What is a Proxy Server? Why do we need Proxy Servers?

What is a Proxy Server?

What is Proxy Server

Any system that translates traffic between networks or protocols is referred to as a proxy server. It’s an intermediary server that sits between end-user clients and the websites they visit. Depending on your use case, demands, or company policy, proxy servers provide varying levels of functionality, security, and privacy.

Traffic goes through the proxy server on its route to the location you requested if you’re using one. The request is then routed through the same proxy server (with some exceptions), and the proxy server then relays the data obtained from the website to you.

Why do I need a Proxy Server?

There are several reasons why you should use a proxy server. The most common use case scenarios are as follows:

  • Monitoring the web surfing activities of employees and children

When businesses and parents use proxy servers to monitor and regulate how their employees and children use the internet. Most companies don’t want you to visit certain websites on company time, so they can configure the proxy server to block access to certain sites, redirecting you with a kind message urging you to desist from visiting those sites on company time. They can also monitor and log all web requests, so they know how much time you spend cyberloafing even if they don’t ban the site.

  • Private surfing

Another popular motivation is the need for anonymity when using the internet. Proxy servers are used by both individuals and corporations to browse the internet in a more private manner. Some proxy servers will alter the web request’s IP address and other identifying information. This implies that the destination server has no idea who submitted the initial request, which helps to keep your personal information and browsing habits hidden.

  • Secure web browsing

On top of the privacy benefits, proxy servers provide security. To prevent prying eyes from seeing your transactions, enable your proxy server to encrypt your web requests. You can also use the proxy server to block access to known malware sites. 

How Proxy Servers Work

A proxy server works by intercepting requests from the client machine and forwarding them to the intended service. The proxy server acts as an intermediary between the two machines, providing an extra layer of security by filtering out malicious content or blocking certain websites. It also improves speed by caching popular webpages so they don’t have to be downloaded again each time they are requested. Finally, it helps protect users’ privacy by masking their IP address and browsing habits from prying eyes.

Using Proxy Servers for Online Marketing

Proxy servers can be very useful for improving online marketing efforts in several ways. For example, using proxy servers can help you avoid spam filters when sending emails or using automated software for marketing campaigns. By routing your traffic through different IP addresses, you can also avoid being blocked from certain websites or services due to overly aggressive anti-spam measures. Additionally, using proxies can help you gather more accurate analytics data about your website’s visitors since it will provide more reliable information about their geographic location and other demographic details than what is available through regular IP tracking methods.

11. Trusted Proxies

Trusted Proxies came into existence in 2010. It is one of the best proxy servers when it comes to the business. They help the business best by using the proxy for the SEO.

TurstedProxies- Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers

It is most widely used as a solution for the keyword ranking software. It speeds up the keyword ranking report and you can make use of various SEO tools such as Rank tracker and Advanced Web Ranking.

Trusted Proxies have only white hat solutions and all the black hat solutions are prohibited here. Using the above proxies, you can find a number of longtail keywords which were too hard to discover once.


  • GEO-Surfing: The Geo-surfing feature of the trusted proxies enables you to surf the other country or city of your choice and track the local ads or classified ads using the Google SERPs.
  • Web Scraping: It is also recommended for your scraping software as it has a high volume for anonymity.
  • Since they give a premium service, neither they allow any Craiglist, spamming or black hat nor do any of the IPs are burnt.
  • Datacenters in US, UK and EU.
  • No search engine friendly searches, you can send 1000+ queries within minutes.


The Trusted proxies is best considered for the business classes also because of its high pricing. The private or the dedicated proxies cost a bit higher as compared to the other better private proxies in the list of these proxies.

5 Private Proxies would cost you around $50.

10 private proxies cost you around $92 per month.

The company also gives the 7-day free trial where you can explore each and every feature of this proxy server. Even after the 7-day trial, they come up with a 7-day money back guarantee.

You will also get the discounts for the subscriptions of 3 months or 6 months and even the larger discount for a yearly subscription.

It accepts all kind of payment which includes VISA, Amex, PayPal, and MasterCard as well.

12. EZ Proxies

EZ Proxies are most popularly known as the best proxy server for the black hat SEO’ers. They offer both kinds of proxies; Shared as well as the private proxies.

Best Private Private Proxy Servers - ezProxies

Though the company still lacks some features and was unable to explain to me some of its characteristic features such as the location of data centers.

They have the shared as well as the private proxies and also the International proxies. These proxies are also best suited for the Scrapebox. EZ proxies can also be used for the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and the email proxy. These proxies can be used only for the email platform such as Gmail, Hotmail and not for the SMTP based port.


  • 99% Uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support through Live chat and ticket support system
  • Instant processing and setup of proxies
  • Its high and redundant technology makes it unrecognizable that if you are using proxy or not.
  • Two Authentication processing; IP whitelisting and user/password authentication.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly customer control panel to switch the IPs for whitelisting.


