VPS Vs Dedicated Vs Cloud Hosting: Which Is Better In 2024?

With the changing times, the ways to do business and to be in business have evolved greatly. Businesses have started moving online. No matter which industry you hail from, you need to get your business connected to its customers through the medium of internet.

For business to be online means having a website, which brings in the role of “hosting services.”

Hosting links your website to the internet. You will come across three major hosting models:

They differ in features like speed, performance, technical know-how, reliability and the amount of resources which are available like storage space and many other factors. Through this article, we will have a quick comparison between these hosting services so that you would know which is, your “perfect hosting.” Overview of VPS Vs Dedicated Vs Cloud Hosting. Which option is best for my business or for my customer?  Here is detail explanation of each hosting solution.

VPS Vs Dedicated Vs Cloud Hosting

VPS vs Dedicated Vs Cloud hosting

Virtual private server hosting:

Virtual private server or VPS hosting is based on the concept of “virtualization.” VPS splits a physical server and divides its resources between multiple instances which are completely isolated.As a user, you get complete control over your resources, like RAM, bandwidth, disk space and CPU. Thus, you get a dedicated environment backed with virtualization technique. It is a single server and multiple containers are hosted in it. Check out this Siteground hosting review  which can give you detail analysis of this top hosting provider.


  • Private space.
  • Ability to install applications.
  • Less costly than dedicated server.
  • Prevents unauthorized access due to separation of file systems. (Resource isolation)


  • Less scalable as the physical server is shared.
  • One point of failure.
  • Requires technical expertise.
  • You don’t own the complete server.

Dedicated server hosting:

As the name suggests, it is your server dedicatedly, solely for your business. You can have your own physical server without sharing it with anyone. The resources are reserved only for your network needs. Such dedication ensures that your application’s performance is not hindered by other servers present over a network like that in shared hosting.

We do a lot of reviews for VPS hosting services, as we like to test out the popular and new services to see which one will suit you the best. One of such services is VirMach, we recently reviewed them on Bloggersideas and really liked it. You might wanna give it a look.


  • High performance.
  • Reserved resources.
  • Complete control.
  • High security.


  • Too expensive.
  • High technicalities.
  • Single point of failure.

Cloud server hosting:

Cloud server in simple terms would mean virtual servers running in a cloud computing environment. It also provides all the benefits of a VPS but here, the resources are used on demand basis. Though both VPS and cloud are built on the virtualization technique, cloud is “huge” with many additional benefits.

Cloud gives you the flexibility to choose whichever platform you want. Be it readily accessible applications with SaaS deployment model, testing and development on PaaS model or renting hardware through IaaS model, cloud meets every business need. Also read this guide on Cloud Storage goodcloudstorage.net


  • Scalable and flexible.
  • Clone, deploy and remove servers instantly.
  • Pay-per-use brings cost efficiency.
  • Data backup.


  • Security concerns.
  • Consistent internet connection.
  • Limited control.
  • Latency issues.

Comparison – VPS vs Dedicated vs. Cloud hosting:

By drawing a comparison between these servers, we will guide you towards a hosting service that will meet your business needs. Let’s have a look at the key points of comparison:

  1. Performance of the device
  • Dedicated server is more performance oriented than the VPS. It provides complete control over the server, unlike virtual private server as it does not divide the server resources.
  • Cloud offers maximum performance due to its features like instant scalability and anywhere accessibility.


  1. Cost efficiency
  • VPS is more cost efficient than dedicated server.It is because the physical server is divided among various other compartments. Hence, the cost of a single VPS is considerably reduced.
  • Cloud computing offers maximum cost efficiency as it works on “on-demand basis” and “pay-as-you-go” model. You pay only for what you use.


  1. Security
  • Dedicated servers offer high level of security. The major reason behind companies using dedicated server hosting is due to the fact that it provides them data security and privacy, better than what’s there in virtual private servers.
  • Cloud servers’ security concerns are debatable, but it is not something impossible for a cloud to achieve. With its private cloud model, you get high level security.


  1. Recovery options
  • Data recovery and backup have to be managed by the end users in dedicated and VPS hosting.
  • In cloud, you can create multiple backups for your file, and rest worry free.


  1. Scalability
  • During high traffic, your site demands more resources, like space and bandwidth and fail over capabilities. Dedicated servers come with limited resources.
  • However, in Cloud, resources are available on demand. For ex. if your website experiences high traffic during on-seasons, you can easily scale up in cloud and remove unutilized resources during off-seasons.
  1. Suitability
  • With VPS’s cost effectiveness and preconfigured servers, it is best suited for websites with a predictable traffic.
  • Dedicated servers by offering security and physical isolation, are best suited for high performance oriented applications.
  • Cloud, with its scalability and on-demand availability of resources is fit for “almost everything”.

The factors which we mentioned are the major points of comparison between the three servers. Do have a look on our below checklist, for a quick comparison:

Features VPS Dedicated Cloud Hosting
Remote access Yes Yes Yes
Root access Yes Yes Yes
Flexible Resource allocation No No Yes
Global CDN No No Yes
Control over hardware components No Yes No
Control over software components Yes Yes Yes


So which is the perfect hosting? VPS or Dedicated or Cloud Hosting

Your perfect hosting is the one which not only matches your business requirements, but gives new heights to your business. It completely depends upon your choice. But before you choose your hosting platform, do remember the lines from Larry Page, CEO of Google Inc.: “Always deliver more than expected.”

So select a web hosting that works beyond your expectations, and thus helps you deliver quality to your customers.

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