UpCloud Review 2024: Is It the Best Cloud Hosting for Your Business?

UpCloud Review

Overall Verdict

Choose UpCloud for your next hosting service and get the peace of mind knowing that you will be taken care of by the most dedicated team of professionals in the industry. UpCloud is a good choice for startups and small businesses needing reliable and high-performing cloud services with strong support.

Out of 10


  • Free Migration
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Pay As You Go
  • Customizable Features
  • Secured deployment


  • Shared Hosting is not available
  • Not so user friendly for Beginners
  • No option for OS Reinstall or Rebuild


Price: $

As an entrepreneur, or business person, you will always be on the look-out for the best products and services that will help you scale your thriving business to the ultimate level, right?

Are you frustrated with your hosting provider? Tired of waiting for your website to load or of being locked out? Well, that’s probably what got you here, to this UpCloud Review.

You must have come across Upcloud several times already, as it is one of the most popular and best cloud-hosting services, currently in the field. And it is a title well deserved! 

With its active team of developers always striving for the best and the latest advancements, you will definitely get your money’s worth, should you choose to invest here. UpCloud is not just your run-of-the-mill hosting service. No! It is an experience.

From an intricate web of customizable features to an ever-budding camaraderie amongst its patrons and customers, UpCloud is not just a service; it is a community that welcomes all and caters to the tiniest of your needs.

Bottom Line Upfront: 

UpCloud server has been used by thousands of SME businesses around the world. For everything between projects and major IaaS deployments, UpCloud is built to scale your business forward. Instantly add CPUs or storage with a click from your dashboard. UpCloud also connects directly to any of your existing cloud infrastructure. Our flexible hosting is billed by the hour and you will only be billed for the hours you used.

Get the 100% uptime SLA you deserve with the best price vs. performance on the market with UpCloud. Get UpCloud $25 Free Credits

Curious to find out what I mean? Intrigued to find out more about this hosting service that claims to be 2 times faster than its competition?

Then continue reading, unveil the story of what makes UpCloud what it is, and decide whether or not you want to join hands with this renowned platform!

UpCloud Review: Who Uses UpCloud?

2011 was the year when a bunch of people whose thoughts aligned came together to develop a cloud infrastructure company that would stand out amongst its contemporaries. ‘ Defying mediocrity’ was the motto that nudged them to start working on this. 

UpCloud is a cloud service provider that claims to have the fastest cloud servers. They provide infrastructure-as-a-service which is billed on an hourly basis. 

UpCloud is highly efficient and offers an uptime of 100%. Even though it guarantees the fastest service, faster than the SSD- performance, it doesn’t cost one much. With merely $5 per month, UpCloud is affordable. Moreover, it is capable of attaining around 100000 IOPS.

UpCloud uses MaxIOPS technology to store data and offers high-speed performance. One can find it easily. Moreover, its attachments and detachment from cloud servers are extremely simple.

UpCloud Review

UpCloud has been acknowledged twice as the number one service provider among the top 10 European Cloud Hosting Providers by Cloud spectator. 

With a team of industrious experts, it accomplishes all the goals set for a term and boasts of an 89% user satisfaction ratio! What else could possibly nudge a customer to give the nod to UpCloud’s services? 

Uplcoud dashboard

What is Cloud Hosting?

UpCloud Review - What is Cloud Hosting

The term “cloud hosting” is an important concept to understand. The Internet is now widely used by people all over the world for various tasks. This has created a growing need for faster and more secure internet access.

Cloud hosting has emerged as a solution to meet this demand.

Cloud hosting involves a network of virtual servers that store and deliver data as needed. By distributing the load among connected servers, cloud hosting offers high-speed internet access.

It is also cost-effective, as users only pay for the resources they use. Additionally, cloud hosting provides scalability, ensuring that tasks can be efficiently handled even if a server fails.

One of the key benefits of cloud hosting is its security features, which protect data from unauthorized access. Cloud hosting also allows for customization of data based on individual needs.

It is accessible through various service models, including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Overall, cloud hosting has significantly improved internet speed and data security, making it a valuable asset for users in the digital age.

Who does UpCloud cater to?

