UpCloud vs Cloudways 2024: Which One Should You Choose? (Our Pick)

Storage issues are a BIG problem that everyone has to face these days. Whatever device it may be with however storage capacity it has, but they definitely come a time when storage is beyond the capacity, whatever brand’s device it may be. 

Cloud storage comes as a savior at this time and it can help one in lots of ways. It’s a brilliant tool that can help resolve this problem of many people. These people are tired of their hanging and lagging device. So here we are going to do a comparison of Upcloud vs Cloudways. This UpCloud vs Cloudways comparison will help you out to find out which among these to provide the best cloud services.

In order to make you guys understand what cloud storage is and what is the main concept behind it, this UpCloud vs Cloudways comparison is really important. Let us discuss it in a bit explained way. 

UpCloud VS Cloudways

What Actually is Cloud Storage? 

So cloud storage basically is a model actually based on cloud computing. Its major work is to store our additional data on the internet. This is accomplished with the help of different cloud computing providers, and their main work is to manage and operate the data storage as a service. They deliver their services when people demand it and they provide it right when they demand at minimal costs. All this helps to eliminate your buying and storing data services and it’s storage

Cloud storage comes with a benefit that it provides you with agility, a global scale, and durability. it can be accessed at any place and at any time that too from whatever device they want to. 

The cloud storage market works by buying the cloud storage from a third person who is a vendor and this person owns and operates various data storage capacities and delivers it to you on the basis of the pricing model that you choose.

The vendors of cloud storage manage capacity, durability, and security of one’s cloud storage account in such a way that it is accessible to you at whatever place you are at and in whatever device you are using. Some of the service providers also provide complementary services like managing, storing, collecting, and analyzing data on a large scale. 

Some benefits that cloud storage is known for are as follows.

  • Affordable because the customer has to pay for the storage it is using 
  • Utility billing as the billing is based on the capacity that the customers are using
  • Global availability as it can be accessed at whatever place you go
  • Cloud storage is really easy to use and is a child’s play 
  • It makes sure that your data remains safe and secured

The Sidekick Of Cloud Storage – Web Hosting

Another domain that is directly connected or we can say that a part of a cloud server/storage is a web hosting provider. Let us see what actually is a web hosting provider. We see a variety of different websites on the Internet. But how do these websites come over the internet? 

Web hosting provider helps to deliver the website over the Internet. It can be used by anyone be it an industry, individual, or company to post their website or web page on the internet. It provides one with various technologies, features, and tools that are needed to post one’s website on the Internet and to make it visible to the whole public. These websites are not stored on a regular computer but are actually stored in a server. 

In order to access your website, you just have to do a small thing and that is to enter the link of your website on their browser’s search box and it will connect their browser to your server and then will take them directly to your website. So this is how web hosting providers actually work. 

Some obvious features that one can expect from any web hosting provider are email accounts, website building tools, websites, databases, and FTP file uploads. 

These providers have an important job of hosting which can be done in different ways. Shared hosting and regular trading hosting are some to name. But nowadays people are more willing to launch WordPress sites which are easy to make and for these kinda websites word press hosting will be the best for you.

UpCloud and Cloudways are two such providers that have proved their ability in the market. They literally are the kings of their domain right. We will be discussing the differences, pros, and cons of these two web hosting providers and thus will help you decide which one will be the best and the most suitable for you guys. So let’s get started!! 

UpCloud VS Cloudways 2024: The Better Cloud Storage Service – Overview

UpCloud: Overview

Upcloud VS Cloudways : UpCloud - Overview

UpCloud is a cloud storage management company formed by some people with likely mind thinking. They wanted to come out with something that was out of the world and that was something exemplary, so they came up with UpCloud. UpCloud was formed in the year 2011 by its founder antti viloponen . It has been in function for seven years and it provides excellent solutions and suggestions to businesses and individuals who want to customize and personalize their business. The services that one can obtain from UpCloud are cloud servers,  software-defined networking, and block storage as well. Its headquarters can be found in North America, Asia, and Europe and one can see it’s servers in all of the six countries. 

Cloudways Overview

Upcloud VS Cloudways - Cloudways Overview

Cloudways was launched in 2009. Its main headquarters is situated on the island of Malta, Mediterranean. Other than that it has its offices in Spain and Dubai as well. They are known to deliver a fast, reliable, and hassle-free word press cloud hosting and that too at a pocket-friendly price. The users of Cloudways are fully satisfied with their services. It not only helps to launch your website but also to manage it throughout the time it’s working. Other than that they offer you an expert panel that has various professional experts that help guide you through the business, give you the best if suggestions, and overall help you take your business to the peak.

