What is VPS Webhosting and Best Managed VPS Hosting 2024

Virtual Private Servers or VPS are virtualised servers. The entire arrangement can be called a virtual hosting environment. It essentially means a dedicated server with a shared hosting framework.

What is VPS Webhosting and Best Managed VPS Hosting

Technically speaking VPS webhosting is the combination of dedicated hosting and shared hosting

Numerous hosting providers around the globe provide VPS webhosting with a variety of packages and prices. This post is essentially for professional bloggers. You see, there will come a time when your scale of operations will rise.

This means that you will be having increased traffic to your webpages. Then normal shared hosting will not be able to sustain this traffic inflow.

You need hardware upgrades in terms of increased server space. VPS webhosting is a means to attain that infra without having to handle the maintenance costs and share that infra with anonymous people who are similar online enthusiasts like you.

This sharing scenario helps it to be cheaper than dedicated hosting and the fact that it is an upgrade calls for greater prices than normal shared hosting.

What is the tech aspect behind VPS webhosting

The framework is similar to VMware or Virtual Box. The programme allows you to run several virtual operating systems on one machine. It means for example that you can run Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.1 on your desktop without restarting!

Are there any benefits to VPS webhosting?

Yes definitely! There is the certain affordability as the process is shared. It also gives you more control over your design. This makes it more similar to dedicated hosting than normal shared hosting.

Some other fundamental benefits are:

  • Privacy: You don’t have to share your OS with anyone. This means that there are no other websites on the server which have access to your files.
  • Customization: In a VPS environment, you can choose your own operating system. This gives you more control and increased flexibility (scope) to your design. You can control all aspects like Apache, PHP and MySQL. If you want to change or customize these elements you have full freedom to do so!
  • Increased Control: You definitely have more control over our entire portfolio of websites. There is no more worrying about system restarts when you can do it anytime. Your VPS servers can be restarted without affecting anyone else.
  • Dedicated resources: The similarity to dedicated server environment is a big plus. You have dedicated RAM storage in your kitty. This means that nobody can gobble up your memory when you are in need of it. Complete power to you, right?

Another popular variation of VPS Webhosting is Managed Virtual Private Servers

This is very advantageous variation for bloggers who are not in sync with the hard core technical aspects of webhosting.

The entire management of the VPS is done by the hosting company and you just have to keep doing things the same way before. You get all the same things like cPanel, fantastico, WHM and more basic stuff.

The real problem arises when deciding which managed VPS hosting to choose from?

This decision is very personal. It has to be based on various parameters like which is cheaper and what is the reputation about the quality of service. The major factor is the direct relation of the price of service to your scale of requirements.

Some more Best VPS Hosting Services providers

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5) Justhost

6) Ix Webhosting:  Read Ix Webhosting review 

Of the entire lot, I believe WP Engine is the best which is based on my personal experience. You can check out my review for WP Engine  here! Check out Best web hosting companies reviews here.

There are more awesome options out there. The key thing to remember is that to take the decision based on your requirements and some good quality research.

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