UpCloud Review - What UpCloud cater to

Are you considering using UpCloud? Do you want to know about UpCloud’s current customer base?

Whether you own a small or medium enterprise or are an entrepreneur looking to scale your business, UpCloud’s existing clientele may be a good match for you.

They have an edge over their competitors by leveraging UpCloud’s services. If you are a CIO or a CTO seeking an affordable yet powerful cloud hosting platform to impress your peers, UpCloud is the perfect choice for you.

UpCloud has a strong portfolio of long-term, high-profile clients, which can be verified by visiting their website or conducting a quick Google search. Even major companies are content with UpCloud’s dedicated and determined approach, so why wouldn’t you be?

Alternatively, if you are a developer with ambitious goals and a preference for the best in the field, UpCloud is ready to welcome you, regardless of your background.

UpCloud – Ease of use

UpCloud Review - Ease Scaling

We have already established that UpCloud is packed with tons of customizable features. But how easy is it to navigate? Can a beginner get a hold of this intricate web of cloud hosting in no time?

The answer may be a little disappointing, but I’ll not sugar-coat it for you. For those experienced in cloud hosting, UpCloud may be a breeze.

Are you not happy with the ease of use of the control panel? Well, you can tweak a few lines of code and install a brand-new control panel interface.

But for those just starting out, getting a grasp on the control panel may not be as easy as it seems! There are many features you can customize, from small details like your server name to more complex details like your server structure.

But don’t be discouraged, dear newbie. Take your time and set up your server. Read through the well-documented articles available on the customer support page. And the customer support team is right there for you 24×7 to guide you through the process.

At first, UpCloud may be a bit tedious and complex to use. However, according to numerous testimonials by many customers like you, the effort to understand the platform is definitely worth it!

There is no wrong answer with UpCloud, and there are many fail-proof features to keep your data secure. Get exploring!

UpCloud Review Key Features

What are the little minions of UpCloud, that earn it it’s world-renowned reputation as one of the best cloud hosting platforms?

What sets UpCloud apart from its competition in the saturated world of cloud hosting? Let me list them down for you.

I use Upcloud for my blog: bytegain.com 

Uplcoud hosting review

1) High-speed performance

UpCloud Review - Key Feature - High Speed Performance

UpCloud uses the high-performing MaxIOPS technology for storage, which enables you to deploy your server in less than 45 seconds! Lightning-fast speeds, right at your fingertips! 

What is so unique about this industry-leading technology? It was developed by UpCloud, in-house, for their invaluable customers. Scale your business to its full potential, and enjoy the benefits of a super-fast server, only with UpCloud! 

2) 100% Uptime

UpCloud guarantees 100% uptime, as it uses  N + 1 redundancy. What does that mean? In simple words, UpCloud ensures that you don’t lose any data, because of faulty hardware. The N + 1 technology is a fail-safe one.   

Upcloud stats

When one component is about to fail, there is one on stand-by that is activated. In fact, UpCloud has so much confidence in this feature, that they even offer a 50x money payback guarantee, if your server lags by more than five minutes

3) Versatile Customizations

Uplocud cloud resize

Worried about high traffic creating a lag in your server’s performance? Leave that worry behind!

With UpCloud’s customizable packages, which let you choose from different configurations of RAM, bandwidth, and storage, you can scale your business easily! 

You can choose from pre-set configurations in the simple pricing plan, or choose your combination in the flexible pricing package. Versatile, efficient, and easy-to-use! 

4) Private Networking

UpCloud Review - Key Feature - Private Networking

Wondering if you can set up a totally private network? You totally can! UpCloud lets you set up a secure private network between their servers, and you won’t sustain any kind of hidden cost deductions. 

UpCloud also has a floating IP feature, which provides you with an IP address to stealthily move between their cloud servers. What’s the advantage? You get to create a stable and secure networking infrastructure.

5) Application Programming Interface

UpCloud Review - Key Feature - API

Now that you’re done customizing your server’s deployable resources, what else can you possibly customize? Yes! Each and every aspect of your server’s infrastructure can be fine-tuned to your needs, from your servers and firewalls to your storage. 

All this can be done, right from the UpCloud control panel! How much freedom and flexibility, could you possibly be offered?