UpCloud VS Cloudways: Key Features


Upcloud VS Cloudways - UpCloud-Features

1) Metadata Service

The metadata service provided by upCloud helps one to take out answers to their queries with the help of the server and about the server itself. It is a really effective feature that helps answer all the troubles and that the consumer is facing. The data provided by the servers is also at times used as the main basis for providing automatic configuration about the servers after the deployment of the servers is completed. 

2) Custom Server Images

The custom server image is another feature provided by upCloud. These custom images help to make new servers easily as it allows making brand new servers with the old configuration itself. It can also be used if we want to mirror a new server with the one that we already have without any hassles and problems. The custom image also can be used to add on the features and settings that we have already used In a new server.

3) Synchronization and Time Zones 

Time zone may be a small thing but can really play an important role in setting up servers in different countries. If we want our servers to function correctly in whatever country it may be, then a  set and checked time zone is a must-have. It also helps consumers to stay reliable on the platform. 

4) Reinstalling Servers with Same IP Address

It provides one with the option of reinstalling the server on a device while keeping our IP address of the host the same as before. It makes it really easy to configure, move, and remove the storage devices that have all the information and the location of the installed servers.

5) Initialization Scripts

This is a great feature launched by UpCloud that helps minimize time consumption and effort as well. the things that would otherwise require physical entering of information and following certain steps, with the help of initialization scripts one can leave this task on the servers itself which would automatically fill in the information that otherwise you yourself would have to perform over and over again. 

6) SSH Keys 

In order to provide proper privacy and security, UpCloud provides a strong, about impossible to break code that provides authentication, to the automated users. This security process is a two-step process, step one being the public key, and step two being the private key. 

7) Other Features

Other than the features above, UpCloud provides one with a range of different features like storage limits, bandwidth allowance,  email hosting, control panel integration, CMS support, E-commerce integration, file management, and various security tools as well. 


Upcloud VS Cloudways - Cloudways Review- Sign Up Now

1) SSD Based Hosting 

Cloudways provides it’s consumers SSD based hosting. SSD based hosting helps make your platform three times better than usual. This helps increase performance and also reduces the loading speed.

2) PHP7 Servers

This platform has PHP7 servers installed. Installing these servers has proved to be really helpful and it has increased the speed and performance of these platforms a lot.

3) WordPress Cache Plugin

These platforms have their very own WordPress platform called breeze and they provide it for free to its users. This WordPress is designed in such a way that it provides it’s best possible support to the platform. This breeze platform comes pre-installed in Cloudways. 

4) Firewalls

Cloudways has these powerful firewalls installed in it. These firewalls act as and help protect their platform from various viruses, malicious traffic, and more. It also helps to keep unwanted intruders out of the platform.

5) SSL Installation

The platform provides free installation of SSL. And this installation is just one click that is to say that it saves your precious time and effort as well. This built-in SSL increases the security of the website and also provides a certificate proving it. This helps fulfill the HTTPS requirement absolutely free of cost.

6) Vertical Scaling

The vertical scaling platform is a great feature. This feature helps you to secure all your pre-done changes. Whenever you do any customizations in your platform then it makes sure that your previous changes do not get affected. This seamless scaling helps to scale the resources without affecting your customization.

7) Other Features

Other than the features provided above, it provides many additional features as well. Some of these features namely are advanced cache, Cloudways CDN, auto-healing cloud servers, reddis support, IP whitelisting, two-factor authentication, security patching, active community, automated backups, troubleshooting, managed migrations,  block storage, supported by Myself and Maria DB,  global availability and many many more. 


Both of these cloud management platforms provide a variety of creative and innovative features. These features help to make the work easier and to decrease the workload to a great extent. 

But if we have to choose one from both then we will definitely go with Cloudways, as other than the features UpCloud offers it offers other additional features as well. All these features are really creative And helpful as well. And also all of them are really easy to use and understand. So the obvious winner of the battle of features Is UpCloud. 

UpCloud VS Cloudways: Speed and Performance


Upcloud VS Cloudways - Signup With Cloudways

Speed and performance are the two main things that actually create the difference and allure the customer into taking one thing over the other. In this fast era, everyone requires speed, and that too not just a usual one but actual speed.  Consumers really want rapid access and quick loading of the page. Cloudways boasts to provide one of the fastest speeds in the whole industry. And it can load a site within the time period of 500 milliseconds. In order to make this happen, they use high tech data centers with cutting edge technology. 


UpCloud also is no less than Cloudways. Its time period is also around 500 milliseconds. In order to make this happen, they use high tech data centers with cutting edge technology. It is not just a fast provider but also a highly reliable one which one can trust on. 


