Webnode Review 2024: Is Webnode Legitimate? (TRUTH) (Pros & Cons)

Our research of Webnode Review is based on the honest opinions of actual customers expressed on various social media platforms. We will help to find the answer to the most important question you have: Should I purchase a website builder from Webnode?

In this technologically advanced world, it is highly important to have an online presence for every business.

An online presence can be in various forms such as having social media presence on platforms like Facebook Page, Instagram handle, Youtube channel, Facebook group, and most importantly a Website.

Even if you’re active on your social media it is not a place where people can understand your business from start to end. It is highly important for you to have a website.

I recently came across a survey report which stated that almost around 44% to 51% of small businesses do not have a website.

Most common reasons are:

  • Unaffordability
  • They think it’s not necessary because it’s just a small business

Well, let me tell you one thing: Every big giant business was once a small business. Don’t underestimate yourself & your business.

Irrespective of your business size, having an online presence is highly important.

Well, some businesses understand the need and importance of having an online presence and because of the first reason i.e., Unaffordability they choose to build their sites themselves, and I highly appreciate that.

But, for the first time when you decide to do a thing by yourself, you need guidance.

Unlike earlier, you don’t need any coding knowledge to build a site now. You can create a site without having any technical knowledge.

There are several websites/ tools available where you can create your website without coding just by following the ‘Non-Coding’ method.

All these sites/ tools have their unique specifications. To your problems, we have come up with Webnode Review.

Webnode is the Best website builder where you can make a website just by following the ‘Non-Coding Method’ (Of course you can create a website without coding knowledge).

If you’re planning to make your website yourself by using Webnode and want to know whether it’s the right decision, then this review is definitely for you.

Let’s start with knowing What is Webnode.

Webnode Review

 Webnode Review: In a Nutshell

Webnode is an online website building platform that does not require any prior coding or technical knowledge to build a website.

So if you’re a non-techie and willing to make a website of your own, you don’t need to spend the next six months learning to code.

You can create a simple website using Webcode.

Webnode Review - Webnode

With Webcode you can easily create a multilingual website and you have a choice to choose your language from 20 languages.

Webnode has ready-to-use templates that are really creative compared to similar website builders. But yes has some drawbacks too, which we will discuss by the end of this blog.

Alongside, Webnode lets you create (and restore) backup data of your website.

With Webnode, you can not just a normal portfolio website or blogging website but you can also create an E-Commerce store. Isn’t it amazing?

Key Features of Webnode

Webnode offers several features that can be beneficial and useful for developing sites.

Webnode’s templates are primarily focused on Personal, Business & ECommerce websites.

The most prominent fact about Webnode is you don’t need any prior technical or coding knowledge.

Key features of Webnode Includes:

  • Easy to use

When we do something new we wonder, ‘How easy would it be?’. Do you need any prior training to use ‘Webnode’? The answer is “No”.

Webnode is very easy to use as a website builder.

You don’t require any coding skills or any other skill to make a website with Webnode.

Once you start working on it, you’ll gradually understand how to work on Webnode which isn’t so tough.

The User Interface of the website is quite impressive and easy to understand.

  • Supports E-commerce Stores

Webnode supports E-commerce stores but with limited features.

Webnode supports ‘Order Management’, Which simply means you can see your New Orders & Fulfilled Orders. You cannot really track or show the entire Order system.

You need to add a third-party tool or do the manual work yourself to keep a track of everything else.

  • Ready to use templates for various businesses

Webnode has several templates for different types of businesses. You can customize them as per your requirement.

You can change images, add text, choose the font, align elements, etc.

The best part about Webnode’s templates is that they are super responsive and they automatically adjust as per the device (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, etc)

  • Supports 20 Languages

Honestly, I truly loved this part about Webnode. It supports 20 different languages across the globe not only to build a website but also its customer support is available in 20 different languages.

With Webnode, you can even create a multilingual website. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Supports SEO Marketing

Some website builders do not support SEO or SEO Marketing. But, Webnode supports SEO.

If you know even a bit about marketing then I am sure you know how important SEO is for any type of business.

Be it a personal website, e-commerce store, or blogging website SEO is highly essential for all.

SEO helps you get found, helps you build a better relationship with your customers, and drives more traffic to your site which eventually leads to high sales & conversions.

  • Supports email account

Unifying your brand and communicating with your customers is highly important when we talk about marketing or business. With Webnode, you can easily create up to 100 mailboxes.

How To Create a Website Using Webnode (Step-By-Step Process)

Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Go to https://www.webnode.com/

On the left, you’ll see a tab “Get Started for Free”

Click on that to fill up the required information and get started for free.

Once you finish setting up your account you’ll see a window (Just like mentioned below)

Click on “Edit my site”

Edit My Site

Step 2: 

You’ll be redirected to the template page and will be asked to choose a template

Choose a template that best suits your business

Choose Your Templates

You can view the templates and decide on your site.

See Your Templates

Step 3:

Once you choose the template, you’ll be redirected to the template page where you can edit the template.

You can change images, Upload content, Change alignments, etc

Veterinary Clinic

Step 4:

If you click on “Settings” located at the right, you can even add more pages, control page settings, manage SEO settings, etc.

 Go To Settings

Step 5:

Publish the page

Once you finish uploading all the required information, finishing up the setup you can publish the page.

Publish The Page

Why Do We Recommend Webnode?

We recommend Webnode due to several factors such as Affordability and ease of use.

Most people who would choose to create their site by themselves are most probably short on budget and cannot really afford to spend $$$ on professionals to build a website for them.

The packages that Webnode offers are quite affordable.

The User Interface of the Website Builder makes it super easy to use, you don’t need to have any prior coding or technical knowledge.