6) Backup and security

Uplcoud Backups

No user wants to leave all their valuable data open to attack from digital criminals, right? Security is a crucial aspect when choosing a hosting service. UpCloud offers regular backups and intricate firewall systems to put your mind at ease!

To prevent unauthorized log-ins, UpCloud has set up a two-step authentication process. If you are part of a large team and want to give them server access, you should give them UpCloud server tags.

If you’re a little sceptical about the firewall system, you can customize it as per your needs! From unauthorized login alerts to data backups, with UpCloud, security is given the utmost priority.

Oh, and something I forgot to mention: the backups can also be done using snapshots so that data can be restored quickly in the unfortunate event of data loss. Innovative solutions, indeed!

7) Server Cloning

Are you hesitant to make changes to your server? Don’t worry, the server cloning feature allows you to create a duplicate server to test your changes without any risk.

With just a click, you can set up a staging environment to review and analyze your modifications. This gives you the freedom to implement your creative ideas without any negative impact.

UpCloud offers a wide range of features and their team of developers is quick to address any missing features. They regularly update their features and security patches.

Additionally, if there’s something they can’t integrate through a third-party, they develop it themselves, such as their in-house MaxIOPS technology for fast deployment.

8) UpCloud Integrations

UpCloud integrates seamlessly with some of the most renowned platforms currently on the market. After all, no one likes it when their digital tools do not get along! This enables customers to reap the benefits of the platforms, in different ways. Here are a few integrated platforms:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon EC2
  • Vultr
  • Terraform
  • Rancher 
  • Vagrant
  • Packer 
  • Linode 
  • Tutum

How to Setup Up the Server With UpCloud Hosting?

After going through that detailed list of features, you may be wondering about the process behind setting up your server. The process is quite easy if you follow these step-by-step instructions. Ready? 

Step 1 – Sign-up

Log-in to your existing UpCloud account, or create a new one, by filling out your details on the UpCloud sign-up page. This is free. Once done, head on to the server section of your screen.

Step 2 – Selection 

Click on the purple-colored button, titled ‘Deploy Server’. An extensive list of configuration options appears before you, on purple and white backgrounds. We shall have a look at the most basic ones, that you shall need immediately. 

Step 3 – Select Server Location

A tip to choosing the optimum location is choosing the one where most of your customer base is located. This will ensure greater speed and plenty of happier customers, for you!

Step 4 – Resources and Pricing

Choose your ideal pricing package, from either from the simple plan or tailor-make one from the flexible pricing option. Here, you can choose the storage, RAM, and bandwidth to suit your specific needs. Get configuring!

Step 5 – Operating System

In this step, choose your preferred operating system. Most of the Operating Softwares are available here, from the popular Windows OS to the lesser-known Debian OS. 

While choosing your OS, you can also keep in mind that if your tech fingers ever tingle, a few lines of code can be tweaked in the SSH, and you can integrate WordPress, or even add a new third-party control panel.

Step 6 – SSH Keys

A bit of a complex step, here, you can choose from some high-tech options and decide your preferred method of sending your root password, through the network servers. This can be through unique SSH keys, a secure password, and many more options.

Step 7 – Server Name

This is the final and the easiest step, where you get to decide a special name for your server. You can even write a brief description, on it! Of course, you can always change it later, should you change your mind, or leave in the default name.

Step 8 – Deploy

Click on the purple-coloured ‘Deploy’ button, and you’re done with the quite elaborate process of setting up your UpCloud-hosted server.

Phew! The process is quite filled with lots of decision-making, isn’t it? A tiny yellow dot next to your server name indicates that the configuration is being processed. Once it turns green, you will receive a password through your mail, and a site notification as well. Your server is now up and ready for use!

Now, grow your website to its full potential without any technical glitches or network lags!

UpCloud: User Interface

Upcloud server management

No default interface is currently available on UpCloud. Notifications and updates need to be checked regularly by logging into your account and running time-consuming checks on any available updates or software patches. 

Those who are familiar with the digital world and have few lines of code up their sleeve can opt for third-party apps, such as Apticron or Cpanel.

They, however, will have to install it themselves, which is where a little bit of tech knowledge definitely comes in handy.

