Who is Matt Diggity? & 13 Millionaire Advice of the World’s Top SEOs

What does it take to become a millionaire with search engine optimization? Matt Diggity asked 13 SEO millionaires about their secret habits and mindsets that got them to where they are today, made a video, and uploaded it on YouTube on his official channel. The advice is 100 percent pure solid gold.

Here is the list of 13 millionaires in the video who shared their knowledge.

Who is Matt Diggity

  1. Kyle Roof – Lead SEO for High Voltage SEO and founder of Page Optimizer Pro
  2. Julie Adams – Client SEO dropout turned full-time affiliate marketer
  3. James Dooley – Full-time Serial Entrepreneur and Absolute Mischief Maker
  4. Gael Breton – co-founder of Authority Hacker
  5. Nick Eubanks – General Partner at Super Limited Co and Founder of From the Future
  6. Travis Jamison – Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
  7. Kevin Indig – Director of SEO at Shopify and Writer at the Growth Memo Newsletter
  8. Aimi Hioki – Affiliate SEO Badass
  9. James Norquay – Founder of Prosperity Media
  10. Pete King – Co-founder of Authority Builders
  11. Alez Zoo – 7-figure Affiliate Website Flipper
  12. Dome Wells – Founder of Onfolio
  13. Jonas Torrang – Casino Affiliate SEO and Sexy Beast

Who is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity is a digital marketer and SEO professional best known as the CEO and creator of Diggity Marketing.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Diggity has a background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in 2011 and a Master’s degree in 2014 from the University of California.

Diggity worked as a Manager (Strategic Initiatives) at ANSYS, Inc. from October 2005 until November 2012, generating sales and marketing materials and partnering with clients to produce better client-centric solutions, among other things.

According to his profile on DiggityMarketing.com, Matt Diggity was born in the United States but presently resides in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Diggity has also resided in Bali, Costa Rica, and Japan, and has, in his own words, “visited over 50 countries worldwide.”

Before dedicating his time entirely to digital marketing and SEO, he worked for a Silicon Valley firm. Diggity acknowledges that this employment gave him “several critical lessons” – namely, how to test goods and services and identify flaws; how to operate quickly; and how to interact with consumers.

However, the stress associated with “the cubicle lifestyle” was “totally unsustainable,” forcing him to seek other sources of revenue. Diggity has developed and grown various digital marketing and SEO-related firms throughout the years.

Main Highlights and Suggestions from the Video

  • Kyle advised making a solid network of decision-makers. Make a list of 5 people you should meet with and start setting up some meetings.
  • Julie advised goal breakdown. Stay connected to the main goal while simultaneously simplifying the process. Figure out what is your one-year goal for your business and then break it down into quarterly and then monthly goals.
  • James advised ‘Assign responsibilities not tasks’. Start to take a look at how you’re assigning the work to your employees and make an inventory. Are you assigning tasks or responsibilities?
  • Gael advised learning by observing rather than learning by consulting resources that teach marketing online. Almost every successful website has something they do uniquely that gives them an edge. Acquire more and more backlink techniques by spying on other websites. Once a year, set aside a day to completely review the best website in your niche. Have your employees and business partners review other sites. Then set a meeting for each person to present everything they learned from their assigned website.
  • Nick advised using your calendar with conviction. Live and die by your calendar. Professional success is using your calendar with conviction putting absolutely every single thing that you do and that you plan to do before at least the week prior in your calendar blocking out time for every single task you know needs to get done and then letting your calendar dictate your schedule and holding to the commitments that you’ve made to keep on your calendar if you do that and you adopt the mentality, the mindset that if it is not on your calendar it does not exist and if it is on your calendar you will have the conviction to see it through and get it done I promise it will be a life-changing habit for you in terms of your success. Create a free google calendar and start dropping in your weekly recurring events such as meetings first then add your one-off tasks, etc.
  • Travis advised placing a lot of different bets. This is because there is a lot of randomness in the Google algorithm. Diversify your traffic sources and monetization sources. Look into getting traffic from social media like Pinterest or Facebook pages, or running paid ads. Look into building an email list. Try monetizing through various methods like display ads, info products, recurring membership, and start today.
  • Kevin advised writing things out. If you want to take casual notes, use your computer, but if you want to learn or plan something big use a pen and paper.
  • Aimi advised setting a clear goal. Put a number to how rich you want to become. That number should excite you. Then you put a timeline of how long you want to take to achieve that goal, write it down and go tell someone about it because this will help you achieve your goal.
  • James advised hiring a great team. Have a great team around you, invest in your team, and mentor your team. He also recommends getting good 8-hour sleep and keeping up with exercise. This keeps your mind off the stress of business.
  • Pete advised taking risks. Take risks, make mistakes, but do not repeat your mistakes. Find a mentor. Reach out to people. Start by joining a community for a mentor.
  • Alex advised learning to delegate effectively responsibilities, not tasks. His advice was to assign responsibilities and not tasks. Make sure you take inventory of how you have been delegating as soon as possible.
  • Dom advised having tenacity. Success doesn’t come in a straight line with SEO. It is something like you get nothing for some time and then suddenly someday you find your website successful. A lot of people give up right before they are about to succeed. SEO is a slow business. This advice is especially for beginners. Once you get to page one the revenue you will make in one month will pay for the whole journey.
  • Jonas advised find successful you should learn from for advice and execute or do what they say. Keep going. Don’t give up.
  • Matt Diggity advised having integrity. Say you will do something and do it and never be late.

Affiliate Lab Course by Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity established Affiliate Lab, a complete affiliate marketing school. The curriculum of this course is largely focused on developing, ranking, and monetizing specialized websites. The course includes more than 24 hours of video instruction on topics ranging from niche selection to traffic development.


Affiliate Lab is the most comprehensive training I’ve found for developing specialty websites and/or authoritative affiliate sites. This course is designed specifically for a subset of marketers known as specialty website builders. Read our comprehensive Affiliate Lab Review for more info.

Simply said, if you aim to construct affiliate websites and rank them using SEO, The Affiliate Lab course is a no-brainer. The curriculum is unmatched, and you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group for additional assistance.

Only Authority Site System by Authority Hackers comes close. While the Authority Site System is excellent training, I feel The Affiliate Lab is superior in terms of overall quality.

The primary reason is that Matt Diggity is more comprehensive in terms of link-building strategies. Authority Site System is dedicated to white hat link building tactics like guest post outreach, HARO outreach, and broken link construction. The Affiliate Lab addresses both white hat and gray hat link development tactics.

It’s uncommon for me to suggest a course so highly, but Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab is the genuine thing. Affiliate Lab is your best choice if you’re searching for an all-in-one affiliate SEO and specialty site training and have $ 997 to invest. The course is quite thorough, the knowledge is useful, and Matt Diggity seems to be one of the most authentic web marketers.


This article included everything you must know about Matt Diggity and the Affiliate Lab Course offered by him. His video ‘13 Millionaire Advice of the World’s Top SEOs’ is incredible and I highlighted some of the major aspects of it. I highly recommend enrolling for the Affiliate Lab Course as well.

I sincerely hope this article. Please share your views on Matt Diggity, his trending video, and Affiliate Lab Course in the comment section below.

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