domain.

When can it be helpful? For instance, if you created a new blog post, updated web copy, added a new bunch of backlinks and now you want to see the impact of those actions and follow your SEO efforts. Just choose a date and leave a note not to keep everything in mind. 

Wincher will show your notes in all the main dashboards and graphs. 


I like when tools notify me when something is changing around my website and when I should react. It’s difficult to check everything manually every day what’s going on with my projects and my competitors’ ones. That’s why I want to highlight that Wincher has automated alerts. 

How does it work? Every time your website gains the top position for a certain keyword, you outrank your competitors and vice versa, Wincher will notify you. You can set up the reporting as you wish and choose the data you want to get.

Multiple users and Project Permissions

While other SEO tools require choosing more expensive plans to add more users to your account, Wincher made this feature free. Even in the cheapest plan, you can your colleagues, so all the data is in one place and everyone has access to it. Very helpful!

But if you run the agency or provide SEO services to clients, you can choose a higher plan, create your own projects and assign people to them. For instance, you can share specific access with other people: give them an admin role or project member, so they can use only a specific project.

Extra free tools: WP plugging and On-Page SEO tool

Extra Free tools- Wincher Rack Tracker Review

Who doesn’t love free bonuses? Wincher creates a wow effect with helpful free bonuses, like an on-page SEO tool. This tool helps to fix potential on-page issues and optimize your URL for a certain keyword to get higher rankings as a result. And you can use it even if you are not a subscriber of Wincher. Try it out now!

Also, I’ve found out that Wincher has a WP plugin. If you don’t have a paid account with Wincher, you can use the plugin for free, but it’s quite limited in this case. But if you are an active user of the tool, you can get all the data directly in your WP admin panel. 

Wincher Tracker Pricing

Pricing - Wincher Rank Tracker Review

First of all, Wincher provides you free trial access. So just sign up and get 14 days to test the platform for free and without CC details.

Let’s move to numbers. Wincher works on a plan-based pricing model. There are 3 types of plans. The difference is in the functionality and number of keywords you wish to track.

The cheapest plan, called Starter, costs only 29 EUR/m (monthly billing) or 24 EUR (annual billing) and includes daily rank tracking updates, local rank tracking of 500 keywords and up to 10 domains, multiple users, competitors tracking, keyword research, and other features.

You can check all the details here.


Pros and Cons


Data Accuracy. Well, as I mentioned above, it’s what I am looking for when choosing SEO tools for running my blog and other projects. Accurate data is fundamental. And I do believe that every SEO platform should take care of the data as Wincher does.

Simplicity is everything. Yes, it’s possible to get used to complicated SEO toolkits if they are helpful for you. But what about the perfect option – value and simplicity? Wincher contains both.

I heard that many SEO experts say that Wincher is the simplest tool in the market. I couldn’t agree more. Every button takes the perfect place and you shouldn’t ask for a personal demo to get the most out of Wincher.

Customization. A clear and insightful reporting system is very important for everyone. It’s the way to structure the data in the way you need to use it inside your team or share it with the customers.

Wincher allows you to download the data you need, set up the frequency of reporting, add emails of your colleagues and customers. Besides that, you can add your logo and hide Wincher’s one. 

Flexibility in prices. Building a web marketing budget can be not easy, so we should consider different options and choose helpful, but quite affordable SEO tools. Wincher has certain plans, but it doesn’t mean that you should overpay for unused limits or features. First of all, the pricing model is very flexible.

If you don’t need extra features, you can choose the cheapest plan and get the data you need. But if you wish to track a large number of keywords, you can choose between Business or Enterprise, test different functionality, and change your preferences every month. It’s up to you!


Basic keyword research. I’ve mentioned that I do consider their keyword research tool as a great free bonus to the main rank tracker. But at the same time, I think that if they upgrade this feature, it will allow Wincher to move to the next level and compete with the most famous SEO tools.


Customer Reviews:

Testimonials - Wincher Rank Tracker Review

Final thoughts: Is Wincher the best tracker? Wincher Rank Tracker Review

Reading this Wincher review, you can get a clear overview of the tool and decide yourself if it is worth trying. Personally, I think it’s definitely one of the best SEO tools in the market. They don’t compete with famous all-in-one SEO tools but just do their job well. 

So if you want to follow your SEO results in the most efficient way, create a free trial account at and check the tool out yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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