What Every Marketer Needs To Know About AI

Advanced AI tools are constantly being created. I believe that everyone working in marketing or a similar area runs the danger of having their career cut short. As luck would have it, there are measures you can do to safeguard yourself. In this article, we will go through five approaches you can take to make sure you do more than simply survive in a future dominated by artificial intelligence.

It’s possible you’ll dismiss my contention that automated content generation will render marketers obsolete in a matter of years as clickbait. If that’s the case, you probably weren’t listening.

Blog articles, Facebook ad headlines, Amazon product descriptions, LinkedIn company profiles, tailored cold emails, and pretty much anything else can be written with the help of text creation tools like Jasper. Marketing directors of rapidly expanding IT companies may benefit greatly from the vast volumes of material on any SEO term that may generate incremental traffic to their website, thanks to automated text production.

Incredibly innovative products like these are being developed and released by companies at a dizzying rate. As a result, some industry watchers predict that by the years 2025- 2030, artificial intelligence would produce 99.9% of all material found on the internet. If you make your living producing visual or audio media on the web, you may soon find yourself unemployed.

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The use of AI and automated technologies brings with it some danger, but also some promising prospects.

Although Julia Kirby and Thomas H. Davenport’s Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines isn’t quite fresh off the press, I still consider their recommendations to be among the finest available for marketers concerned about automation.

If you want to succeed in the AI era, you should consider the five approaches outlined by Kirby and Davenport, and I’ve given my take on each of them below. The writers suggest that the reader either step up, move away, step in, or step narrowly or forward. One thing you shouldn’t do is just sit there.

One way to advance is to take on the role of deploying AI technologies rather than being replaced by them. People who take charge make important choices. These officials, such as the marketing director or chief marketing officer, will be the ones to determine the new system’s strategic role in the company. Consider what it is you need to do to go to the next level in your career. Consider about going back to learn an MBA or further training.

Those who relinquish control two, opt to concentrate on creating value in ways that robots can’t. By stepping aside, you’re opening yourself up to new avenues of knowledge and success in domains where computers can’t compete. To relinquish one’s position may need taking on a role that calls for human qualities such as compassion, judgement, humour, or even simply the presence of a real person. How much of each of these traits would you say you possess? If that’s the case, try looking for jobs that better use your human abilities.

Once you intervene, you’ll be responsible for developing, policing, and overseeing the usage of automated technologies in your company. As a result of your in-depth familiarity with both the capabilities and limitations of modern technological advancements, you are able to maximise their use for your company. As I type this, a search on LinkedIn for “marketing automation manager” in the United States yields over 22,000 results. If you’re interested in taking over, it would be best to start by offering your services for free to the people already doing these duties at your company, before looking for a position that would make this your full-time job.

Stepping narrowly implies focusing on an area of expertise that requires too much human judgement for automation. You gain prominence as a go-to resource for an area of knowledge that most people miss. It may never be worthwhile to automate your niche since there will always be at most a small number of people doing it. You have the ability to utilise computers, but you won’t soon be made useless by them. If you choose the niche route, go headfirst into the complexities of your field. Even if some people don’t get it at first, they’ll eventually appreciate it.

In order to take the next step, you must decide to create useful tools for other people. To a lesser extent than your successors, you will usher in the age of automation. A good salary is to be expected in this position. You may work for a company that manufactures automated products as a marketing, product designer, or customer success expert. Human workers are necessary even for robot stores. Spend as much time as possible learning about the industry and applying for positions at firms that interest you.

Avoid putting off preparations for a world where marketing and content creation are automated any longer. Make a plan for the future right now to ensure that you don’t fall behind.

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