Both the providers are equally good in their performance and speed and provide us with a speed that is no less than a bullet train. Trust me on it, a speed of 500 milliseconds is not a small thing. Comparing and getting a winner out of both of them is a difficult task. So both of them will be the winner and it’s a tie between them. 

User Satisfaction


 A proper study of a product or a website or whatever it maybe is very important before using it.and for this depending on just expert’s reviews is not at all enough. But rather we should go for the review of each and every person who uses it in order to get a proper look at what that thing actually is, its benefits and disadvantages. The review that we get is always mixed. After studying the users’ reviews and their feelings on different platforms we got to know that Cloudways are getting around 65 good comments and 35 bad or average comments out of a total of 100. Also, it offers a 24 *7 customer care service and provides it from mail, calls, live training, and tickets as well. The response time is also quite rapid and the consumers are satisfied with their service. 

This information can help you make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret later. The engagement of people in this plugin platform is comparatively less.


A proper study of a product or a website or whatever it maybe is very important before using it.and for this depending on just expert’s reviews is not at all enough. But rather we should go for the review of each and every person who uses it in order to get a proper look at what that thing actually is, its benefits and disadvantages. The review that we get is always mixed. After studying the user’s reviews and their feelings on different platforms we got to know that UpCloud Is getting around 85 good comments and 15 bad or average comments out of a total of 100. Also in order to solve customer’s queries, they have posted various articles, videos and also offer live training for their consumers. Other than the internal support, they also offer online support to their consumers. 

This information can help you make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret later. 


When we look at the customer service support of both UpCloud and Cloudways, then both of them provide brilliant customer service and that too on all possible services like call, live training, messages, tickets, and more. Also, the response timings of them are nothing less than excellent. Thus, looking at both of them one can not decide which one is better and therefore there is a tie between both of them on grounds of customer service and support. 

Other Information


1) Tools integrated

Some of the tools integrated with UPCLOUD are Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, vagrant, Terraform, Rancher, and more. 

2) Used by 

UpCloud is mostly used by all the domains. But the major sector of society using it is freelancers, large enterprises, medium businesses, and small businesses as well. 

3) Support offered 

UpCloud offers support to its consumers 24*7 and they are available for helping whenever the consumer wants them to. 

4) Alternatives

Some of the popular alternatives of UpCloud are V2 cloud, spot ocean, Splunk Cloud, Amazon Web Services,  eG enterprises, and many more. 


Upcloud VS Cloudways - Cloudways Migration Tool

1) Tools integrated 

Some tools integrated by Cloudways are the digital ocean, vagrant, terraform, rancher,  packer, and many more. 

2) Used by 

Cloudways users are similar to UpCloud. It is mostly used by all the domains. But the major sector of society using it is freelancers, large enterprises, medium businesses, and small businesses as well. 

3) Support offered 

Cloudways offers support to its consumer during its office hours. online helping is available as well. 

4) Alternatives

Some of the popular alternatives of Cloudways web hosting is the pantheon, just host, host gator, and site ground. 

Pricing Battle


UpCloud offers consumers with various pricing options to choose from. They even offer a free trial. After going through the free trial the users can then choose from various subscription packages available. They are –

The first plan we have costs 5$ per month and it provides one with services including 1 GB memory, 1 CPU Core,  25 GB Max OPS, and 1 TB of the file transfer. 

The next plan we have costs 10$ per month and it provides one with services including 2 GB memory, 1 CPU Core,  50 GB Max OPS, and 2 TB of the file transfer. 

The next plan we have costs 20$ per month and it provides one with services including 4GB memory, 2 CPU Core,  80 GB Max OPS, and 4 TB of the file transfer. 

The last plan we have costs 40$ per month and it provides one with services including 8GB memory, 4 CPU Core,  160 GB Max OPS, and 5 TB of the file transfer. 


Cloudways vs WPMU DEV : Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways offers its consumers with a lot of different pricing plans to choose from. They are 

The first pricing plan costs around 10$ /month or 0.0139$/hour. It includes DO hosting charges and comes with 1 GB ram, 1 core processor, 25 GB of storage, and 1 TB of bandwidth. 

The second pricing plan costs around 22$ /month or 0.0306$/hour. It includes DO hosting charges and comes with 2 GB ram, 1 core processor, 50 GB of storage, and 2 TB of bandwidth. 

The third pricing plan costs around 42$ /month or 0.0583$/hour. It includes DO hosting charges and comes with 4 GB ram, 2 core processor, 80 GB of storage, and 4 TB of bandwidth. 