It supports multiple languages which makes it stand out. You can also create a multilingual website with Webnode, another website that the support talks to you in your desired language.

The fact that Webnode supports Ecommerce stores adds more advantages.

The most important factor for any business is SEO, it is highly important to rank on search engines irrespective of your business size, it helps your business grow.

It is a super easy and hassle-free tool to build your website.

Pros & Cons of Webnode


  • Supports 20 Languages
  • Allows you to create a multilingual website
  • Has Backup & Restore Feature
  • Supports E-Commerce Stores
  • Ready to use templates
  • Supports SEO management


  • Limited Features for E-Commerce Stores
  • Does not support ‘Drag & Drop’
  • Does not support Auto-Update
  • Does not support Pre-Booking tools

Webnode Pricing | How Much Does Webnode Cost?

Webnode Review - Pricing Plan

Webnode has a free plan.

With Webnode, you can create your site for free, but obviously, there are a lot of limitations.

Let’s start with knowing the specifications which Webnode offers with its free plan;

  • 100 MB Storage
  • 1 GB Bandwidth

One of the drawbacks of the free plan is, that you cannot connect your own domain.

With a free plan, your website will somewhat look like this, [sitename].webnode.com

Another drawback of a free Webnode account is, that you cannot even gain SEO benefits and it will make your site look unprofessional.

To connect your domain and make your site look professional you need to upgrade to the premium plan.

Let’s get to know the paid/ the premium plans Webnode has to offer you & its pricing.

So basically Webnode has 4 premium plans as follows:

  • Limited: $3.95/ Month
  • Mini: $5.95/ Month
  • Standard: $11.95/ Month
  • Profi: 19.95/ Month

Let’s understand what each plan has to offer, specifications, features, and limitations it will help you understand which plan is the right plan for you.

  • Limited: $3.95/ Month

Limited is the cheapest plan Webnode has to offer you. It comes with several limitations and some perks.

Let’s know the perks first, it offers you 100 MB storage, 5 MB Bandwidth amount, it offers you, a form builder, up to 5 forms& only the last 30 days of website statistics.

Limitations with this plan are, that you don’t get a free domain name although you can integrate from the third party, you don’t get an email account, background video, or online store, and you cannot integrate Google Adsense, Google Analytics integration.

Also, you don’t get membership registration, backup & or recovery option and with this plan, you can run the website only in one language.

  • Mini: $5.95/ Month

Mini costs you a bit higher than Limited and with some more perks than Limited.

With Mini, you get a domain name for 1 year, 500 MB Storage, 3GB bandwidth, form builder, premium support, website statistics, 1 email account, and background video.

Limitations with this plan are, that you don’t get the online store you cannot integrate Google Adsense, or Google Analytics integration.

Just like Limited, you don’t get membership registration, backup & or recovery option, also only one language is supported. The multi-Lingual website isn’t supported in this plan.

  • Standard: $11.95/ Month

Standard has almost a double price of Mini and of course, it has more features to offer.

With the Standard plan, you get a free domain for one year, storage of 2 GB, and bandwidth amount of 10 GB.

With a standard plan you also get premium support, form builder, website statistics, email accounts, background video, and an online store, you also don’t get any Webnode Ads, Google Analytics integration, Google Adsense integration, etc.

Also, you get membership registration for 100 members, support 2 languages, and support up to 5 backups.

  • Profi: 19.95/ Month

And finally, here’s the ultimate package which Webnode has to offer, Profi. Profi costs you 19.95/ Month.

With Profi you get a domain for 1 year for free, storage of 5 GB, Unlimited bandwidth amount, premium support, form builder, website statistics, email accounts up to 100, background video, online store, you stop getting Webnode Ads, Google Analytics integration, Google Adsense integration, etc.

The most exciting part about the Profi package is, You get access to multiple languages (Unlimited), an unlimited membership registration, and unlimited data backup and recovery.

Best Alternatives to Webnode

Although, Webnode is an amazing website builder it does have lots of limitations even with the paid versions.

Especially when you will create an eCommerce store using Webnode there will be a whole bunch of missing features that are actually important for an eCommerce store’s success.

It is always good to know an alternative and while my research I came across this another amazing Website builder which offers some more specifications and features than Webnode.

The possibly best alternative I have come across for Webnode is Wix (https://www.wix.com/) It is a much similar website builder to Webnode but still much different.

Wix has more features to offer for E-Commerce stores like it allows you to track the entire order process, you don’t need any third-party tool to track with Wix.

It also helps you generate coupons, offers, free shipping, etc for your eCommerce stores.

Wix supports drag & drop which makes it super convenient to use. When we talk about pricing for both, Wix’s price is higher than Webbnode but is completely worth it.

You can operate and manage your site by using your phone through the App.

Webnode Review & Testimonials

Webnode Customer Reviews

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Conclusion: Webnode Review 2024

Needless to say, Webnode is one of the best website builders I have come across.

The best part is an improvement, the templates have changed and look much more appealing than the templates which were available in the previous versions.

It supports 20 languages, you can create your website in any of those languages and also create a multi-lingual website (Supporting more than one language of your choice).

It has a backup & restores option available. In case, you lose your important data Webnode has got your back.

There is an area of improvement, blogs can be improved, and templates can be and should be improved, I saw a few templates and realized the way their templates are structured can badly impact SEO.

If you’re aware of SEO, headline structure plays a crucial role in ranking. I found heading structures quite odd which will make it difficult for you to rank your blog or website.

I feel the storage and bandwidth limit are quite limiting. Also, if you continue with these plans it’ll continue to display the ad banner of Webnode on your site. You can get good storage, bandwidth, and other benefits only with Standard and Profit plans.

Hopefully, This Webnode Review will help in clearing all the doubts and will help in deciding the right website builder for you. Happy Blogging

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