The user interface is one aspect of UpCloud that needs some work on, especially considering that many people without any tech knowledge are slowly starting to get interested in the world of hosting.

Maybe in the future, we will get to see a fresh, new, and renewed UpCloud courtesy of its extremely active and creative developers!

Installing WordPress

Want to create the greatest crossover ever? Want to launch a fast-loading WordPress-powered site on the fastest hosting currently available? You can do so! With some SSH knowledge, you can do so easily and have a world-class web system at your fingertips!

It may take a bit of research, but trust me, it is completely possible on UpCloud! Aim high, and get exploring! The possibilities are endless!

UpCloud Pricing Review

Reliable Infrastructure for Startups and SMEs

Basic Plan: Starting at €470/month

  • Features:
    • Host essential business applications on our reliable Cloud Servers with 100% SLA.
    • Benefit from high performance using our MaxIOPS technology.
    • Access 24/7/365 technical support via email and chat.
  • Example Setup:
    • 5 application servers with 4 CPU cores and 8 GB memory each.
    • 2-node Managed Database cluster with 100GB storage.
    • Weekly backups for Cloud Servers, retained for 7 days.
    • Highly available development and production environment.

Advanced Plan: Starting at €2740/month

  • Features:
    • Tools for managing critical business components.
    • Create custom cloud environments using Terraform and Ansible.
    • Use SDN capabilities for private network creation.
  • Example Setup:
    • 10 production and 5 development servers, each with 6 CPU cores and 16 GB memory.
    • 3-node Managed Database cluster with 500 GB storage and a 100 GB development database.
    • Monthly backups for all servers, stored for up to 30 days.
    • Global infrastructure in Private Cloud.

Premium Plan: Starting at €11000/month

  • Features:
    • Hybrid management of Private and Public Clouds via a unified Control Panel and API.
    • 24/7/365 support with a dedicated contact person.
  • Example Setup:
    • 6 dedicated Private Cloud hosts in Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific.
    • Over 100 Cloud Servers with a total of 360 CPU cores and 2700 GB memory.
    • Private networking between data centers using UpCloud’s global network.

Cloud Servers: Available Plans

General Purpose

  • Balanced resources for most use cases:
    • 1 GB Memory, 1 CPU core, 25 GB MaxIOPS storage: €7/mo (€0.0104/h) globally, €7.5/mo (€0.0112/h) in Helsinki.
    • 2 GB Memory, 1 CPU core, 50 GB MaxIOPS storage: €13/mo (€0.0193/h) globally, €15/mo (€0.0223/h) in Helsinki.
    • 4 GB Memory, 2 CPU cores, 80 GB MaxIOPS storage: €26/mo (€0.0387/h) globally, €30/mo (€0.0446/h) in Helsinki.
    • 8 GB Memory, 4 CPU cores, 160 GB MaxIOPS storage: €52/mo (€0.0774/h) globally, €60/mo (€0.0893/h) in Helsinki.
    • Higher configurations available up to 384 GB Memory and 64 CPU cores.

Additional Services

  • Flexible Plans: Customize and scale resources as needed.
  • Private Cloud: Dedicated infrastructure for exclusive use.
  • Managed Databases: Maintenance-free hosting for MySQL & PostgreSQL, with zero downtime scaling.
  • In-memory Databases: High-performance Redis instances for real-time applications.
  • Managed Kubernetes: Fully serviced container orchestration.
  • Block and Object Storage: Scalable solutions for large data sets.
  • Simple Backups: Various plans for comprehensive data protection.
  • Managed Load Balancer: Improve application resilience and capabilities.

Networking and Security

  • IP Addresses: Floating and additional public/private IP addresses.
  • SDN Private Networks: Customizable networking solutions.
  • Network Transfer: Included in all plans with zero egress cost.

UpCloud Referral Program

Want to save a few quick bucks on your UpCloud subscription?

You can do so in a very simple manner- just share your UpCloud success story with your friends, relatives, and peers! Share the benefits of UpCloud, and give them a unique referral code, through which they can avail a minimum discount of $10 on their first payment.

And what do you get? Every time someone uses your referral code, you are eligible to gain around $50 worth of account credits! Exchange these credits at your next purchase and lessen the burden on your wallet!