No. of proxies 10 25 50 100 250 500
Monthly Price $20 $47 $90 $150 $350 $600
Price per proxy $2.00 $1.90 $1.80 $1.50 $1.40 $1.20


All these proxies are highly anonymous, fast and secure and have multiple locations to choose from. They accept all the credit cards, PayPal and the Bitcoins.

13. MyPrivate Proxy

MyPrivateProxy currently holds the #1 spot in the list of the top best proxy servers.  It was initially found in 2011 and has now become one of the largest proxy networks in the world.

One of the reasons I would recommend this proxy server is because it allows the use of sneaker websites through their proxies. The proxies work on a number of sneaker sites such as Adidas, Barney’s, Supreme, Jordans, Yeezy, Finish Line, and Sneaky but you wouldn’t get any refund for any Sneaker proxies.

They offer multiple IP locations which include 16 from the US and 8 from the EU. Outside the US, it has the IP locations in Amsterdam, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, and France.


  • Free of charge proxy replacement after every billing cycle on request.
  • High performance and dedicated servers with Intel Xeon-2 processors are responsible for high speed.
  • Username/password authentication
  • I Gbps internet connection
  • 99% uptime perfect for all businesses.
  • Intuitive control panel helps to manage your private proxies with ease.
  • 24/7 support via live chat or email and the ticketing system.
  • Instant setup and the instant activation
  • 100% Wind Energy


There are a number of plans to choose from and that makes it so much flexible.


  • $2.49/ month
  • No. of Proxies- 1
  • Multiple Locations- No
  • Multiple Subnets- No
  • Monthly randomize- Yes
  • Price Per Proxy- $2.49


  • $11.75/ month
  • No. of Proxies- 5
  • Multiple Locations- 2
  • Multiple Subnets- 2
  • Monthly randomize- Yes
  • Price Per Proxy- $2.35

MPP 10 

  • $23.70/ month
  • No. of Proxies- 10
  • Multiple Locations- 3
  • Multiple Subnets- 6
  • Monthly randomize- Yes
  • Price Per Proxy- $2.15

MPP 50

  • $87.50/ month
  • No. of Proxies- 50
  • Multiple Locations- 5
  • Multiple Subnets- 10
  • Monthly randomize- Yes
  • Price Per Proxy- $1.59

MPP 100

  • $165/ month
  • No. of Proxies- 100
  • Multiple Locations- 6
  • Multiple Subnets- 10
  • Monthly randomize- Yes
  • Price Per Proxy- $1.50

MPP 200

  • $325/ month
  • No. of Proxies- 200
  • Multiple Locations- 7
  • Multiple Subnets- 14
  • Monthly randomize- Yes
  • Price Per Proxy- $1.47

MPP 500

  • $750/ month
  • No. of Proxies- 500
  • Multiple Locations- 10
  • Multiple Subnets- 20
  • Monthly randomize- Yes
  • Price Per Proxy- $1.36

MPP 1000

  • $1,400/ month
  • No. of Proxies- 1100
  • Multiple Locations- 12
  • Multiple Subnets- 36
  • Monthly randomize- Yes
  • Price Per Proxy- $1.27

MPP 2000

  • $2,500/ month
  • No. of Proxies- 2200
  • Multiple Locations- 14
  • Multiple Subnets- 42
  • Monthly randomize- Yes
  • Price Per Proxy- $1.13

Thus, the MPP (MyPrivate Proxies) are the best when you are going for the sneaker and the ticketing proxies.

14. Proxy Key

Proxy Key has been purposefully in the industry since 2006 and is used widely for the SEO, web scraping, Social Media and IM.

The only drawback to this is its high pricing. But, I would say that the pricing is justified too because of its virgin IP’s. Proxy Key gives all the virgin IPs and thus all the IPs are fresh.

Proxy Key- Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers

They have fairly high speed and redundant hardware which guarantees 99.92% Uptime monitoring. Its high speed is also attributed to the multiple data centers. The US data centers are spread across 300+ cities and internationally, the datacenters are located in almost 25+ countries.

Similarly, they have two authentications; IP whitelisting as well as the user/password authentication. The company promises a total 16 GEO locations. It promises 1Gbps speed of the servers.

Proxy Key doesn’t allow the web spamming and hacking using their servers. Thus, they can be called as fully authenticated. They allow access to Scrapebox, Webmail and Tweet box.


In addition, the company gives 48-hour money back guarantee. Also, it takes 1 business day to set up your account after the processing of the payment.

Conclusion: What is a Proxy Server

In conclusion, proxy servers are invaluable tools for improving online marketing efforts by providing extra layers of security, privacy protection, and enhanced user experience. They also allow marketers to bypass spam filters when sending emails or running automated campaigns while gathering more accurate analytics data about visitors to their websites.

If your business isn’t already taking advantage of proxy servers, now is the time to get started! With all of these benefits available at your fingertips, why wait? Start making use of this powerful technology today!

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