5 Reasons Why You Should Be Automating Your Marketing

Automation is slowly infiltrating many businesses and professions. An algorithm corrects our spelling, selects our dates, and recommends music that we will appreciate. Anything to eliminate the needless effort and dull moments. And marketing automation is no exception (no surprise, I meant to write “exclusion” and was corrected).

What is marketing automation, and how does it work? It’s when we give the algorithm permission to:

  • Run our commercials
  • Send memos and emails
  • Content planning
  • Assemble reports

1. Efficiency


Perhaps you’ve heard of the automation-augmentation paradox, which leads people to believe that automation is a disaster waiting to happen. Especially for individuals whose work is thought to be replaceable by a robot’s precise actions.

In terms of marketing, however, technology is enhancing rather than replacing human labour. Imagining that marketing professionals are jeopardizing their employment by embracing automation is as absurd as doubting development in any other area of life.

It’s difficult to think of a corporation that is more innovative and progressive than Google, for example. According to modern luddite reasoning, this behemoth should be the first to automate all work and replace every living being.

Despite this, Google (Alphabet) is quickly expanding its human workforce, with only 156,500 people in 2021. While Meta’s crew is half the size, they hire at a rate that is nearly twice as fast. It doesn’t appear that humans are in short supply.

On a corporate level, marketing automation frees up the brightest brains from routine duties, allowing them to work more efficiently. And by automating even a few laborious processes, any independent entrepreneur may deliver more diverse marketing services for more clients.

2. Ingenuity

When discussing the impact of automation on creativity, most experts form a unified front. In an interview with Business News Daily, artificial intelligence expert Kriti Sharma claims that people would soon be liberated from “less value” tasks, allowing them/us to “concentrate on those things that demand imagination and touch.”

It’s difficult to conceive that a machine can outperform a human in terms of originality. Even when an AI “art” sells for an amazing $432,000 at Christie’s in New York, we think to ourselves, “whatever, I could do better than that.” That is unquestionably correct. If only you had more free time to indulge in this artistic folly.

Automating your marketing gives you just that – enough free time to magnify and put your ideas to good use.

3. Information gathering and reporting

A human could potentially do anything a computer does if given unlimited time and a nice chair. But who has that kind of time or a chair like that? When you’re running hundreds of ads, it’s critical to automate the reporting process. The amount of data that can be processed through automated channels is unimaginable, and manual reporting takes time and money.

However, regardless of how well the algorithm performs, it is merely collecting data and not understanding it. The beauty of automated reporting is that they give marketers more time to analyze data and alter strategy “on the fly.”

These reports are of high quality and have not been affected by human mistakes. Not to mention how straightforward, personalized, and straightforward the process becomes.

4. Communication.

While everyone thinks that working together is the best approach to achieving success, team members’ alignment isn’t always ideal. The simplest approach for the left hand to understand what the right hand is doing is to utilize the same tool.

More than 30% of sales-related activities, according to business consultancy firm McKinsey&Company, may be automated. In their research on automation, they discovered that only 26% of their client organizations wanted to automate their marketing and sales.

A company’s sales force can be boosted by connecting CRMs with sales and marketing automation. Each department gains time, which they may then put into providing value to customers. Customers also benefit from quick and regular service.

5. Effectiveness

We’ve been preoccupied with scalability since the last Industrial Revolution. If a company does not grow, it will eventually die. It’s critical to employ any instrument available to accelerate this ongoing progress. Scale is associated with increased variety and continuous learning. Everything is changing and growing.

Automation is required to keep up with this rising performance. You are robbing yourself of the unlimited possibilities that progress has to offer by doing things manually. Automated marketing has the ability to scale far faster than human marketing without sacrificing quality.

Revealbot dayparting automation, for example, allows you to run advertisements solely on the days of the week and hours when you’ve seen the highest conversions. You may avoid any excessive spending by using this automated technique.

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