There’s something for everyone in UpCloud. 

UpCloud Customer Support

Upcloud support

Worried about the UpCloud interface being a tad-bit tiring to get a grasp on? Don’t worry at all! UpCloud has set up an extensive network of customer support to guide you in its world of cloud hosting.

From all-encompassing tutorials to extensive documentation and FAQs, UpCloud surely has the jackpot of customer support features! If you run into any hurdle, you can contact the UpCloud customer support team, through all the means possible – calls, email, and an online chat-bot.

The UpCloud customer support team is at your disposal, 24×7. And their response time? Less than two minutes! Yes, their claims hold, as proven by various client testimonials. Not only does UpCloud offer remarkable server speeds, but also extends it when it comes to their support!

As a valued customer, you can even contribute to their detailed FAQs and documentation. And what’s in it for you? Account credits! You can exchange these credits for in-store purchases.

UpCloud Partners

UpCloud Review - UpCloud Partners

Best UpCloud Alternatives

Let’s take a look at all the potential competitors of UpCloud in the industry.

1) DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean deals with cloud hosting. It provides great support to business communities of all sizes and also works wonderfully well with individual developers.

By installing applications of DigitalOcean business entities can gauge themselves.  One of the most relevant and striking features is its neat user interface. They have aimed to make cloud hosting less complicated.

With adequate functionality, DigitalOcean has made it certain to not clutter the user interface with unnecessary options and features that would confuse the new users.

The storage ranges from 1 GB to 16TB and can be resized based on your needs. They also offer three droplet plans. Pondering what a droplet is? Droplets are Linux-based virtual machines. Each droplet can be considered as an individual server. 

What makes it stand out is its low cost and uncompromised performance. The basic plan is available just at $5 per month. DigitalOcean takes a step more and remains very enthusiastic in the digital communities.

They address all your queries and hold relevant discussions based on the feedback.  With its one-click applications and simple design DigitalOcean has left no stone unturned in providing the best of services and impressing its customers.

2) Linode

Linode is also a cloud hosting provider. It focuses on giving virtual machines powered by Linux to support a plethora of applications. It is better to know beforehand that new users might not find it friendly.

To be precise, it isn’t beginner-friendly. But there are a lot of benefits which Linode offers which cannot be ignored at any cost.

Linode is extremely affordable. Linode was the first to bring forward a flat pricing model for cloud hosting.

Their easy pricing is emphasized by the phrase most commonly used by them, ” no calculator required”. Their concern towards their customers needs to be acknowledged.

Through different layers of support, they get in touch with their users and pull them out of technical issues. They provide a strong API that aids users in setting up node balancers, managing invoices and storage, installing the Kubernetes cluster, setting up the Linode server, and managing the IP addresses of the network.

Above all, deploying the Linode server is a matter of minutes. This host of opportunities provides a good reason for developers to choose Linode, among others.

3) Vultr

Vultr is a cloud platform known for its advanced features which make the infrastructure deployment extremely simple. It has 17 data centers worldwide promising impressive and reliable performance.

Certain notable features differentiate Vultr from the other similar service providers in the market.


The 17 data centres almost make Vultr ubiquitous. So, establishing a cloud atmosphere near your customers becomes more probable. The design is extremely simple, and a lot of tasks can be accomplished with just one click.

Vultr inherently supports an array of Linux, BSD, and Windows distributions. They don’t eye your pennies only. Hourly billing is the only feature. That means you will pay exactly what the availed services cost.

4) HostWinds

HostWinds offers web hosting services. It is extremely user friendly and fairly affordable. The services are suitable for users of Linux and Windows. The kind of hosting that HostWinds provides is intermediate.

As obvious as it sounds, it is placed between VPS hosting and shared hosting. Using HostWinds you can form a server to store data. Also, you can have specific resources that can maintain the consistency of the speed of your site.

It guarantees very high uptime that makes your website stable. And customers have agreed to these claims. Besides, a guarantee for a 60-day money-back is also conferred. So you have the liberty of completely trying out the features before investing in it.

Hostwinds coupon codes discount codes

Customer support is available 24/7. You can contact them anytime to resolve the issues.

