Why You Shouldn’t Use Udemy : My Personal Thoughts

Would it occur to you to consider making money by offering a course for sale online? If this is the case, there’s a good possibility you’ve looked into Udemy as well.

If you’ve never heard of Udemy, it’s a platform for creating and selling online courses. A new course is added to their library when you create it. Udemy gets a cut of the sale if your course is purchased by a visitor.

Although there’s more to it, this gives you a good idea of the big picture.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Udemy

Why You Shouldn’t Use Udemy

Udemy is doing a great job, and I’m a big admirer. They appear to be a useful resource for those looking to understand the ins and outs of developing and delivering an online course.

I would advise against using this strategy for making money from course sales. Just so you’re clear,

First of all, I’m aware that some people have made a lot of money on Udemy. They should be proud of themselves because selling e-learning is not an easy job. Having said that, building a platform will not guarantee your success. These people were successful as a result of the effort they put in in developing and marketing an excellent course.

Not because I don’t think you can make money selling courses on Udemy, but because I don’t think you should. That’s a real possibility, no question.

Instead, Udemy is a bad choice for anyone who wants to start a business selling courses since you give up control of the content.

  • The platform does not belong to you.
  • The brand is not yours to own (Udemy).
  • You don’t own the visitors you attract to your website.
  • You don’t get to keep all of the money you make from selling courses.
  • The student accounts do not belong to you.
  • You don’t have control over the rules (for example, the refund policy).

These are red flags for anyone who has created a successful business.

The more the degree of control you have over your firm, the greater the risk you take.

If, on the other hand, you host and sell your courses on your own website, you would be the owner of those materials. Udemy doesn’t control your brand, you own the student data that can be used for better marketing, you don’t need to divide the income, and so on. You’re establishing your own brand, not Udemy’s. You have the upper hand.

Then why would anyone go with Udemy? Well, it’s a cinch to get started. Building a brand from the ground up is as challenging as starting a business. For those that are already interested in purchasing courses, Udemy also has visitors to their site.

If you’re not looking to develop a long-term business, Udemy may be your best option. Business owners no longer have to deal with as many of the hassles that come with running a company.

You should choose a separate platform for course design and sales when you want to build a business that provides you full ownership.

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