The last pricing plan costs around 80$ /month or 0.1111$/hour. It includes DO hosting charges and comes with 8 GB ram, 4 core processor, 160 GB of storage, and 5 TB of bandwidth.


Even though both of them offer a wide range of pricing plans and all of these are definitely a steal. These pricing plans are really affordable according to the services they provide. But if we compare the pricing plans of both of them it will be really difficult to choose one from among them. But keeping in view the wide variety of plans in Mind then UPCLOUD may be a winner.

This is first because of the availability of free trial and secondly because of its affordable plans. Even though Cloudway offers various plans with a wide variety of servers to choose from, no one can still beat the amount of server power one gets if it goes directly through the cloud. And this server power is really very incredible. 

Thus the winner in the battle of pricing plans is UpCloud. 

Pros and Cons

UpCloud Pros

  • detailed tutorials and in-depth documentation
  •  rapid response time of customer queries 
  •  low price and flexibility in plan options
  •  great performance-enhancing features 
  •  easy to understand

Cloudways Pros

  •  Free trial
  •  fantastic feature set with the hosting plan. 
  •  brilliant customer service. 
  •  infrastructure optimized to boost speed, performance, and optimization. 
  •   Inviting dashboard

UpCloud Cons

  •  can not be used easily by the beginners 
  •  at times the features may be a bit complicated 
  •  does not support shared hosting 

Cloudways Cons

  • Does not provide domain name registration. 
  • does not support Cpanel 
  • does not support email hosting 
  • sometimes it’s really hard to understand. 

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Upcloud vs Cloudways - Upcloud Customer Review

Cloudways Customer Reviews

UpCloud vs Cloudways - Cloudways Customer Review

FAQs on UpCloud vs Cloudways

What Services will One Get if he Goes for the free trial of UpCloud ?

If one wants to opt for the free trial service of UpCloud then you can get the following things. Free access to the popular 5$ plan. Opportunity to use the Linux cloud server with 1 GB of storage memory, 1 CPU, 25 GB of storage, and 1 TB of file transfer as well. Ain't it amazing? All of this for free and you also get to experience what working at UpCloud feels like. You will be getting only one cloud server to use at one time, but you will have the opportunity to deploy, delete, and redeploy that too for as many times as you want. One drawback of using the free version of UpCloud is that the network speeds and performance may vary on time. Also, you will be provided with limited network ports only.

Can anyone use their own windows license while using UpCloud ?

As UpCloud is a licensed partner of Microsoft, thus using a windows license will not be that much of a trouble. They even offer some products that run and function according to the latest Windows servers. But the only thing you gotta do is that the Microsoft Windows license that you have to get shall be purchased from the UpCloud people itself and no other dealer. In order to use your own Microsoft license, you need to sign an agreement called the Microsoft License Mobility Agreement also known as MLMA. By signing this agreement you can easily use your Microsoft license, be it Microsoft SQL Server database software, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server or whatnot.

Does Cloudways platform supports platform like WHM, Cpanel or File Manager ?

Rather than providing all these platforms and pairing with them, CLOUDWAYS preferred having it's very own server. This server not only is a very powerful one… but also is really easy to use. And in order to get the support of a file manager you have to access your web application through SFTP or SSH. Some of the examples of SFTP or SSH are Filezilla, putty, and more.

Conclusion: UpCloud vs Cloudways Comparison 2024

Cloudways and UpCloud both of them are among the best in their domain and it’s difficult to find a competition that can easily beat them, They are unbeatable in their domain. If anyone is asked to select one from them then this task will be a really difficult one. Both of them are super-fast, reliable, and really secure as well. While in some areas Cloudways is beating UpCloud, in others it’s UpCloud which is beating Cloudways. On the one hand, where the cloud way is easy to use and set up, on the other hand, UpCloud is really affordable and has vast features. 

Bit If one studies all this in detail and about each and every point concerning it, then we will definitely get a winner. And this winner is none other than CLOUDWAYS!!! 

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  1. I have been using both for over a year. Cloudways is a little less complicated to spin up a new site but UpCloud implements TLS better with server side certificates. UpCloud needs RunCloud to make it simple, a small extra monthly. Security of sites – UpCloud – Get BitNinja for both server and site security (No plugins = better). Cloudways needs WordFence and does not support BitNinja. Cloudways has a one click CDN. Email – Should not be on the same server because it has speed and security impacts. I use a cheap cPanel to provide for 90+ emails. Simple to implement. Losing cPanel from website hosting speeds up sites as the Laravel style control panel is lighter and simpler.

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