While all these features are convincing enough to choose HostWinds, people think better of it as the data server options are limited, and refund occurs only on certain conditions.

5) Bluehost

Bluehost is a web hosting service provider and is considered to be one of the largest service providers in the industry.

Bluehost offers web hosting as well as a domain name for your website. Certain notable features give it an edge over its competitors.

One of the best benefits is the service provided at a low cost. Web hosting services are made available at just $2.95 per month.

Besides, it is extremely user friendly, and setting it up is a piece of cake for any user. Installment can happen through a single click and you can run your site in a hassle-free manner.

Even if you get stuck, they are always ready to help you out. With 24/7 customer support, they have impressed users with their quick response times. On top of all these, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customers have the autonomy to choose whether they want to continue the service within 30 days of payment. If they don’t want to continue then they’ll get a refund. It’s really interesting to find out that even WordPress recommends Bluehost.

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What facilities does the free-trial entail with UpCloud?

A $5 Linux Simple Plan cloud server with a memory of 1GB, a storage of 25GB, and 1 TB transfer will be made available to you during the free trial. It is to warn you that while you are on your free trial you might witness network glitches as the speed of the network and specific ports are restricted. You can have a maximum of one cloud server but you can install, delete and reinstall, as many times as you want.

How much storage does each UpCloud server provide?

Every UpCloud cloud server has a maximum of 8 storage devices. Each device has a storage capacity of 2 TB, ultimately adding up to give storage of 16TB for every server. However, you have the liberty to add more storage after installment.

What about the referral program?

This is a program to increase your account credits. Share your referral code or link with others and in turn, bonus credits will be added to your UpCloud account. Whenever a user new to UpCloud signs up using your referral code and makes a payment, you will be rewarded credits of worth $50. Besides, the new user also gets bonus credits worth $25.

Pros & Cons Of UpCloud Reviews


  • UpCloud allows its users to host websites with their super-fast servers
  • Used for storage and guaranteeing lightning-fast speeds, this technology was developed in-house, which means that you get a unique feature! 
  • You can customize each and every aspect of your server, from its RAM and storage capacity, to even your firewalls.
  • Their efficient control panel and API make the deployment process faster and easily manageable. Not to forget that you will get a service level agreement that has an availability of 100%.
  • UpCloud keeps your valuable data secure with its customizable firewalls and regular backups, which use snapshot security.
  • With this feature of UpCloud, you can create a staging environment where you can analyze any changes you want to make to your server without any serious repercussions. 
  • Users can configure their private cloud after beginning with the public cloud. A hybrid cloud solution can also be created. Everything is totally affordable and is easy to set up.
  • Their support team is ever ready to help you out. The median of their response time is an overwhelming 1 minute and 55 seconds. You can get in touch with them through email, call, or chat.


  • You don’t get the facility of shared hosting with UpCloud.
  • The trial period offered is only for three days, and it is not all-inclusive. Users have also complained of tech glitches, as the lowest plan of $5 is offered for trial.

UpCloud Reviews & Testimonials Form Users:

Upcloud testimonials

Upcloud discount promo codes

Conclusion: UpCloud Review 

UpCloud is indeed one of the best cloud hosting service providers. It is not only easy to use but also manageable, provides ultra-speed performance, and is available at low cost. These basic features are enough for a developer to choose UpCloud with blindfolds on.

Is UpCloud Really Good?

  • You can have unlimited cloud storage for your digital assets at a very reasonable price.
  • You’ll get 24/7 uptime protection, when needed, for extra security.
  • UpCloud technology is designed to be scalable to support massive data growth without adding more resources.
  • Cloud services are highly secure, even with the latest security measures and protocols in place.

They take a step beyond winning customers and that’s what increases their credibility. In an average time of 1 m 55 seconds, they will be at your service. That means you can get your issues resolved as soon as possible. 

UpCloud has never failed to impress its customers. Though it has powerful competitors in the market, users who have worked with the alternatives, as well as UpCloud, have chosen UpCloud above all.

It undoubtedly is the fastest cloud hosting service provider. If you are giving a second thought about investing in UpCloud, then drop the idea.

Go for UpCloud, get it deployed in no time, and get the most reliable and efficient cloud hosting service. 

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