Wayne Gretzky Masterclass Review 2024: Get To Know The Athletes Mindset!

Wayne Gretzky Masterclass Review

Overall Verdict

If you're looking for an inspiring and educational way to develop your hockey abilities, then look no further than taking this Masterclass! You won't regret it.

Out of 10


  • Accompanying footage from Gretzky’s games helps bring the stories to life
  • Lesson content is easy to digest and never overwhelming
  • Exclusive insight from Wayne Gretzky
  • Gretzky is an engaging speaker with a clear passion for sports


  • Light on technical content – majority of content is given to Gretzky’s stories
  • Some information is very specific to ice hockey – less useful for athletes not competing in a team setting
  • Strong focus on fundamentals – more appropriate for beginners


Price: $ 15

I recently took the Wayne Gretzky Masterclass, and it was a truly amazing experience. I learned so much from one of hockey’s greatest players, and it has helped me to improve my skills both on and off the ice.

From his tips for becoming a better player to his advice about goal setting, this masterclass was full of valuable insights that I can use in my own life and career. 

Let us understand a little more about this Masterclass by reading this Wayne Gretzky Masterclass Review. 

Throughout the sessions, Wayne shared many stories which provided great context for why he is such a successful person today.

He also gave us plenty of unique drills which challenged us as players, making sure we stayed focused on our goals throughout each session.

Wayne Gretzky Masterclass Review

Additionally, he provided helpful feedback when giving out tasks – helping us to stay motivated and driven in our learning.

One of the most important takeaways from this masterclass was Wayne’s emphasis on being a team player, both in and out of the rink. He inspired us to think about how we can better support others in order to achieve success as a collective unit.

This was an invaluable lesson for me personally, as it demonstrated how working together is key to achieving great results. 

A Little About Wayne Gretzky

One of the most well-known figures in ice hockey is Wayne “the great one” Gretzky, and for a good reason. He is undoubtedly the finest player to have ever played it.

Gretzky began his playing career with the Indianapolis Racers before being moved to the Edmonton Oilers in 1979, where he oversaw the team’s four Stanley Cup victories.

Gretzky was once again moved in 1988, this time to the Los Angeles Kings. The Stanley Cup finals were reached for the first time by a previously failed team in an instant.

Wayne Gretzky

During his tenure in California, Gretzky is also credited with helping to make ice hockey more well-known there. He still supports the sport today.

He presently oversees the Gretzky Hockey School, which encourages young people to play hockey in the US and Canada.

Gretzky has consistently shown throughout his career that he is the greatest. Legendary athletes like Gordie Howe, media like Forbes and Sports Illustrated, and even the NHL itself have praised him!

Wayne Gretzky is the person who most understands the value of a diligent work ethic.

Key Learnings From Wayne Gretzky’s Masterclass

The Key Is Consistency Wayne is nothing if not a creature of habit; consistency in everything was a key component of his championship attitude. From the time I was a child until the day I retired, I truly didn’t vary my routine, he claims.

“Putting on my left shin pad first, followed by my left skate, and then my right skate and right shin pad.” Wayne’s life also included regularity in another area, right? meals before the game.

According to Wayne, he often had four hot dogs, onions, and mustard before playing, along with a Diet Coke. Oh, to have a professional athlete’s metabolism.

1999: Wayne ends his career as a professional hockey player, and the NHL retires his No. 99 sweater for the whole league. Instead of waiting the customary three years, he is inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame right away.

Wayne was one of just eight players in NHL history to have more than 5,000 shots on goal at the conclusion of their careers. Wayne had held more than 60 individual NHL records by the time he retired from professional hockey in 1999.

Although many of them were established years before his retirement, he never took his success for granted.

Wayne Gretzky Masterclass Review

His experience with the Edmonton Oilers in the early 1980s taught him this lesson; they were a youth club with a run-and-gun approach and a relentless chase of win.

Wayne claims, “We never dreamed of becoming hockey players in the Hockey Hall of Fame.” “God helps us; if we don’t work hard today, we won’t be in the National Hockey League next year,” we said to one another.

Wayne’s telephone technician father, Walter, was the one who first noticed his son’s love of hockey. Wayne’s excitement was fostered by the older Gretzky, who was also a former junior hockey player, by constructing a rink in the backyard.

He instructed Wayne in the fundamentals of the sport, put him through unconventional workouts, and, most importantly, shared early knowledge to guarantee long-term success.

Walter thought that all athletes, from the pros to those who gave up after elementary school, could learn valuable life lessons through sports, such as the importance of collaboration, healthy competition, and pressure-relieving techniques.

Learn about the struggles they endured to reach their goals. You don’t become excellent simply because you believe you are good; you become good because you are dedicated to improving every single day. It just doesn’t happen overnight.

Why Do I Recommend Wayne Gretzky Masterclass

Below I have mentioned the reasons why I recommend Wayne Gretzky Masterclass:

1. High-quality production and memorable footage:

This course meets the high production standards that MasterClass has established for the online learning industry. The course has a polished appearance thanks to the excellent lighting, camerawork, and music.

Numerous anecdotes from Gretzky are brought to life in part due to the choice of film used throughout.

It features home recordings from Gretzky’s youth that are guaranteed to bring back memories for anybody who still uses VHS cassettes, in addition to game footage from several of his most well-known contests.

2. A unique insight into the man himself:

It seems that the main goal of this course, beyond “teaching the athlete’s attitude,” is to offer Gretzky a platform to freely discuss his ascent to stardom and provide insight into his challenges and accomplishments.

This makes the course unparalleled in its field. Gretzky has a lot of creative leeway with the MasterClass format, and the end product is a collection of compelling stories that you can tell he’s passionate about telling.

The MasterClass spends time on Wayne Gretzky’s relationships with his father, his friendship with Gordie Howe, and his love of sports outside of hockey, especially his interest in baseball, rather than merely concentrating on the major events in his career.

Spending time on these topics offers a special glimpse into Wayne Gretzky’s personality and greatly aids the listener’s ability to relate to the speaker.

Wayne Course lessons

3. An engaging and passionate speaker:

As I’ve previously said, Gretzky is an excellent speaker who does an excellent job of making his tales interesting and captivating.

The whole course has a casual, conversational tone, but when Gretzky discusses the lessons to be drawn from his experiences, it sometimes becomes more serious in a “father teaches son” type of manner.

Even while the course’s conversational format may turn off some viewers—especially those who were expecting a more academic or athletic psychology-type course—it serves the course’s purpose.

The way Gretzky delivers his lines makes it seem more like he is speaking to you directly rather than reading from a script.

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Conclusion: Wayne Gretzky Masterclass Review 2024

Overall, I would highly recommend this masterclass to any aspiring hockey players looking to improve their skills or gain insight from one of the greatest sports figures of all time.

The lessons learned will stay with me forever and have helped shape my outlook on sport and life itself – for that I am really grateful.

If you are looking for an opportunity to develop as a player or simply want to learn from one of the best, this is definitely the masterclass for you. 

In conclusion, I am truly thankful that I had the chance to take Wayne Gretzky’s Masterclass. It was an amazing learning experience that has equipped me with valuable skills and knowledge which will stay with me forever.

If you’re looking for an inspiring and educational way to develop your hockey abilities, then look no further than taking this Masterclass! You won’t regret it.

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